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Top facts about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife

Lorenzo Insigne is an Italian footballer who plays as a forward for Toronto FC. He married Genoveffa Darone on 31 December 2012. Read the following article to learn more facts about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife.

Lorenzo Insigne

was born on 4 June 1991, Italy. At age 15, he began his professional career. He gained notoriety for being the club Primavera team's leading scorer. He is skilled and excellent at what he does. Additionally, he is a good husband to Genoveffa Darone. After getting married in 2012, the pair has been cohabitating blissfully ever since.

Lorenzo Insigne met Genoveffa Darone in Naples, and he instantly knew that she was going to be someone special to him. At that time, Lorenzo was playing for Pescara. They started dating immediately and became very close. Unfortunately, there is not much known about

Genoveffa Darone personal life

as she decided to keep it a secret.

Read on to learn more facts about Genoveffa Darone:

She is a popular figure on Instagram, and she is known there by the nickname of "Jenny." Genoveffa is extremely beautiful and has an air about her that makes everyone enjoys and craves her companionship. She is currently based in Italy, where she lives with her husband and two gorgeous sons. This is a fantastic fact about Genoveffa Darone.

Genoveffa Darone biography 

 Genoveffa Darone was born on 24 June 1992 in Frattamaggior, Italy. Her zodiac sign is cancer. People with cancer zodiac signs are loyal and protective. They are very passionate about the people that they are close with. Cancers are intuitive and very caring. The negative side of this month is overly sensitive and moodiness. They could also be vindictive.

Like people with the cancer zodiac sign, Genoveffa is very passionate and protective. She cares deeply about her friends and family and always puts her family first. Genoveffa always has a good ear to listen to her children and friends' stories. The state of home is very important for her, so she always strives to keep her home organized and well-designed. To her, a warm home can be the source of love and warmth. This is an incredible fact about Genoveffa Darone.

Genoveffa Darone parents

were very kind and caring. Her father is Flavio, and her mother is Evelina. They were also Italians born and raised. Her parents did their best to take care of their children and raise them well to become respectful citizens and good human beings. It seems that they did an excellent job because everybody loves to be around Genoveffa. She is absolutely a delight and very fun to hang out with.

Genoveffa and her family, like many families in Italy, are Christians. They go to church and pray. Genoveffa believes that God will protect you and help you through hardships if you are a believer at heart. This is a fantastic fact about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife. Her husband, Lorenzo Insigne, is also a Christian and visits the church regularly.

Genoveffa Darone personal life

Genoveffa Darone childhood

was delightful. She was the last child of the family. Genoveffa has two sisters, Lucia and Violetta, and one brother Roberto. She had a lot of fun growing up as the last child of the family. Everybody loved her and wanted her to get what she wanted, so most of the time, she got whatever she asked for, which is an interesting fact about Genoveffa Darone.

Genoveffa was a good student at school and had many friends. Although her performance was more than good enough, she never aspired to have a fancy job. She went to the University of Naples Federico II and studied Creative Arts. She obtained her Bachelor's degree with flying colors. This is an interesting

fact about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife


Genoveffa Darone is stunningly beautiful. She has a memorable face and big dark brown eyes she inherited from her mother. She always looks so fabulous that it is easy to consider her a model by accident.

Genoveffa Darone body measurements

are 36-26-26 inches. She has a few small tattoos. For instance, she has one small tattoo on her left elbow and one on her right elbow. We are guessing that they are the pictures of babies stating her son's birthdays by the looks of it.

Genoveffa Darone net worth and salary

Genoveffa has decided to devote her time to her family. Although she had many opportunities to work in Naples, she is currently a housewife. That is why there is no record of Genoveffa Darone salary. One of the amazing facts about Genoveffa Darone is the dedication she shows toward her husband's career. She supports Lorenzo during his matches and tournaments and also spends many hours playing with her sons.

As mentioned before, she does not have an occupation, so we can't suggest a number as Genoveffa Darone net worth. Her husband, on the other hand, has a net worth of €35 million. Lorenzo Insigne's market value is €65 million, which is an impressive number. Genoveffa and her family are currently based in Naples, Italy. They have a beautiful house there.

Also, Lorenzo has stounding cars such as Ferrari 458 and Mercedes Benz AMG GT63 s. They are obviously living a luxurious life, which is an exciting fact about Genoveffa Darone. They also have a cute small dog that their sons are very crazy about. Its name is Cookie, and it always runs around the house.

Genoveffa Darone social media

Genoveffa Darone social media is active. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram, and she sometimes shares aspects of her personal life with her followers. She has 230k followers, which is an incredible fact about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife. Her posts are mostly pictures of her family. If you are interested to follow her and see her posts, you can find her with



Lorenzo Insigne early life

Lorenzo Insigne was born on 4 June 1991 in Frattamaggiore, Italy. He is a Gemini, and like many people who are born with this zodiac sign, he loves to be connected to those he holds dear. Lorenzo is extremely friendly and out-going. His team members appreciate his presence and his helpful personality. He is excellent at starting conversations with people he doesn't know.

An amazing fact about him is that he can handle many tasks all at once and excel at all of them. Consequently, Lorenzo is excellent in his professional life and very happy in his personal life. On the other hand, he tends to get anxious under pressure and sometimes gets overwhelmed in handling stress. He could also be a little disorganized, but it doesn't seem to matter because his wife, Genoveffa Darone, appears to be excellent at keeping the balance.

His father is Carmine Insigne, and his mother is Patrizia Insigne. They are both Italians and very protective of their children. However, it was challenging for them to raise their children in a cramped home. Unfortunately, the economic state of the family wasn't ideal. The situation got even worse when Lorenzo's father, Carmine, was made redundant at work. At this point, Lorenzo's grandparents intervened to save the day and helped the family financially.

Lorenzo had formed a passion for football when he was very young. He used to take his ball where ever he went and watching football games was his favorite thing in the world, besides playing it, of course. He eventually formed a dream of becoming a football player. Lorenzo managed to find himself a job at a market stall with his parents' help. Soon enough, he gathered enough money to buy a Ronaldo R9 jersey. This was the Brazilian Ronaldo's jersey. Lorenzo was obsessed with him.

Apart from his part-time job, he joined Olimpia Sant Arpino and spent a large portion of his childhood there playing football. He learned so many techniques there, and his performance only got better over time. Although he has a small figure, he was excellent in his performance and was able to score impressive goals. His energy was incredible. His efforts finally paid off at the age of 15 when he was discovered by a scout and brought Napoli's Youth team.

Lorenzo Insigne club career

In 2006, Lorenzo Insigne signed up with Napoli's Youth team with the fee of €1500, which was remarkable considering his age. He made his debut for the Primavera team in 2008. He managed to score 15 goals and impressed a lot of people. Then, he was called up to a team under the leadership of Roberto Dondani and played in many friendly games in 2009.

Afterward, he made his first debut in Serie A on 24 January 2010. Lorenzo played in the team under the leadership of Walter Mazzarri. Then he played the remainder of the season on loan at Cavese in Lega Pro Prima Divisione and appeared in 10 games overall. In July 2011, he was loaned to


in Serie B and made his first debut against Hellas Verona on 26 August 2011. He scored his first goal against


. His fantastic performance, goal scoring, and assisting abilities earned him a place in Italy's 2014 World Cup.

He decided to return to Napoli at the end of the season, choosing jersey number 24. He managed to score his first goal in Serie A on 16 September 2016 as a substitute for

Edinson Cavani

. The team was able to defeat Parma. During that season, he managed to appear in 43 games and scored seven goals. He often started the games on the substitute bench.

He is currently playing for Toronto FC. Lorenzo is a speedy and talented winger who has an excellent eye for the goal. He can successfully perform curl shots on the goal with his stronger foot. Lorenzo is known to be a very hard-worker, tactically smart, and fully capable of playing in offensive positions.

Lorenzo is very good at playing at the deeper as an attacking midfield playmaker behind the strikers or as a supporting forward. This strategy suits him perfectly because he is very good at creating opportunities for his teammates to score. His agility is remarkable, which his signature style. His style enables him to beat opponents. He plays for Toronto FC as a forward as of 2023.

Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne's relationship

Years ago, Lorenzo met this beautiful girl in Naples who captured his heart. He almost instantly knew that he had to ask her out or he will be sorry. Luckily Genoveffa was also interested in him, so the two started dating. Their love for each other grew day by day, and consequently, the friendship between them became stronger. This is an exciting

fact about Genoveffa Darone


Genoveffa has always inspired Lorenzo to do his best. She has supported him ever since they started dating, and Lorenzo always takes solace in her kind heart and reassuring presence. After many years of dating, Lorenzo made his mind and decided that it is Genoveffa who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, so he bought a diamond ring.

On a romantic getaway, Lorenzo asked Genoveffa to marry her. She was so surprised and was extremely happy. She said yes! It is heart-warming to be able to spend the rest of your life with your best friend sharing every single moment, and hopefully, grow old together. Their happy family is truly inspiring and an astonishing fact about Genoveffa Darone, Lorenzo Insigne's wife.

The couple tied the knots in a beautiful ceremony in December 2012. The wedding was spectacular. Their family and friends were present to witness the happiest day of their lives. Unfortunately, it was a closed event, so there is not so much known about it. Genoveffa has posted a few of her wedding photos on her Instagram account, and we could see how amazing it was.

Genoveffa Darone age

was wonderful to have children.

Genoveffa Darone children

In April 2013, they welcomed their first son to the world. They named him Carmine. Genoveffa and Lorenzo were ecstatic. They wanted their son to have a sibling, so Genoveffa got pregnant again in late 2014. Their second son, Christian, was born in March 2015.

Genoveffa Darone children

, Carmine and Christian, are energetic, smart, and adorable.

Currently, Genoveffa and Lorenzo are very happy together, and they strive to raise their children in the best way possible. Evidently, Genoveffa Darone personal life is a big question mark. She prefers to stay away from the media and live her life without its complications. That is why a lot of facts are unknown about her. There is, of course, another reason for this.

Genoveffa Darone and Lorenzo Insigne's mugging incident

In a sad incident that scares them to death, Genoveffa and Lorenzo were held at gunpoint. Lorenzo was driving in Naples with his wife in the car. They were held in the traffic when two motorcycles pulled up beside his car. The robbers knew the victims and had followed them for a while to find the perfect moment. This is a shocking fact about Genoveffa Darone.

They pointed a pistol at their heads, threatened them with it. The robbers forced them to give up their valuables and managed to take a Rolex watch, a diamond bracelet, and 800 euros in cash. Fortunately, the robbers didn't injure any of them. After receiving the valuables, they ran away full speed. The experience was terrifying for both of them, and it took them a while to recover from it.

After that, they tended to behave more cautiously with social media and the internet, refusing to share their exact locations. Genoveffa also refuses to share details about her personal life. As for their children, the couple decided not to disclose any information about their schooling program or even their hobbies. This way, they can protect themselves and, more importantly, their children.




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