Top Facts about Rosie Williams, Harry Winks' Ex-girlfriend

Monday22 February 2021 | 10:30
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Rosie Williams is a social media influencer, a solicitor and a model. Check out our selection of top facts about Rosie Williams, Harry Winks’ Ex-girlfriend.

The first

fact about Rosie Williams

is that everybody describes her as an ambitious and a happy go lucky type of person, including herself.

But in addition to all of these descriptions, she also considers herself as a warrior, a person who always get what she desires.

Williams even introduces herself to us as an unpredictable person. She admits that nobody really knows what she is going to do next, and doesn’t really want to take life so seriously.





Top facts about Harry Winks

The followings are top facts about Rosie Williams:

Rosie Williams is mostly known for her short-term appearance on the reality show, Love Island. Another top fact about Rosie Williams is that she dated the Spurs’ footballer, Harry Winks for a while.

Rosie Williams’ Early Life

Rosie Williams, the magnificent star of the reality show Love Island, was born on 23 September 1991. She holds a Welsh nationality and was born in the city of Glamorgan located in South Wales.

Being born on 23 September, 

Rosie Williams’ zodiac sign

 is Libra. Unfortunately, her personal life remains a bit vague and unclear; because there’s not enough information about her childhood, parents or similar personal details.

Rosie’s educational background might surprise you a little bit. As a matter of fact, she received a Master of Laws degree from the University of Law, in Guildford.

Once she admitted that watching TV series Ally McBeal and the movie Legally Blonde, made up her mind that she wants to study law. Actually for a few while Rosie would call herself ‘Legally Brunette’.

Seems like Reese Witherspoon was her muse and a real inspiration for making such decision.

Allegedly, for a few while in March 2018, she even worked as a solicitor of the senior courts in both Wales and England.

But another lesser known fact about Rosie Williams is that she quit her job as a lawyer. Later she said that her intentions of doing such thing was to enter Love Island.

According to herself, Rosie had to lie to her bosses about the real reason behind leaving her work.

"They don't actually know about Love Island. I just said I was moving to Wales for a little while.

"They were really understanding - they were really good my firm. They’re very supportive anyway and I've worked really hard for them," she said.

"I'll go and see them afterwards and I’m sure they’ll have a shock when they see me. I'm on a sabbatical I believe. I haven't actually formally quit.

"It's very confidential when you sign up to something like this you can't really tell anybody. You have to keep it quiet so only my family and friends knew."

There’s no information available about

Rosie Williams’ family

, we only know that her brother-in-law is a Welsh boxer.

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Rosie Williams’ Love Life

Just like so many other people,

Rosie Williams’ love life

contains a lot of ups and downs, happy beginnings and heartbreaking endings. Actually, it’s a long list full of stories.

Rosie dated Ibiza Weekender's star, Jordan Davies for almost two years. According to Rosie herself, they broke up because she caught Jordon cheating on her.

Williams said that Jordan wouldn’t treat her very well, emphasizing on keeping their relationship a secret and even cheating on her while he was filming Ibiza Weekender.

But later Rosie said despite the fact that she doesn’t love him anymore, they are still friends and she’s not holding a grudge.

Allegedly before Rosie, Jordan used to date the Love Island 2017 alumna, Chyna Ellis. He was also engaged to Megan McKenna for a while.

Also in another interview, Rosie openly talked about her worst date. She said the guy took him to the cinema and burped before even sitting completely. So instead of talking to him or paying the slightest amount of attention, she just kept on texting her friends and waited long enough just to get out of there.

When she was asked about her favorite type of boys, she replied “They need to make me laugh and maintain eye contact. I don’t like people to be distracted. I like them to be interested in me. I hate awkward silences, and bad manners, like burping.”

She wants them to be “a gentleman but with a bit of banter.”

Reportedly, Harry Winks and Rosie Williams were first spotted on the evening of Thursday, July 5, 2018. They were both standing somewhere outside the London's Shangri-La hotel.

The beautiful Rosie was dressed in a yellow coat and black shorts. On the other hand, Harry was wearing a black shirt and jeans.

In all the photos that had been taken from them, Harry looks like a real gentleman, treating Rosie nicely, holding the door and calling a cab for her.

There’s no information about when and how the two of them first met one another.

But after a short period of time, Rosie and Harry decided to break up or more specifically, she dumped Harry Winks. Apparently, Harry had trouble dealing with Rosie’s fame until he couldn’t handle it anymore.

But it didn’t take Rosie too long to fall in love again.

It was first rumored in 2018 that Rosie is dating a new guy. After a few while, all the assumption were confirmed by Rosie herself, however, she didn’t mention any name back then. According to herself, her close friends and family were the only people who knew about the relationship.

But you can’t keep a secret from people for too long; after a few while, the name of Rosie’s secret love was revealed: Wayne Davies.

Allegedly, Wayne Davies is 5 years older than Rosie Williams. But since the two of them broke up after two years of intimate relationship, there’s not enough information about Davies. We only know that he is a banker.

Williams said that she met her then-boyfriend before entering Love Island. Apparently, Davies didn’t really agree with Rosie being on the show, and that’s when they stopped seeing each other for some time. But this is not the exact reason behind their breakup.

After Rosie was dumped from Love Island, she started seeing Davies again. This time their relationship got pretty much serious to the level of moving in together.

Despite the

fact about Rosie Williams

saying in an interview that she has found ‘true love’, their love didn’t last for long and they broke up in 2020.

Obviously The Legal Brunette was struggling to cope with the sudden changes in her life. But having the spirit of a warrior didn’t allow her to surround herself with sorrow.

In point of fact, Rosie broke her silence after a while and apologized for her absence.

On a rather lengthy story, Rosie said “Sorry for my silence everyone. My boyfriend and I have broken up so I'm just dealing with all that and moving out of the house.

“I'll be back on top form next week because nobody will drag me down for too long. I thought I'd found real love and was looking forward to the next chapter but the truth always comes out in the end.”

And at the end of her statement she said “Single Rosie is back though - she's fun too! Haha!”

And as far as we know, she’s remained single ever since.

Rosie Williams in Love Island

Rosie Williams was initially seen on the first week of the reality show, Love Island. She entered the Love Island villa on the fourth season of the show. A close source to Williams said that she quit her job because she wanted to be on the show. She is ambitious and is always looking for various ways of having fun.

Apparently, Rosie got bored of the seriousness in her previous job, and that’s when she decided to make a change in her personal life.

About her experience on the show, Rosie later explained that she had her own rules that wouldn’t allow anyone to cross them. Certainly, this glamorous woman cares about her privacy. She wanted to keep the personal moments to herself and if anyone else decided the other way, that would be respectful too.

And besides, Rosie knew that once the show is over, obviously she needed a job to live on, so she decided to avoid doing whatever that would later cause her trouble.

Williams added if anyone ever really liked her on the show, then they would have accepted and respected her rules, also they would have waited for her until the filming was done.

But unfortunately, she didn’t have luck on the reality show and despite sacrificing her profession for it, Rosie left Love Island on the 20th episode.

Rosie Williams’ Social Media

Being on Love Island was enough for people to search for Rosie Williams everywhere. And where could possibly be better than social media?

Rosie started to get popular on social media right after the show, so many followers were added to her Instagram account and she became an influencer.

Speaking of her Instagram account (


), she has more than 757k followers in her page.

If you take a look at

Rosie Williams’ social media

, you will quickly notice her obsession with colors and creamy aesthetic. She certainly cares about the outlook of her account and has a pure taste in selecting outfit for each photo.

Except for Instagram, Rosie isn’t active on any other social media platform.

Rosie Williams’ Ex-boyfriend, Harry Winks


fact about Rosie Williams

that we already know about, is that she had a temporary relationship with Harry Winks.

Harry Winks is a pro football player, who was born on 2 February, 1996. He currently plays in the English team,

Tottenham Hotspur


Harry’s mother is named Anita Winks and his father is Gray Winks, who used be a soccer player himself. Harry also has a younger sister, Mili, of whom he is really protective.

Love and passion for football runs in the Winks family, every single member of Harry’s family is a massive fan of Spurs. As a matter of fact, it was Harry’s father who for the first time pushed him into the wonderful world of football.

Therefore, the young Harry started practicing hard. Anita Winks once gave the media some interesting facts about Harry’s childhood.

She said that when Harry was just a child, he started playing with rolled up socks. He would carry them everywhere with himself, shooting them around the house and pretending he is a superstar in the wild would of football.

And then he grew up and somehow managed to get himself a tennis ball. According to Anita, Harry started making lots of noise and this is right where he began to get uncontrollable!

In addition to all of these facts, Harry Winks loves his country so much that even when he was a child, he would always wear

England national team

jersey. Also whenever there was a poster of a popular footballer on the streets or in the malls, he would stop right in front of them and ask his parents for a picture.

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Harry Winks’ Career

Harry Winks is a professional footballer, who first started playing in 2002 at the youth level. He was only 6 years old when he joined Tottenham Hotspur to process his training years.

Finally in 2014, he became a regular player in Tottenham Hotspur at the senior level. His jersey number is 8. According to Winks himself,

Mauricio Pochettino

decided that


needs a player like Winks after watching some videos of him playing on the field.

The first fact about Harry Winks is that he has never played for any team other than Spurs.

The longing which has been rooted within Harry ever since childhood is strong enough that made him avoid other football clubs and reject all the suggestions. He has never promised to stay in Tottenhom Hotspur forever, but everybody assume this is exactly what he is going to do!

On 27 November 2014, Harry made his debut in the UEFA Europa League in a match against

FK Partizan

. The game finished with a 1-0 win for Spurs.

Harry has made 103 appearances for Spurs and has scored 2 goals for the club.

He’s been playing for England national team since 2017. Despite the suggestion from England, Harry had the opportunity of playing for


national team as well; but considering the amount of love he has for England, he decided to play for this country.

On 2 October 2017 Winks was called up to play at the 2018

FIFA World Cup

qualification against both 




He had his senior international debut in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification, in a fixture against Lithuania. However, by beating Lithuania with a 1-0 victory, England won the final match and therefore, entered the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Overall, he has 10 caps for England national team so far and has scored only one goal, which was also his debut goal for England. It occurred at the UEFA Euro 2020 qualification in a match against 


. The final result was a brilliant 4-0 victory for England. 

Harry Winks’ net worth is estimated to be around £7 million.

Harry Winks’ Personal Life

On 2 February, 1996 Harry Billy Winks was born in the city of Hemel Hempstead in England. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Despite the fact that he was born in a Christian family, Harry prefers to stay irreligious.

Harry also has Spanish ancestry from his mother’s side. But several times he has expressed his love for United Kingdom and how proud he is being English.

Everyone describes Harry as a real family lover. Considering this fact, moving out of the house at a very young age was a tough decision for him. But it was a necessity since his house was miles away from the Tottenham Hotspur training ground.

Another fact about this young footballer is that ever since dating Rosie Williams, Harry Winks hasn’t been seen out with a new girl. Therefore we assume the Tottenham Hotspur player is currently single.

The final fact about Harry Winks is that his salary is approximately £2.6 million.

Rosie Williams’ Net Worth

This fact about Rosie Williams is crystal clear to everyone that after Love Island, she improved a lot. Increasing her net worth nearly 5 times more in only two years, is the quickest way to prove it.

Rosie Williams’ net worth

is estimated to be around $1 million up to $5 million. However, no further details are available about her properties.

Ever since leaving her job as a solicitor, she hasn’t conformed her returning to the courts. Therefore, we assume that her income mainly comes from modeling and being a social media influencer.

Rosie Williams’ salary

has not been disclosed yet.

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