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Antonio Conte Biography

Antonio Conte is a football manager and former player who has done very well in both. As a player, he spent his career in Italy and mostly Juventus. Read on to find out more about the current manager of Inter Milan spectacular in this biography.

There are not many top football managers who had been great players. In

Serie A

there are top class managers like Claudio Ranieri and Gian Piero Gasperini, but they were not so great as players. On the other hand, there are managers like Andrea Pirlo, Genaro Gattuso, and Walter Zenga, who became good managers but still not as successful as Conte.

Conte was a key player for


in the 90s up to the early 2000s and won dozens of titles and trophies with Bianconeri. He went a step further as a coach and currently he is one of the best managers in the world. Conte is best known for his trademark 3-5-2 system that he could dominate Serie A with Juventus and later in

Premier League



. In the 2000s, the 3-5-2 system considered completely outdated.

Conte managed to win one of the most difficult competitions in football history in the 2016-17 Premier League season. Chelsea's rival teams had great managers like Arsène Wenger, Ronald Koeman, Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, and Mauricio Pochettino. All of them were experienced in English football except for Pep Guardiola. Guardiola already was a worldwide top manager after his work in



Bayern Munich

. What Conte did was winning the Premier League title with a system that presumed to be outdated in his first season in England. He is somehow the prophet of the 3-5-2 revival. But things were not always like this.

All You Need to Know About Antonio Conte Biography

As one of the best players of his generation and one of the world's best managers, Antonio Conte has a long story in football. His ambitious and charismatic style of coaching is very impressive. He used to be one of the most popular Juventus idols, but after accepting Inter managing offer some of Bianconeri fans got furious about him. They didn't expect that their once fan favorite took the job for the rival club.

Conte is the highest paid manager in Serie A and one of the most expensive in the world. His professional behavior didn't let Inter fans confront him as a former rival. He has always known for hard working and passionate about winning character both on and off the field. Even now as a manager he is constantly communicating with his team the whole ninety minutes of the match. He once said, "When I was a player, my efforts and work-rate, my willingness to sacrifice fitness and humility made up for my lack of pure talent."

Antonio Conte Information

Antonio Conte has played only for two clubs,


and Juventus. He had eight teams under his management which almost all of them are Italian, except for Chelsea. Conte has 20 national team caps and all of them were in the 90s, except for Euro 2000. He had the honor of being the national team coach for Azzurri and he got many praises for that job too. Team players gave him "The Godfather" nickname, because of his strong character and impressive pep talks. Read on to find out more about

Antonio Conte biography


Antonio Conte Bio

  • Full name: Antonio Conte

  • Nicknames: “Godfather”; “Don Antonio”

  • Profession: Professional Football Player and Manager

Antonio Conte Physical Stats

  • Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Eye Color: Light Blue

  • Hair Color: Brown

Antonio Conte Football Information

  • Foot: Right-footed

  • Playing Position: Midfielder, Central Midfielder

  • Jersey Number: 8

  • Professional Debut: the 1985-86 season

Antonio Conte Date of Birth and Personal Information

  • Date of birth: 31 July 1969 (1969-07-31)

  • Place of birth: Lecce, Italy

  • Wife: Elisabetta Muscarello (M. 2013)

  • Father: Cosimino Conte

  • Mother: Ada Briamo

  • Sibling: Gianluca Conte

  • Children: Vittoria Conte

  • Religion: Roman Catholic

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Antonio Conte Early Life

Antonio Conte was born on July 31st, 1969 in Lecce in southeast Italy. Lecce is a historic city in southeast Italy. The city is mostly known for its spectacular architecture and baroque buildings and that is why the city is called the Florence of the south. The nearest city to Lecce is Bari, which so ever Conte had a history there too. He was raised a catholic with strict principles and rules of morality. Conte is the man of the order and much of it comes from his family.

Almost all of the strongest Italian teams are in the north where Milan and Turin are. Conte started his playing career in his hometown team, U.S. Lecce. Antonio was not the only Conte who joined Lecce that year, because his older brother Gianluca was with him. Gianluca has been Antonio's assistant for many years. Gianluca only had 9 professional football appearances and all of them were in Lecce.

Antonio Conte Profile

In 1985, Conte joined the Lecce youth team. In that season, the senior team of Lecce was promoted to Serie A after many years but only lasted for one season. At the same time, Italian football was facing a big scandal called Totonero. Despite the struggle of Lecce between Serie A and

Serie B

, Conte made his debut in Serie A in 1986.

It was in 1988-89, that Don Antonio claimed to be a key player for Lecce with 19 Serie A caps. During that season, Conte had a serious injury in his tibia with a career ending risk. He spent two more seasons and appeared in 50 more Serie A matches with Lecce. Conte scored his first goal in 1989 against


who had a great run with Maradona back then.


In 1991 Juventus had a revolution and Giovanni Trapattoni returned to the club. Trapattoni was Juventus manager for ten years between 1976 to 1986 and won six Scudetti with Juventus that decade. After finishing Serie A in the 7th position in 1990-91, Bianconeri brought Trapattoni back for the old time's sake. Bianconeri already had big players like Roberto Baggio, Salvatore Schillaci, and Angelo Peruzzi. Conte was one of the few sign-ins by Trapattoni.

Juventus came back to the championship race and finished runner up that year and Conte had 15 appearances in Series A. He made his debut in the Turin derby against the city rival Torino. Conte gained Trapattoni's complete trust by his hard working tenacious playing and caped in 31 league matches. Despite finishing on the 4th of Italian Serie A, Juventus won UEFA Cup in 1992-93.

The finals were against Ottmar Hitzfeld's


and Conte played in the first leg where Juventus won 3-1 having him 90 minutes on the field. At the time Conte used to wear the number 7 shirt for Bianconeri. In the second leg, Juventus won 3-0 and became champion by 6-1 aggregate victory.  The third season came along and Conte made 31 appearances which are his personal record for the most appearances in a season. Juventus won no titles and Trapattoni was replaced by Marcello Lippi.

One of the few good things in that season for Juventus was Alessandro Del Piero's debut. Lippi came from Napoli and brought Ciro Ferrera with him to Turin. Didier Deschamps and Alessio Tacchinardi were two midfielders Juventus signed for Lippi, and Conte had somehow inside rivalry for the starting lineup. The changes worked out well and Lippi's team won the domestic double. Conte was part of a team with no limits.

They won the UEFA Champions League in the following year but the year after that was not lucky for Conte. Juventus kept on harvesting trophies but Conte missed most of the season due to his injury while he was promoted to captain. Conte is one of the most decorated players but his titles could have been more. He lost three Champions League finals in 1997, 1998, and 2003 against Borussia Dortmund,

Real Madrid

, and

AC Milan


The trophy he received as the captain was the 1997 Supercoppa Italiana, where he scored one of the goals for Juventus' championship. Conte remained the club's captain until 2001-02, where Del Piero became the new captain. Don Antonio finished his playing career in Juventus in 2004 which was good for him, because 2005 and 2006 league titles were stripped off Juve due to the Calciopoli scandal.

Managing Career

Luigi De Canio was manager of


when Conte become his assistant. Siena was fighting to survive in Serie A but in the end, finished with a relatively good 14th position. While Conte was an apprentice in Siena, Juventus was having another factitious championship with Fabio Cappello. Next season Conte took his first manager job as


manager in Serie B.

In his first experience as manager Juventus didn't leave him alone and for the first time in history Juve was participating in Serie B. At the end of the season, Arezzo relegated to

Serie C

and Conte was sacked but Juventus promoted to Serie A as the Serie B champion. In 2007, Conte once again came back to Arezzo for a short period as the replacement of Maurizio Sarri.

The blossom of Conte's managing career happened in 2007–08 mid season in his hometown neighbor city


. First, he managed to save Bari from relegation and place them in the mid table safe zone. The following season was a complete breakthrough for Antonio and Bari was promoted to Serie A. They won the Serie B title which was the second big title in Bari history and the first trophy for Conte. While the rumors about the Juventus bench were widely linked to Conte, his former teammate Ciro Ferrera got the job.

Atalanta and Siena


is the first team that Conte managed in Serie A. He was the replacement of Angelo Gregucci in the fourth week of 2009-10 season. Despite a good start in first few fixtures, things start to collapse in Bergamo. Conte had a bad relationship with Atalanta fans and after weak results it got worse. Conte handed his resignation while Atalanta was the 19th in the table. For the last time Conte returned to Serie B, and his team was Siena again.

During that season they had a big rivalry with recently relegated Atalanta and eventually they both promoted to Serie A. Atalanta as the champion of Serie B and Siena as runner up. Both teams had a big gap with the teams below them on the table. Conte once again proved his worth and everyone knew he is very promising.


Antonio Conte returned home and what a return. Juventus had finished the previous season in the 7th on the table and that was unacceptable for Juventus fans and executive board. Fans had high hopes for the team because Andrea Agnelli had recently become the club's chairman and their beloved captain had come to save them from the misery.

After Calciopoli in 2006 Juventus was facing consequences of it and they spent a long time in disappointment. Conte topped the most optimist Juve fan's dream by winning the Scudetto in his first season. It was the best season any Italian team ever had because Juventus was crowned an unbeaten championship. It is the only invincible championship in the modern Serie A.

After the dark ages of scandal, Juventus finally could move on to a new era in their brand new stadium by the hands of Conte. Juventus' midfield was one the world's best with Andrea Pirlo, Paul Pogba, and Arturo Vidal all three on their peak of themselves. Conte was the architect of the new Juventus to dominate Italian football and their reigns still go on. Conte's Juventus was restless and they could do nothing but winning the opponents one after the other.

The second and third Scudetto in a row came but it didn't even touch the ambition of Conte and Juventus. Despite the five titles in three years Juventus in European competitions was nothing like the domestic league and they failed to reach high levels in Champions League. As Juventus manager, Conte won several individual awards like Serie A Coach of the Year and Panchina d'Oro.

Italy National Team

After three glorious years in Juventus, Conte was appointed as the new national team coach for Italy. Conte tried to use his successful tactics in Juventus on Azzurri and on many levels, it worked out well. After two years of considerable results in the national team, Conte came back to club management.


Antonio Conte had two successful years as head coach of Chelsea after being appointed in April 2016. Conte set a record 13 consecutive league victory, which was a record at the time, equaling with Invincible


's 2002 record for most consecutive league wins in a single season. He won the Premier League at the first attempt, while also taking Chelsea to the FA Cup final, where they lost to city rivals Arsenal.

Chelsea broke several records during that season like the most home and away wins against different sides, most wins in a season. Chelsea won all their home matches except for



Crystal Palace

. They collected 93 points which were the second-highest points collected in Premier League history. In December 2016, Conte become the first manager to win Premier League Manager of the Month awards three times in a row.

Despite being in the second position on the table in the mid season Chelsea failed to defend their Premier League title in the following season. But Conte managed to win FA Cup defeating

Manchester United

in the final. At the end of the season, Conte was sacked but Chelsea paid huge money to Conte for compensation.

Inter Milan

After one year of rest and recovery, Conte made a tough decision to join the blood feud of Juventus. When he announced as Inter's new manager some Juventus fans gone furious and asked Juventus to wipe him out of Juventus' hall of fame. The first season of Conte with Nerazzurri was good but could've been great if two legit titles didn't slip out of their hands.

After years of Juventus being undisputed Serie A champion, Inter Milan challenged them but eventually lost the race to Scudetto slightly by only one point. The other title was Europa League, where Inter Milan faced the most decorated team of the competition


. It was a close match but in the last minutes of the game, Sevilla scored a winning goal led by Inter players’ mistake. Conte is currently leading Inter to a title race with city rival

AC Milan

and after almost a decade it could be a Non-Juventus champion of Italy.

Antonio Conte Personal Life

Antonio Conte's religion is Catholic. Elisabetta Muscarello is Antonio Conte's wife and they have a daughter named Vittoria. Elisabetta and Antonio had a long story together and after spending almost 15 years as liver they married in 2013. Conte always praises his wife for being a tremendous person in his life. During the 2012 betting scandal where Conte was accused of being objective about the criminal activities, his family supported him. Later course all charges of Conte were cleared and he was not guilty. Their daughter Vittoria was born in 2007. 

Antonio Conte Statistics and Honors

Lecce and Juventus and the only two clubs Conte had played for. He had 92 appearances and 2 goals in total for Lecce. For Bianconeri he played in 420 matches and scored 44 goals. He won five Scudetti with Juventus in 1994–95, 1996–97, 1997–98, 2001–02, and 2002–03. The only Coppa Italia he won was in 1994–95.

Conte won Supercoppa Italiana that year for the first time and three others after that in 1997, 2002, and 2003. European titles he won are 1995–96 Champions League, 1992–93 UEFA Cup, and UEFA Intertoto Cup in 1999. Conte has 20 caps for Italy national team and scored two goals. He won the 1994 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000 silver medals with Azzurri. As a manager, Conte won a handful of titles and awards too. 2008-09 Serie B championship with Bari started them.

In Juventus, he won three consecutive Serie A titles in 2012, 2013, and 2014. For these three titles, Juventus participated in three Supercoppa Italiana and won the first two. His championships in Chelsea were 2016-17 Premier League and 2017-18 FA Cup. He won several individual awards such as manager of the year and month. Most of them were during his time managing Juventus where he received the Globe Soccer Award for the Best Coach of 2013. In those three years in Juve, he won both Serie A Coach of the Year and Panchina d'Oro every year. He was also named Premier League Manager of the Season after the championship with Chelsea.

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