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Wednesday17 February 2021 | 11:30
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Who doesn’t love funny football memes? Who wouldn’t want to laugh at the latest jokes made at the expense of the misery football clubs go through every week? Follow us below as we go through some of the most hilarious football memes in 2021.

When the concept of an internet meme was introduced more than twenty five years ago, no one could have thought that it was going to have such a gigantic effect on everyone’s lives and it was going to become one of the pillars of mankind in 2021. Memes have evolved throughout the years and keep up with the recent events, never disappointing us by delivering the best of the best every day.

Of course we are not here to talk about the history and origins of memes, as that part is left for the historians to study. We are here to share with you the

best football memes

that we have come across while surfing the web. These memes are directly aimed at world-class football players, elite clubs and footballing icons that have such a rich history, which only makes them funnier. We have surfed around to bring you the best of the best football memes around the net.

Funniest football memes in 2021

While many might be up-to-date and know a lot about everything that goes down in the world of football, many others do not find the time to read every news article or watch many games, which is why some of these

funny soccer memes

might confuse the latter group. So we will both share the best soccer memes with you and also describe the story behind it, so that no stone remains unturned. Let’s take a look at the best football memes that have recently surfaced and aimed a dig at the best football clubs and players in Europe.

Werner Scored?

This is one of the

funniest football memes

in recent weeks. Many thought this was going to be Chelsea’s year, with Frank Lampard spending Roman Abramovich’s money without hesitation to bring in some of the most overhyped players of the previous season. But it did not go as Lampard had planned, as bad results kept piling up, which only meant that it was time for the club legend turned manager to pack his bags and go.

Timo Werner is one of Chelsea’s recent signing, who arrived at the London-based club in the summer of 2020 from

RB Leipzig

for €53 million. The hopes for the 24-year-old striker were high as he had managed to impress everyone with his goalscoring feats at the German club. But his spell at Chelsea has been riddled with difficulties as he has managed to score 10 goals and provide 9 assists in 32 games. While this is not a bad record, it is still disappointingly low for a club’s main striker.

While the German center-forward has been struggling to find the back of the net, citizens of the internet have taken upon themselves the responsibility of making the

best football memes

about the footballer’s misery, giving birth to this dig aimed directly at

Timo Werner

. As one of the best soccer memes, it emerged after the striker managed to score against Newcastle and help the Blues win 2-0 at home. He seems to be slowly finding his form under new manager Thomass Tuchel.

New Karius

This one is certainly one of the

best soccer memes

aimed at the misfortunes that Liverpool are currently going through. The whole team have suffered throughout this season, with Virgil van Dijk getting injured quite severely and Jurgen Klopp losing his main defenders in an intense period in the Premier League. But while there are excuses for the poor form that the Reds have shown here and there this season, there were no excuses for the way Alisson performed against

Manchester City


No one could believe their eyes as the Brazilian, who is considered to be one of the best goalkeepers in 2021, served the win to the Cityzens pretty much on silver platter, thanks to his awful and at times hilarious mistakes. There is no denying the fact Alisson is one of the best keepers in the world, and even was one before the time he signed for Liverpool for more than €60 million in 2018.

But his horrendous mistakes against Jurgen Klopp’s archrival Pep Guardiola’s team cost them dearly as the Liverpool boss admitted defeat after losing to Leicester City a couple of days later, conceding the Premier League title with disbelief and shock. Nevertheless, while


are going through quite an unbelievably difficult period, the world of football is creating some of the

most hilarious football memes

to make fun of their poor run of form.

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Why so serious Leicester?

This meme format has given us quite a number of funny football memes in recent weeks. But this one knocks it out of the park when it comes to best football memes in 2021, as it once again aims a dig at poor Liverpool, who lost to

Leicester City

in a shockingly quick manner in the final fifteen minutes of the game.

We talked about Jurgen Klopp conceding the Premier League title race this season, which is why we just had to talk about the game that caused such a gloomy reaction from the German manager. After the horrendously hilarious mistakes from Alisson gifted the three points to Manchester City, Liverpool were hoping to bounce back with a win or even a draw against Leicester City.

They went on as usual and got in front 1-0 thanks to a penalty-spot goal from

Mohamed Salah

, but little did they know that everything was going to change in a matter of minutes from the 77th minute.  The Foxes suddenly got serious and managed to score not one, not two, but three goals in less than three minutes, thanks to an impressive display from James Maddison, Jamie Vardy and Harvey Barnes. Liverpool lost a 1-0 lead and were defeated 1-3 in the end.

To rub salt in their wound, Jamie Vardy went on to celebrate his 81st minute goal by using the corner flag as a guitar, which created its own versions of

funny football memes


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School fight!

This is one of the most spot-on funny soccer memes out there. It is both accurate and hilarious at the same time. Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic got into a heated argument and there were curse words and phrases flying around everywhere in the Milan derby. The two created one of the most memorable and historic moments not only in 2021, but in all of football history, as even wall arts and graffiti’s have emerged from this iconic moment.

The Serie A has finally rejuvenated this season as Juventus have finally found their rivals. While the Italian league used to be considered as a farmers’ league by many not so long ago, thanks to Juventus snatching up every domestic trophy out there, other clubs in Serie A have finally gained enough strength and chemistry to challenge for the Scudetto itself. The rivalries have been mind-blowingly and insanely intense in the 2020-21 season, with the two Milan clubs going shoulder to shoulder at the top of the league table.


AC Milan

seemed unstoppable on the top of the table,


have finally caught on to their rivals and currently sit one point above the Rossoneri. Of course this tense fight between Ibra and Lukaku, which has created some of the most hilarious football memes, was not in a league match, as it was in the Coppa Italia quarter-final, in which the Swedish striker saw a red card and Inter completed a comeback to qualify for the next round, winning the game 2-1.

The dad joke

If you take a look at Michael Owen’s resume, you will certainly see some of the biggest and most decorated clubs in the world. During his playing days, the Englishman went on to play for clubs such as Liverpool,

Real Madrid

, Newcastle,

Manchester United

and Stoker City, making more than 480 appearances throughout his career, scoring a total of 222 club goals during the process. But while there is no doubt about his greatness as an icon, he was on the news for a completely different reason this time.

The former striker has gotten into the field of punditry, acting as one of the best pundits in the world. Commentators and pundits tend to have their own memorable one-liners, screams, laughs and quotes throughout their careers, as we saw one of the most brilliant ones come from Michael Owen himself, which quickly turned into one of the

best football memes around the net

. The former Liverpool icon said the following legendary one-liner: When a player is on the bench for Marine, does that make them a submarine?

The rhetorical question had everyone in stitches as fans flooded Twitter and other social media pages talking about the one-liner that Owen had just dropped. The hilarious comment became one of the best football memes after the former Real Madrid man dropped the one-liner in the match between Marine and Tottenham in the FA Cup Third Round, which Jose Mourinho’s team expectedly won 5-0 with ease, thanks to a hat-trick form Vinicius and goals from Lucas Moura and Alfie Delvine, with the latter becoming the club’s all-time youngest goal scorer.

But while the game was going great for Tottenham and fans got to enjoy many goals, it was Michael Owen’s comment that became the cherry on top and had everyone in absolute stitches.

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A headache for Thomas

Best football memes in 2021 get better and better as new things happen all around the footballing world. But thanks to the amazing Premier League, we are never shy of best football memes around the net, as it alone produces hundreds of new memes and funny moments every week. This one takes a dig at Chelsea goalkeeper

Kepa Arrizabalaga

, who has been on a terrible downfall since the very beginning of his career at the London-based club.

The most expensive goalkeeper in the world has been a benchwarmer for club’s new signing

Edouard Mendy

, who joined the Blues for more than €25 million. While Abramovich spent hundreds of millions of Euros on new signings in the summer of 2020, his club did not manage to challenge for the title as he had hoped, as the team have barely made it to the top-4 and are battling on to see where they end up at the end of the season.

Frank Lampard’s poor performance in charge of Chelsea forced Abramovich’s hand to fire the club legend and bring in Thomas Tuchel, who was also recently sacked by Paris Saint-Germain. Now football fans are making fun of how the German manager is going to deal with their most expensive goalkeeper, and are mocking his presumed reaction after seeing Kepa’s performance in training, which has certainly created one of the best football memes in recent weeks.

Of course in reality, Tuchel seems to be impressed by the Spaniard’s display, as he has been on the starting lineup for the club’s last two games, in both of which they have managed to keep a clean sheet.

It is not fair

Imagine being one of the most famous and talented footballers in the world, but seeing many forgetting about your birthday. This unfortunate event for


gave us one of the best football memes of 2021, as people mocked the amount attention given to Ronaldo’s birthday in comparison to Neymar’s birthday. It is interesting to know that both Superstars were born on the same day on 5 February.

But while

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s birthday was celebrated by many and the media covered everything from the Portuguese legend’s all-time stats and other stats, info and the goals he has scored since turning 30, less attention was given to Neymar’s birthday, as somehow it seemed like there were no talks of the Brazilian at all. Of course Neymar should not feel that bad, as Carlos Tevez was also born on the same day, but little to no attention was given to the iconic and lethal striker either.

That wraps up our list of funniest football memes in 2021. The world of memes just keeps on giving and will not be stopping any time soon. We hope to see much more of these as laughter is all we have got to defend ourselves from all the negativity during the pandemic. Stay safe and enjoy funny soccer memes every day of the week.




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