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Alisson Becker biography

The full account of Alisson Becker biography is presented here.

Alisson Becker performance along with the perseverance behind it has been conducive to having made the title of FIFA Best goalkeeper in the world anchored to his name.

His rise to prominence in the world of football didn’t start overnight. From the age of 10, Alisson has always been training to arise as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

He has competed fiercely for the top goalkeeping spot in several clubs where he has played, and this competitive spirit saw him defeat his elder brother, also a goalkeeper for the goalkeeping spot while he was at



His desire to be number one led him to contest with retired ace Brazilian goalkeeper, Jesus Silva, recognized as Dida for the top goalkeeping spot at Internacional. Armed with his youth, swiftness and athleticism, Alisson was empowered to defeat the star goalkeeper to keep the number one spot, an incredible accomplishment for a youngster.

Playing in the position of a goalkeeper, Alisson has made an indelible impact upon the team’s performances, helping them to remain a strong competition for the opponent teams, who may found it herculean to score a ball with Alisson being a strong vigil at the box.

If you are delighted to read more about the legendary Alisson Becker life story and professional career you are landed in the right path in so far as we have come up with

Alisson Becker biography

in due regard who is definitely making waves in the English Premier League. 


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Everything you need to know about Alisson Becker biography

The full account of Alisson Becker biography is presented here. Alisson Ramses Becker (born October 2, 1992) is a professional footballer from Brazil who plays in the position of a goalkeeper for


FC in the English Premier League as well as the Brazillian national team.

Alisson Becker information

Alisson Becker bio


  • Full Name

    : Alisson Ramses Becker

  • Nick Names

    : Alisson, The German

Alisson Becker information

  • Alisson Becker Date of Birth

    : October 2, 1992 (age 28 years)

  • Place of Birth

    : Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

  • Alisson Becker Nationality

    : Brazilian

  • Alisson Becker Religion

    : Christianity

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Libra

Alisson Becker physical status

  • Height

    : 6 ft 3 in

  • Weight

    : 91 kg

Alisson Becker family information

  • Father

    : José Agostinho Becker

  • Mother

    : Magali Lino de Souza Becker

  • Siblings

    : Muriel Gustavo Becker (brother)

  • Wife

    : Natalia Loewe (married 2015)

  • Children

    : Helena Becker (daughter); Matteo Becker (son)

  • Net Worth

    : $8 million USD

Alisson Becker football information

  • Occupation

    : Football Player

  • Current Club

    : Liverpool F.C. and Brazil National Team 

  • Playing Position

    : Goalkeeper

  • Strong Foot

    : Right

  • Jersey Number

    : 13

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Alisson Becker early life

Alisson Becker childhood

was spent in a catholic middle-class family, while his father worked as a real estate broker and supported his son’s interest in sports. Alisson and his elder brother Muriel raised in a community where sports was highly praised and favoured.

He and his elder brother were enrolled on Brazilian club, Internacional football academy. Though his first brother promoted to become the team’s first-choice goalkeeper, Alisson earned his progress to compete with his elder brother for the position. After Muriel was out as a result of injury, Alisson was made the team’s first-choice goalkeeper.

After his brother recovery, Alisson had earned the fame of being a very skilful goalkeeper that made him unreplaceable. But in

Alisson Becker Life story

it has been indicated that he was a "half-pint keeper," much shorter than the others, and a bit chubbier. His parents wanted him to withdraw from the team and stick with school.

In their minds, he had no future in football. They had pinned all their hopes on Muriel, yet technically Alisson was more talented. Then, throughout a year-and-a-half, he grew 17 centimetres [6.7 inches], lost weight and never looked back.

Talking about sports in the Becker family, goalkeeping runs in their blood. Besides Muriel, who plays for Belenenses in Portugal, Alisson's father, Jose, had the same role in pickup matches with friends, while his mother, Magali, was a handball keeper. Even his great-grandfather also played in goal. Frankly speaking, Alisson was fated to follow their path.


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Alisson Becker profile

Allison grew immensely popular as a keeper at Internacional. The year following his debut saw him playing only 11 games in the season as he had to contest with another Brazilian keeper Dida. But he managed to play in more than 100 games and help win the Campeonato Gaúcho in every one of his four seasons with them.

In 2016, he finished a deal of 7.5 EUR, moving to


. As for Brazil, Alisson has represented the country at several youth football levels. Then, he joined the senior team in 2015 and continued to represent the country in the 2016 Copa América Centenario.

On 19th July 2018 Liverpool, he was got contracted for a fee of 71.6 million Euros, which made him the most expensive goalkeeper of the year, he was given jersey number 13 from the club.

Playing for the Liverpool, he made his first debut on 12th August against

West ham United

, Liverpool won the match by 4-0. Alisson went on to showcase his talent which he was unable to show when was with Roma.

Playing style

His skill to save both close range and long-range shots led him to be one of the most outstanding goalkeepers in the recent time. With Alisson, teams have gotten themselves a goalkeeper that is comfortable in beating presses single-handedly, starting counterattacks with surprises, and saving shots with great accuracy and patience.

One facet of his game that is being excessively adored is his ability with his feet. Those who have worked with him often mention his comfort on the ball as his strength. Some people are on the opinion of the fact that because of his behaviour, attitude and technique, Alisson is a step above the others.

Along with his nice playing style, he injects a special calmness to his colleagues and the coaching staff as well. He's not an eccentric and theatrical goalie because instead of doing acrobatic saves, he will be in the proper position to cover a large portion of the goal. He is brilliant both on and off the pitch.


In Alisson Becker biography it is fascinating to note that he is recognized for his quick adaptability and firm determination in front of the goal. Alisson has an outstanding ability to save crucial goals from getting scored against his team, besides he is famous for his positioning distribution and steadiness.

The six-foot two-inch goalkeeper was named the Messi of Goalkeepers from Ex-goalkeeper Roberto Negrisolo. One of the key strong aspects of Alisson is his strong reflex. Alisson’s use of reflex is of his major methods for saving shots.

One of the first actions that Alisson takes to save shots with reflexes, consists of closing down the angle. Notably, Alisson does not come off his line as often as his predecessor had. So as to say, Alisson is more concerned about waiting for the right moment to exit rather than his predecessor.

This waiting is along with the correct timing, however. If Alisson waits too long, the angle for him to cover becomes impossible. If Alisson jumps in early, he risks the chance of being rounded or chipped.

One of the cues that Alisson uses is the player’s control of the ball. In a way that whenever Alisson sees that there is a misstep from a footballer or the footballer’s head is over his centre of gravity, he will start exiting his line.


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Alisson Becker outside football

Regarding Alisson Becker biography, his talents are not only restricted to sport and football in so far as he has a knack for playing music as well. He is also mastered in singing and playing the guitar and has displayed this talent on his Instagram page several times.

Alisson is also delighted in fishing and watching tennis. He is a Catholic, of German descent and his father, as well as his grandmother, speaks German fluently. It is fascinating to indicate that Alisson is trilingual, he speaks, Portuguese, English and German.

Armed with even more inspiring information considering 

Alisson Becker biography

, he is an ambassador of the World Health Organization, we will reach to it thoroughly in the following sections. As a goalkeeper, he is motivated by the goalkeeping styles of Víctor Valdés and

Manuel Neuer


If you are eagerly interested to know more about the legendary Alisson Becker, don't miss the opportunity of reading the well-elaborated

Facts about Alison Becker, Liverpool’s goalkeeper


Alisson Becker personal life

As it was mentioned in previous parts, Alisson is not the only member of his family who was involved in a footballing career. His elder brother Muriel is also a goalkeeper for the Brazilian club,



His mother, father, and grandfather have also occupied a goalkeeping position in the past. His net worth is currently estimated at $8 million and he receives a salary of $2.5 million per year.

Family, relationship and children

Alisson married a physician called Natália Loewe in 2015, after a relationship of 3 years. This couple is blessed with two beautiful children. Their daughter Helena was born in April 2017 and their son, Matteo was born on 14 June 2019.

Alison is concerned about privacy and he primarily keeps his personal life to himself. He wants to be recognized for his performances, rather than letting the media make him prominent for his personal conquests.


Alisson and his wife, Dr Natalia Loewe Becker, a medical doctor and health advocate from Brazil, were appointed WHO goodwill ambassadors for health promotion. As an advocate, he is concerned about the promotion of physical activity, specifically of children.

And about Dr Becker, she is a medical doctor and health advocate from Brazil. She is passionate about promoting childhood immunization, nutrition, healthy lifestyles for children and improving sanitation in local communities.

In companion, they intend to promote healthier lives, stronger health workforces and improved mental health globally as much as it is possible.

Besides Alisson along with 57 most influential persons in Brazilian football has raised 2.5 million reais (£376,718) to buy food for those who live in favelas - low and middle-income districts in Brazil for the sake of helping those Brazilian affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This sum of money was doubled by the Brazilian Football Confederation to help the cause.

Legal issues

There is not any considerable legal issue in

Alisson Becker biography

, so here there are some indications about the time when he was injured and brought some sort of panic for enthusiasts.

When the news of Alisson Becker’s injury spread throughout Merseyside, there were moans, uncomfortable winces and head scratches in so far as it might challenge Liverpool’s goalkeeping against

Aston Villa

but it might be resolved sooner than the fans would expect.

The Liverpool goalkeeper’s latest setback occurred as it had ignited rumours of Liverpool trying their luck in the summer 2020 transfer window one final time.

Liverpool fans were holding their breath after superstar goalkeeper Alisson had to come off in the 39th minute with a calf strain. He undertook the injury during a goal kick, and he was expected to miss 4-8 weeks, according to James Pearce of The Athletic.


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Alisson Becker career statistics

In his football professional career, Alisson has played for clubs like Internacional, where he had to compete with his own brother,  Italian Serie A club Roma and finally premier league club Liverpool, where he is currently playing.

He achieved a great deal of championships for the teams as well as the disproportionate number of honours anchored to his name. Come along with us to delve more into his club and international journey and of course his honours.


When Alisson was ten he was registered in the academy associated with Sports Club Internacional, there he moved up the ranks of the academy to become a regular part of the senior team.

He previously served as a stopgap goalkeeper for his brother, Muriel, who played as the first choice goalkeeper of the senior team. After his brother setback as a result of injury, he became the team’s first-choice goalkeeper and thus achieved fame for himself as an A-rated goalkeeper, making him the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper of the team.

He was involved in an intense competition from an ex-Brazilian goalkeeper, Dida for the top goalkeeping spot, but he was capable to appear successful and thus kept his spot through his four years at Internacional.

During the four seasons he spent at Internacional, Alisson helped his side win the Campeonato Gaúcho Série A1. Becker played for Internacional in a span of three years, where he participated in more than a hundred matches and in each season he played he won a championship title. 

After spending all his productive years as a football player in Internacional, in February 2016, a deal was signed between A.S Roma and Internacional, which saw Alisson move to the Italian club for €7.5 million. This club is part of the Italian league Serie A, and they played in the UEFA Champions League which Becker played his first match for the team.

The first game he played was against

FC Porto

and the game finished in a 1-1 draw. Although he had exhibited a certain level of brilliance playing in the Série A league, when Alisson Becker joined Roma he was made a substitute to

Wojciech Szczęsny

and because of this he only appeared in fifteen games during his first season with the team.

When Szczęsny went to


in the following season, Alisson was replaced as the team’s main goalkeeper, and his first match in the Italian League was against



Throughout the 2017/18 season, Alisson made 22 clean sheets. His performance attracted eyes of the media as well as Liverpool who indicated an interest in the Brazilian star.

Becker then moved from the Italian league to the more popular English Premier League with his signing to Liverpool as in July 2018, Alisson became the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, after Liverpool got him contracted for €72.5 million.

His title as the most expensive goalkeeper in the world was temporary in as much as four weeks after he was officially signed,

Kepa Arrizabalaga

, was got contracted from Atletico Bilbao to


for €80 million.

Alisson was given the number 13 jersey when he arrived at Anfield. In his first season at Liverpool, Alisson started making waves and history. He went on 20 games unbeaten, the longest unbeaten streak in the English Premier League.

In match 2019, Alisson reached 17 clean sheets, the longest for a goalkeeper in his debut season. At the end of the season, he was granted the Golden Glove for his phenomenal performance. In the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League, Alisson was a central member of his team’s advancement to the knockout stage after he made a striking save against Napoli, their last match of the group stage.

In the second leg of the semifinals, he was instrumental in Liverpool’s 4-nil come back after they were defeated 3-nil in the first leg. In the final, he kept clean sheets to win his first title with Liverpool in his debut season, an impressive feat for him.

In the 2019/20 season, he was given the number 1 jersey. After Liverpool lost on penalties in the FA Cup final, Alisson was ruled out due to an injury for the 2019 UEFA Super Cup. He still plays with this club and there is plenty more time for him to add to his accomplishments.


Considering Allisson Becker biography it is notable to indicate that he made his international debut for Brazil in 2015 for the FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Venezuela where Brazil won scoring 3-1.

Allison made 3 more appearances for Brazil in 2015. He was called for the Brazil U17 team in 2009, where he made 9 caps for the team. He was a part of the U21 side in 2013 as well but had to wait till 2015 before the selectors saw him a favourable fit for the senior side.

As a youth, Alisson has featured in Brazillian team at numerous tournaments in the U-17 and U-20 levels. He represented Brazil at the senior level, at the 2016 Copa America Centenario, the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Copa America, which he won with Brazil. He was granted the tournament’s Best Goalkeeper Award.

More specifically, in May 2016, Alisson became one of the members of the 23-player squad for Copa América Centenario. In the first match of the team, which ended as a goalless tie with Ecuador, Alisson fumbled with a Miller Bolaños shot and turned it into an own goal.

However, this own goal got waived off, as the ball was distinguished to be out of play. Brazil faced elimination in the group stage after Alisson conceded 2 goals in 3 games. During the tenure of Alisson in Brazil, the team’s greatest achievements is the Toulon Tournament in the year 2013.


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Alisson Becker honours

During his spell at the club, Internacional has gained the Campeonato Gaúcho four consecutive times, i.e. in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, besides putting up some memorable performances.

He achieved so much popularity and attraction from the European Scouts after he forced Dida into retirement. Then the Italian club Roma won the race of signing Alisson Becker, and in the 2017-18 season, he made his Serie A debut against the Atalanta, and his team won the match scoring 1-0.

At the UEFA Champions League, he played a vital role for the club to its way to semi-finals. At the season end, he kept a total of 22 clean sheets across the season, and he also had 17 clean sheets in the league and 5 clean sheets in the UEFA Champions League.

His performances began getting applauses after his team wins over

Crystal Palace



. In his debut year, he was shortlisted at the UEFA Champions League Goalkeeper of the season, which he finished second.

Liverpool made its longest steak after being undefeated in 20 league games under Alisson thus, breaking Javier Mascherano’s streak. At the end of the season, he kept a total of 21 clean sheets in Premier League and also won the Golden Glove.

In 2019-20 season he was given the number 1 jersey which had formerly been worn by

Loris Karius

. Since then, Alisson has assisted Liverpool to win the most coveted trophy of them all: The Champions League trophy.

For the national team, he has been a part of the 2018 World Cup Qualification matches. In 2019 Copa he failed to keep a clean sheet in the final match against Peru. But Brazil won by 3-1, following which he was honoured with the Best Goalkeeper Award for his performances.

Alisson’s presence in from the goal post, in the Brazilian national team, as well as the clubs he has represented, has led to so great competitions by his team. He has often impeded his opponents from taking away the victory.

And at other times, he has made sure to thwart their best efforts, so that even if his team didn’t win, the opponent had a hard time. As a goalkeeper, he has still managed to be recognized as a valuable goalkeeper for his teams.

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