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Top facts about Mariano Diaz

How much do you know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s first replacement option? How did a young and aspiring Spaniard get to don the jersey number of one of the greatest strikers in the world? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the interesting facts about Mariano Diaz.

Playing for one of the most decorated and most elite clubs in Europe and practically the whole world is not something every Sunday League footballer can do, but it is certainly something that millions of people aspire to achieve and daydream about while going off to their actual jobs. As the fact is that very few people manage to impress those at Real Madrid and sign a contract with the All-Whites of the Spanish capital, it shows how talented

Mariano Diaz

actually was that persuaded Los Blancos to splash the cash and bring him back to their club.

Of course while Madridistas know exactly who their 27-year-old striker is and how he managed to land such a position for himself at their club, there might be others who don’t quite know who the goalscorer is, which is why we have provided here on this article a number of quick and interesting

facts about Mariano Diaz

, so that we could delve deeper into the life of the Spanish footballer and maybe learn about his secret of success.

While Mariano did not have much of a role in Real Madrid’s legendary feats in the

UEFA Champions League

and La Liga, he did get to earn his place in the hearts of the Madrid fans for a number of goals he scored for the Spanish giants after his return to the club. The first goal was the beautifully struck finesse ball against Roma in the Champions League, with the other being the goal that increased their 1-0 lead against


in the El Clasico to 2-0, ending the Blaugranas’ hopes for a late comeback. 

Having found his place at Real Madrid and donning the number 7 before Eden Hazard’s arrival, many fans and football lovers got curious to know more about the club’s new signing. Of course while some have already done their research about the striker, there are many facts about Mariano Diaz that are left unknown, which will certainly pique your interest. These facts will be presented to you alongside some of the simpler and basic bits of information about the Real Madrid Castilla product.

Facts about Mariano Diaz you probably did not know

Before going through some of the more in-depth and personal

facts about Mariano Diaz

, we have provided below a list of basic info about the Spanish speedster that could give you an overview of who he is.

  • Full name:

    Mariano Díaz Mejía

  • Date of birth:

    1 August 1993

  • Place of birth:

    Premià de Mar, Spain

  • Height: 

    1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Marital status:

    Not married

  • Nickname:

    The Beast

  • Current club:

    Real Madrid

  • Jersey number:


Now that we have had an overview of the Spanish-born center-forward, let us have a look at some of the top

facts about Mariano Diaz

that will open doors into his personal and social lives.

Mariano Diaz birthday and zodiac sign

Mariano Díaz Mejía, shortly known as Mariano was born on the first day of August 1993 in the municipality of Premia de Mar in Catalonia, Spain, which means that he turned 27 years old in 2020. The Spaniard has still got time to prove himself to the world with more beautiful goals as the aging footballers are setting the bar up high, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi all breaking and setting new records at the age of 39, 36 and 33.

Mariano Diaz birthday

is quite a special one, as other world-class footballers such as

Manchester United

midfielder Nemanja Matic, and former Bayern Munich central midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger were also born 1 August. Of course while each footballer was born in a different year, it is still one of the little known facts about Mariano Diaz that he shares his birthday with these footballers.

With Mariano Diaz birthday being on the first day of August, it means that the Real Madrid man is a Leo, who is confident enough to lead the team to a victory on the pitch by outshining others, which is exactly what he did during his spell at

Olympique Lyon


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Mariano Diaz childhood story

We have often heard of the difficulties, challenges and obstacles that many famous footballers have had to face and tackle throughout their lives to reach the fame and success of a world-class footballers. Hearing such emotional, effective and strong stories about rising from the ashes of poverty to earn millions and help those in need, it sometimes creates a difficult image to reach to for those who were not as financially or academically challenged as some of the footballers say they were.

Mariano Diaz childhood

is one such example, with the Spaniard being born to a middle-class family and living quite a normal life as a child. Mariano was born to Mariano senior and Mariana Mejia, both of whom worked as professional athletes, with his father being a bodybuilder and his mother being a gym manager. If you take a second look at the names of Mariano’s parents, there might be one thought that could come to your mind, as it has riddled ours, what was the reason behind naming their son Mariano after his father?

One of the stranger facts about Mariano Diaz is that not only is his father named Mariano and his mother’s name is Mariana, but his grandfather is also named Mariano, which would somehow make the

Real Madrid

man Mariano III down the family tree. Of course the cycle of Marianos ends with the striker, as neither of his siblings carry the same name. He grew up with his siblings in Premia de Mar and spent a large portion of his time with his grandfather, who was also a footballer back in the day, playing for an unknown Catalan club.

Mariano Diaz childhood went by just like the early days of many footballers, with the young Mariano playing football most of the time, hitting the ball wherever he wanted, with many damages given to his family’s house as he used their sofas as goalposts. While it is one of the commonly known facts about Mariano Diaz that the striker was born in Spain, he also has a Dominican origin, since his mother is in fact from the Dominican Republic.

Showing great passion towards football and proving that he has certainly got the talent for it, Mariano joined

RCD Espanyol

 youth side, later signing for CR Premia and Fundacio Sanchez Llibre. Even though Mariano grew up in an athletic family, with his father being a bodybuilder, he was rejected and released by Espanyol’s youth academy for being too slight. Of course those days are way past as the talented striker has managed to have quite a significant muscle gain since then.

One of the interesting facts about Mariano Diaz is that he initially made his senior debut during his stint at CF Badalona on 21 August 2011, but later went back a step and returned to youth football after joining Real Madrid’s youth team. With him joining Real’s youth academy, he managed to prove his worth and rise up the ranks to join

Real Madrid Castilla

for the 2014-15 season.

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Mariano Diaz girlfriend

Behind every great man is a great woman, and the presence of

Mariano Diaz girlfriend

at the Santiago Bernabeu during his presentation upon his return from the French side Olympique Lyonnais is a testimony of how true this idiom is.

While the newly brought back striker was believed to be the star of the show as he signed his new contract with Real Madrid and donned the number 7 shirt to fill the unfillable void left by club legend

Cristiano Ronaldo

, it was Mariano Diaz girlfriend Yaiza Moreno that stole the spotlight with her dazzling looks at the Santiago Bernabeu. The two first met back in 2012 when the former Dominican Republic international was playing for Real Madrid’s youth side.

Yaiza Moreno is a swimwear designer and model who seems to have a rather private life despite being a well-known social media star. The two tend to keep their relationship to themselves as not much else is known about the life that they have together.

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Mariano Diaz Instagram, tattoos and net worth

Instagram and other social media platforms are where people come to shine, with footballers continuing their path towards fame off the pitch using such platforms as well. That is why almost any known celebrity or athlete creates their own social media page or pages to keep in touch with their fans and promote their own brand and even earn money through sponsorship deals and paid partnerships.

Many would surely be interested to know more about

Mariano Diaz Instagram

and his overall social media presence, to see how socially active the Spanish striker is online. Mariano Diaz Instagram looks pretty much like any other page that belongs to any particular footballer, being a mixture of personal, social and promoting posts that have created a certain atmosphere. While Mariano is definitely not the person with the most followers in the world or even amongst his teammates, he still has quite an impressive follower count, with 2.1 million people currently following the Real Madrid man.

The 27-year-old usually posts pictures and videos of himself training with the rest of the Real Madrid squad, while also sharing scenes of his celebration after scoring a goal for the Spanish giants. If you take a look at his social media accounts and closely examine the pictures that he has shared via those accounts, one thing will surely catch your eyes, with it being the Spaniard’s tattoos.

It would certainly pique many a fans interest to know more about

Mariano Diaz tattoos

and their meaning, as tattoos usually have a hidden or mysteriously sentimental meaning for the one who has inked the markings on their body. By taking a closer look at Mariano Diaz tattoos, one could see seven distinctive inks on his body. The first one is the Baby Jesus on the upper part of his left arm and shoulder, which shows a woman (presumably Holy Mary) and the Baby Jesus.

Further down his left arm, starting from just above his elbow line, the striker has tattooed the image of an angel, which clearly shows how religious Mariano actually is. This image is not the end of Mariano Diaz tattoos, however, as there is also a quote in Spanish written on the outer side of his left forearm. There is also the image of a cross on the upper side of his left forearm.

The former Dominican Republic international has many other tattoos on his body as well, including the image of a cherub and a number of particular dates which mark the birthdays of his parents and his significant other Yaiza Moreno. He also has a back tattoo on his lower back and a quite from Khalil Gibran on his chest which reads: “…trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

Earning quite a hefty sum at Real Madrid and having quite an impressive follower base on social media pages have had their effects on

Mariano Diaz net worth

. The Spanish center-forward is gaining more prominence each year and Mariano Diaz net worth is currently believed to be around iaz net worth is currently believed to be around €3-5 million.

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He has two half brothers

One of the intriguing facts about Mariano Diaz is that the Real Madrid striker is not the only footballer in the family, as he has a brother who is a former footballer and used to play for clubs such as CE Premia and CE Vlassar de Dalt. Of course there is a catch in this matter, which is the fact that Eduard Marcel Nunez is Mariano’s half-brother and the younger brother of Pedro Antonio Nunez, who is also a footballer. Both of Mariano’s half-brothers are Dominican Republic internationals and have gotten themselves a number of international caps throughout their careers.

Mariano Diaz might not the be the most legendary footballer in Real Madrid’s history, and might not have had his fair share of memorable moments throughout his career with Los Blancos, but there is no denying that he puts everything he has got into his passion and the football club that he serves, trying as best as he can to move up the ranks and earn his place among the team’s regulars.

There is still time for the 27-year-old to make his mark with one of the most decorated clubs in the world of course, as it is only a matter of time, enough effort, a tinge of luck and nothing else.

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