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Top facts about Hope Solo, one of the hottest female footballers

In this complete and comprehensive article, we are going to talk about one of the gorgeous female football players, so get ready for top facts about Hope Solo, one of the hottest female footballers.

We have talked about gorgeous footballers’ wives and daughters or even other family members, but actually, we seldom have looked towards hot female players. However, I can assure you in today’s article we are going to provide you with a complete article related to

top facts about Hope Solo


Hope Solo has been regarded as one of the best female goalkeepers and has been the holder of the most career clean sheets record of the U.S. She has obtained various trophies both as an individual and as a team. This would give you a quick glimpse of her career and how good she is. Although we are going to get through her complete career later on in this article.

Besides having a successful football career, she has participated in TV shows, the most famous of which was season thirteen of Dance with the Stars where 12 couples competed in an ice dancing competition. Other than that she has been working with magazines, appearing on the first page of the sports magazines often and has been doing some modeling photoshoots.

From her early life and starting point to her senior career and personal life, we have covered all the aspects of this player, nay celebrity and even if you are looking for articles about other female players we would offer you to read

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A complete article of top facts about Hope Solo, one of the hottest female footballers

Without further ado let’s get to her personal and football statistics, and of course, we haven’t forgotten the exciting part which is information about

Hope Solo body measurement

and appearance.

Hope Solo information

Let’s get to her statistics right away:

Personal information

  • Full name

    : Hope Amelia Solo

  • Date of birth

    : July 30, 1981

  • Age

    : 39

  • Place of birth

    : Richland, Washington, U.S.

  • Star sign

    : Libra

  • Marital status

    : Married

  • Husband

    : Jerramy Stevens

  • Children:

    Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens, Vittorio Genghis Stevens

  • Religion

    : Christianity

Social media






Football stats

  • Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • Current team

    : retired

  • Jersey number

    : 1

Body measurements and appearance

  • Height

    : 1.75 m

  • Weight

    : 69 kg

  • Hair color

    : Light Brown

  • Eye color

    : Brown

​Now that you have gathered a piece of general information about Hope Solo it’s time to dig deep into her early life, starting point, and professional career. Why professional career you may ask, well let’s just say there is a lot to her personal life, which we will discuss late on in top facts about Hope Solo.

Hope Solo early life

Hope Solo date of birth

is  July 30, 1981. She was born in Washington.

Hope Solo parents

are Lynn and Jeffrey Solo. Solo didn’t have an easy childhood, in fact, her parents got divorced and she had to live with her mother. She was reunited with her father when she was in college and it was Jeffrey who motivated her to continue playing football and using this opportunity to starts a professional career.

Unlike any other football player that started their career from an academy, Hope developed her football skills in Richland high school. Her team managed to claim the title for 3 consecutive years and Solo scored 109 goals.

In her university days, she was attending Washington University where she was studying speech communication. The university team which was the Huskies recruited Solo and she changed her position from a striker to a goalkeeper.

On this matter, she made the following statement “In high school, I had been the forward who won games. It was a huge mental adjustment to learn that my job was to save games. To anticipate what was needed.

Before I would stand in goal, the ball would come toward me, and I'd use my athletic ability to make the save. But thanks to Amy's tutelage and my time with the national team, I was becoming a much better tactical goalkeeper. I learned how to read my opponents' runs toward the goal, how to position my defenders, how to see the angles... The intellectual side also made goalkeeping so much more interesting.

It wasn't just ninety minutes of waiting for my defense to make a mistake. It was ninety minutes of tactics and strategy. The personality traits that had been shaped by my childhood—resilience and toughness—were assets at the position.”

Now let’s get to her club career in the next part of the

top facts about Hope Solo


Hope Solo club career

She made her first move towards her professional career by getting selected by Philadelphia Charge for the 2003 WUSA Draft. She didn’t get that much time to play, considering that she only played 8 matches of the entire season. However, her first debut was against Atlanta Beat. 

Solo got transferred to Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC to play in the Swedish Premier Division. She earned a much higher playtime, playing in 19 matches in 2004.

Later on, she joined Lyon to play in the French First Division. She is believed that playing for Lyon and Goteborg was the thing that made her famous and gave her a chance to show off her skills.

In 2008. Hope Solo got moved to Saint Louis Athletica to play in WPS. Her team started off weak. Losing 2 times in the first 4 games. However, they managed to rise in the league table, ending the season second. With her amazing performance, she obtained U.S Soccer Female Athlete of the Year, which is the highest award for a Female player in the U.S.

She moved on to Atlanta Beat in May 2010, alongside her former teammates Tina Ellertson and Eniola Aluko. She had to change her jersey kit because her previous number (1) was occupied, thus she took 78. She obtained a total of 22 caps in 2010, considering she played for 2 different clubs in the same year.

After the season she underwent surgery on her right shoulder. It seems that the surgery wasn’t necessary since said to the interviewers that she only wanted to be in her best form, according to her the injury of her right shoulder had been bothering her for a long time so she took her time to get rid of the pain.

After these events, she signed for magicJack which was another team in WPS. Solo made a total of 4 appearances for the club. Since the club had legal issues and financial difficulties, it was destined to be folded, thus Solo had no other choice but to move on.

Once again throughout her career she got allocated by NWSL player allocation and was transferred to Seattle Reign FC, along with Megan Rapinoe and Amy Rodriguez. Two months into the league and she was once again injured and the team announced that Hope Solo was going to miss half of the season because of the recovery.

Hope finally returned to Reign in 2014 after she was fully recovered. Her team managed to go 16 games unbeaten and set a league record. That was the season that Reign managed to stand on the top of the league. Solo finished the season with relatively good statistics, playing 20 games and saving 65 balls.

Before getting suspended Solo made 8 more appearances for the team in 2016. Now, this was all of her club careers but her football career isn’t over, since we need to discuss her international career in the next part of

top facts about Hope Solo


Hope Solo International career

Hope Solo was the U.S national team goalkeeper in the Summer Olympics of 2008. The team managed to win the goal medal thanks to Hope Solo’s saves which their goal impenetrable.

Hope was part of the U.S team when it was facing its group members in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. She managed to keep the goal shut for the first 2 matches but received 2 goals from Sweden which resulted in their loss. But they successfully moved to the quarter-finals maintaining the second position in their group which was group C. They faced Brazil in the quarter-finals and were able to defeat Brazil and move to the semifinals.

The match against France was the one that gave Hope her 100th cap and the second goalkeeper that had that many appearances.

They defeated France and had to face Japan. Hope Solo wasn’t able to save her team so they lost the match and got second place in the tournament. 

Fast-forwarding to 2015 when Solo got her second experience of being in FIFA Woman’s World Cup. The highlight of this event was when Hope used her stalling tactics to confuse Celia Sasic, a German striker, and this trick did work and Celia missed her penalty shot.

Hope made his 200th cap in a match against France in Rio Olympics in 2016. They got defeated by Sweden in the quarter-finals, but that was the most unfortunate thing that happened for Hope. Hope Solo called her opponents cowards since they were playing ultra-defensive.

This action of hers rose a lot of controversies which resulted in her getting banned for 6 months. This was the thing that convinced her to put football aside. Now that we are done with her football career we can dig deep into her personal life and learn more about her secrets, in the next part of the top facts about Hope Solo.

Hope Solo personal life and family

We have talked about Hope Solo’s parents we didn’t mention what was the reason for the divorce. Her father was an Italian-American War veteran and was the main reason for Hope’s football career. But when she was seven, her dad took her and her brother for a so-called ride, and they went missing for a few days until police found them at a downtown bank and her father was arrested for kidnapping.

To be fair Hope Solo herself hasn’t lived a lawful life and was arrested on June 21, 2014. The reason for the arrest was a fourth-degree assault against her half-sister and her nephew. But she got released the next day since her trial was delayed. The case was dismissed on January 13, 2015, due to the lack of cooperation of victims.

She has been married to Jerramy Stevens who is a former American football player. Hope has 2 children which are twins, Vittorio Genghis and Lozen Orianna Judith Stevens. They were born on March 4, 2020.

Hope Solo was one of the victims of the hacker attack on iCloud and several of her private pictures got leaked. Her response to the incident was as followed: "This act goes beyond the bounds of human decency"

Information about Jerramy Stevens

Stevens home town is Boise, Idaho, and he was born into a 6-member family and he was the fourth child. His mother was a police officer while his dad was working as a sports coach. After Stevens met Solo he got arrested for allegedly assaulting Solo. But the case was dismissed and to everyone’s surprise a day after this event they got married. It is assumed that they met each other while Solo was playing for her college team because that’s when Stevens was a college student too.

He and Hope are currently living a happy life with their 2 children.

Like Hope Solo he also started his career when he was in high school, mostly playing for the main team of River Ridge High school. Fast-forwarding to the college career and you can see that he managed to win the 2001 Rose Bowl with Washington. Stevens had a decent statistic for 2001 with 1 touchdown and 10 receptions.

As part of the 2002 NFL Draft, Jerramy got selected for Seattle Seahawks, where he played 12 games and made his first senior appearance in the season opener against the Oakland Raiders. With a total of 44 appearances and 8 touchdowns, he spends 3 successful years in Seattle Seahawks. Even though he was in the team until 2007 but 2003-2005 were his best years.

It was announced that he signed a contract with the Tempa Bay Buccaneers on April 29, 2007. He spent 4 years playing for this team until his retirement.

Hope Solo social media

Hope Solo has been active on Instagram by the name of hopesolo with a blue mark which indicates that it’s her official page. She has been posting pictures of her family, dogs, and events that she contributes to, like interviews and photoshoots.

She has also been posting her favorite moments of her football career. In the bio of her Instagram page, she has mentioned that she is a fighter for equality which points to her being a member of Women’s Sports Foundation, the organization which helps girls and women to develop their skills in sports and physical activities.

She has also posted pictures motivating people to vote in the election and it seems that she is active in the political field as well. She has been active on Twitter with the same ID. She has recently tweeted a picture that indicated that she is also a supporter of the LGBT community.

Hope Solo in other fields

Well, Hope Solo has been active in other fields than football like video games, magazines, and films and we are going to read about it in this part of the top facts about Hope Solo.

As mentioned before she was in a contest which was called dancing with the stars and her partner was Maxim Chmerkovskiy They were eliminated in the semifinal round.

She has been on many television shows such as the late show with David Letterman and late night with Jimmy Fallon. She mostly talked about her professional career and the experiences that she had in the World Cup on these shows. She has also Start in a television series called keeping score which was about their journey to the Rio Olympics 2016 and the problems that they had throughout their journeys such as racism and equality.

She has been seen on the first page of sports magazines such as Newsweek and fitness she has also been featured in the Body Issue of ESPN magazine in 2011 which throws a lot of controversies since she agreed to share her nude photos on the cover of the magazine.

Furthermore, she was amongst the US National footballers who have been featured in the EA Sports FIFA video game series This game started featuring women’s League since FIFA16

Hope Solo philanthropy

Now let’s talk about the good deeds that she has done in this part of the top facts about Hope Solo. As we talked about her contribution to the woman sports foundation she has also done various charity events estimation if you Hope Solo and Alex Morgan and Abby Wamback joined the Bank of America charitable campaign and Hope Solo donated $5000 today Seattle Humane Society.

She was also part of a popchips game changers program alongside Sean Phillips, Tim Lincecum and Ray Rice.

Hope Solo salary and net worth

Now let’s talk about her net worth and salary in this section of top facts about Hope Solo.

As we are talking she has an estimated amount of $3 million on her account she has made most of their money from sponsorship deals and endorsements from companies like Nike, BlackBerry, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

She has also signed a one-year contract deal with Bank of America starting from July 2011 she has also been featured in a television commercial of EA Sports in September 2011 she has been advertising Nike products as it is known that Nike pays the superstars that promote its products pretty well just to mention she has made quite a bit of money from her social accounts since she signed a deal with LX ventures as a social media influencer in March 2014.

Hope Solo honors and achievements

Now in this part of the top facts about Hope Solo, we are going to talk about her achievements and accomplishments and most importantly the trophies that she has amassed throughout her professional career. She started gathering trophies from a young age her first trophy was the one that she won in High School which is the Washington state championship for 1998.

Then she moved to college but she didn’t have any luck obtaining any kind of important trophies. Just to talk about her club trophies she has been successful to get the WPS goalkeeper of the Year award for 2009.

As for the national side she has been successful in getting Olympic gold medals for 2 years 2008 and 2012. her national team wasn’t successful in winning the FIFA women’s world cup championship in 2011 but instead, they managed to bring home the silver medal but they learned from their mistakes and they tried their best in the FIFA women's world cup championship for 2015 in which they lifted at the championship trophy.

As mentioned before she has been given the best award that the female athlete can get in the US which is the US soccer female athlete of the year for 2009. Now for the top tier awards, she has been given the FIFA women’s world cup Golden glove for 2 years, 2011 and 2015.

She has been successful in obtaining other lower-level Golden Glove trophies too, such as women’s Gold Cup Golden glove for 2014 and Shebelieves Cup Golden glove for 2016 which was an Invitational match award.

To wrap top facts about Hope's solo article up, she has lived a successful life and has been a good mother to her kids. Most importantly she is fighting to make the world a better place which is much appreciated by the people who have suffered unfair judgment after trying to start a professional career in any field.

Many female athletes have been the victims of inequality or sexism in the past, but nowadays the social awareness about this issue has risen quite a bit and it is expected that these issues would be eliminated completely in the next few decades.

Although, it might be a hard pill to swallow in the current era women are getting much better results in any field than men would ever get, and that’s not my opinion it’s what the statics say, and this indicated that the world offers the same opportunities to women that it does to men.

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