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We will take a look at the Top facts about Ilaix Moriba.

Moriba Kourouma Kourouma, known as

Ilaix Moriba

, is a footballer from Spain who plays as a central midfielder for Barcelona B. Moriba, born in Guinea, represents Spain internationally. Top facts about Ilaix Moriba you might want to know. Ilaix Moriba was born in Conakry, Guinea, on January 19, 2003, and is a Spanish footballer.

Ilaix Moriba is a product of La Masia youth academy's Barcelona. He is part of a generation of very talented Barcelona stars, including

Konrad de la Fuente

, Nico Gonzalez, Jaume Jardi, Arnau Tenas, Alvaro Sanz, Alejandro Balde, among several others.

He was promoted to Barcelona B due to his excellent results for the Barcelona U19s and made his professional debut in the Segunda Division B game against SD Ejea on 7 September 2019. Despite being born in Guinea, he represents Spain. He was an important part of La Rojita in 2019, which made it to the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup quarter-finals.

Top facts about Ilaix Moriba

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Some quick top facts about Ilaix Moriba

  • Full name

    : Moriba Kourouma Kourouma

  • Date of birth/Age

    : Jan 19, 2003 (18)

  • Place of birth

    : Conakry

  • Nationality

    : Spain

  • Height

    : 1,85 m

  • Weight

    : 73 kg

  • Position

    : Central Midfield

  • Former International

    : Spain U19

  • Caps/Goals

    : 0/0

  • Shirt Name


  • Religion:


  • Kit Number

    : 30


: right


Ilaix Moriba Contract Length

: 2022


Ilaix Moriba early life

Moriba Kourouma Kourouma moved to Barcelona as a child. He was born in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, on 19th January 2003. His mother from Guinean and his father from Liberian.

The story about Ilaix Moriba started, when he scored a hat-trick as a 15-year-old against Real Madrid’s U19. After that, Ilaix caught the world’s attention.

Originally a player for local rivals Espanyol, he was signed in 2010 by Blaugrana. Ilaix grew diligently and rapidly after starting out with U9's C team, often playing with kids older than him. And this is no wonder, since he already had a body that was very developed. He is currently 185cm tall at the age of 18 and weighs 73kg.

Ilaix Moriba Personal Life

Currently, he is single, does not date anyone. We don't have a lot of details about his history and any previous relationships. He did not have any children, according to our database.

Ilaix Moriba Style of Play

Something that immediately stands out when you watch Ilaix is how comfortable he is with the ball. Pulling off flicks to see a teammate through on goal, dribbling out of tight spaces and executing a cheeky nutmeg to get past a player followed by a chipped ball over the defense.

The Spanish midfielder has always demonstrated his ability to get a ball at his feet. That supports his team in many ways, the most important of which is moving from deep spaces. Ilaix's physical form supports him in several ways, including this. He's going to get the ball in his own half a lot of times.

If there's space to drive in, Ilaix's going to take advantage of it. His physical form means that it takes much more than easy pushes to get him out of the ball. This is something that Barcelona B did not have in a player lately. Even very great in small spaces, the close control of Ilaix is very polished. He attaches a further layer to the ball-progress of the team. 

Being a La Masia player, outstanding passing and receiving is required. The 17-year-old midfielder is exceptional at receiving. Even though he looks to receive on a half-turn often, receiving his back to the goal when turning is incredibly fine.

In terms of passing, the passing range of Ilaix is the highlight. Incisive passes through the defense, long-passes to switch the play, delicate chips and, he has it all.

It's hard to provide a survey of what Ilaix offers without talking about his shooting ability. He has an impressive range of shooting and continues to produce a lot of strength even with a relatively small back-lift at times.

One goal came from the half-way line in the previously stated match against

Real Madrid U19

. The often-overlooked feature of the play by the Spaniard is his timing when making runs into the box. He systematically gets into unsafe places and has an eye for a goal.

Ilaix Moriba club career

Moriba Kourouma Kourouma (born January 19, 2003), known as Ilaix Moriba, is a professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona as a central midfielder. Born in Guinea, Moriba is an international agent of Spain.

To Camp Nou from La Masia. Barça's

Copa del Rey

win over Cornellà Ilaix Moriba made his first-team debut, playing 73 minutes just two days after turning 18 and being finally substituted by Sergio Busquets. He made 39 good passes during his playtime and earned the ball back seven times. Also, he had a good goal chance.

Ilaix Moriba Net Worth

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In 2018-19, the net worth increased considerably. So, the source of income for Ilaix Moriba is mostly from being a good player. He comes from Guinea. We have calculated the net worth, money, salary, income, and assets of Ilaix Moriba.

His net worth in 2020-21 is $1 Million - $5 Million. When his junior contract was coming to an end in January 2019, clubs such as Manchester City or


attempted to sign the player.

He finally signed a record deal with a salary of more than €500,000 a year for such a young player at La Masia Academy. We do not have information about his car and house.

Ilaix Moriba Social media

Talking about Ilaix Moriba social media, it should be mentioned that he's not very active in social Media, about his followers in social Media it should be mentioned that he has 617K followers on his Instagram account. His Instagram account is



Ilaix Moriba in La Masia

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La Masia has always had a very rigid hierarchical structure that they made sure they did not disrupt. On many occasions, players have left the academy when higher wages and better chances for play provided in other clubs.

Meet Ilaix Moriba, a 18-year-old who became the first player in Barcelona took serious financial and sports strength to join the club. Ilaix is a midfielder who has played as an interior midfielder most recently.

He is very well-versed in playing as an attacking midfielder, plus he has some experience playing as a defensive midfielder. Interestingly, he used as a striker for one or two matches, but this isn't much, of course. The above quote provides a clear understanding of what kind of player Ilaix is.

He's different from the regular academy graduates. Always labeled 'Barcelona's Paul Pogba' because of his physical form, people tend to forget his technical qualities. But he is a very well-rounded player and a perfect mix of Barca's DNA and the things that Barcelona's academy graduates often lack.

Ilaix Moriba Honors

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He started with the Under-19s B team in the 2018/19 season but transferred to a mid-season team in the Under-19s. He played five games in the UEFA Youth League that year, for a total of 298 minutes, scoring a goal in the 16-game round against Hertha in Berlin.

games in the UEFA Youth League that year, for a total of 298 minutes, scoring a goal in the 16-game round against


in Berlin. With the Under-19s aside, he excelled in 2019/20 season, playing nine league games and scoring four goals.

He played three games in the Youth League as well. His excellent performances led him to get the chance with Barça B, with whom he played a total of eight games, three of them as a starter in the Playoffs.

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