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Sun 21 February 2021 | 8:30

Being the eleventh best goalkeeper of the world, Samir Handanovic has shown remarkable performance in all his appearances. As a featured and skillful goalkeeper, a professional career history has laid behind him. To know him more, read our today's article, Samir Handanovic biography.

Born in Ljubljana, SR Slovenia, SFR Yugoslavia, Samir Handanovic is a 36-year-old successful goalkeeper whose current team is Inter Milan. Having moved from his home country of Slovenia, Handanovic served the role of captain in Inter Milan, the Italian club, and has played there as a goalkeeper. 

In 2004, though Udinese bought Handanovic, he played for some teams, including Treviso, Lazio, and Rimini. Later, in the 2007-2008 season, he returned to Udinese and played for them during the next five years. During the following season, Handanovic took part in European football for his first time and debut in the UEFA Cup.

Having passed five years playing as a beginner and making over 200 appearances, Handanovic signed a contract with Inter Milan for about €19.4m in July 2012. Seven years later, he was labeled the club captain, which coincided with his 300th appearances.

Also, taking a look at the prominent's career history will uncover the period that Handanovic played for the 

Slovenian under-21

 and bold 2004 when Samir made his senior international debut for Slovenian.

Furthermore, continuing his profession led Samir to get 81 caps for his home, considered the second-most for Slovenia and most by a goalkeeper. Following his brilliant performance, Handanovic took part at the FIFA World Cup in 2010 for Slovenia. 

Amongst Handanovic's gains, being one of only four goalkeepers, who are not from Italy, has put his name in the list of Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year three times. Regarded as one of the outstanding and top goalkeepers of his age, Samir could save six penalty kicks in the 2010-11 Serie A season, which led him to achieve the record of all-time in the 1948-49 season.

However, Handanovic's dream was more, which he continued his efforts in the 2019-20 season and could equal Gianluca Pagliuca's record in saving the most penalties in Serie A with his 24th stop. The next season, performing the acrobat saves made the opportunity of breaking the record for Handanovic and caused him to get the title of Batman. 

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Samir Handanovic Information

We have allotted the following part of the article to the general info around Inter Milan's prominent goalkeeper, including 

Samir Handanovic date of birth

, football information, and some facts about his physical stats. So, before reading the in-depth sections of Samir Handanovic biography, read the presented basic facts to get a brief background about him.  

Samir Handanovic Bio

  • Full Name:

     Samir Handanovic

  • Nickname:

     Batman and San-danovic

  • Foot:


Samir Handanovic Physical Stats

  • Weight:

     92 kg

  • Height:

     1.93 m

  • Skin Color:


  • Hair Color:

     Dark Brown

Samir Handanovic Football Information

  • Position:


  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:

     17 November 2004

Samir Handanovic Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

     14 July 1984

  • Birth Place:

     Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Though Samir is a famous goalkeeper, whose name is amongst the best keepers, there are no reliable facts about Samir Handanovic childhood and his life story in his youth.

However, through the general info about 

Samir Handanovic bio

, which we presented above, you could gain a basic understanding of the 36-year-old Slovenian goalkeeper. So, now it is the time to go through the other aspects of his life, which the continuous parts of the piece cover various info including Samir Handanovic religion, profile, style of play. 

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Samir Handanovic Early Life

The following section of Samir Handannovic biography comes back to his early life. However, since there is no reliable published info about 

Samir Handanovic childhood

, we have presented his early career, which refers to his 18. Beginning his career at Slovan, Samir later moved to the club and played there for about two seasons.

In 2004, when Samir was 20, he signed a contract with 


, though his short-lived first spell did not let him fasten his place in the starting line-up. Handanovic made his first appearance in November 2004 against 


in a Coppa Italia competition.

His debut coincided with a match full of exciting minutes, and it reached its peak when on the 91st minutes, the referee sent him off. Though Udinese had done all its substitutions and David Di Michele placed in Samir's place, they could finally win the game in a 5-4 victory. 

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Samir Handanovic Profile

To know the Inter's star more, we have included a profile part in 

Samir Handanovic biography

, which has presented more details about his professional career history. Having started his senior career with Domzale, Samir played for Zagorja, Treviso,


, and


on loan and then returned to Udinese.

Following his coming back to the club, he signed a new contract which lasted till 30 June 2012. Though the arrival of 

Rafael Romo

, the Venezuelan goalkeeper, in the 2009-10 season seemed a rivalry for Handanovic, he could keep his place as the number one goalkeeper.

The next season, which he changed his squad number from 22 to 1, was marked by four losses in the first four Serie A weeks and left Udinese in the last place. However, on 26 September, Samir's clean sheet in the match against 


made the club gain its first season's point.

The season earned another achievement for the Slovenian goalkeeper, the record of most saved penalties in the course of a season, because of saving six penalties in the 2010-11 season. Following the agreements between Udinese and Inter Milan, Samir signed a contract for the €2-million fee per season plus bonuses.

He made his first appearance for the club on 2 August 2012, in which

Inter Milan

won the match in 3-0 result against 

Hajduk Split

. Since the 2012-13 season, Samir Handanovic has started playing in Inter Milan during these nine consecutive seasons, achieved many honors, and helped the club in many awards.

Besides his club career, due to 

Samir Handanovic nationality

, he played in international competitions through the Slovenia team. Samir made his first appearance for the team in a friendly match against Slovakia, which finished without scoring any goals. 

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Style of Play

One of the most significant parts of 

Samir Handanovic biography

 is a description of his style of play, which we have written about here. According to Samir's weight and height mentioned above, he has a large stature and imposing physique, which able him to handle crosses effectively and command presence inside the box very well. However, his large size has never limited his movements.

He is a remarkably agile goalkeeper, famous for his distinguished reflexes, acrobatic saves, and skillful shot-stopping. Besides, he is so good at leadership, positional sense, and organizing his defense. The top goalkeeper could find several of his skills and abilities under managers Roberto Mancini and Luciano Spalletti, while initially, he was not famous at doing them.

His developed skills include being proficient with the ball at his feet, playing out, and starting attacks from the back. Samir, under Antonio Conte's administration, the Inter subsequent manager, raised his ability to control and distribute the ball and performed such a sweeper-keeper.

Being renowned as an extraordinary penalty-kick saving professional, Samir Handanovic held an Italian record of six back-to-back penalties from 2013 to 2015. 

By stopping 25 penalties in Serie A, Handanovic became ahead of Gianluca Pagliuca, and after that, holds the record. In 2016, during an interview, Handanovic declared Jasmin Hnadanovic and Peter Schmeichel as the two keepers who had the most influence on him.


Being a talented, professional, and skillful goalkeeper, Samir Handanovic has earned a wide range of admiration, which describes his professions and expertise very well. The WhoScored.com rating system introduced the former Slovenian goalkeeper as the one with the highest rating of all keepers in the tournament.

The site's stats made the record of the title of the best goalkeeper of the Champions League, one of the most significant achievements in 

Samir Handanovic biography

. It wrote on its page that crashing out of the Champions League at the group stages is an event that Inter might confront, but the form of Samir Hnadanovic is a factor, which has always worked as a fighting chance of rising for them.

For strengthening its idea, the site mentioned a return of 32 saves as his third-highest record, and then his nine saves against Barcelona placed the second-highest in a competition. 

So, due to his high level of reputation and a large number of quotes about him and his style of play, we have dedicated this part of Samir Handanovic biography to his reception. However, the large number of them does not let us mention most of them. 

Goal Celebration

Since the goalkeepers are alone on the other side of the field when their teammates score goals, they celebrate their happiness alone. So, instead of spending a large amount of time joining the rest of the team for celebrations, they usually follow their teammates' delight by supporting them.

Despite being various types of goal celebrations among the football players and goalkeepers, which each one has a special meaning, Handanovic has done no unique one. So, based on how he has taken part in the celebration of his teammates' goal-scoring, Samir has only several ways to show his happiness, including jumping and punching the air. 

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Samir Handanovic Outside Football

During an interview on Inter TV, the Inter captain revealed many of his hobbies and spoke about a wide range of variety of topics. Based on his speech, he is so interested in reading and had followed his interest by reading the subjects about sports and psychology, which caused him to read more and more.

While later, when he became older, he expanded his reading topics on everything. He introduced " The Luzhin Defense" as his favorite book and its writer as one of his two favorite authors. His other favorite author is Dostojevskij, which Samir enjoys reading his books. One of the other Samir Handanovic's hobbies is ice cream, which he eats once a week, though it is different in summer and eats every day.

Among the so famous ice cream places in Inter Milan, there is a shop which is his hangout one, and he always brings his friends there and makes them surprised by its delicious ice creams. Though Samir likes every taste of ice cream, he has described his favorite taste with pistachio, hazelnut, and chocolate. 

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Samir Handanovic Personal Life

Not only the professional life of football stars but their personal lives have always been amongst the hottest and most viewed facts. For this reason, we have allocated the following part of Samir Handanovic biography to his family, children, and relationship, which presents a short but accurate and comprehends overview of his off-pitch life.

Family, Children, and Relationship

Born on 14 July 1989, Samir Handanovic life story started beside his parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Though there is no more information about his siblings, there are some facts about his older cousin, Jasmin Handanovic. Like Samir, he is talented in football and started his career in 2007 in Italy and played there for about four years, to 2011.

Playing as a goalkeeper, Jasmin played for Maribor in the Slovenian PrvaLiga and the Slovanian national team. Apart from his parents and cousin, Samir is in a relationship with Zoja Trobec. His partner was one of the KK Olimpija cheerleaders, who is now the mother of his son, born on 19 January 2011. Samir and Zoja's long-standing relationship led them to get married in May 2012.

One year later, Zoja gave birth to their second child, Ian. Samir is not the only sportsman in his wife's family because his sister-in-law has also married Jasmin Hukic, a professional Bosnian basketball player. Though he is an astonishing goalkeeper of the football world and there are many facts regarding Samir Handanovic biography, there are no more data about his personal life. 


In addition to spending time on his interest, football, the Inter captain promoted a charity to help deaf and blind people in Italy. Regarding the charity affairs he did, he posted a video on his 


about the forced avoided contact, which has affected people's lives in the world.

Furthermore, he mentioned the people who can not see or hear and have gotten stuck in a situation of isolation in isolation. Finally, he had asked others about making small gestures and reaching out to these groups of people, and support and encourage them to step exceeding darkness and silence which they are in, from a distance. 

Legal Issues

We have allocated this part of Samir Handanovic biography to the legal issues he has confronted in his personal or professional life. Based on the amounts of facts regarding Samir's off-pitch life, it is clear he is not interested in sharing data about his life story and family.

So, though legal issues are the matters which might happen to every person and do not have any meaning about their character, no authentic website has published any data about it. However, the lack of data can come from his willingness to unpublish his private to the public or from having no legal issues to share. 

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Samir Handanovic Career Statistics

After reading the data related to 

Samir Handanovic life story

, it is time to go through his career statistics in both club and international playings and look at the number of his goals and appearances in each season and for each club. 


Playing for 


, as the first team he took part in for his senior career, Handanovic appeared seven times for the club in 2003-04. The following club was Zagorje, which during the 2003-04 season in the Slovenian Second Football League, he played 11 times. In the consecutive season, 2005-06, Samir played for Treviso and Lazio in Serie A, respectively, three and one times.

As the last team, played on loan, Handanovic played 41 times in Serie B, which his total appearances for the clubs are 41. Samir's playing period for Udinese refers to the years between 2004 and 2012, which meanwhile, he appeared 212 times for the club.

He made his most appearances, 51 times, in 2011-12 and the least ones, five times, in 2004-05, regarded his first season. Since 2012-13, which Samir has joined Inter Milan, he has made 374 appearances. Out of 374 appearances, 49 times refer to the 2018-19 season, considered his most appearances for the club.

On the other hand, his playing for the club 32 times out of his 374 times is his least number of playings referring to the 2020-21 season. Overall, he has made 649 appearances, 557 times for the League competitions, 36 times for the Cup matches, and 66 times for the continental ones. 


Based on Samir Handanovic nationality, from 2004 to 2015, he played for Slovenia 81 times. In 2004, he only played one time for the team, which caused the year to be with the least number of appearances. Additionally, during the years 2007 and 2010, Samir took part in international competitions 11 times that they made the year with the highest number of playings in international matches for Slovenia. 

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Samir Handanovic Honors

To go easier through the Samir Handanovic honors, we have grouped them into the two following assortments, Inter Milan and Individual. In the 2019-20 season, Samir won his only achievement related to his playing time to Inter Milan, UEFA Europa League runner-up.

In the second category, the Individual gains, his first achievements refer to 2009, in which he could win the Slovenian Footballer of the Year. However, he earned it two other times in 2011 and 2012.

During the three seasons 2010-11, 2012-13, and 2018-19 Samir won the Serie A Team of the Year. One of his other prizes is the AIC Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year, winning three times in 2011, 2013, and 2019. Besides, during the two consecutive seasons of 2018-19 and 2019-20, he, respectively, won the Lega Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year and UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season.

After reading the in-depth overview of various facts about the Slovenian star, from 

Samir Handanovic religion

 to his achievements in the football world, now, it is your turn to share your viewpoint with us through the comment section. Though we have gathered all data from the authentic website with the most accurate and updated facts, there might be some sections that we have missed. So, it would be great if we could complete it with your help.




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