Footballers with the Most Premier League Appearances

Sunday14 February 2021 | 10:30
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Whether you are a big fan of football or not, you have heard the name of the top level of the English football league system, Premier League. In the following article, we have presented a list of footballers with the most Premier League appearances. Stay tuned for facts that may surprise you.

Coming from English Premier League, EPL, the top level of the English football league system, is a contest among 20 clubs, which works based on a system of promotion and relegation with the EFL, English Football League. The related competitions run between August and May, which meanwhile each team is supposed to play 38 matches, including playing 19 other teams home and away).

According to the clubs' decision in the Football League First Division around breaking away from the Football League, they founded a new contest, Premier League, in February 1992. Their foundation caused them to take advantage of a worth deal of around £1 billion a year as of 2013-14, a profitable television rights deal.

Playing the shareholders roles, member clubs make €2.2 billion per year both in international and domestic television rights. As the most-watched sports league in the football world, the Premier League broadcasts for about 643 million people in 212 territories and 4.7 billion audiences of a potential TV program. 

In the 2018-19 season, the average of the audience who attended the Premier League match was about 38,181, Which was in second place compared to the Bundesliga spectators, 43,500. The fans were so enthusiastic about the tournament that it filled almost the entire capacity of the stadium.

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By the beginning of the Premier League in 1992, ranked second in the UEFA coefficients, 49 clubs have started to compete, including 47 English and 2 Welsh clubs. Among the clubs, seven out of 49 ones, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool, succeeded in winning the title. Having read a brief review on Premier League, we have gone through the list of footballers with the most Premier League appearances in the following part.

Football players with the most Premier League appearances

Taking part in Premier League needs the registrations, which only happen within the transfer window, and no other changes are allowed to take place outside the period. Since the 2010-11 season, Premier League set a new rule about the requirement of registering a maximum-25-man squad of players, of which at least eight of them must be home-grown ones. 

In 1992-93, when the Premier League incepted, 11 foreign players from outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom registered to take part in the competitions. However, from 2000 to 2004, the number of foreign players' registration increased. In 2005, Arsenal appeared with a foreign-16-man squad in the match, while no other teams had done it before.

Though before 2009, fewer than %40 of the players were English, by 2020, a large number of foreign players from 117 different nationalities. The Increase affected the numbers of 

foreign players with the most appearances in the Premier League

, which in the following you can read more details about them.

Gareth Barry

  • 653 Appearances

Born on 23 February 1981, Gareth Barry is one of the former and most professional midfielders, whose record in making his appearances in the Premier League is 653. Barry took part in the competitions by playing for 

Aston Villa

, Manchester City, Everton, and

West Bromwich Albion

, which caused him to be one of the footballers with the most Premier League appearances.

By reading the following parts of the article, you will get Gareth Barry, the 39 English, holds the highest number of making appearances in the Premier League. Barry's first appearance for EPL refers to his 17 when his talent could make Rafael Benitez think to bring Barry in Liverpool instead of Xabi Alonso, the Spanish World Cup winner.

Ryan Giggs

  • 632 Appearances

The next member of the list of footballers with the most Premier League appearances is Ryan Giggs, the 47-year-old Welsh. Ryan Joseph Giggs is the current Welsh football coach and its former player, who played as a midfielder.

Having made his professional debut for

Manchester City

, Ryan Giggs spent his next 23 professional career years in its first team. By the end of the 2013-14 season and following the David Moyes sacking, Giggs, famous as a one-club man, started to work in

Manchester United

as an interim player-manager.

Crunching the number of his total appearances will reveal that Giggs is not only one of the 

players with most Premier League appearances

 but a holder of the club record for competitive ones.

 The former professional midfielder won 13 winner's medals in Premier League competitions during his playing time at Manchester United, which led him to become one of the most decorated football players of all time. The English Welsh legendary has gained a wide range of achievements, which among them two honors are the most related ones to the Premier League. 

Being the only player who played in all first 22 seasons of the Premier League and the only footballer who scored in all first 21 seasons are the achievements that have set him apart from other players in the football world. 

Frank Lampard 

  • 609 Appearances

Starting to play in 1996 and ending in 2015, Frank Lampard made 609 appearances during these 19 years, which 429 times refer to his plays for 


, 148 times to 

West Ham United

, and 32 to Manchester City. The number of 609 appearances has put Lampard in third place among the 

footballers with the most Premier League appearances


Lampard, the current Chelsea professional manager, was an astonishing player who has recently become the head coach of Chelsea, the Premier League club. There are many achievements related to the Premier League in Lampard's career history, including winning three Premier League titles and scoring 150 or more goals in the Premier League as the only midfielder among the nine players who have done it.

Among other Lampard's brilliant performance in the Premier League as a player, he has left a prominent one as an assistant. His effort led him to get a fourth place on the list of the Premier League's all-time assists among 102 ones. Since Lampard did his best in his playing period, there is a wide range of memorable and prominent moments that he recorded in his career history, but going through them will take a long time.

So, we only review a few of his scored-goals, including his two goals against Southampton in the Premier League, which led to a 2-0 victory. One of his other unforgettable goals is the long-range one he scored from 30 yards and helped Chelsea win with the 4-1 result against 

Crystal Palace

David James

  • 572 Appearances

The fourth-place among the 

most Premier League appearances by a player

 belongs to David James, who made 572 appearances between 1992 and 2012. It is a figure of 214 appearances for 


, 147 times for Manchester City, 100 times for Aston Villa, 94 times for 

Newcastle United

, and 48 times for 

Leeds United

. Though David James started his career as a goalkeeper with Watford, in 2013, he took up the Luton Town's coach position. 

Reviewing James' achievements shows that his name is not only amongst the players with most Premier League appearances but the record holder for most clean sheets with 169 in the Premier League, though Petr Cech exceeded his record. 

James Milner 

  • 553 Appearances

Making 553 appearances in the Premier League, James Milner is the 35-year-old English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder, winger, and full-back. Milner, whose talent has made him a versatile player, is one of the footballers with the most Premier League appearances.

Though Milner started his career by playing for Watford, he continued his effort to establish himself in Liverpool, a Premier League club, which a large part of his record goes back to his playing time in the team. Milner's talent, especially in long-distance running and football, at his young age led him to join the Leeds Youth Academy. 

James Milner made his debut at 16, which his young age earned him the title of the youngest player to take part and score in the Premier League. All these success and honors come from Milner's intelligence and tenacity have always been his outstanding features, which his teammate always called the points his strong trait. 

Gary Speed 

  • 535 Appearances

Gary Speed is the one who is in sixth place among the ten 

soccer players with the most Premier League appearances

. Speed made his first appearance in 1992, at age 23, and did the last one in 2007. Meanwhile, he took part in the competition by playing for several clubs, including Newcastle, Leeds United,

Bolton Wanderers

, and Everton.

Born on 8 September 1969, Gary Andrew Speed started his professional career as a midfielder in 1988 with Leeds United, which 143 appearances in Premier League out of 535 come out from his playing time for the club.

Furthermore, he took part 121 times in the high-level competitions with Bolton Wanderers and 58 times with


, but his most appearances, 213 times, are related to Newcastle United.

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Despite his playing mainly as a left-sided attacking midfielder, he was renowned as a talented footballer who could play in left-back and center-back as skillfully as his principal position. Before his early death at age 42 in 2011, Speed, the hard-working player, managed the clubs 

Sheffield United

 in 2010 and some months later 


 national team. Having remained in the role for about 11 months, Speed died by suicide. After Ryan Giggs, Gary Speed is the second Welshman who could put his name among the 

football players with the most Premier League appearances


Emile Heskey 

  • 516 Appearances

Striker Emile Heskey comes seventh in the list of most Premier League appearances by a player. Born on 11 January 1978, Heskey is an English former expert player who appeared more than 500 times in the Football League and Premier League during his 18 years of professional work.

During the years between 1995 and 2012, he played in Premier League 516 times, including 150 appearances by playing for Liverpool, 124 times for 

Leicester City

, 92 times for Aston Villa, 82 times for 

Wigan Athletic

, and 68 times for

 Birmingham City

. This amount of appearances provided the opportunity of scoring 110 goals and 53 assists for Heskey in the Premier League.

Being the only midfielder on the list of top 10 players with a record around their appearance in the Premier League, Heskey has often been the perfect example of a target man. A mix of physical strength, pace, and ability in utilizing his height in overcoming aerial challenges had abled Emile Heskey to perform brilliantly not only in his primary role as a forward but in a more withdrawn role as an attacking midfielder. 

Mark Schwarzer 

  • 514 Appearances

The next record belongs to Mark Schwarzer, the Australian goalkeeper, which by appearing 514 times, added his name to the list of footballers with the most Premier League appearances. Making his first appearance in 1997, Schwarzer earned the record by playing 332 times for 


, 172 times for


, six appearances for Leicester City, and four times for Chelsea.

Based on the number, most of Schwarzer's appearances refer to his playing time for Middlesbrough. Being regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League of all time, Schwarzer is the second goalkeeper and the first Australian among the players who have taken part in the Premier League.  

To date, he has been the first and the only non-British player who has appeared in more than 500 Premier League matches, which earned him the record of the highest-appearance rate as a non-Brit in the history of the Premier League. 

Jamie Carragher 

  • 508 Appearances

After Ryan Giggs, Jamie Carragher is the second one-club man, which by appearing 508 times, has put his name to the list of football players with the most Premier League appearances. Jamie Carragher is a 43-year-old English who was the former legendary defender of the Premier League club, Liverpool. Before his retirement, he spent 17 years of his career with the club, which led him to be entitled the one-club man.

Out of 17 years of his playing for Liverpool, Carragher appeared in Premier League matches and made 508 appearances in the Premier League between 1997 and 2013. By the number, he got an eighth-place among the ten players with the highest record based on the times they have appeared in related competitions.

Though Carragher's first position was a full-back, he took part in his professional debut in 1996-97 as the role, by the arrival of Rafael Benitez, the new manager, he moved to play in the role of a center-back player. The new position led him to find his best form and earned many achievements. 

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Phil Neville 

  • 505 Appearances

Born on 21 January 1977, Phil Neville is the current head coach of Inter Miami and the former player who played for the England national team, Manchester United, and Everton. While Carragher was playing for the club, from 1995 to 2013 took part 505 times in the Premier League, which 263 times are related to his playing time for Manchester United and 242 times for Everton.

The number 505 caused him to be one of the 

footballers with the most Premier League appearances

. However, with only one fewer appearance Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard are the next two people with 504 times on the list of most Premier League appearances by a player. As well as being a prosperous manager, Neville and some of his former teammates from Manchester United are the owners of 

Salford City

The successful player has a wide range of honors and achievements, which among them are winning six Premier League titles. Operating brilliantly in both midfield and defense positions, Neville had made Neville a versatile player, a good opportunity for Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes at Manchester United and Everton to use Neville in both roles. Though Neville performed brilliantly in both positions, he performed better as a full-back one. 

As you read, though we had introduced the soccer players with the most Premier League appearances in the article, players' performance in the future might make some changes to the order of players or the number of their appearances.

Consequently, since the figures used are related to the present, our presented list might not be the same in the future. At last, if you know any other facts about the footballers with the most Premier League appearances, let us know in the comment section. 

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