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Graziano Pelle is a professional football player from Italy. He is known as the striker of Serie A club Parma. Read the following article to learn more facts about Graziano Pelle.

Graziano Pelle

was born on 15 July 1985 in Italy. He is best known for his accurate finishing abilities. Currently, he is a striker at Serie A club


. He stepped into the football world when he was very young. We could say that he comes from football players' family because his father was also a striker and was quite good at his job.

Unlike many football players, not a lot is known about Graziano. Perhaps, he prefers to keep his personal life secret and leave far away from the spotlight. He is all about keeping everything professional. However, being professional is not his only attractive feature. He is extremely handsome and has a terrific body, which is heavily muscular.

Read on to learn more facts about Graziano Pelle:

Graziano Pelle always tries to keep everything professional, so he is leading a very well-balanced life. Not only is he successful in his professional life, but he is also very happy in his personal life. His partner, Viktoria Vagra, has been his companion for many years now, which is an interesting

fact about Graziano Pelle

. Stay with us to learn more.

Graziano Pelle early life

Graziano Pelle was born on 15 July 1985 in San Cesario di Lecce, Italy. He has always been proud of his nationality and loved his homeland from the bottom of his heart.

Graziano Pelle parents

are from Italy as well, born and raised. Roberto Pelle is his father, and Doriana Pelle is his other. They couldn't have been happier after Graziano's birth.

Graziano Pelle zodiac sign is cancer. Like many people born this month, he is very passionate and caring. He has a good nature and takes care of those who are important to him. He could be a little moody and kind of a nagger, but his positive traits cover the negative parts. Generally, everybody likes the friendly, handsome footballer. Considering Grazion pelle age, which is 36, he has been through a lot and made impressive improvements in his life.

Graziano Pelle childhood

was filled with memories with his two sisters, Fabiana and Ilaria. The three of them always played together. A fascinating fact about Graziano Pelle is that he could have copied his sister and become a ballroom dancer instead of a football player. He became the national under-12 champion in partnership with his sister Fabiana.

Another incredible fact about the Graziano Pelle family is that his father was a striker for Lecce in Serie C. So basically, his father, Roberto, was the source of his enthusiasm for football. Graziano was always very passionate about football. He spent many hours of his childhood down the alleys playing with his friends, dreaming that maybe he too would be a great football player.

Graziano is very handsome and has a charming complexion.

Graziano Pelle body measurement

is genuinely impressive. He is 1.98cm tall and weighs 84 kg. Graziano is also very popular with the ladies, but he never did anything out of the line that reached the media and was never involved in any scandals. He is currently engaged to Viktoria Varga to be married.

Graziano Pelle club career

In 2001, he joined local club


's youth team when he was 16. At first, it took him a while to get used to playing in the real field, but soon he figured it out. Graziano was a fast learner and tried his best on the pitch. In 2002, he won two titles. He managed to help his team win Campionato Primavera titles and the 2002 Coppa Italia Primavera.

On 11 January 2004, he made his Serie A debut. Unfortunately, it was a home defeat against


. Graziano was a good player, and he was used in the matches as well. But he couldn't score goals, and that wasn't good news for the team. In January 2005, he was loaned to


in Serie B. In the following summer, he participated in the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship with the under-20 team.

His performance was truly remarkable, and he managed to score four goals overall, which was a fantastic

fact about Graziano Pelle

. Lecce's managers observed his progress in the championship tournament and decided to have him back for the 2005-06 season. However, they loaned him again to the second division in the winter transfer window and one more time to



In the season 2006-07, he was loaned one more time to Cesena. His performance was getting better and better, and he successfully closed the year with ten goals, which was a significant improvement for him. In 2007, Graziano decided that Lecce was not right for him and decided to change his environment. He has a choice to stay at Lecce and being a loan to Palermo. He chose to join a team that young players had the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

He joined the Dutch team AZ in July 2007. He managed to finish his debut season with 27 games, during which he scored three goals. We can admit that it wasn't one of his best seasons, and he could have done better, but he was continually trying to replace PSV-bound Danny Koevermans. That was why his focus was divided, and he couldn't play his best. He started 16 games out of those 27 games. In 2008, he managed to score three critical goals.

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Graziano Pelle Professional life

Graziano Pelle signed a multiple-year contract with the club Parma. During his time there, he was able to score one goal. In January 2012, he joined


on loan in the second division. In Sampdoria, he appeared 16 times, and he was able to score four goals. Parma still owned him that he decided to return to Netherland to Join


. He was the first Italian who ever joined the club.

He joined Feyenoord for the season 2012-13. He managed to score 11 goals in just ten games, which is an awesome fact about Graziano Pelle. He did such a great job during that season and was praised for his outstanding performance. In January 2013, Graziano Pelle signed a four-year contract with the Rotterdam club.

His contract started in July. Graziano became famous gradually and had many fans worldwide. He was also famous for his unique "retro" haircut among the Feyenoord fans. Many of the fans copied the same haircut and appeared in the games. It was also trendy among the fans in his home town. There are still some tutorials that teach how to arrange his hairstyle.

Graziano Pelle stats were outstanding during his time in Feyenoord and gained him publicity and fame. In July 2014, Graziano signed a three-year contract with Premier League side


. His contract was for £8 million. In this club, he was also reunited with his former AZ and Feyenoord coach Ronald Koeman. In the first game of the new league season, he made his competitive debut against



Graziano was genuinely remarkable. He managed to win the player of the month for September that season. He stayed until the end of the season 2016 in that team and then left Southampton for Chinese club

Shandong Luneng

. He joined the club on 11 July 2016, and the estimated fee was something around £12 million. In February 2021, he decided to join his previous club Parma on a six-month contract.

Graziano Pelle net worth, salary, and style of play

With this fee, which was £12 million, he became the world's seventeenth highest-paid footballer. Graziano Pelle salary was £350k per week. This is an exciting fact about Graziano Pelle. Graziano is a hardworking striker, and he is described as the traditional "target man" with an eye for a goal. Graziano Pelle salary, or in other words, contracts' fee, is estimated at around £16 million. Sadly, Graziano Pelle transfer market records are not known publicly.

He is also known for his powerful finishing abilities with his head and feet. He can perform accurate volleys and take penalty-kicks. Another ability he has is his strength and solid first touch to hold up the ball with his back to goal and either link-up with other players or create chances for teammates. Although it took him a while to become a talented player, he finally managed to become unique and worthy of the media's praise. This is an astounding fact about Graziano Pelle.

Graziano Pelle net worth is around $50 million, which is a remarkable fact about him. He is obviously living a luxurious life taking stounding holidays with his girlfriend and enjoying the time of his life. Graziano has a Ferrari FF and also a green racing Morgan. When Graziano revealed his green Morgan in a post on Instagram, the media went crazy, not to mention many girls!

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Graziano Pelle social media

Graziano Pelle social media is very active and apparently very popular. His Instagram has over 388k followers, which is an amazing fact about Graziano Pelle. He shares posts about his personal and professional life. If you are interested in following his life thread, you should follow his account with



He has a Twitter account with


, but it seems that he hasn't used his account for a very long time. Graziano has 106k followers on Twitter. His tweets are usually about football, but he also tweets about his holidays and daily life.

Graziano Pelle wife, Viktoria Varga

Viktoria Varga was born on 15 July 1991 in Tatabanya, Hungry. One of the exciting facts about Graziano Pelle is that his birthday is the same as Viktoria's. Viktoria grew up in the town of Gyor, which is near the North-west of Slovakia. She is an aspiring model who works for various brands and agencies such as Faces Management and Exte management. She has worked with well-known models too and has also appeared in a few movies.

Viktoria Varga's zodiac sign is cancer. The people born this month are highly intuitive and very sensitive to their environments. They are very loyal and caring. They are passionate and understanding. On the other hand, they could be very moody and irrational. They could also suppress their feelings and keep a lot of things inside.

Like many people born this month, Viktoria is very passionate and kind. She cares deeply about her family and friends. Victoria is deeply in love with nature and loves to travel to exotic places. Nature always makes her feel calm and free. In her YouTube channel, she uploaded her travel diaries, took her fans to the places that she traveled to, and talked about the culture and scenery.

Unfortunately, there isn't much information about Viktorias parents or siblings. This much is known that she is from a decent family in which everything she wanted was provided for her. she lived a happy childhood. Ever since she was a teenager, she knew that she wanted to become a model. Therefore, after finishing high school, she decided to start her modeling career.

Viktoria Varga net worth

Starting a new job is never easy, especially in such a competitive industry as modeling. However, Viktoria didn't take long to get recognition among modeling agencies due to her natural beauty and sense of fashion. She is truly a charming lady. Viktoria is tall and blond with brown color eyes. She is slim and works out quite often to stay fit and healthy. No wonder her body looks so smoking!

Another interesting thing about Viktoria is that she is a swimmer and very good at it. As mentioned before, she loves nature and traveling; therefore, you can find so many pictures of her on social media posing for the camera in an exotic or beautiful place. Viktoria Varga's net worth is around $1 million, so basically, she can do whatever she wants.

Graziano Pelle and Viktoria Varga's relationship

Every romance story needs a meet-cute! In 2012, Graziano met Viktoria's pictures on Facebook and was immediately interested. So he messaged her, and they started to get to know each other. It didn't take long before the both of them started dating. They were great together, and they had so much fun. It seems that gradually, they became each other's best friend.

It is always amazing to see couples who have been together for a very long time. It is impressive to know how many years they have been in a relationship. Graziano and Viktoria were inseparable. Finally, in January 2021, Graziano decided to pop the question and ask Viktoria to be his wife. He was so excited, and he also wanted the proposal to be romantic and kind of perfect, which is an interesting

fact about Graziano Pelle


Graziano took Viktoria on a romantic trip to the United Arab Emirates and set up a romantic setting. She sat down on one knee and asked Viktoria to make him the happiest in the world. And that is what exactly she did! She said yes! This was a big moment in

Graziano Pelle personal life

. Viktoria sent sweet pictures of this occasion on Instagram and received many congratulations and happy wishes.

There is nothing know about

Graziano Pelle children

. Graziano and Viktoria don't have any children yet. In case they ever want to have children in the future, we can safely say that their children would be as beautiful as they are. They are probably busy now with wedding preparations. Of course, they haven't set a date for the occasion yet, and we don't know when the big day will happen.

Graziano Pelle Tattoos

Unlike many football players, it seems that Graziano doesn't have a tattoo. Apparently, he is not interested in scaring himself for life. Another interesting fact about Graziano Pelle is that he has never smoked in his life!


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