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Sat 27 February 2021 | 20:29

In this article, we want to talk about Alvaro Odriozola Biography.

A player who, at the young age of 25, was able to play in Europe for big teams such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid,


is a product of Real Sociedad Academy. In his early days as a footballer, he won the La Concha beach tournament; The most prestigious competition in the Gipuscoa region of Spain. He played for the Real Sociedad youth team for 8 years.

When we talk about this football player, we should mention that he has a very high speed and is constantly moving around the field, and this can be considered as his most important and biggest feature. Of course, in the position of a sideline player, he must have good speed. But this speed alone is not enough. In addition to good dribble speed, you must participate well in defense and attack.

Because he plays for a big team like Real Madrid, Odriozola is always compared to great players, including

Dani Carvajal

, and Zidane decided to loan him to Bayern Munich so that Odriozola could improve himself.

When Zidane decided to sell

Ashraf Hakimi


Inter Milan

, he preferred that Odriozola returns to his team and that these days, the injured Carvajal will take his place. Of course, he has many ups and downs, and he is not a regular player even in the absence of Dani Carvajal, and many players, including Lucas Vazquez, play in his position.

Odriozola has not changed much in his game, either when he played for

Bayern Munich

or when he signed for

Real Madrid

. He has an average level in all games and a big team like Real Madrid wants a player to be creative and perform well, not in one or a few games, but all games.

He is indeed young, but he must make good use of the situation created for him and improve his technical quality. This time we are writing this article, Real Madrid has not achieved very brilliant results in the 2021-2020 season at this stage of the season, and the criticism of this team is very high. One of the people being criticized is Odriozola, who, as mentioned earlier, has to do his best to help both himself and the team.

Odriozola has many salient features and can not be ignored. In addition to the speed he mentioned, he usually does extra work with the ball less and sends his pass as soon as he receives the ball. Usually, when he sets the course with the opponent's striker, his speed causes him to move forward, but sometimes, if he is behind, most of his tackles are successful and the ball comes out from under the attacker's foot. This move has happened many times.

He has played for

Real Sociedad

over the years. A good example is a perfect player in the right defense. The best statistics that have been recorded from him and the extent of his effectiveness in the Real Sociedad team, which is not comparable to the current time.

Follow us to the end of the article to talk about 

Alvaro Odriozola's religion


Alvaro Odriozola's nationality

, and other news about him.

Everything you need to know about Alvaro Odriozola biography

Here in this article, we intend to introduce you to further basic info regarding 

Alvaro Odriozola's biography

, after which we will dive into his professional career and talk more about what he has done or achieved.

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Alvaro Odriozola Information

In this part of 

Alvaro Odriozola's biography

, you can find some general information about Alvaro listed down here.

Alvaro Odriozola Bio

  • Full Name

    : Alvaro Odriozola Arzallus

  • Nickname

    : Odriozola

  • Profession

    : Footballer

Alvaro Odriozola bodily Stats

  • Height

    : 1.76 m

  • Hair Color

    : Dark Brown

  • Hairstyle

    : Short

  • Skin Colour

    : White

  • Facial Hair

    : Clean

Alvaro Odriozola soccer Information

  • Position

    : Right-Back

  • Shirt Number

    : 19

  • Age

    : 25

Alvaro Odriozola Date of Birth and individual Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 14 December 1995

  • Birth Place

    : San Sebastian, Spain

  • Religion

    : Christianity

Alvaro Odriozola Nationality

  • Nationality:


  • Current Team

    : Real Madrid

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Alvaro Odriozola Early Life

In this part of Odriozola's biography, we want to talk about 

Alvaro Odriozola's childhood

 and his interests.

Born in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Odriozola connected Real Sociedad's young set up in 2006, at the age of ten. On 1 September 2013 he made his older entry with the reserves, beginning in a 0–3 Segunda División B away defeat opposite of UD Las Palmas Atlético, and in the similar month made the initial of many shows in the UEFA Youth League.

Odriozola has certainly enhanced to the B-side ahead of the 2014–15 season and scored his initial goal on 6 September 2014 by netting the past in a 3–0 home victory opposite of Real Unión.On 25 February 2016, he renewal his deal with Sanse until 2018.

On 16 January 2017, as two Carlos Martínez and Joseba Zaldúa were hurt, Odriozola made his initial-team – and La Liga – entry by beginning in a 2–0 away victory opposite of Málaga CF. from first to the end of the campaign, he performed in an additional 16 competitive games.

Odriozola renewal his deal until 2022 on 10 June 2017, and was certainly enhanced to the older team ahead of the 2017–18 season, rapidly making the initial-select right-back. He scored his initial expert goal on 15 February 2018, in the 2–2 tie with FC Red Bull Salzburg in the UEFA Europa League round of 32 at Anoeta Stadium.

He has had a special interest in horses since childhood, and when he signed his first professional contract with Real Sociedad, he realized his dream and bought a horse. His foal is called Royaume 11.

He experienced for the first time as a boy coming to the pitch with the players at the Anueta Stadium, which hosts Real Sociedad's home games.

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Alvaro Odriozola Profile

In this part of

Alvaro Odriozola's biography

, we want to mention his profile details.

He has received 26 yellow cards and has been sent off twice in all games he has played for three different teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Sociedad. Once in 2018-2019 for Real Madrid and once for Real Sociedad in the 2017-2018 season. He has never been fired directly during his football career, and in both cases, he was sent off after receiving a second yellow card.

He has not only played as a right-back but also he played as a right-back for 20 games, scoring 1 goal and providing 3 assists.

He played just 153 minutes for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. He has made a total of 72 appearances for La Liga teams Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, including 14 assists in La Liga. All of these cases that were mentioned were only a part of the statistics related to him, and in the statistics and figures related to him, we will pay more attention to this issue.

Style Of Play


In this section of Alvaro Odriozola's biography, we want to talk about his style of play.

He is a player who does not do much extra work with the ball and usually sends short passes after receiving the ball. For this reason, his percentage of correct passes is close to 88.6%, which is an acceptable and defensible statistic for a defense.

Another of his strengths is his dribbles, which due to his innate nature, he tries to perform long dribbles in empty spaces to pass the opponent's player with his speed. And the last thing that can be mentioned is his tackles. When the opposing player passes him, he either takes possession of the ball by tackling under the player's foot or throws it out and prevents the opponent from attacking.

He is also good at keeping the ball and can keep the game in times of need when the team needs to keep possession of the ball.


He gave an interview when he joined Bayern Munich, in which he said that he has a very good relationship with Zidane and the medical staff and the Real Madrid team. He said that he has achieved all his desires in life and his dream is to have a lot of success with Real Madrid.

He returned to the club after playing on loan at Bayern Munich, and as we write this, he suffered a hamstring injury in the 67th minute of the game against Huesca and missed a few weeks. Of course, Sergio Ramos, Lucas Vazquez, and Danny Carvajal should be added to Real Madrid's injured, and Real Madrid will have a very difficult time in the rest of the season due to the backlog at the top of the table.

Goal Celebration

Due to the small number of goals he has scored, he can not be considered happy after a unique goal.

But usually, after his goals, he shares his happiness with his teammates like other players. Just as he has a calm personality on and off the field, this feeling also affects the happiness of his goal celebration and he does not perform many special movements.Of course, Kroos is very sensitive about this and must have given him some advice as he guided Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

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Alvaro Odriozola Outside Of Football

He is very interested in traveling and he is very good at traveling. According to the information we have, he has a special interest in traveling to the south of Iceland and New Zealand. He has also made Paris and New York his next priorities. After the trips, we turn to his favorite food. He often prefers overeating and likes Arzak Restaurant among other restaurants in Gipuzkoa. Odriozola is interested in electronic music.

It is interesting to know that Odriozola, according to his relatives, loved skiing very much, but suddenly his life changed and he was forced to become a footballer.

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Alvaro Odriozola Personal Life

He is the niece of the president of the Gipuskow Basketball Club. His cousin is also a member of the Beara Beara handball team. The Real Madrid player has interviewed with the Real Madrid Channel, in which he refers to his issues, which we will discuss below.

They asked him about his family, to which he replied: I'm proud of my parents. They have a unique personality. My brother is the most important character in my life. We have had good, bad, hopeful, and disappointing moments since we were children, but all these conditions have been with him. My grandmother is the best in the world and I take great care of her because she is the kind of "sheriff" of the family. Every day we gather as a family and have lunch. "We are very united."

During the conversation, They asked him about his childhood, and he said: At school, your interests and dreams are formed and you find friends who will be by your side for the rest of your life. I remember winning the 60-meter sprint at the San Sebastian and breaking the best five-hundred-meter record. "I am very proud of that (laughs)."

And then he was asked about the transfer to Real Madrid, to which he replied: It was after returning from the World Cup. I was shocked and proud of that. Real Madrid is like "Everest Football" and reaching the level of this team is the most difficult. My introduction day was very special.

Given that I was Sociedad and our club always had a good relationship with Real Madrid, I felt sympathetic to Real Madrid. "When you wear a Real Madrid shirt, everyone follows you and this is very special to you."He has talked about different parts of his life that are beyond the scope of this article.

Family, Children, and Relationship

According to the photos that have been published of him, he is having an affair with a girl named Carla Zabalegui. Because there is not much news in this case and he even prefers on his page on Cyberspace that football photos are posted and non-football photos are too much related to family and advertisements. According to rumors, he has no children and has a very good relationship with his family.

He has even met his brother Pablo once in the youth category, which he describes as a special event.


There is no information about this from him. Of course, he, like many people and players, may prefer not to make this public. As we said, there is no other information about him about some football and personal issues.

Legal Issues

Fortunately, we can be said that he had no legal problem in his life. Of course, this is not a strange thing. He has a very calm personality on and off the field. Of course, players at this level usually try to solve the problem in any way if they make a mistake or not and try to news is not published outside.

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Alvaro Odriozola Career Statistics

In this part of Alvaro Odriozola's biography, we want to talk about the games he has played. He played for the Real Sociedad youth team for 8 years between 2006-2014. He then played for Real Sociedad B in 2017-2018, and then after going through these stages, he made his way to the main team of Sociedad.

He also scored three goals when he played for Real Sociedad B. Then in 2018-2019, he was transferred to Real Madrid for around 40 million euros, and after 22 games for Real Madrid, he went on loan to Bayern Munich. He played 3 games for this team and finally returned to his favorite team, Real Madrid.

These are the statistics of the games he has played in the league for different teams.


In the previous section, we mentioned the statistics related to his games in the league. In total, he has played 180 games for different teams in all competitions during his professional career, and he has managed to score 5 goals. Most of his brilliant statistics are related to the games he has played for Real Sociedad.

He has not played 90 minutes in any of the games this season, except for one game against Levante, which they lost 1-2, and neither he nor Real Madrid is not spending a good day at the moment.


Due to his young age and considering that Spain has many players at this time, especially in his position, he has not played much and since 2017 he has played 4 games for the Spanish national team. In 2017 2 games and 2 games in 2018, he managed to score 1 goal.

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Alvaro Odriozola Honors

Real Madrid

  • La Liga

    : 2019–20

  • Supercopa de España

    : 2019–20

  • FIFA Club World Cup

    : 2018

Bayern Munich

  • Bundesliga

    : 2019–20

  • DFB-Pokal

    : 2019–20

  • UEFA Champions League

    : 2019–20

Spain U21

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship runner-up

    : 2017

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