Expert Betting Tips and Odds for Euro 2020

Wednesday17 February 2021 | 9:15
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The novel Coronavirus, unfortunately, took a tremendous toll on football worldwide. Some competitions had to halt while others were postponed until further notice. The 16th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship was on the receiving end of the latter.


Traditionally, the Euros and other international competitions usually run at a time that will not disrupt domestic leagues. Therefore, UEFA decided to postpone the men's football championship to mid-2021 while retaining the name

Euro 2020


With the gradual return of football and domestic leagues in Europe, many fans and pundits hope that the competition will occur at the scheduled time and that we will soon have fans back in the stadiums.

Even the football players will love to see the Wembley Stadium packed to its 80,000+ capacity during the semi-finals and finals. UEFA was intentional in designing this oncoming edition as a "romantic" affair between 12 European nations.

This design's logistics might not be feasible, but the winner of the competition would still go home with the winning prize of €10 million amongst other prizes from the initial round.


Players' betting chances in Euro 2020

Football fans can also be a part of this enormous economy surrounding the European competition for men's national football teams. Players can place strategic bets on some of the games in this tournament.

Will Portugal be able to defend the title, or will teams like France, Germany, England, Belgium, or Spain give The Navigators a run for their money? Or maybe the trophy would go to an underdog?

Some of these outcomes seem challenging to forecast; that's because they are, but here are some betting tips that can help bettors make more accurate forecasts.


1.   Carefully study and classify the most promising teams:


history of a football event like the Euros

often reveals a lot about the editions yet to be played. Out of the 24 teams, four of the most consistent and promising teams have been Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy over the last decade. Spain has won the competition three times while France has won it twice. You should expect these teams to make it out of the stage, but of course, nothing is certain.


2.   Goal statistics:

It is a common notion in football that goals win matches; more so, we have also seen how goals even win trophies. Fortunately, there are now diverse betting markets available to bettors like the goals markets. If pundits cannot figure out the team to win a match, they can also opt for the goals number, or even the players to get the goals, amongst other options.

3.   Current form:

This European competition is quaternary, and four years is a very long period. So, pundits must marry the statistics of the previous editions with the current form. Usually, when the competition is very close, teams start to play friendly matches, and this an excellent avenue to assess the lineups and their playing form.


4.   Squad selections:

 As competitions like the Euros or the World Cup draw closer, footballers begin to do all that it takes to catch their national managers' eye. With the flock of high-quality ballplayers throughout Europe, there will be some disappointments. Some managers will decide to do away with some key players, affecting a team's performance.


5.   Rivalries:

They have become a very seasoning ingredient in football matches. One such rivalry will be ignited when Portugal faces France in the group stage. France will be looking for revenge, while Portugal will be looking forward to establishing their dominance.

What's next with UEFA Euro 2020?

The continental competition will be one of a kind, taking part in 12 different countries. So even the underdogs that will host some matches in their countries will also stand a chance. This hints at the conclusion: do not rule any team out.

Players should take into account the previous and current forms; study statistics, history, and the latest happenings; and merge them to determine your predictions. For more in-depth details, one can keep track of the 16th UEFA European Championship by visiting

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source: SportMob