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The 26 years old Emerson Palmieri is a Brazilian professional footballer, who currently plays for both the Premier League club Chelsea and Italy national team. Let’s look into some top facts about Emerson Palmieri to know him better.

With the brilliant passing abilities he’s got, Emerson Palmieri seems to be a promising player.

The first

fact about Emerson Palmieri

that you need to know is that somehow he is arrogant. He desires to lead anyone, is highly confident in himself and can’t stand a moment of being ignored and having his wishes completely left out.

These are the traits of an irresistible player, who sometimes can be extremely hard to get along with.

But on the other hand, he can be actually reliable on the field as a dynamic and energetic player. Most of the times Palmieri manages to get what he exactly wants.

His intuition can be dependable, keeping his mind open to see how other players are going to react and also guiding him to perform a very pleasing job; in other words, he can read the game while playing it himself.

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The following list covers tops facts about Emerson Palmieri:

We know him as Emerson Palmieri, but most of the people who have a close relationship with him, call this Brazilian-Italian player “Emer” or even “Palmito”.

Emerson Palmieri’s Early Life

Emerson Palmieri was born in August 3, 1994. He was actually born in one of the most bustling cities of South America: Santos, Brazil.

Emerson has an Italian descent, which comes from his mother. Despite the

fact about Emerson Palmieri

that he was born in Brazil, his love for Italy made up his mind to become a citizen of this spectacular country; therefore, he got his Italian citizenship in 2017.

Emerson has an older brother named Giovanni, who was born in June 23, 1989. Apparently passion for football is something contagious in Palmieri family, because the 31 year old Giovanni is a professional footballer as well.

The Palmieri brothers grew up together playing football whenever possible. It is more likely that because of their enthusiasm for football that has been held in common ever since childhood, the two of them have been encouraging and supporting each other and playing as an inspiration to one another.

Emerson was around 15 years old when he started to manifest his potentials in playing football and the fact that one day, he might become one of the icons of the world of soccer.

Therefore by attracting his family’s attention, Emerson’s dream was gradually coming true.


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Emerson Palmieri’s Professional Career

Palmieri’s youth career started in 2009. At the age 16, he joined

Santos FC

to get ready for playing as a pro footballer. As a matter of fact, he was performing so good that many coaches kept an eye on him.

Two years of training and practicing helped him in evolving his playing skills. Suddenly everybody noticed the aptitude of the young player and wanted him in their own teams.

Finally in 2011, he was ready to play as a regular player at the senior level. Therefore, he continued playing for Santos until 2015.


fact about Emerson Palmieri

is that his goalscoring records are not that much high. Actually, they are not high at all.

His style of playing is concluded in playing alongside his teammates with his excellent passing abilities.

Just like a true wing-back, Emerson is mostly comfortable in attacking areas. He provides passing opportunities for his teammates in counter-attack.

Despite the truth that people usually distinguish a good player by their goalscoring records, Emerson is indeed a great player and has a highly crucial role in the team.


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Emerson Palmieri’s Club Career

On 17 April 2011, Emerson had his senior debut as a substitute for Keirrison at the very last minutes. His first appearance occurred against Paulista resulting in a 3–0 win for Santos.

In 2013 playing for Santos U20, Emerson won the 2013 Copa Sao Paulo de Futebol Junior. This victory made coaches really interested in the young player, they were following him ever since.

In the same year, Emerson’s debut goal was scored in a fixture against

Athletico Paranaense

, but the result was a 1-2 loss for Santos.

After making 18 appearances for Santos, Emerson Palmieri was loaned to


on 25 August 2014. He was loaned to this football club with a buyout clause.

He made his debut for the team in a game against


, again he came to the field as a substitute for Fabio Daprela on the second half. That match ended with a 3-3 away draw.

Overall, Emerson appeared only 8 times for Palermo, mostly being a backup for the player Achraf Lazaar.

On the last day of August 2015, Emerson was loaned to the league team,


for a year. His debut for the club occurred a month later playing against Palermo. It was a thrilling match with a 4-2 victory for Roma.

On 14 May 2016, in a fixture against


, Palmieri scored the third goal for his team and the game finished with a 3-1 win for Roma. It was also Palmieri’s first goal for this club.

Later on 7 July 2016, Emerson’s loan was extended for another season. And then 5 months later during Serie A, he was bought for a fee of 2 million euro.

Unfortunately in May 2017 Emerson was injured badly and couldn’t play for 7 whole months. Allegedly, it was an anterior cruciate ligament injury that made him miss almost half of the 2017-2018 season.

When he came back to play against


in December, it was considered as Emerson’s only game in that season.

Finally on 30 January 2018, Emerson Palmieri joined the English team,


. He had his debut for Chelsea in the Stamford Bridge stadium, where the FA Cup was being held. It was a match against

Hull City

with a 4-0 win for The Blues.

Emerson Palmieri had his Premier League debut on 4 March 2018 playing against

Manchester City

. In that game, Chelsea was defeated by Manchester City with the result of 1-0.

He scored his first goal for Chelsea in the third round of


, and at the end Chelsea claimed a 2-1 win against


. He also started for The Blues in the 2019 EFL Cup Final, but only one goal away, Manchester City won the match with the result of 4-3.

However in the 2019 UEFA Europa League Final, Emerson Palmieri assisted the player Olivier Giroud to score an opening goal and win the game with a 4-1 over Arsenal.





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Emerson Palmieri’s International Career

At the outset, Emerson presented


at U17 level in 2011. He made 15 appearances and even scored a goal on 16 March. It was a match against


for the 2011 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

But there was always a strong longing for Italy within the young man that couldn’t convince him to continue playing for Brazil.

Only few steps away from acquiring his Italian citizenship, Gian Piero Ventura, the Italy head coach, kept an eye on him so Emerson would immediately switch his international allegiance from Brazil to


. And the whole switching process was done on 29 March 2017.

3 months later he was called up to play against




, but once again he got injured and therefore was replaced by the Italian player, Andrea Conti.

But even after recovering when he was called up for a friendly match against





Saudi Arabia

, he couldn’t make his debut due to suffering another injury.

And finally, he made his senior international debut on 10 September 2018. He was called up to play at the UEFA Nations League against




. His first international game was against Portugal, however, they beat Italy and the result turned out 1-0.

So far he has 18 caps for Italy national team.


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Emerson Palmieri’s Personal Life

Unlike so many other players who tend to keep their love life as private as possible, Emerson is somehow open about this subject.

On 25 October 2020, it was officially confirmed from Emerson himself that he’s dating Thaiany Xavier. He posted a selfie with the beautiful Thaiany and as a result, fans reacted by congratulating the two of them.

There’s no information about Thaiany Xavier’s personal life, birth place, career, education and similar facts to mention.

But thanks to her


account, we know that on 27 June 2020, she celebrated her 26th birthday.

There’s no evidence that would prove Emerson and Thaiany are married yet, and since it’s not stated from either of them, we assume that the stunning couple are not officially married.

As far as we are informed, Thaiany has two children, a 5 year old daughter and a two year old son. Again, neither of the children’s names have been mentioned anywhere yet.

There’s a possibility that Thaiany’s son is from Emerson since they live with each other, but her daughter is from her previous relationship.

Emerson first posted a picture of his son and himself on 8 August 20119. They were both smiling and playing cheerfully. So we can quite certainly say that Emerson’s relationship with Thaiany is pretty much serious.

A few days ago on Valentine’s Day, Emerson posted a picture of Thaiany and himself, standing next to each other with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day. Te amo!”

But before Thaiany Xavier, Emerson Palmieri had a long-term relationship with Isadora Nascimento. We don’t know when exactly they broke up but something for sure is that it happened at least two years ago. The picture above is a selfie of Emerson and Isadora.

Reportedly, Emerson and Isadora first met one another in Brazil when they were teenagers.

Apparently, they seemed to have a very great relationship with each other, Emerson used to post lots of selfies with her and buy her expensive gifts. On other hand, Isadora had always been there in the stadium while Emerson was playing.

Isadora once said herself she gets so excited when Emerson’s playing that she can’t even control herself. Even the fans acknowledged how loud she used to support her then-boyfriend!

There’s no other information about Isadora Nascimento either.

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Emerson Palmieri’s Social Media

Another fact about Emerson Palmieri is that he actually loves sharing special moments of his life on social media.

He is active on both social media platforms




. There are more than 678k followers on his Instagram and 228.5k on his twitter account.

Emerson Palmieri’s social media

is filled with both personal side of his life and the other side that is linked to his career.

Sometimes he posts pictures of his beloved family and expresses his love for them, writes long captions saying how much thankful he is for the life he has.

He talks about the importance of children in life and how he feels graceful being a father. Obviously the love for his son is unconditional and like so many other fathers, Emerson is willing to do everything for his family to support them in any kind of way.

He also posts pictures of himself alongside his fellow teammates, playing wildly on the field or hanging out near the stadium.

Overall, Emerson Palmieri’s social media accounts are such pleasing places for his fans to be in contact with him.


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Quick Facts about Emerson Palmieri

If you want to know more about this Brazilian player, check out these facts.

  • Full name:

    Emerson Palmieri dos Santos

  • Birth date:

    August 3th, 1994

  • Birth place:

    Santos, State of São Paulo, Brazil

  • Nationality:

    Brazilian, Italian

  • Position:

    Left back

  • Height:

    1.75 m

  • Weight:

    79.5 kg

Emerson Palmieri’s Italian mother is Eliana Palmieri and his father is Reginaldo Alves dos Santos. As mentioned before, Emerson’s brother, Giovanni, is also a footballer. He plays for Esporte Clube Santo André as a defender.

Although you may see him playing in different positions, but a fact about Emerson Palmieri is that he’s not a really flexible player when it comes to tactics and strategies.

Speaking of his weaknesses, Emerson can also be somewhat lazy!

According to himself, his favorite footballers are Ronaldinho, Leo Messi and the legendary Diego Maradona.

There’s not enough information about

Emerson Palmieri’s body measurements

, but we know for sure that he is a right footed player.

Despite the fact about Emerson Palmieri that sometimes he can be conceited, he is also said to be a naturally warm-hearted person. As a matter of fact, he cares a lot about the ones he loves, is always looking for various ways of supporting them and is respectful when it comes to family.

The ex-girlfriend, Isadora Nascimento once commented on one of Emerson’s picture and told everyone how kind and sweet he is. She said Emerson is a really romantic person, always surprising and treating her nicely. Isadora also added that Emerson is really polite to her family.

Allegedly, he finds joy in spending his money on expensive things, going to theatre, taking vacations and also hanging out with friends and family.

Emerson Palmieri’s jersey number

is 33.


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Emerson Palmieri’s Net Worth

When Emerson joined Chelsea, his transfer fee remained undisclosed for a while. But later it was confirmed from Roma that his transfer fee was €20 million with €9 million bonus. More specifically,

Emerson Palmieri’s salary

is €4.2 million per year, €11,475 per day and €478 per hour!

It means that Emerson’s one month salary is almost what an average man in UK needs to work for 10 years to earn!

After joining The Blues,

Emerson Palmieri’s market value

went a little bit down due to his unsatisfying performance in the early seasons.

Although there’s no record disclosing all of his properties,

Emerson Palmieri’s net worth

is said to be around €12 million.

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