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In this article, we want to take a look at the Thomas Muller biography. He is one of the top players in German football and the Bayern Munich team.

Thomas Müller (born 13 September 1989) is a German professional footballer who plays for Bundesliga club

Bayern Munich

and the German national team. Muller, a versatile player, plays as a midfielder or forward, and has been used as an offensive midfielder, second striker, center-forward, and on either wing in a number of attacking positions.

Müller has been praised for his positioning, teamwork and stamina, work-rate, and has proved consistency in both scoring and creating goals. Due to his positional awareness, he is also widely regarded as one of the best off-the-ball players of all responsible for development.

He is also widely regarded as one of the most complete attacking players in the game due to numerous strengths in his game. He made his first-team breakthrough in the 2009-10 season after Louis van Gaal was appointed as the main coach as a result of Bayern's youth system; he played almost every game as the club won the league and cup double and reached the final of the Champions League.

In the 2012-13 season, Müller scored 23 goals as Bayern won a historical treble; the title of the league, cup, and Champions League. By providing 21 in a season (a record in the top five leagues held jointly with Lionel Messi in La Liga), he broke the Bundesliga record for assists and scored 14 goals as Bayern won the second treble in the 2019-20 season.

In 2010, Müller won a call-up to the German national team. He scored five goals in six appearances during the 2010 World Cup as Germany finished in third place.

Everything You Need to Know About Thomas Muller Biography

Müller, who joined Bayern in the summer of 1999 as a 10-year-old and made his Bundesliga debut a month before the age of 19, explained: I do not see " I want to get involved in the opponent's midfield. That's where I can hurt my opponent the most. I am a combination of midfielder and striker. I am a Raumdeuter. This is about instinct. "

Thomas has an appealing personality. He is very friendly and understanding. He had been working hard since he can remember. The reason for it is that he believes it is through hard work that you can achieve the things that you want and the place that you deserve. He is very we-connected with nature, so he preferred country to city as a place to live.

Thomas' surname is very common in Germany. His parents are Roman Catholic. Klaudia Muller is his mother, and Gerhard Muller is his father. Thomas grew up in the nearby village of Pahl. He has a younger brother named Simon. The two of them shared golden memories growing up. Thomas Muller's parents did everything they could to raise their children right and gave them a great education.

Growing up with a younger brother generated a sense of responsibility in him and the ability to take care of everybody. Thomas was exceptional as a kid. He was fast and powerful and so much better at playing sports than his classmates at school. He has always been interested in football, so he joined a youth club when he was still very young.

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Thomas Muller Biography


Thomas Muller information

In this section of

Thomas Muller biography

we are going to share some more general information about him such as Thomas Muller's nationality to let you know him even more, so stay tuned.

Thomas Muller​ Bio

  • Full Name: 

    Thomas Muller

  • Nickname:


  • Profession:

     Professional Footballer

Thomas Muller Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Thomas Muller Date of Birth / Age:

     13 September 1989 year (age 31)

  • Thomas Muller Place of Birth: 

    Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany

  • Thomas Muller Nationality:


  • Thomas Muller Zodiac Sign:


  • Thomas Muller Religion:


Thomas Muller​ Physical Stats

  • Height:

     1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)

  • Weight: 

    76 kg

  • Strong Foot: 


Thomas Muller Family information

  • Parents: 

    Gerhard Muller(Father), Klaudia Muller(Mother)

  • Siblings: 

    Simon Muller (Brother)

  • Wife: 

    Lisa Müller (M. 2009)

  • Children / Kids: 


Thomas Muller Football Information

  • Occupation: 

    Football (Soccer) Player

  • Current Club / Team: 

    Bayern Munich

  • Playing Position:

     Forward / Winger

  • Professional Debut:

    Bayern Munich in 2008

  • Thomas Muller Number:


  • Net Worth:

    $20 Million

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Thomas Muller Biography

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Thomas Muller childhood


Early Life.

Thomas Muller early life

Now it’s time to know about Thomas Muller childhood story:

Born in Weilheim, young Thomas grew up in the small village of Pähl, around 30 miles from Munich.  In the summer of 2000, he joined Bayern as a 10-year-old, and soon set about climbing through the club ranks. With the Under-19s in 2007/08, he enjoyed a breakthrough season, scoring 18 goals in 26 games - and catching the attention of then head coach Jürgen Klinsmann.

A month before his 19th birthday, Müller made his Bundesliga debut and came on as a late successor to Miroslav Klose against Hamburg on the opening day of 2008/09. He made over 500 appearances for the senior team more than a decade later - but at the time, nothing indicated the tremendous career advancement he expected.

Klinsmann left Bayern and was replaced by Louis van Gaal, who immediately recognized Müller's extraordinary ability. Incredibly, Müller averaged just 28 minutes per game this season, but he made up for Van Gaal's belief with 13 goals and 10 assists, and Bayern scored one goal in the Bundesliga and DFB.

For many years, Müller's position has been a source of curious debate, but the bottom line is that goals happen while he plays. The Pähl native has reached double figures on six occasions in terms of goals in his 10 full Bundesliga seasons, and eight in terms of assists.

In total, he has scored 116 goals and 140 assists in 343 games - and remarkably, Bayern have lost just one of their 93 league games in which the goalkeeper has played. "Thomas always scored in training and games," recalls Hermann Gerland, the youth coach who advised Müller to Klinsmann - and is now in charge of Bayern's new academy.

While Bayern defended their league title in 2013/14, Müller's tactical flexibility led to 13 goals. The summer of 2014 saw Müller appear to win the Bundesliga, the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup - joining former Bayern legends such as Gerd Müller, Franz Beckenbauer and the recently retired first president Huns.

Germany traveled to Brazil as one of the tournament's favorite teams - and there were more expectations than Müller as the 2010 Golden Shoe winner. It was not disappointing Müller repeated his good performance from South Africa with five more goals, including a hat-trick in the first game against Portugal and the first goal in a heavy 7-1 loss to Brazil in the semi-finals.

Thomas Muller Profile

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Style of play

The mechanism of action of Müller is simple enough - fast passes, less touch of the ball, proper execution and quick and timely reactions - but very clever. By scoring opportunities, he scores for himself, with Bayern No. 25 escaping the offside line, often to the extent that it is parallel to its outer edge.

The role of Müller can be characterized as an all-rounder attacker, a versatile player who can play in a variety of offensive positions. He was used primarily as a midfielder as he came through the youth system, but he has been seen in more attacking roles since breaking into the first-team.

A 4-2-3-1 formation is traditionally played by Bayern Munich, and Müller is most frequently one of the three defensive midfielders behind the central striker. He can play in all of the midfield attacking positions, but typically plays for Bayern in the middle, but he has also played on the right wing, notably for Germany.

He has been used on occasion as an out-and-out striker in a central attacking role,or even as a second striker. While he lacks physical power, Müller was admired for his maturity, technique, understanding, tactical intellect, and positioning. 

He was especially noted for his composure; Joachim Löw, manager of Germany, said he was "impervious to pressure" and Louis van Gaal, former manager of Bayern, said he had immense mental strength.

Müller has been lauded in the media for his intelligent movement off the ball and ability to time his attacking runs; he describes himself as a player who can find gaps in opposition protection but not especially good at dribbling or one-on-one. This role is described by Müller as Raumdeuter, 

a term which translates, literally, to "space interpreter" 

"German manager Joachim Löw said during the 2014 World Cup that Müller "is a really unorthodox player and you can't really anticipate his running lines, but he has one target and that's "how can I score a goal?"  In addition to his offensive skills, Müller was also lauded by experts for his leadership, durability, and defensive work-rate.


Undoubtedly, Thomas Muller is one of the best f




's history. His technique finesse, dribbling skills, and flair are praised by football fans. 

He played a significant role in helping the team lift the trophy at the 2014 World Cup, scoring five goals and winning the Silver Ball as the second best player in the competition and the Silver Boot as the second top goalscorer, and was also named in the All Star XI World Cup and in the Dream Team.

Müller was rated by The Guardian as the fifth-best footballer in the world in 2014. Müller is the most decorated player in German history, with his 28 trophies surpassing Bastian Schweinsteiger's total of 26.

Goal Celebration

Goal celebration is one of the most important aspects of every player's career. Some footballers tend to change their goal celebration every now and then, while some others are known to have a signature goal celebration.

The general rule is that Footballers use the chance of celebrating goals to send messages that are important to them. For some, it is only a chance to show some fun gestures. Others celebrate their goals with messages to their loved ones, and then there are those who celebrate their goals by sending societal and political messages to the society.

Thomas Muller does not have a unique celebration and Thomas Muller has done a lot of happiness after scoring goals. In some cases, when Thomas throws the ball into the opponent's goal, he starts running and shouts with his hands up. Sometimes he conveys his happiness to the viewer by pulling his knee on the grass.

"I feel more comfortable when Thomas plays with me," Lewandowski has repeatedly said of his preferred right hand. "He helps me a lot; we complement each other very well." Thomas always moves with a lot of smart moves towards the opponent's goal.

"When we play together we think we always have one more player in the penalty area, I have more space and there are not always two or three opponents against me."

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Thomas Muller outside football

Thomas Muller is among the footballers that don’t share much information about his life outside football and therefore there are not much stuff about Thomas Muller outside football in media. Now stay tuned and read Thomas Muller biography as we are going to share some more information about his personal life.

Thomas Muller Personal Life

In this section of Thomas Muller biography, we will take a deeper look into his personal life and share more information with you such as 

Thomas Muller life story


Family, Children and Relationships

Lisa Muller was born on 23 November 1989 in Weinheim, Oberbayern, West Germany. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and like many people who are born this month, she is full of life and positivity. Lisa is highly optimistic and feels like the world is filled with possibility. Being spontaneous and fun are only some of her exciting traits.

She always keeps her family and friends close because she knows perfectly well how connection can help you through everything that life throws at you.

Being willing to live the rest of your days with your best friend is one of the greatest joys of life. Lisa and Thomas have known each other for a very long time and they've been inseparable ever since they met each other. Thomas has always been encouraged by Lisa to be a better player and a better version of himself.

However, she is not interested in football, not as much as Thomas is interested in horses and breeding. Thomas knows more about horses than she knows about football, Lisa admits. Together, they are adorable. After training in stables, Thomas spends his free time and has obtained the title of manager of the carrots from his wife!

The truly remarkable fact about Lisa Muller is how understanding they are of each other. They also run a breeding business together.

Muller married a celebrity named Lisa in 2009 when she was just 19 years old. Muller married his longtime friend Lisa Tarde, a professional rider, after a long engagement.

His wife is a professional sportswoman herself in showjumping. They go to Munich's significant equestrian gatherings together as regularly as Muller's football responsibilities permit it, in spite of the fact that he openly concedes that watching Lisa contending in the saddle is "more harrowing than being out on the pitch".

As for Lisa Muller children, she doesn't have one yet. Apparently, they are content with their lives as they are, and they do not want one to assume the burden of an infant when they don't have the time to take care of it. But never say never. The couple is still young. Maybe they will change their mind after a few years.


It is interesting to know if Thomas Muller has had any background in philanthropy and humanitarian work. he has additionally given his chance to different endeavors and in June 2011 he turned into an agent for YoungWings, a charity that helps kids who have endured trauma.

Legal Issues

He is definitely not like the other present-day footballers, you won't hear any uncommon stories of him falling out of a nightclub or being found speeding or drunk driving in the city. Indeed, even his hairstyle is very accommodating, liking to keep his mop in its normal shading and to a degree unkempt.

While the remainder of his peers are all crushing into the cutting edge shirts, Muller inclines toward the more conventional baggy look. Calm, shrewd, and professional in all aspects, he is a footballer who lets his work on the pitch do the job.

Regardless of football, he is a man who prefers to keep it on the low and would like to spend tranquil energies at home with his partner, who is similarly altogether different from a typical spouse of an athlete. On Christmas Eve, 2008, The player proposed to his better half at his parent's house.

Thomas Muller Career Statistics

In this section of Thomas Muller biography, we will take a look at his career stats both on the club and international level.


Müller played as a youth for TSV Pähl, and at the age of 10 he made the 50-kilometre (31 mi) journey to join local Bundesliga side Bayern Munich in 2000. He progressed through the youth system and was part of the team that finished runner-up in the Under 19 Bundesliga in 2007.

Bayern Munich

He made his debut for the reserve team in March 2008 when he replaced Stephan Fürstner in a Regionalliga match against SpVgg Unterhaching, in which he scored. He made two more Regionalliga appearances in the 2007–08 season, while continuing to play for the under-19 team.

The following season, Bayern's second string qualified for the newly formed 3  Liga, and Müller established himself as a key player – he played in 32 out of 38 matches and scored 15 times to make him the league's fifth top scorer.

Müller became involved in the first-team under then manager Jürgen Klinsmann; he appeared in pre-season friendlies, and made his full debut on 15 August 2008, when he came on as a replacement for Miroslav Klose for the last ten minutes of a Bundesliga match against Hamburger SV. and made his Champions League debut on 10 March 2009.

When Louis van Gaal was appointed manager, from the beginning of the season, both Müller and Badstuber became fixtures in the Bayern starting team. 

Muller was a regular substitution in the first few matches, rounding off September by being named the Bundesliga Player of the Month and receiving recognition from his namesake, iconic former striker Gerd Müller from Bayern and Germany.

In February 2010, Müller signed a new contract with Bayern Munich through 2013. During the second half of the season, Müller continued to be a regular first-team starter.

He appeared in all 34 Bundesliga matches for the 2009-10 season, and registered 13 goals and 11 assists. The following week, Bayern and Müller were back in Berlin to meet Werder Bremen in the DFB-Pokal final. In the 2010 Champions League Final against Inter Milan at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Bayern's season finished in search of a first treble.

In a sports magazine kicker poll, he was elected the best newcomer of the 2009-10 season by his fellow professionals and was named in the Bundesliga Team of the Season. Müller credits Van Gaal for playing the biggest part in his success-the boss came with a reputation for promoting youth team players, particularly at Ajax,and consistently gave Müller his chance in the first-team.

In the 2009-10 season, Müller returned from his post-World Cup break to sign another contract extension, this time extending his tenure at Bayern until 2015. He missed most of the pre-season, as with all Bayern World Cup participants, and his first match back on 7 August was the Supercup against Schalke 04. He was named in the starting 11 and scored the opening goal in a 2-0 win.

For every game in the first half of the season, Müller usually played as a key player, but when the team struggled to score, Müller failed to take advantage of the previous season's goals to win,  And even after losing an easy position in a 2-0 defeat to 1. FC Kaiserslautern in August, he mentioned Louis van Gaal.

While his team was on winter break, Müller was forced to focus on what he described as "the most incredible first year of his career." Müller started the second half of the season in good form but was embroiled in a feud with team-mate Arjen Robben, who became angry when Müller expressed his frustration with Ruben's poor free-kicks during Werder Bremen's 3-1 win.

Müller was again in every game of the season and scored 19 goals (12 in the league), but this season was less successful for Bayern as they finished third in the league, and from the DFB. Were deleted.

Müller scored the opening goal in the Champions League final against Chelsea with a good header on 19 May 2012. Shortly afterward, he was replaced. However, Bayern Munich, on penalties, lost the final. Müller claimed how unhappy he was with the amount of time he had lately spent on the bench.

Müller said he decided to remain at Bayern even though he was dissatisfied. During the season, Müller scored seven goals in 34 league matches, two goals in five German Cup matches, and two goals in 14 Champions League matches.

Müller made a commitment on December 13, 2012, after a good game in the first half of the Bundesliga season, saying that he would stay in Munich. "There is no club that can leave Bayern. Almost no better club. Does not exist. " He extended his contract in six days and signed a new two-year contract that kept him at the Allianz Arena until 2017. 

He had nine goals and seven assists in 16 league appearances and a further three goals in the Champions League during the winter break in the Bundesliga; this gave him a total of 13 goals halfway through the season, including his strike against Borussia Dortmund in the 2012 DFL-Supercup victory for Bayern. On 23 April 2013.

Müller scored two goals and gave one assist in a 4–0 win against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final in the Allianz Arena.

Müller scored two goals on 23 April 2013 and gave one assist in a 4-0 win over Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League in the Allianz Arena. Müller scored a header on the return fixture as Bayern won 3-0 and gave Barcelona their biggest defeat ever in the Champions League, with a 7-0 aggregate score.

Müller then played an important role in Bayern's 2-1 victory in the final over Borussia Dortmund. On 1 June, in the final of the 2012-13 DFB-Pokal, Müller scored a penalty. To complete a historic treble, Bayern won the cup 3-2. In the season, Müller scored 23 goals overall (including all competitions), 13 in the Bundesliga.

one in the Pokal, and an impressive eight in the Champions League, he also added one in the 2012 DFL-Supercup which Bayern won 2–1.

Müller began the 2013–14 season under new manager Pep Guardiola by playing in the German Super Cup.

Müller signed a new deal with Bayern until 2019 after the 2013-14 season and declined a contract bid from Manchester United. Müller appeared in the DFL-Supercup, which was Bayern's first game in the 2014-15 season.

With 13 goals in 32 league games, a goal in five DFB-Pokal matches, and seven goals in ten Champions League matches, he ended the season.

Müller started the 2015-16 season by playing in the DFL-Supercup against VfL Wolfsburg. He had scored 21 goals in 25 appearances in all competitions up until the winter break.

He ended the season by scoring 20 goals in 31 league matches, 4 goals in 5 German Cup matches, and 8 goals in 12 Champions League matches. He didn't even score in the German Super Cup. This was Müller's most successful season to date, with 32 goals in all competitions.

In the 2016 German Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund on 14 August 2016, Müller began the season by winning and scoring. In the league, Müller did not score for 999 minutes until he scored in a home game against VfL Wolfsburg in the 76th minute .

He finished the 2016–17 season by scoring five goals in 29 Bundesliga appearances, no goals in three German Cup appearances, and three goals in nine Champions League appearances. Müller did have a career best 12 assists in the Bundesliga.

Müller started the 2017–18 season by playing in the 2017 German Super Cup. Overall, He finished the season with 15 goals in 45 matches in all Competitions.

By starting in the German Super Cup, Müller began the 2018-19 season. Müller scored in the Bundesliga season in the first two matchdays.

On 18 May 2019, as Bayern finished two points above Dortmund with 78 points, Müller won his seventh consecutive Bundesliga title. It was the eighth Bundesliga title for Müller.A week later, Müller won his fifth DFB-Pokal as Bayern defeated RB Leipzig 3–0 in the 2019 DFB-Pokal Final. He finished the season with 9 goals in 45 matches in all competitions.

Müller made his 500th competitive appearance for Bayern on 2 November 2019 and became the 10th Bayern player to hit this milestone since the promotion of the club to the Bundesliga in 1965.

Müller pegged a contract extension on 7 April 2020 to keep him at Bayern until 2023.

On 18 September 2020, Müller scored his first goal of the season, and provided one assist, in an 8–0 win over Schalke 04. He later managed to win the UEFA Super Cup and DFL-Supercup as his 27th club career trophy; he became the most decorated player in German history, breaking the previous record of 26 trophies won by his former Bayern teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger.

On 11 February 2021, he tested positive for COVID-19 and went into quarantine; hence, could not play in the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup Final. He ended the season by scoring eight goals in 33 league matches, two goals in six German Cup matches, and four goals in 10 Champions League matches.


Also during 9 years at international level between 2010 and 2018, Thomas Muller has played a total of 100 matches for Germany national team. He has also scored 38 goals during these matches.

Thomas Muller​ Honors


  • Bundesliga: 

    2009–10, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20

  • DFB-Pokal: 

    2009–10, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2015–16, 2018–19, 2019–20

  • DFL-Supercup:

     2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020

  • UEFA Champions League: 

    2012–13, 2019–20

  • UEFA Super Cup: 

    2013, 2020

  • FIFA Club World Cup: 

    2013, 2020


  • FIFA World Cup: 

    2014; third place: 2010


  • FIFA World Cup Golden Boot: 


  • FIFA World Cup Best Young Player: 


  • FIFA World Cup Silver Boot: 


  • FIFA World Cup Silver Ball: 


  • FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 


  • FIFA World Cup Dream Team: 


  • World Soccer Young Player of the Year:


  • Bravo Award:


  • Bundesliga Newcomer of the Season:


  • Bavarian Order of Merit:


  • FIFA Ballon d'Or: 

    15th place 2010, 13th place 2011, 17th place 2013, 5th place 2014, 6th place 2015

  • ESM Team of the Year:


  • UEFA Men's Player of the Year Award:

    2013 (6th place), 2014 (4th place), 2016 (10th place), 2020 (6th place)

  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 


  • FIFPro World XI 3rd team:

    2014, 2015

  • FIFPro World XI 5th team:


  • Bundesliga Team of the Season:

    2009–10, 2015–16, 2017–18


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