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Considered during his finest days as one of the best left-backs in the country, Ashley Cole is certainly among the top three best left-backs in English football history.

Ashley Cole, born on 20 December 1980 in London, England, is a former English footballer who played for several clubs as a left-back, as well as for England's national team.

Top Facts About Ashley Cole you need to know

He was generally regarded as one of the greatest defenders of his age by many pundits and football fans, during the peak days of his career, as the best left-back in the country.

He was born in Stepney's London Borough, where he began his


FC youth career and played his first club game in November 1999, making a total of 228 appearances, scoring nine goals in those appearances.

He won two English Premier League titles and three FA Cups with Arsenal FC and was a central member of the squad 'The Invincible' during the 2003-04 season. He also played in the first Champions League final for Arsenal FC in 2006, but FC Barcelona beat them 2-1.

In August 2006, following a prolonged transfer saga, he completed a move to


FC and won several titles, including the 2009-10 Premier League championship, four FA Cups, one League Cup, one UEFA Champions League, and one UEFA Europa League with London blues.

Cole has won more FA Cups in history than any other player by winning seven championships to date, and, besides Nichola Anelka, One of the two footballers to win a double with two separate clubs.

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Ashley Cole bio

  • Full Name:

    Ashley Donovan Cole

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

    20 December 1980

  • Birth Place:

    Stepney, England

  • Marital Status:


  • Girlfriend:


  • Age:

    41 years old

  • Profession:


  • Nationality:


  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Height:

    1.76 m

  • Weight:

    66 Kg

  • Position: 


  • Clubs:

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Roma, LA Galaxy, Derby County

Ashley Cole early life

Ashley Callender Cole was born in Stepney, London, UK, on the 20th day of December 1980. His mum, Sue Cole (cousin of singer Maria Carey), and father, Ron Callender, who is from Barbados, gave birth to him.

The childhood story of Cole is fascinating, if not unusual, a story of a troubled childhood life that has been gifted with remarkable talent. Cole saw the bond with his parents weakening at his early age. Finally, when Ashey Cole was seven, her mother broke up. This was why his father walked out on the family boldly.

Cole, his baby brother, Mathew, and his mother had to live on their own, hardly having any income. Any kid who has experienced a parental break-up will know all too well the immense emotional pain it may have.

Cole attended Bow School in Tower Hamlets as a child. This was where he began playing football and changed his nickname from Callender to Cole a little later.

His mother advised him to start a youth career, and the fortunate Ashley, whom he had helped as a child, was welcomed into his local club, Arsenal. He made his first-team debut at the age of 18, on 30 November 1999.

Ashley Cole career

Ashley Cole (born 20 December 1980) is a retired English footballer who played as a left-back, most notably for Chelsea and Arsenal Premier League teams, the former of which he currently works on the U15 team's coaching staff.

Cole is considered as one of the greatest defenders of his generation by many analysts and fellow football players, and by others, as the best left-back in the world for the better part of his career. Born in Stepney, London, Cole started his youth career at Arsenal and made his club's full debut in November 1999, making 228 appearances and scoring the North London club's nine goals.

He won two Premier League titles with Arsenal, three FA Cups, and was an integral part of the 2003-04 season's "Invincibles" side, which went unbeaten during the league season.

In August 2006, following a long transfer saga, Cole made a move to rival club Chelsea, for which he received additional trophies, including the Premier League in the 2009-10 season, four FA Cups, one Football League Cup, and one UEFA Champions League. Chelsea recalled him after the 2013–14 season.

With seven winning trophies, Cole has won the FA Cup more times than any other player in history and is one of two players to have won a double with two clubs, including Nicolas Anelka.

From 2001 to 2014, Cole was an England international, featuring in 2002, 2006, and 2010 World Cups, as well as Euro 2004 and Euro 2012. In 2010, he was named England's Player of the Year.

He had earned 107 caps before he retired from international football in 2014, making him the most-capped full-back for England.

Ashley Cole family and relationship

The family of Ashley Cole (paternal) is based in Barbados, an island in the eastern Caribbean, and a commonwealth of independent nations.

Ashley Cole's father

His father, Ron Calendar, still lives in Australia. At the time of publication, Ron, who is 61, is years away from Ashley. "I tried everything I could to reconcile with him, but he concluded that he didn't want to reconcile with him, so I had to honor him.

"I didn't give up hope, though. He's my son, as he said once. He'll always be. Ron did not conceal his anger at the cheating by Ashley. He said, speaking from his home near Melbourne, Australia, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Ron Calendar insisted, upon hearing the breakup of his son from his parents, that Cole had learned from his mistakes.

Ashley Cole's mother

When their parent, Ron Calendar, took over, Ashley Sue's mother was lauded by her fans for raising her son alone. Today, Ashley is very loyal to her mother and she has given up a futile effort to fix a fractured relationship.

The cheating mother of Ashley Cole once interfered and unsuccessfully attempted to rescue her son's marriage to Cheryl Cole. Sadly, any effort failed.

Ashley Cole’s brother

Ashley Cole has a sibling named Matthew or Matthew Calender, who is younger. "In 2008, when news headlines claimed that Matthew was "lucky to be alive," he was once involved in a serious car crash.

Ashley Cole’s Ex-wife

In September 2004, when they were staying in the same apartment block in London, Ole started a relationship with Girls Aloud vocalist Cheryl Tweedy; they were married in Wrotham Forest, Hertfordshire, on 15 July 2006.

The couple almost divorced in January 2008 after claims were made that Cole had relationships with three other women. He denied the claims, however, and the pair remained together.

On 23 February 2010, it was announced that the pair would divorce over fresh adultery claims. It was revealed three months later that Cheryl was filing for divorce. On 3 September 2010, they legally divorced.

With the Italian model Sharon Canu, Cole has a son (born in 2016) and a daughter (born in 2018).

In 2006, after they reported claims that he was engaged in a homosexual orgy, Cole sued the News of the World and The Sun papers for libel. The allegations were retracted by both journals.

The same year, Cole published an autobiography titled My Defence, which, in the first six weeks of publication, sold 4,000 copies. When he was 25, Cole's former teammate, Jens Lehmann, blamed Cole for writing an autobiography.

Ashley Cole style of play

He always liked scoring goals and attacking as a youth, but he grew to enjoy the position of defending, as being a left-back was the only hope of getting into the seniors.

Cole observed the actions of fellow defender Nigel Winterburn to strengthen his play before his inclusion in the Arsenal first team; Winterburn simultaneously gave pointers to improve his positioning. He modeled his game on Brazilian Roberto Carlos. He has natural talent, but you can be almost as good as that if you work hard enough.

In his debut season for Arsenal, the quick improvement achieved by Cole "surprised" Wenger and encouraged him to make his first choice for the defender.

Silviano, the displaced player, reflected that the confidence of Wenger in Cole had helped him improve as a player: he talked to Cole and said: you should play left-back after Silviano. You are one of the club's best left-backs, and one day you will be one of the world's best.

In a 4-4-2 formation, Ashley Cole's link-up play with winger Robert Pires and key striker Thierry Henry efficiently made him a wing-back or winger playing in a back four because the game of Arsenal stressed attacking soccer.

Ashley Cole's attacking threat was restrained under José Mourinho at Chelsea, meaning it allowed the player to concentrate more on defending and marking. According to Winterburn, this was a side of his game that Ashley Cole changed the most since he was mocked in the past for being caught out of place.

However, the arrival of Luiz Felipe Scolari meant that Ashley Cole made forward runs in the half of the opposition; Martin O'Neill, manager of Aston Villa, claimed that Ashley Cole's emancipation was an indication that he was back playing at his very best.

Ashley Cole honors

Ashley Cole, as a defender with 21 goals scored in various clubs, has a very interesting statistic, especially in the two teams of Chelsea and Arsenal, but unfortunately, in the national competitions in the English team, he has not won any awards.


  • Premier League: 

    2001–2002, 2003–2004

  • FA Cup:

     2001–2002, 2002–2003, 2004–2005

  • FA Community Shield:

     2002, 2004


  • Premier League: 


  • FA Cup:

     2006–2007, 2008–2009, 2009–2010, 2011–2012

  • Football League Cup:


  • runner-up:


  • FA Community Shield:


  • UEFA Champions League:


  • runner-up: 


  • UEFA Europa League:



  • PFA Team of the Year: 

    2002–2003 Premier League, 2003–2004 Premier League, 2004–2005 Premier League, 2010–2011 Premier League

  • UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament:


  • UEFA Team of the Year: 

    2004, 2010

  • Chelsea Players' Player of the Year:

     2008–2009, 2010–2011

  • Chelsea Goal of the Season: 

    2009–2010 vs Sunderland

  • England Player of the Year:


  • Premier League 20 Seasons Awards (1992–1993 to 2011–2012):

    Fantasy Teams of the 20 Seasons public and panel choice

  • FIFA FIFPro World XI 4th team:


Ashley Cole issues

On 4 March 2009, he was arrested at a South Kensington nightclub after cursing in front of a police officer.

He was taken to a police station before being released and served with an £ 80 Fixed Penalty Ticket. On 4 January 2010, after Ashley Cole was acquitted of a speeding offense committed on 17 November 2009, another police challenge emerged. He was reported violating the speed limit by doing 104 mph on the A3 road along a residential strip in a 50-mph range.

At Kingston Magistrates Court, Ashley Cole justified himself by arguing that the police speed gun was unreliable. Ashley Cole shifted his argument to say that his acts were excusable when he saw the odds beginning to go against him when he was trying to evade the paparazzi.

He was fined £ 1000 and for four months he was banned from driving. On 27 February 2011, at Chelsea's training ground, Ashley Cole mistakenly shot a 21-year-old sports science student (Tom Cowan) with a 22-caliber air rifle.

From only five feet out, he shot at Tom, seemingly oblivious that the rifle was loaded. Ashley Cole personally apologized to Tom following any police intervention and addressed the incident with the management of



Ashley Cole Nickname

The story began precisely on the 28th day of July 2006, when Arsenal Vice-President David Dein announced that "serious civil talks" had taken place between Arsenal and Chelsea about Ashley Cole.

When Chelsea maintained they would not increase their £ 16 million bid for Ashley Cole, talks dragged on, but Arsenal holds out for £ 25 million at a higher valuation.

It is important to note that Arsenal gave Ashley Cole a longer deal to stay at the club, but when they offered him wages of £ 55,000 per week, he was left "trembling and fuming with anger," whilst Chelsea offered him £ 90,000 a week.

Negotiations persisted throughout August 2006 and, before Ashley took matters into his own hands, he appeared to be headed for a serious deadlock.

On August 31, when Arsenal was disappointed and left with the only alternative of demanding to obtain William Gallas from Chelsea as part of the same contract, Ashley Cole continued to aggressively sign for Chelsea for a fee of £ 5 million.

The step enraged supporters of Arsenal, who now gave Ashley Cole the nickname "Cashley" and not only booed him but waved with his mask fake £ 20 notes as Arsenal faced his Chelsea club.

Some Short Top Facts about Ashley Cole

  • Using as youngsters to play football alongside other soccer stars; John Terry (Chelsea) and Jlloyd Samuel (Aston Villa).

  • He progressed to first-team football from the Arsenal Youth Soccer Academy.

  • In the 2002 and 2006 World Cup competitions, he played for England.

  • He has a white mother and a black father.

  • As an anniversary gift, he purchased a Bentley from Cheryl, but it was too flashy for her, so he sent it back.

  • During their whole relationship, they never cooked for Cheryl and barely ever made a cup of tea for her.

  • He never realized what was going on behind the scenes at Cheryl's work, and vice versa.

  • He acknowledges he's not too cultured or too articulate; Cheryl even admits to something.

  • Like his ex-wife, Cheryl, he grew up on a council estate.

  • Arsenal first spotted him when he was 9.

  • Used after becoming a footballer to be pampered.

  • He could not comprehend his Geordie accent when he first met Cheryl's father.

  • The new Posh and Becks were known to be He and Cheryl.

  • Whenever a game didn't go its way, particularly when England lost the World Cup, he was always down and moody.

  • Not so good at speaking in public.

  • Got arrested while drinking for cursing at an officer.

  • Fined £ 100,000 for chatting without Arsenal knowing to a rival club, Chelsea. Eventually, he left Arsenal to play for Chelsea and was branded a grabber of money. With Arsenal, he gained £55,000 a week.

  • Seldom went out with mates and chose to stick with Cheryl at all times. He still thought Cheryl to be his best mate, but together they barely got Sundays off. June was the only month in the whole football calendar that he had off.

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