Top facts about Sophia Thomalla, Loris Karius's gorgeous girlfriend

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This is where we are going to share Top facts about Sophia Thomalla, Loris Karius's gorgeous girlfriend including life story and all the information about her personal life, so stay tuned to learn more of Top facts about Sophia Thomalla.

Sophia Thomalla is a popular model, TV host, and actress from Germany. For her movies and series such as Commissario Laurenti, Unser Charly, Hanni & Nanni, and 90 Minuten, she is often remembered. With some exceptional talent under her belt, she is an excellent model. She won herself a reputation in the industry within a brief amount of time.

Sophia Thomalla made her professional acting debut back in 2008, in the movie Our Charly, where she played the part of Helena Schon. As her mother as well as her father are a renowned artist in the industry, she belongs to a celebrated family in the industry. At the age of 19, she became a member of the industry.

She is the daughter of Simone Thomalla and André Vetters, a well-known actress. In 2010, she was ranked third Sexiest Woman in 'FHM' magazine.

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Top facts about Sophia Thomalla, Loris Karius's gorgeous girlfriend

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top facts about Sophia Thomalla

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top facts about Sophia Thomalla, Loris Karius's gorgeous girlfriend

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Sophia Thomalla's Biography

Now stay tuned and read on top facts about Sophia Thomalla as we are going to share some more information about her such as Sophia Thomalla's childhood.

  • Name:

    Sophia Thomalla

  • Sophia Thomalla's Birth date:

     October 6, 1989

  • Sophia Thomalla's Age:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Gender:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Height:

    5 ft 7 in

  • Sophia Thomalla's Nationality:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Profession:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Parents:

    Simone Thomalla and André Vetters.

  • Sophia Thomalla's Married/Single:

    In a Relationship

  • Sophia Thomalla's Instagram:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Horoscope:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Ethnicity:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Hair Color:

    Dark Brown

  • Sophia Thomalla's Eye Color:


  • Sophia Thomalla's Current Boyfriend of Sophia Thomalla:

    Loris Karius          

  • Sophia Thomalla's Ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands:

    Sebastian Deyle, Till Lindemann

  • Sophia Thomalla's Expecting a baby:

    She is not pregnant

Sophia Thomalla's


Net Worth:

$1.2 Million

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Sophia Thomalla was born in Berlin on Friday, October 6, 1989. she is 31 years old at the present. People born on the 6th of October fell under the Libra zodiac sign. The Snake is her zodiac animal. She lived in Cologne for a time when she was only living in Berlin at a young age.

Sophia Thomalla was born to Simone Thomalla and Andre Vetters. She grew up in Berlin until she was seven and, with her mum, moved to Cologne.

She and her mother moved to Kleinmachnow, a suburb of Berlin, after finishing her fourth year of school, and then, after one year, to Gelsenkirchen, where she also lived after her mother's separation from Rudi Assauer. Thomalla practised kickboxing as a recreational sport; she also partook in some amateur fights.

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Her religion is Christian and Libra is her horoscope sign. Her nationality is American and white is her ethnicity. Talking about her education, from 2007 to 2009, Thomalla attended the Constantin School of Acting, Dance and Singing in Bochum.

Who is Loris Karius?

Loris Sven Karius (born 22 June 1993) is a professional German footballer who, was born to Christine and Harald Karius in Biberach, Baden-Württemberg. Harald intended to become a motocross rider for his son, but Karl, the grandfather of Loris, encouraged him to focus on football.

He secretly trained as a goalkeeper, and he learned so quickly that his father allowed him to play football and pursue his interests. Before playing for 

Manchester City

, Karius played for clubs such as Stuttgart, Biberach, G Mettenberg, and others. Karius dared to say his decision at an early age.

Before moving to 


 in 2016 for a fee of £ 4.75 million, he established himself as the first-choice goalkeeper for the Bundesliga side. At the youth level, he represented Germany. Karius, born in Biberach, started his Stuttgart career before moving to Manchester City in 2009. He returned to Germany with 

Mainz 05

 after two years in Manchester City's youth system.

Karius attended Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Biberach until his move to England in 2009 where he was then privately tutored. When we look at his career, Liverpool is the best team he's been with it so far. Because of his nightmarish game against Real Madrid in the final game, he received an official bid after the third division club games in Italy.

Sophia Thomalla's Career

Thomalla attended Bochum's Constantin School for Acting, Dance and Singing from 2007 to 2009. In 2006, in the ARD crime series Commissario Laurenti, she played her first television role as the daughter of Barbara Rudnik and Henry Hübchen with the TV director Sigi Rothemund.

In 2009, she applied for an open cast for the German Next Topmodel model casting show. "She appeared with Chris Putzer in the Sat.1 daily soap Eine wie Keine ("One Like No Other") in 2009 and 2010.

She was a Let's Dance nominee and won the 2010 Dancing Star award with her dance partner, Massimo Sinató. In 2012, Thomalla appeared in the ensemble of the comedy series Die Dreisten Drei on Sat.1, alongside Oliver Beerhenke and Mirco Nontschew.

She ranked third in the list of FHM's Sexiest Women in 2010. Thomalla was photographed, as her mum, for the German edition of Playboy, with the images released in May 2012. In the online selection of Die 25 schönsten Stars in 25 years, Thomalla won first place ("The 25 Most Beautiful Stars in 25 Years").

Thomalla was depicted with her mother and 23 other women in the October 2015 edition of Playboy, including Christine Theiss, Tina Ruland, Regina Halmich, Katarina Witt, Charlotte Engelhardt, and Miriam Gössner.

In 2014, she advertised for the discounter Lidl cosmetic product line and for the fashion brand the following year. At the Wok World Cup broadcast on ProSieben in March and at the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge in October 2015, she took over additional hosting. Alongside Gunther Emmerlich, Thomalla hosted the 10th SemperOpernball in Dresden on January 30, 2015.

She appeared on March 2, 2015 on the talk show Hart aber Fair ("Tough but Fair"), which discussed the issue of gender equality. For her role on the program, she was criticized heavily. On 8 September 2015, the question of equality in the same cast at Hart aber Fair, supplemented by two other visitors, was again debated.

In 2016, alongside DJ BoBo and Cale Kalay, Thomalla was part of the jury for the RTL dance show Dance Dance Dance. She was on the panel for the tattoo show Pain & Fame on Sixx later that year, where the best tattoo artists in Germany were competing. She introduced a shoe collection in September 2016.

There was criticism of a promotional photo for a gambling provider in December 2017. Tied to a cross, Thomalla was scarcely dressed. The photo was criticized by the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics and the Evangelical Church Cultural Commissioner.

Thomalla said of the #MeToo movement in the talk show Maischberger: "I think the campaign is an insult to the true rape victims." These events and other remarks about the #MeToo campaign prompted criticism .

Sophia Thomalla's Filmography

  • 2006–2009: 

    Commissario Laurenti (TV series, 5 episodes)

  • 2008:

     Unser Charly (TV series, episode: Mit allen Tricks)

  • 2009: 

    Zeit der Entscheidung – Die Soap deiner Wahl (Internet soap opera, one episode)

  • 2009–2010:

     Eine wie keine (TV series, 3 episodes)

  • 2010: 

    Hanni & Nanni

  • 2010:

     Countdown – Die Jagd beginnt (TV series, episode: Vom Himmel gefallen)

  • 2010–2013: 

    Der Bergdoktor (TV series, 44 episodes)

  • 2011: 

    90 Minuten – Das Berlin Projekt

  • 2011: 

    Der letzte Bulle (TV series, episode: Mord auf Seite 1)

  • 2011: 

    Die Trixxer

  • 2012: 

    Die Dreisten Drei – jetzt noch dreister

  • 2013: 

    Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei (TV series, episode: Alleingang)

  • 2015: 

    Da muss Mann durch

In the following, we will take a look at who Sophia Tomala had a relationship with, who she dated, we will also look at

top facts about Sophia Thomalla

, net worth, and more.

About Previous Sophia Thomalla’s boyfriends

Like most celebrities, Sophia Thomalla tries to keep her personal and love life private. Boyfriends of Sophia Thomalla: Sophia Thomalla (2016-2017) was formerly married to Andy LaPlegua. Before Gavin Rossdale, she had a minimum of 4 relationships. Sophia Thomalla had not been engaged previously.

She dated Rammstein singer Till Lindemann from April 2011 to November 2015. On 11th March 2016, she married Norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua in Marietta, Georgia. In May 2017, she announced a divorce from LaPlegua. Sophia Thomalla has been in relationships with Till Lindemann (2011 – 2015) and Michael Delura (2003 – 2005).

Gavin Rosdale is one of Sophia Tomala's ex-boyfriends. Sophia Thomalla’s boyfriend, Gavin Rossdale was born on October 30, 1965, in London, England. He is currently 55 years old. Gavin Rossdale is best known for being a Rock Singer. He was also born in the Year of the Serpent.

Sometime in 2017, they started dating. Well, she's a Libra, and he's a Scorpio. Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are known to be the most compatible signs with Libra, while Cancer and Capricorn are usually considered to be the least compatible signs with Libra. Gavin Rossdale is 55 years old, while Sophia is 31.

Sophia Thomalla has had at least 4 marriages before this one, according to CelebsCouples. She had not been engaged previously. Sophia Thomalla and Gavin Rossdale have been dating for approximately 3 years, 10 months, and 22 days.

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Sophia Thomalla road to fame

In the 2006 ARD crime series Commissario Laurenti, Sophia Thomalla performed her first television role as the daughter of Barbara Rudnik and Henry Hubchen with television director Sigi Rothemund.

She played the part of Helena Schon in 'Our Charly' back in 2008.In 2009, she starred in the TV series 'Zeit der Entscheidung-Die Soap Deiner Wahl' as Uschi Schuster. In 2009 and 2010, she was with Chris Putzer on the Sat.1 Daily Soap One Like No Other.

She has since appeared in numerous other films and TV series.All in all, as an actress, she has over 15 credits.

Some other movies and television series that Thomalla has appeared in are ‘Alarm fur Cobra 11-Die Autobahnpolizei’, ‘Einfach Magisch’, ‘Kustenwache’, ‘The Tricksters’, ‘The Berlin Project’, ‘The Last Cop’, ‘Countdown-Die Jagd beginnt’, ‘Eine wie Keine’, ‘Hanni & Nanni’,and ’SOKO Wismar’. 

Furthermore, she hosted the 10th Dresden SemperOperball.In 2010, she was ranked third in the FHM Sexiest Women list. In the year 2009, she also applied for an open cast for 'Germany's Next Top Model. 'In the year 2014, she advertised for the discounter Lidl cosmetic product line and for her fashion brand the following year.

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Next to DJ BoBo and Cale Kalay of the RTL dance show Dance Dance Dance in 2016, she sat on the jury. She said about the #MeToo campaign in the talk show Maischberger: "I think the campaign is an insult to the true rape victims." These and other comments on # MeToo's campaign sparked criticism. 

Interesting facts about Sophia Thomalla

She’s the daughter of a well-known actress.

There is a lot to say about Sophia Thomalla, much of it positive as she has had a respectable career to date and has done a few things worthy of notice in her life. She tried her luck with Germany's Next Top Model, but after the first episode, it didn't pan out and she was gone.

That did not interrupt her modeling career, however, as she continued to become a model for a few multiple products and companies that used her talents. She's also had the luck of being in relationships with a few successful men, one of whom is Gavin Rossdale, her new squeeze.

She was in a relationship with the frontman for Rammstein.

This was years back, but it was worth noting as she seems to like musicians judging by her chosen men. Some people seem to like the lifestyle that many musicians lead, and for many women over the years, the thought of dating someone in a band has become a common trait.

There’s something of the bad boy in a lot of musicians that some women go absolutely nuts over, so maybe that’s part of it.

She was rated as FHM’s third sexiest woman in 2010.

There is no doubt that she is really beautiful and that FHM does not completely support these women on its pages at all. The effort to be selected as the sexiest woman is no small feat as it means that enough people noticed something in her in powerful places that was worth giving her this sort of title.

While it can fade as time goes by, it is also something that can be added to the resume and maintained as a pleasant memory that goes on.

She posed for the German Playboy.

It all depends on how an individual feels about a woman manipulating her body in such a way and whether or not they embrace this sort of thing as an art form or simply plain pornography.

One thing you can generally say about Playboy is that they usually have a much nicer photo collection than a lot of other magazines that go in for closeups and the shooting feels a lot more hardcore. There’s just something about Playboy that’s a little more stylish, but again it’s all dependent on a person’s point of view.

Her favorite hobby is kickboxing.

This seems to imply that if one felt the inclination, she wouldn't be a good woman to cross. Chances are that if she really had to, she could actually manage her business. She seems to be a very amazing individual.

Let us now take a brief look at other top facts about Sophia Thomalla

Got 121 acts for administrative offenses in only two years.

Was in a four years lasting relationship with the 26 years older Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann. According to media news, both separated in 2015.

He married Andy LePlegua, a Norwegian singer, in March 2016. A few months later, with "sometimes people do things that are not well thought out," she commented on her marriage. She formally declared their divorce in May 2017. She has been reportedly in a relationship with soccer player Loris Karius since January 2019.

Had her first role in a tv series at age 16. Sophia Thomalla played in 5 episodes of the series Commissario Laurenti.

Would like to work together with Johnny Depp.

Developed her good body sensation through sport and especially kickboxing.

Auditioned for the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum in 2009, but got eliminated.

Won the third season of the German version Dancing with the Stars. Her dancing partner was Massimo Sinato.

Posed naked for Playboy magazine in 2012.

Her hands are almost perfectly tattooed, but she does not like to get tattoos on her legs. In late 2015, she lost two amounts of weight due to a six-week hard workout with a daily dose of about an hour of strength training and an hour of running. She also eliminated alcohol in her health plan.

Right before completing her graduation, she left college.  just knew that nobody is going to become a good actress from extracting the square root," Thomalla said in an interview with freundin.de."

She is extremely renowned for her immense trust in herself. “I guess my aura already shows, that I don’t want any guy to hit on me”.

She has a decent friendship with her mother, but she doesn't see her as a friend. Sophia Thomalla doesn't speak to her about her sex life, for instance.

Owing to her mother's shifting boyfriends, she had different "mentors" during her adolescence and early youth. Any of them are prominent figures in Germany, such as former professional soccer player Rudi Assauer, for example.

Sophia Thomalla describes her childhood as a very happy time. Prefers to shop online as she doesn’t like the bad lighting in dressing rooms.

Sophia Thomalla's strange act

The girlfriend of Liverpool goalie Loris Karius was angry when a vandal appeared to paint the word 'loser' on her luxurious vehicle. Karius is halfway through a two-year loan arrangement with Besiktas, who paid an initial fee of £ 2.25million to Liverpool.

The incident came after the German stopper announced that after the improved form, he was happy to remain on the Turkish side.

Sophia Thomalla posted a photo of the alleged vandalism with the words 'Na Klasse' editing the snap, which translates as 'no class'. Sophia lives in Berlin, but where the vandalism happened is not clear. The model's photo saw her receive an outpouring of kind responses, slamming the vandal's behavior.

German actress Pia Tillmann said: "What the hell is with people?" South African dancer Motsi Mabuse simply wrote: "Really?"

However, in her most recent Instagram post, Sophia revealed that the spray-paint was part of a paid partnership with the new Coca-Cola water, Aquarius. Sophia said: "Great idea of Aquarius! Mega idea! Mega campaign! Mega drink!

Sophia Thomalla’s Net worth

The 31-year-old German television actress did well. The net worth of Sophia Thomalla is around 1 million dollars including all her personal earnings and from movies. There are several outlets that speak about the net worth of Sophia Thomalla, her pay, and revenue, but her worth figures online differ.

To see other figures of the net worth of Sophia Thomalla, you can visit websites like CelebsMoney and NetWorthStats. Please note, celebrities typically do not reveal their exact net worth.

Sophia Thomalla’s Social Media

Thomalla is active over social media. She has a huge number of followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has more than 137k followers on Twitter.

In addition, She is available on her Instagram account @sophiathomalla where she has more than 1.2 million followers with over 1351 posts, her Facebook page has more than 325k followers.

Sophia Thomalla’s social media accounts include (@ThomallaSophia) in twitter, and her website is Impressum:www.semperfi-management.de/sophia-thomalla.




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