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Top Facts About Edwin van der Sar

The top former Manchester United goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar is also one of the greatest goalkeepers Manchester United has ever had. In this post we are to top facts about Edwin van der Sar and try to cover every aspect of his personal life.

When we say every aspect of

Edwin van der Sar personal life

, we actually mean Edwin van dar Sar childhood, Edwin van der Sar parents, Edwin van der Sar wife and children, Edwin van der Sar net worth and salary, and any other personal aspect of his life you might think of.

We also try to cover Edwin van der Sar stats - indeed footballing stats - and also Edwin van der Sar transfer market stats when he was a player. And what about Edwin van der Sar social media accounts? That we also cover. We will let you know about Edwin van der Sar Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and how many followers he has on them.

Top Facts about Edwin van der Sar You Might Not Know

Well, what we mentioned above are indeed part of the top facts about Edwin van der Sar, but there are still more. Stay with us to know about them, too.

Edwin van der Sar Childhood, Parents, and Siblings

Let’s tell you about

Edwin van der Sar age

before we get to his childhood. Edwin van der Sar was born on October 29, 1970 in the village of Voorhout, Netherlands, so he’s by now 50 years old. Since Van der Sar is one of those famous almost-old-time goalkeepers, there is not much information at hand about his childhood.

In fact, not much is revealed about

Edwin van der Sar childhood

except for that even as a child he was taller than the children of his age, so it was clear from the very beginning that if the boy was to play football, he would best serve as a goalkeeper. “I played in the amateur children's team for two years, and once the coach said: “You know, you are the tallest, get in the goal.” Then I thought that was the last time I played football,” said Van der Sar once about his childhood and the fact that he was best fit for the goalkeeper role.

As for

Edwin van der Sar parents

(Wil and Rien van der Sar), we should say there is not much information at hand about them too, except for that they are alive and some time a go, actually in 2018, celebrated their 50th marriage anniversary; what actually Van der Sar himself congratulated them for on Twitter. And what about van der Sar’s siblings? As far as we know, Van der Sar has a brother whom they say is a little bit better looking than him and a sister, but there is no more information about them at hand concerning their ages or even their names.

Edwin van der Sar Stats

Part of the

top facts about Edwin van der Sar

is surely concerned with his stats in his footballing life. As for Edwin van der Sar stats, we should say that the top former Dutch goalkeeper served only four clubs during his 21-year career which lasted from 1990 to 2011. These clubs are Ajax, Juventus,


, and Manchester United in chronological order. The club Van der Sar served the most during his career is Ajax for whom he played for nine years at the start of his career; actually between 1990 and 1999.

After Ajax, it was Manchester United that Van der Sar served the most. He actually served the Premier League club for 6 years between 2005 and 2011 and at the end of his career. And the other two clubs - we mean Juventus and Fulham - Van der Sar served for six years altogether; the former for two years between 1999 and 2001 and the latter for four years between 2001 and 2005. You might guess that Van der Sar’s number of appearances for the clubs mentioned above is also in the same order. If so, we should say you’re right.

Van der Sar made a total of 820 appearances during his career which distributes among the clubs he served like this: Ajax 312, Manchester United 266, Fulham 154, and


88 appearances. He also conceded 716 goals during his career which gets him a goals-conceded-to-appearance ratio of 0.87 meaning that the top former Dutch goalkeeper conceded a little bit less than one goal in every appearance he made during his career, or let’s put it this way, almost 7 goals in every 8 appearances.

Van der Sar also managed to collect 365 clean sheets during his career that again when compared to his total number of appearances gets him a clean-sheets-collected-to-appearance ratio of 0.44 which means he collected a little bit more than 3 clean sheets (exactly 3.08) in every 7 appearances he made during his career. Van der Sar also collected 19 yellow cards and 2 second yellow cards, and was substituted in 3 times and off the filed 9 times throughout his career.

And what more on

Edwin van der Sar stats

? Well, concerning Edwin van der Sar international stats, we should say that the top former Dutch goalkeeper made 130 appearances for his country’s national team between 1995 and 2008; a record that was not broken until 2017 that his countryman, Wesley Sneijder, reached a total of 134 caps just two years before he retired from professional football in 2019.

It should also be mentioned here that Van der Sar also scored a goal in his career; the goal that he actually scored from the penalty spot in a match against the Dutch club,

De Graafschap

, in 1997-98 season which ended in Ajax’s 8-1 victory.

Edwin van der Sar Transfer Market Stats


Edwin van der Sar transfer market stats

, we should say that the top former Dutch goalkeeper was transferred three time during his career. Van der Sar’s first transfer was from


to Juventus. At the time - we mean in 1999, Manchester United were also looking for a replacement for their top Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel, however, Van der Sar chose Juventus over United and was transferred in the same year for a transfer fee of $6.95 million to the Italian club becoming the first ever non-Italian goalkeeper to guard Juventus’ goal in their history.

Then again in 2001, Van der Sar was transferred to the English club, Fulham, for a higher transfer fee of $9.73 million. Van der Sar’s most memorable moment with Fulham actually took place in the final season he served them (2004-05): In a match against

Aston Villa

, Van der Sar saved two penalties and prevented his team from losing the game. The match finished 1-1, but Van der Sar’s performance caught the attention of many including Manchester United who were trying to bring him in from long ago.

This actually happened in 2005, and the top Dutch goalkeeper finally joined Manchester United for a transfer fee of $2.78 million, although they say his real transfer fee was even higher but was never disclosed. Manchester United was actually the last club Van der Sar served. He waved goodbye to them and also to professional football on May 28, 2011, after a match against Barcelona in 2011 UEFA Champions League Final where Manchester United lost the match 4-3 and finished runners-up.

Edwin van der Sar Net Worth and Salary

Well, part of the top facts about Edwin van der Sar is surely concerned with

Edwin van der Sar net worth

and salary. Often the question how much a celebrity’s net worth is is a frequently asked one and Edwin van der Sar is no exception to this rule, though he cannot be considered as an in-the-spotlight celebrity. As for Edwin van der Sar net worth, we should say the straightforward answer is $21 million. This is what actually all the sources agree upon.

And what about Edwin van der Sar salary? There are a few figures indicating how much Van der Sar has earned as an Ajax director throughout the years. As reports say, Edwin van der Sar salary for 2021 and as an Ajax CEO has been something around $327.5K - most probably his monthly salary. Again based on the same reports,

Edwin van der Sar salary

in 2018 and 2019 has been around $300 to $310K, and in 2016, before he was promoted to director role, he received a monthly salary of $206K.

We don’t know how reliable these figures are since not many sources have confirmed them, however, at least they give you a primary insight on how much the top former Dutch goalkeeper and the current Ajax CEO earns. Here, we should also mention that Van der Sar has also endorsed Nike and AON products, but how much he has earned from his endorsement campaigns is not clear. They say Van der Sar has also a Bentley Continental GT Speed car worth of $85,000.

Edwin van der Sar Wife and Children

If we are to

top facts about Edwin van der Sar

personal life, we will never skip any facts out there about Edwin van der Sar wife and also Edwin van der Sar children. As for Edwin van der Sar wife, we should say the top former Dutch goalkeeper married Annemarie van Kesteren in May 2006. The couple held their marriage ceremony at Beurs van Berlage which is a historical building at the center of Amesterdam built between 1896 and 1903.

They say Van der Sar first met Annemarie when shopping at her brother’s grocery store. When that happened and how long it took the couple to marry after they met we don’t know, but one very important thing we know about them and that is in December 2009, just two days before 2010 Christmas, Van der Sar’s wife was admitted to hospital due to brain hemorrhage which its cause remained unknown. Van der Sar was with

Manchester United

at the time and it was devastating news to him especially that Annemarie’s condition was reported to be very poor.

Van der Sar was given an indefinite leave of absence by the then Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, to attend to his wife. Fortunately, she fully recovered from her condition and with no long-term effects. You could probably guess that Van der Sar was flooded with well-wishing messages from here and there - actually on his social media accounts, and it was really so.

The good news was that she had recovered with no long-term effects. You know, depending on one’s age and overall health, brain hemorrhage could have lasting effects like vision loss, parts-of-body paralysis, memory loss, difficulty speaking, personality change and emotional problems.

As for

Edwin van der Sar children

, we should say the top former Dutch and Manchester United goalkeeper has a daughter and a son. His son, Joe van der Sar, was born in March 1998 and is 22 years old by now. He’s the current goalkeeper of the third-tier Dutch club,


, and just like his father started to play football - actually as a goalkeeper - from a very young age; sometime between 11 and 13.

Joe van der Sar has served the youth teams of Ajax, Manchester United, his current team, Noordwijk, and two other Dutch clubs, namely

RKC Waalwijk

and ADO Den Haag from 2011 to 2019, and currently as we mentioned above, is the goalkeeper of the Dutch club, Noordwijk. And what about Van der Sar’s daughter? Her name is Lynn and she was born in 2000, so by now, she’s 21 years old.

Nothing more has been revealed about Lynn van der Sar - for instance her studies or interests - except for that she’s probably pursuing a career in which her father wished her success in his congratulation message to her on her 20th birthday on Twitter in May 2020. Could it be a football career? Maybe, because Van der Sar had already posted a


in 2017 with the photos of her daughter in a goalkeeper jersey saying that he had been excited to see her daughter at goal.

Edwin van der Sar Honors and Achievements

If not the most decorated Dutch footballer, Edwin van der Sar is for sure one of the most decorated Dutch footballers and indeed the most successful Dutch goalkeeper ever. Van der Sar won a total of 26 club trophies during his career most of which with Manchester United and Ajax. He actually won 10 club trophies with Manchester United among them are four Premier League titles and with Ajax he won 14 club trophies including 4 Eredivisie titles three of which are consecutive, one UEFA Cup in 1991-92 season, and one

UEFA Super Cup

in 1995.

The two remaining club trophies Van der Sar actually won with Fulham and Juventus, and the interesting fact here is that he won the same trophy with both clubs: UEFA Intertoto Cup once in 1999 with Juventus and another time in 2002 with Fulham.

Van der Sar has also a number of individual honors to his name some of which are four consecutive Dutch Football Goalkeeper of the Year Awards from 1994 to 1997, two Best European Goalkeeper Awards in 1995 and 2009, a Dutch Golden Shoe - an award given to the best Dutch player in


first and second leagues since 1984 - in 1998, and a Premier League Golden Glove and Premier League Merit Award both in 2008-09 season. Van der Sar was also named Fulham Player of the Year in 2004 and UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year in 2009.

And what about Van der Sar’s records as a goalkeeper? The answer is he has also a handful of records to his name. Van der Sar is one of the eight footballers to have won two Champions League titles with two different clubs, namely Fulham and Manchester United. He is also the oldest footballer to have won a Premier League title which actually happened in 2011 when he was 40 years and 205 days old.

Also in the

Premier League

2008-09 season, Van der Sar set a world record by not conceding a goal for 1311 minutes which actually translates to a little bit more than 14 full-90-minute matches and a half. And not only this, Van der Sar is also considered by many critics and pundits as one of the best goalkeepers of all time. He’s also part of the Ajax’s golden generation.

Edwin van der Sar Style of Play and Retirement

As already mentioned above, Van de Sar is considered as one of the best goalkeepers of all time, and not only this, he is also considered as one of the most complete goalkeepers ever. Due to his tall stature, Van der Sar was a top penalty saver and also dominant in the air when it came to crosses, and although slender in form, he was an athletic goalkeeper who showed his athleticism in the shots he stopped and the reflexes he made.

Van der Sar was also a calm and composed goalkeeper capable of organizing his defense line through his intelligence and reading of the game. He was also good with his feet which enabled him to send accurate long balls and even start a counterattack from the back. That also helped him in accurate distribution of the ball and to act as a sweeper-goalkeeper; the role that he actually most exhibited during his service to his home country’s club, Ajax.

And what about Van der Sar’s retirement? Van der Sar actually retired from professional football on May 28, 2011, after he featured for his then team, Manchester United, in the 2011 UEFA Champions League final against


where the Red Devils lost the game 3-1 to their rivals and finished as runners-up.

Although that Champions League game marked the end of Van der Sar’s career, he actually made a brief return to the world of football in March 2016 when he featured for his former youth club, Noordwijk, in a game against another Dutch club playing in the fifth tier, namely Jodan Boys, to save a penalty for them and end the game in a 1-1 draw.

About Van der Sar’s international retirement, we should say that the top former Dutch goalkeeper had already stated in an interview with Radio 538 that he had intended to retire from international football after Euro 2008, however, in October of the same year and due to the insisting of the then new Netherlands manager, Bert van Marwijk, Van der Sar came out of his international retirement and played in 2 matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification round against Norway and Iceland in both of which Netherlands won and Van der Sar earned a clean sheet.

Van der Sar’s final appearance for the Dutch national team was actually in the match against Norway on October 15, 2008 after which he fully retired from the international football.

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Edwin van der Sar Social Media Accounts

Well, part of the top facts about Edwin van der Sar is surely concerned with his digital life! We mean

Edwin van der Sar social media accounts

. The top former Dutch goalkeeper has an account both on




, but no confirmed account - we mean with that famous blue tick - on Facebook. On Instagram, Van der Sar has 1.1 million followers - quite good for an older-generation footballer - and has posted 521 photos and videos to this date (February 2021) on the social media platform since he has joined it in January 2013.

On Twitter, Van der Sar has 1.4 million followers and has posted more than 3200 tweets up until now (2021) from the time he joined the social media platform in June 2012. The interesting fact about Van der Sar’s Instagram and Twitter accounts is that he almost follows the same number of people on both, at least to this date (February 2021): He follows 142 people on Instagram and 143 people on Twitter among whom are celebrities and top former and current footballers like Frank de Boer and

Gerard Pique


Fast Facts About Edwin van der Sar

Here are some fast

facts about Edwin van der Sar


  • Edwin van der Sar is 50 years, 3 months, and 23 days old as of now (February 21, 2021)

  • Edwin van der Sar is 1.97m tall and weighs 84Kg.

  • Edwin van der Sar zodiac sign is Scorpio.

  • Edwin van der Sar is neither a smoker nor he has a tattoo on his body.

  • Edwin van der Sar has been serving Ajax as a CEO since 2016; they say he extended his contract with the club in 2019 for 4 more years.

  • Before promoted to CEO, Edwin van der Sar served Ajax as a marketing director; actually from 2012 to 2016.

  • Nobody knows about Edwin van der Sar’s religion. They say he’s a non-religious person.

  • Edwin van der Sar started his youth career with the Dutch club, Foreholte, in 1980 when he was 10. Five years later in 1985 he joined VV Noordwijk and served them until 1990 before he joined Ajax as a senior player.

  • Edwin van der Sar’s jersey number for the most of his career was 1 like many other goalkeepers, however, he tried jersey number 12 with Ajax, jersey number 19 with Manchester United, and jersey number 13 with the Dutch national team too.

  • Edwin van der Sar has a foundation named after him, the Edwin van der Sar Foundation, which is part of the Brain Foundation founded to help people with brain damage.




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