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born on 21 January 1996,

Marco Asensio

Willemsen is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and Spain's national team as a winger and defensive midfielder.

He signed with Real Madrid in November 2014 after starting out at Mallorca, being to his former club as well as Espanyol. He win many honors, including two Champions League and two

La Liga


In 2016, Asensio made his senior debut for Spain. At the 2018

World Cup

, he represented the country.

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Marco Asensio biography


Everything you need to know about Marco Asensio biography

Marco Asensio Willemsen is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays as an attacking midfielder and winger for Real Madrid and Spain's national side.

He is known for his ability to use both his left and right foot, his acceleration, and the strength of his shots. He was born in Palma, Spain, on 21 January 1996. His father is Gilberto Asensio and his mother is Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsen. Asensio plays as a winger as well as a striker.

Marco is 182cm long with a weight of 76kg. We explore in this essay how Marco Asensio stood out as one of the superstars in Spain.

Asensio at first began joining Real Madrid in November 2014 with Mallorca forward. He was loaned to his former club, as well as to 


, before moving to Santiago Bernabéu. Since then, he has lifted a few awards, including two amazing Champions League championships.

Asensio has also made a name for himself playing for Spain, making his first appearance in 2016 for his homeland. He was also on Spain's 2018 World Cup team in Russia. He has just captured the heart of the world since he entered into his professional football career.

Since playing for the club, In 2014, the Spanish club

Real Madrid

took him closer to


for 8 years.

He returned to the Spanish club in the midst of being consistently loaned to his former club and Espanyol and managed to win trophies.

Do you want to get a deep knowledge of Marco Asensio's life? If that really is the case, you have entered the right position at the point. You will find out more about the details of Real Madrid player Marco Asensio here in this article. He is one of the gifted young soccer stars of the day.

Asensio is a footballer who has grown exponentially on the football field.

About the fact that it is difficult to play consistently in Real Madrid, we still consider him to be a young qualified player who has done his utmost to be an outstanding player at the same time. We will quickly be sure of how incredible an athlete he is, on the off chance that we take a look at his future. In the future, Asensio will have ample time to improve his talents.

Asensio is a special player uniquely. He works for the team and still, the way he plays, he doesn't seem to have any doubt that he has nearby strikers in his place. Marco, as he was and is invested by fantastic Real Madrid players, is much superior.

In the following, you will read more about Marco Asensio biography.

Marco Asensio information

Marco Asensio bio

  • Full Name

    : Marco Asensio Willemsen

  • Nickname

    : Golden Boy

Marco Asensio personal information

  • Marco Asensio Date of Birth

    : Jan 21, 1996 

  • Marco Asensio place of birth

    : Spain Palma de Mallorca

  • Marco Asensio Age in 2021

    : 25

  • Marco Asensio Religion

    : Christianity

  • Marco Asensio Nationality

    : Spanish

Physical Stats

  • Foot

    : Left

  • Hand

    : Left

  • Height

    :182 cm

  • Weight

    : 76 kg

Family information

  • Father’s Name

    : Gilberto Asensio

  • Mother’s Name

    : Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsen

  • Girlfriend

    : Mariana Muntaner

Football Information

  • Shirt No

    : 11

  • Position

    : midfielder

  • Net worth

    : $83 Million

Marco Asensio Favorites

  • Favorite food

    : Italian, Homemade Recipes

  • Favorite drinks

    : Orange Juice, Mango juice

  • Favorite Superhero

    : Superman, Spiderman

  • Favorite sports

    : Soccer, football, American Football

  • Favorite Musician/Music

    : Michael Jackson / Spanish Music

  • Favorite Footballers

    : Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos

  • Favorite color

    : Purple

  • Favorite Digit

    : 7

  • Favorite Pet

    : cat

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Marco Asensio early life

Asensio was born in the city of Palma de Mallorca on 21 January 1996. At the time, the 25-year-old midfielder was born to a Dutch mother named Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willems and a Spanish father named Gilberto Asensio, who was also a soccer player. As a young player, Marco played for Barakaldo CF as a winger.

Marco Asensio was named after Marco van Basten, her mother's most favorite Dutch soccer star. With a deformity causing lack of progress of his legs, Asensio was taken into an environment that healed later when he came to his adolescents. 

When he was a little boy, he liked to play football, he became a footballer as he originally qualified. Despite his original love of football, little Marco was asked by his dad to focus more on his studies than on soccer.

His mother was the main person who saw the president, during which she immediately invited him and introduced himself: "Mr. President, this is our boy, Marco, and one day he will play for Real Madrid." The tale is told by Florentino himself. His mother said Marco was going to become a Real Madrid footballer in the future.

Marco was one of the last footballers to be cap from Spain at only 20, despite only having played one top-flight football campaign. Perhaps the most genius talent in Spain, Vicente del Bosque called him and nobody disagreed.

As a boy, he endured a neurological disorder that meant that the joints in his legs and lower legs would explode violently every time he reached the field to play. Specialists told his family that there was no solution and that as he evolved, the issue would fix itself.

The love of football, though, inspired him to proceed, but he really played in pain, which his father revealed years after the fact.

When Asensio's games were over, there were moments when he was unable to try to walk when the inflammation was too outrageous.

It could have looked to another human as though his father was a perverted person who loved imbuing a kid with an unlimited enjoyment of football, just as the desire to play it was superior to others, but at the expense of horrendous physical pain.

To fall in love and get caught up in the vortex of the excitement of planning a life together forever is all too easy.

This is the case with 

Marco Asensio childhood

 sweetheart since was a teenager.

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Marco Asensio profile

Marco Asensio Willemsen is a Spanish footballer who was born in Palma, Spain, on 21st January 1996. He's a left-footed winger who plays for Real Madrid FC and the national team in Spain. He also plays as a right-winger and an attacking midfielder.

At the age of seven, Asensio began playing football when he joined Playas de Calvia. For three years, he played there and then joined Mallorca in 2006.

During the 2013-14 season in the Tercera Division, he made his senior debut for the reserve team. He then made his debut in the Segunda Division Championship for the Mallorca team versus Recreativo de Huelva in a 1-3 away loss.

Asensio then signed a reported EUR 3.9 million fee for Real Madrid in 2014 and stayed in Mallorca for the season. Asensio had a pre-season session with Real Madrid in 2015 and was loaned to RCD Espanyol.

In La Liga, Asensio first played for RCD Espanyol against Real Sociedad in a 3-2 victory. With 12 assists and 4 goals for Espanyol, he concluded the season. In the 2015-16 La Liga season, his achievements won him the Breakout Player of the Year award.

Marco was then picked for the UEFA European U19 Championship in 2015 as part of the U19 squad in Spain. In the semi-finals, he scored two important goals and helped Spain reach the finals. Eventually, Spain won the Title.

Asensio received the award for Golden Player of the Tournament.

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Marco Asensio biography


Style of play

Asensio played his best football when he was deployed in a more central position behind the striker, mostly playing on the wings when he was first incorporated into the side.

Confirmed at such a young age with exceptional vision and intellect on the pitch, Asensio has a perfect understanding of when to release the ball to a teammate and when to head to the target. His vision and ball timing frequently leave defenders vulnerable, even though at times the power of the balls is uncertain.

Asensio has excellent near coordination and potential for dribbling. In close spaces where he can show off his flair and acceleration to beat teams, he is always able to take on opponents to get it.

By bringing the ball from either the middle of the sides, he is good at hitting the ball up from deep and starting counter-attacks for his side and always makes the correct call as he reaches the final third.

Asensio, an experienced crosser of the ball, was talented enough to take set pieces for Mallorca and in charge of Espanyol's dead-ball cases.

At the moment, Asensio's main concern is that his game is very one-footed, on which he depends heavily on his left foot. Naturally, few footballers are two-footed, but many train on their weaker foot until it gets to a level that on their weaker side they can manage, pass, and fire.

Finishing is also not the greatest power of Asensio. Although he can clearly hit the ball and generally attempts to strike the ball low, often his completion loses conviction. There is something on the training ground that he can quickly develop and will not push him back in the future.

Last year's record of six goals in the Segunda División with Mallorca is common for someone his age, but to drive himself into the Real Madrid mix, he's going to have to double those numbers at least!

His fitness has come into doubt at times, especially at the tail end of last season, as expected of someone of Asensio's age and with his body still evolving.


As with nearly all sporting events around the world, owing to the coronavirus epidemic, the Spanish premier football league, LaLiga, has shut down. But the popular Spanish esports announcer, Ibai Llanos, stepped in to guarantee that football fans in Spain can see at least some of the action in the LaLiga.

Many times ago, he arranged FIFA 20 match between defender Sergio Reguilon and striker Borja Iglesias from Real Betis. The event was surprisingly successful and was viewed on his Twitch channel by 62,000 viewers, giving Ibai an idea to do something bigger.

In just a few days, he managed to give Spanish footballers and clubs the idea of a charity tournament, which received a broadly positive reception. Eventually, 19 clubs, with only Real Mallorca pulling out, agreed to participate.

Several players expressed interest in representing their club in this competition at Real Madrid, so they also had to arrange qualifiers between Thibaut Courtois, Dani Carvajal, and Marco Asensio inside the club.

Asensio, who has been recovering from ligament damage since the summer, won the playoffs at Real Madrid and continued to represent his club. It turns out that he will actually become the winner of the entire event.

During his recovery, Asensio obviously had some unnecessary FIFA sessions, which helped him to win. He defeated Edu Exposito 7-0 in the semi-finals against Eibar, and then claimed the final against Leganes player Aitor Ruibal, with a final score of 4-2.

With the idea of raising funds for the coronavirus war, this wholesome tournament was planned, and it did quite an outstanding job in that area. All of the money from the stream's contribution went straight into the fund.

Fans contributed €140,000 over the three days of the tournament, which will be used to help people battling coronavirus in Spain, one of the countries now suffering the worst from the disease, and the worst is already likely to come.

Goal celebration

When playing as a midfielder, Marco Asensio is more interested in the scoring role, and he still has his own goal fulfillment.

A collective hug of players with the scorer below on the pitch, or players standing on each other's shoulders and showing the audience the back of his jersey.

Marco Asensio outside football

In his outside of football life, he spends more time with his family and less time with other people. He is less available to reporters in his personal life and prefers to spend more time with his family. On the football field, he still has no special events and tries to work more on family matters and spend more time at home.

Marco Asensio personal life

The nickname 'Golden Boy' was Marco Asensio. About 5 foot 11 inches tall, Marco Ascensio weighs about 76 kilograms. For a long time, Asensio used to date a Spanish model, Marina Muntaner. The brilliant model was a finalist in the challenge for Miss Balearics and has also appeared on music recordings.

It is not clear if they are dating yet. Anyway, Asensio debunked any pieces of rumors in a 2017 meeting.

The Spanish model was obviously connected with Marco. On a news, he admitted his relationship and posted pictures including them together, seeing that his followers showed them their affection. Asensio has been in a relationship with Sandra Garal since 2018.

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Marco Asensio biography


Family, children, and relationships

Marco Asensio was born to a Dutch mother and a Spanish father named Gilberto Asensio, into a family of two. His father was a soccer player who played as a midfielder for Barakaldo CF.

The mother of Asensio, Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsem, died of the disease when her boy was just 15 years old in 2011. He spoke about the experience and said, "My mom's passing was hard. We were a family and my father, my sibling, and I was overlooked to continue. We truly upheld one another, we're close as yet."

In addition, Marco has an older brother named Igor Asensio, who is also a football defender, and he played for CF Platges de Calvia.

In the 2017 Champions League final, Marco Asensio's goal celebration was devoted to his family: "I revealed to them that in the event that I scored, at that point I would run to where they were. I knew where they were and that is the thing that I did."

Marco Asensio dated Marina Muntaner in August 2016 but they separated in December 2016. Born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Muntaner was a 23-year-old Spanish model. In a meeting in mid-2018, Marco Asensio learned that he does not have a relationship, but the talented winger is single as he focuses on his football.


Humanitarian work is a rather nice activity for the majority of footballers, but this humanitarian work is also not noted in the press. Marco Asensio hasn't done any humanitarian work yet or said anything in the papers, and we have to wait and see if he's going to do any humanitarian work.

Legal issues

There is also no legal question in the press that can be related to his young age in the case of Marco Asensio because he will have fewer legal issues at a young age, but we have to watch to see whether, as he gets older or not, he will have legal problems in the future.

Marco Asensio Career statistics

Following Marco Asensio biography, in this part, we would have a rundown of his Career Statistics. 


After being scouted by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Asensio made his senior debut in Tercera División for Mallorca in the 2013-14 season, despite still being a junior; on 27 October 2013, he made his first competitive appearance with the first team, playing the last six minutes in a 1-3 defeat away to Recreativo de Huelva for Segunda División.

Once again from the bench, in a 0-0 home draw against CD Lugo, Asensio played the last six minutes. After impressing in his first games, he was promoted to the first team by manager José Luis Oltra.

On 16 March 2014, Asensio scored his first career goal, netting the first in a 2–0 home victory over CD Tenerife. Under new coach Valeri Karpin, he was made a main player, scoring against CA Osasuna, Deportivo Alavés, and UE Llagostera within a month.

Real Madrid signed Asensio on 24 November 2014. The contract was publicly revealed on 5 December, (who had been a fan of the club as a child) signing a six-year extension for a fee of EUR 3.9 million and staying on loan with the Bermellones until the end of the season.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal played a key role in the move of Marco Asensio to Real Madrid, as Florentino Perez said.


Being of both Dutch and Spanish origin, although he received an invitation from the Royal Dutch Football Association, he preferred to represent Spain. Asensio made his debut for the under-21 side on 26 March 2015, after becoming a regular for Spain at the youth stage, coming on as a late substitution for goalscorer Gerard Deulofeu in a 2-0 friendly victory over Norway in Cartagena.

In July, at the UEFA European Championship in Greece, he was part of the triumphant under-19 team, where he scored both goals in a semi-final win over France in Katerini, in the 88th minute, and in additional time.

Asensio and Espanyol teammate Pau López were summoned to the full side on 17 May 2016 for a friendly match between Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the 29th, starting in the 3-1 win in Switzerland, he made his debut.

Asensio, picked by manager Albert Celades in the squad for the 2017 European Under-21 Championship, scored a hat-trick in his competition debut, helping to route Macedonia to a 5-0 group stage. He reached the finals of the tournament with his teammates, losing 1-0 to Germany.

He was named in the roster of Julen Lopetegui for the 2018 FIFA World Cup back with the seniors, making his competition debut on 20 June by replacing Real Madrid teammate Lucas Vázquez for the final ten minutes of the 1-0 group stage victory over Iran.

On 11 September 2018, Asensio scored his first goal for Spain, playing the whole 6-0 home rout of Croatia for the UEFA Nations League and even being directly involved in the action that led to the own goal of Lovre Kalinić.

Marco Asensio honors

Real Madrid

  • La Liga

    : 2016–17, 2019–20

  • Supercopa de España

    : 2017

  • UEFA Champions League

    : 2016–17, 2017–18

  • UEFA Super Cup

    : 2016, 2017

  • FIFA Club World Cup

    : 2016, 2017, 2018

Spain U19

  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship

    : 2015

Spain U21

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship runner-up

    : 2017


  • Segunda División Player of the Month

    : October 2014

  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship Golden Player

    : 2015

  • La Liga Awards Breakthrough Player

    : 2015–16

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Silver Boot

    : 2017

  • UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the Tournament

    : 2017

  • UEFA Champions League Breakthrough XI

    : 2017

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