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Top facts about Lisa Muller, Thomas Muller's stunning wife

Thomas Muller is a German football player who plays for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Thomas Muller and Lisa Muller started dating in 2006 and tied the knots two years later in 2007. Read the following article to learn more facts about Lisa Muller.

Thomas Muller was born on 13 September 1989 in Germany. He had started playing football when he was very young. He joined the local Bundesliga side

Bayern Munich

youth club in 2000. He has stayed in this club for 21 years now, and he is a part of the German national team. He has been resent in two World Cups and successfully held the Cup above his head in 2012 as Germany proudly became the world's champion.

Lisa Muller is a professional dressage rider and spends many happy hours with horses. She has always been interested in horses and found great solace in their companionship. For her, horses are great friends to human beings. Her husband and Lisa share this mutual interest, so a significant part of their quality time is spent around horses. It is an interesting

fact about Lisa Muller, Thomas Muller's stunning wife


Read on to learn more facts about Lisa Muller:

Thomas and Lisa had met each other when they were still teenagers. A love story as old as theirs is always inspiring to hear, especially when you are as successful as them. All of us struggling life from childhood to adulthood, pursuing what we perceive as happiness. It is always heart-warming for us to read about people who seem to have figured it out. Keep on reading to learn more about this lucky couple.

Lisa Muller biography

Lisa Muller was born on 23 November 1989 in Weinheim, Oberbayern, West Germany. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and like many people who are born this month, she is full of life and positivity. Lisa is highly optimistic and feels like the world is filled with possibility. Being spontaneous and fun are only some of her exciting traits. She always keeps her family and friends close because she knows perfectly well how connection can help you through everything that life throws at you.

Lisa Muller childhood

was sincerely one of the golden times in her life when she received the kind of passion that everybody desires to have. She remembers that time to be filled with so much happiness and adventure. She was a bit shy but could always have connect with people very fast. Lisa's closeness with nature has always been a primary part of her being. She can't imagine a life without this lifestyle. One interesting fact about Lisa Muller is that she owns a truck driver's license.

Unfortunately, there is not much known about

Lisa Muller parents

and siblings. What is evident is that Lisa Muller parents have always been very caring towards her, and her success and happiness have been their priority. They couldn't be prouder of their daughter, which is a heart-warming fact about Lisa Muller. After all, having a family who supports you and accepts you for who you are is one of the most amazing things in life. Fortunately, Lisa has been blessed with a great family.

Lisa has inherited her beautiful gray eyes from her mother. She is stunningly beautiful and has an amazing figure. Because she is a professional trainer and being a dressage rider requires great body strength, she always works out and takes care of her health. Her figure is incredible, and she looks wonderfully lovely beside Thomas Muller, who is known and has been mentioned as a handsome and hot player many times.

Lisa Muller is not as tall as her husband, Thomas Muller, but she is still considered to be a tall woman. She is 5 foot 7 tall. Unfortunately, we don't know

Lisa Muller body measurements

. Against all odds, she has never been a model and is not even interested in modeling. Her exceptional figure and complexion make it difficult to believe that she is not an aspiring model. But her stunning appearance is not the only top fact about Lisa Muller.

Lisa has a kind heart and treats everybody nicely. She is easygoing and interesting. Although she has great friends, she finds great pleasure in animals' companionships. Lisa loves all the animals, but horses, dogs, and bunnies are her favorites. She started riding horses when she was a little girl, and she never stopped. As she stated in one of her interviews, "horse" was among the first words she uttered, which is an incredible fact about Lisa Muller, Thomas Muller's stunning wife.

Lisa Muller professional life

Lisa Muller parents supported her enthusiasm and gave her shettie as a present. A shettie is a type of miniature horse that is smaller than a pony and suitable for small children. Lisa loved her gift and never wanted to leave her sight. Later on, her parents gave her a Haflinger horse. A Haflinger is a horse breed developed in Austria and Northern Italy in the late 19th century.

In the begging, horse riding was an interesting hobby for Lisa, but it wasn't long until she wanted to do more with her newly-found passion. She started her training and practiced nearly every day for many years. Apart from the training itself, it was essential to learn how to know a horse well, mounted and unmounted. She has tried her best to excel at her training which is an astonishing fact about Lisa Muller, Thomas Muller's stunning wife.

Lisa had to learn numerous equestrian disciplines of horseback riding before becoming qualified enough to compete in any form of competition. Lisa's husband has been very supportive of her career from the very beginning. When Lisa was 21 years old, Thomas gave her a beautiful show horse, which she later named Radcliff. She adored Radcliff and thought he was a beauty.

Lisa Muller performed her first dressage riding competition in 2014 when

Lisa Muller age

was 22 years old. She believed that to excel in this field, one needs to be a perfectionist to shape the perfect harmony during the performance. It is not an easy job and requires constant training to obtain the qualifications. Thomas has been her number one supporter every step of the way, believing that she could be the best in the business.

Lisa Muller's' hard work and resilience finally paid off when she started competing in Grand Prix dressage riding. She has her own private yard, which she can train, and its name is Gut Wettlkam. Lisa starts to work every morning at 7:30, and she trains and works until 3 PM. Thomas spends his free time on the stables with her. the couple loves to grow their own breed and has been doing so for many years. This is an incredible

fact about Lisa Muller


At the 2018 PSI Auction, Lisa Muller and Thomas bought the talented Oldenburg stallion Evergreen for 380000 euro. Everdale and Don Davidoff registered this stallion. Lisa has competed at the international Grand Prix level with Dave FBW, and she is trained by Isabell Werth. She has started to teach dressage riding for a few years, and she has been known to be an inspiring trainer.

Lisa Muller salary and net worth

As mentioned before, Lisa Muller is not a model based on our reliable sources. However, what you read about her on many websites states the opposite, which is, of course, wrong information. She is not a model, and she has never been one. From the first moment she mounted on her little shettie, she almost knew that she wanted to be around horses for the rest of her life. However, she has appeared in some sports advertising campaigns.

A dressage rider earns between €21.406 to €16. 408. Because we do not possess any evidence on how much

Lisa Muller salary

is, we guess the number is something in these two amounts. Of course, you should add training fees and the horses she owns to this number. Lisa is a strong independent woman fully capable of managing her own life, which is an astounding fact about Lisa Muller.  

Lisa Muller net worth

has been estimated something between €200k and €1.5 million. Due to the emergence of COVID-19, she couldn't earn like always the past year. Thomas Muller has a net worth of $12 million, having a $4 million salary in Bayern Munich. Although the couple prefers to live in a quiet place in the country, far from people, they have fancy cars. Lisa drives an Audi-Off Roader, which is an exciting fact about Lisa Muller. Thomas Also drives an Audi S5.

Lisa Muller social media

Lisa Muller social media

 is active and field with beautiful pictures of her training or working around horses with her husband. On Instagram and Facebook, she is known as a public figure, and she has an amazing fan base on both social media platforms. On Instagram, she has over 190k followers in which she shares aspects of her daily life both professionally and personally with them.

You can find Lisa Muller Instagram with 


. You can also find her page on Facebook with her own names. There are many accounts on Twitter with her, but none of them seems to be her. Apparently, she is not active on Twitter. However, her husband has an account and has over 4.3 million followers.

Lisa Muller and Thomas Muller website

As previously mentioned, Thoma and Lisa are both enthusiastic about breeding horses. A few years ago, the couple established a website striving to advertise their stallions and other types of horses. On this website, there is a section that says their story at Gut Wettlkam. Interestingly, Gut Wettlkam is also the name of this website. You can visit their website at 



Lisa Muller husband, Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller was born on 13 September in Oberbayern, Germany. Thomas is a Virgo. People born with this zodiac sign are very logical, practical, and systematic in their life approach. The earth is their sign, and because they are perfectionists, they are also hard workers. Virgos hate rude behaviors and asking for help.

Thomas has an appealing personality. He is very friendly and understanding. He had been working hard since he can remember. The reason for it is that he believes it is through hard work that you can achieve the things that you want and the place that you deserve. He is very we-connected with nature, so he preferred country to city as a place to live.

Thomas' surname is very common in Germany. His parents are Roman Catholic. Klaudia Muller is his mother, and Gerhard Muller is his father. Thomas grew up in the nearby village of Pahl. He has a younger brother named Simon. The two of them shared golden memories growing up. Thomas Muller's parents did everything they could to raise their children right and gave them a great education.

Growing up with a younger brother generated a sense of responsibility in him and the ability to take care of everybody. Thomas was exceptional as a kid. He was fast and powerful and so much better at playing sports than his classmates at school. He has always been interested in football, so he joined a youth club when he was still very young.

Thomas Muller club career

At the age of ten, he joined as a youth for TSV Pahl. Thomas was genuinely sensational because he managed to score 160 goals in just one season. He got the reputation of being a goalscorer, so he was tightly marked during the matches. That didn't stop him from placing the ball in the big net. His talent and ability attracted many scouts to himself, including the one he was destined to work with for a very long time.

In 2000, he joined the local Bundesliga Bayern Munich youth team and gradually learned the trade tricks. In 2006, something happened that changed his life completely forever. He met a girl named Lisa and fell head over heels for her. they started dating. Although they were still very young, they decided that they were ready to tie the knots after about two years.  

In March 2008, he made his first debut as a substitute. His skills were undeniable, and soon he became a key player. He was able to step up his game season after season after making his first professional debut on 15 August 2008. He came out as a substitute in a match against Hamburger SV. He has been playing for Bayern Munich ever since. There were many opportunities for him to go on loans, but either he decided to stay or the managers.

Lisa Muller and Thomas Muller relationship

One of the greatest joys in life is to be able to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Lisa and Thomas have known each other for a very long time, and ever since they met each other, they were inseparable. Lisa has always supported Thomas to be a better player and better version of himself. However, she is not interested in football, not as much as Thomas is interested in horses and breeding.

Lisa admits that Thomas knows more about horses than she knows about football. They are adorable together. Thomas spends his free time after practice in stables and has obtained the title of manager of the carrots by his wife! How understanding they are of each other is truly an incredible

fact about Lisa Muller

. They also run a breeding business together in which we shared the website with you before.

As for

Lisa Muller children

, she doesn't have one yet. Apparently, they are happy about their lives as they are, and they do not want one to accept the responsibility of a child when they don't have any time to take care of it. But never say never. The couple is still young. Maybe they will change their mind in a few years.

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