Top facts about Carla Pardo, Claudio Bravo's wife

Sunday21 February 2021 | 14:30
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Claudio Bravo is a Chilean goalkeeper who plays for Spanish club Real Betis and Chile National team. Claudia and Carla Pardo got married in 2007, and they have been living together happily ever since. Read the following article to learn more facts about Carla Pardo.

Carla Pardo was born on 16 July 1987 in Chile. She is beautiful and so charming that it is hard not to notice her when she walks into a room. Being Claudio's best friend since he can remember, Carla is now Claudio's biggest supporter in both his professional and personal life, which is an amazing

fact about Carla Pardo, Claudio Bravo's wife


Claudio Bravo

is a Chilean football player who was born on 13 April 1983. He plays as an exceptional goalkeeper. Consequently, there have been many questions on who is Claudio's missing link. It is always interesting to learn about WAG's personal life. Don't worry; we are here to feed your curiosity and tells you all the things we know about her and the lucky couple.

Read on the following article to learn more facts about Carla Pardo:

The thing about being a famous player's wife is that your life is never going to be the same. It is no surprise that someone like Carla Pardo wants to keep her personal life private. Although her Instagram account is private, she is not shy or reserved, and she acts as an influencer on Instagram. She shares her daily life with her 315k followers.

Carla Pardo biography

Carla Pardo Lizana was born on 16 July 1987 in Chile. Her zodiac sign is cancer. People who are born with this zodiac sign are highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent. It is easy for them to connect with different people, and they always pick up the energies in the room. They could be sensitive to their environments and very self-protective of their life and social status.

People who are born with a cancer zodiac sign are could be very secretive and complicated. Cancers are overly sentimental and sympathetic towards the people. Like many cancers, Carla is very compassionate towards her family and friends and loves to spend quality time with them. She is brilliant and has strong willpower. She believes there is nothing she can't do if she puts enough effort and her soul into the matter. This is an incredible fact about Carla Pardo.

Carla Pardo childhood

was spent among many toys and in a warm family. She could identify herself in a happy environment. She was a happy, energetic person as a kid surrounded by friends. Carla has always been easy-going, so it was easy for the people around her to connect with her. This is one of the wonderful facts about Carla Pardo. She was very fond of playing, and it wasn't easy to separate her from the playground.

She has definitely inherited her kind heart from her mother, who has raised her to be the wonderful lady that she is today. Unfortunately, not much is known about

Carla Pardo parents

or siblings because she wanted to keep her family away from the media and rightfully so. We all know how complicated it could get in the world of media. What we know based on her Facebook that she has an older brother. They spent the holidays together, and they always have fun sharing their moments together.

Carla Pardo body measurement and school life

Her school performance has always been excellent, and she was loved by all of her teachers and trainers. Her favourite subjects were art and music, and she was also very active in PE sessions. Carla has always been a football fan at heart and interested in watching the matches, especially the National Chile team, which she used to watch with her father.

When she was a teenager, she met a handsome boy at a party. We all know the lucky boy that she met because he is our very own Claudio Bravo. They both were around seventeen and still at school. They started dating soon after their meeting at that friend's party. They had such a pure feeling for each other, which is a heart-warming fact about Claudia Bravo.


Carla Pardo age

, which is 34 years old, and the fact that she has a big beautiful family for herself now, we could safely say that she knows how to lead a productive and happy life. Right now, taking care of her family and children is her priority in life. She wants to create a safe and happy environment at home like the one that she had experienced, hoping that when her children grow up, they would be strong enough to chase their dreams. This is an incredible fact about Carla Pardo.

Carla Pardo has natural beauty. Unlike many WAGs, she is not too much into her looks. She always wears fashionable clothes, but she is well aware that her beautiful face doesn't require make-up to attract everyone's attention. This is an incredible fact about

Carla Pardo personal life

. She has a lovely complexion and a very stunning figure. Although she has born four children, she has always taken care of her health and her body.

Working out is always in her routine, and she has occasionally shared pictures of her abs with her followers. Carla has dark blond hair and dark brown eyes. She has never undergone plastic surgery, which is an interesting fact about Carla Pardo, Claudio Bravo's wife. Her adorable face is very memorable. Sadly, we don't know

Carla Pardo Body measurement

, height, or weight.

As for Carla Pardo tattoos, she has a few amazing ones. Her love for nature probably inspired an incredible tattoo on her right waist. The tattoo is a picture of flowers on an adorable branch. She also has small tattoos on her wrists. This is an exciting fact about Carla Pardo, Claudia Bravo's wife.

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Carla Pardo net worth and salary 

Based on the evidence, Carla Pardo is active as an influencer, and she has a fantastic fan base. Carla tries to inspire her audience to work out and lead a healthy life. She sponsors with a few brands and obtains her salary that way. We assume

Carla Pardo salary

is something between $100k and $500k a month. She is an influential person, and many people find her tips and yoga routines extremely useful.

There is no exact number as

Carla Prado net worth

in any of our sources, and we don't like giving false information. Claudia Bravo has a salary of €5 million and a net worth of €27 million. He has two incredible cars, one Mercedes-Benz GLS and one Audio Q7. Claudia and Carla are obviously living a luxurious life and enjoy terrific holidays together. They are currently based in Barcelona.

Carla Pardo social media

Carla Pardo social media

is very active, and she shares wonderful moments of her personal life with her fan base and followers. Her Facebook page is filled with heart-warming pictures of her family, which you can find with her complete name Carla Pardo Lizana. As mentioned before, her Instagram page is in private mode, and we guess that she is on an advertising campaign, which is a technique to attract followers.

Like her Facebook page, there are personal photos of her and her family. Some of her photoshoots are stunningly amazing. Among her other posts, some advertising posts show how initiative and active she is in what she does. This is an astounding

fact about Carla Pardo, Claudio Bravo's wife


You can find her Instagram page with


. She has 315k followers there, and her fans are extremely serious about her. She also has twitter account and has over 8k followers. You can find her account with


. She mostly tweets about her daily life and the things she is interested in.

Carla Pardo husband, Claudio Bravo

Claudio Bravo was born on 13 April 1983 in Viluco, Maipo Province in Chile. Claudio's zodiac sign is Aires. Like many people with this zodiac sign, Claudio is very passionate and motivated. He believed in hard work and was able to reach his dreams through constant practice and keeping his moods up. He is highly determined and confident.

He was born to Marcial Bravo and Nora Munoz. Claudio has a sibling brother named Cesar Bravo. They have a simple and humble family, but so warm and friendly that one could feel loved and cared for in every moment of it. His father was a truck driver, and his mother was a shopkeeper. Claudio and Cesar were also very close and shared great memories from their childhood.

Claudio Bravo has always been so passionate about football and has shown great talent ever since he was a kid. His father influenced him in this matter and has always supported him in following his dreams. Claudio loved to play football in alleyways and with his friends. Seeing how initiative he was, his father decided to register him for

Colo Colo

's youth academy.

In the youth academy, he learned the techniques of playing and the rules of the game. Claudio gradually became better and managed to astonish many people with his improvement. He made his professional debut in 2002. During his time with this team, he was given the nickname of Cóndor Chico after former club goalkeeper Roberto Rojas.

Claudio Bravo club career

In 2006, Claudio signed a five-year contract with

Real Sociedad

at the age of 23. The deal was €1.2 million, which was genuinely amazing. During that season, Claudio and

Asier Riesgo

formed the youngest goalkeepers that season in La Liga. Although he started his career on the bench, it didn't take him long to perform his best on his own in the field.

His professional debut occurred on 22 October 2006 against RCD Mallorca. Although the following season, Riesgo got his position as the starter, he regained it when he was loaned to Recreativo. During that season, he was the joint recipient of the campaign's Zamora. His performance gradually became significant to the team and noticeable for other clubs and leagues.

Claudio signed up with

FC Barcelona

on 25 June 2014 on a four-year contract. His reported fee for the contract was €12 million. He was the fourth most expensive player ever by Real Sociedad. Claudio was also the second Chilean player who ever played for Barcelona. He conceded his first seasonal goal from the penalty spot to

Cristiano Ronaldo

in a game that ended with

Real Madrid

's defeat.

After playing 37 straight League games, Claudio Bravo was named the goalkeeper in the La Liga Team of the season as one of Barcelona's six players, including three of the best defenders. This is truly inspiring. He also managed to win the Zamora for the best goals against average in the competition. Claudia made his World Cup debut in the 2015 FIFA World Cup.

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Claudio Bravo Professional life

On 25 August 2016, Claudia Bravo signed up a four-year contract with the

Premier League


Manchester City

. Based on reports, his fee was £17 million. On 10 September, he made his first debut against

Manchester United

, which ended in defeat for Manchester United. There have been a few criticisms towards his performance in that particular game. However, the manager Pep Guardiola defended him and said that his performance was one of the best he has ever seen.

The sad truth is that his performance during that season was not completely satisfactory until he was dropped to the bench in February 2017, and many journalists named him as one of the worse signings of the season. However, Claudio managed to redeem himself the next season beautifully by saving some significant penalties for the team.

Claudia Bravo Joined the Spanish club Betis on 30 August 2020 on an initial one-year contract with an additional second-year option. Claudio is well known for his leadership and his agility. His shot-stopping abilities are truly remarkable. Claudio is also great at controlling the ball, and he almost every time shows excellent speed in facing the opponents.

As last updated on 5 January 2021, Claudio Bravos' transfer market is $1.1 million. His highest market value was $16.05 million on 1 July 2015. He has always been a goalkeeper and doesn't play in any other positions. Based on the evidence, he is in contract with club Real Betis until 30 June 2022.

Carla Pardo and Claudio Bravo's relationship

As mentioned earlier, Carla and Claudio met each other when they were both teenagers, and they have been together strongly ever since. They have been inseparable when they started dating, and it didn't take Claudio long to realize he couldn't do without her. That was when he decided to pop the question. He took Carla out on a romantic dinner, sat down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

Luckily, she said yes. They got married in 2007 in a very small ceremony. Although their marriage was legal, they decided to do it again in 2013 in church. This is an interesting

fact about Carla Pardo

. This time they had a big wedding and invited many people to their celebration. It was a heart-warming moment for both of them to stand in front of each other and say their vows one more time.

As for

Carla Pardo children

, they have four beautiful children together. They welcomed their first daughter, Josefa Fernanda, on 3 April 2004. They felt so blessed and happy. Their second child was born on 19 October 2006. They named her Maite Arantxa. Then they became the proud parents of Mateo on 30 June 2011. Their last child was born on 28 March 2016. Their love story is truly fantastic, and we will undoubtedly wish them more happy years to come.




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