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Top facts about Marcelo Vieira

How much do you know about one of the best left-backs in Real Madrid and football history? Follow us below as we take a look at some of the more interesting facts about Marcelo Vieira.

Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior, shortly known to almost everyone as Marcelo Vieira or 


, is without a doubt one of the best footballers in history, whose name will be echoing through the football halls of fame for eternity. Even though Real Madrid are not making good use of the Brazilian left-back anymore, he is still a world-class footballer who can wow the viewers with his technique and immense dribbling ability.

While a player’s feats, achievements and glories are certainly interesting and sometimes even mind-blowing to hear about in the world of football, there are other sides to a footballer’s life as well, sides that are more social and even at times personal, which some fans and supporters desperately want to know about, while others are interested to find out more about their favorite players, both on and off the pitch. That is why it would certainly pique your interest if we were to present some of the top

facts about Marcelo Vieira

, which is exactly what we have done.

Even though the new generation of left-backs has arrived and the likes of

Sergio Reguilon

, Benjamin Mendy and Kieran Tierney are putting in the best of their efforts to become the next best world-class left-back, Marcelo is still one of the best around and it will be years before youngsters could even reach the level of success and fame the Brazilian has reached. Here are some of the top facts about Marcelo Vieira that will certainly have you impressed.

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Facts about Marcelo Vieira you probably did not know

Before going through some of the more in-depth and personal

facts about Marcelo Vieira

, we have provided below an overview of the Brazilian dribbler which could give an idea of who the Real Madrid man is.

  • Full name: Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior

  • Date of birth: 12 May 1988

  • Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

  • Marital status: Married

  • Nickname: El Loco

  • Current club: Real Madrid

  • Jersey number: 12

Now that we have had an overview of the Rio de Janeiro-born left-back, let us have a look at the interesting facts about Marcelo Vieira that will certainly pique your interest.

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Marcelo Vieira birthday and zodiac sign

Sadly for the football fans who have been in love with the beautiful game for more than ten years, the current generation of footballers such as Marcelo,

Cristiano Ronaldo

, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and many more of the world-class legends are not going to stop aging anytime soon, as they are slowly nearing the end of their careers.

Even though all of them are still wowing everyone with their phenomenal form, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic battling for the Serie A title in Italy, scoring goals and aging like fine wine, and

Lionel Messi

going head to head against his pal and former teammate Luis Suarez for the La Liga title, the day of their retirement is edging closer than ever, however slowly.

Marcelo Vieira birthday

is on the 12th day of May, as he was born on 12 May, 1988, which means that he turned 32 years old in 2020.

Sadly, the day that he is forced to hang up his boots for good is also close like the rest of the footballers of his generation. Of course we have still got the Brazilian left-back and we can still enjoy his time on the pitch, tearing through opposition defenders like knife cutting through butter. With Marcelo Vieira birthday being on 12 May, his zodiac sign would be Taurus. People under this sign tend to be quite disciplined and loyal, just like how Marcelo has been at

Real Madrid


After his long-time friend and teammate Cristiano Ronaldo left for


after Real winning their third consecutive Champions League trophy, there were rumors about the Brazilian moving to Italy to join his friend in Turin. But as his zodiac sign suggested, he stayed true and loyal to his team and continued serving Real Madrid, which is truly an amazing part of

facts about Marcelo Vieira


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Marcelo Vieira childhood story

Born to a fireman father and a teacher mother, little Marcelo grew up in the Catete Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As it has been for many of his compatriots and many Brazilian footballers, Marcelo grew up in poverty, as his whole neighborhood was living in a poor financial state.

Of course while poverty is not something that anyone would wish upon anyone else, and it is truly a difficult issue to tackle in most or even dare to say all of the countries in the world, it has turned into a cultural tradition in Brazil, as young Brazilians growing in the narrow streets of Rio de Janeiro and actually other parts of South American countries, fall in love football playing the beautiful game right on those narrow streets, with the hopes of one day making their break and having people realize their hidden potential.

One of the interesting facts about Marcelo Vieira is that he fell in love with football at quite a young age and started playing with his friends and falling in love with the sport even more. In an interview a question was asked about

Marcelo Vieira childhood

, and the Brazilian replied reminiscing about the old days, saying that his dad used to show his firefighting gear and suits when he was a kid.

Even then he had realized that it was not the dream of his father for him to follow in his footsteps and become a firefighter, as it paid such a low wage and most firemen were poor back in the day. Even during those days of Marcelo Vieira childhood, he knew his own passion and wanted to follow his dreams of playing football.

Playing five-a-side football with his friends on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo joined


’s youth side at the age of 13, which completely changed the young talent’s life as he set foot towards becoming a professional footballer. One of the facts about Marcelo Vieira is that dealing with poverty proved to be so difficult for him and his family that he was about to reconsider his life path and leave football at such an early age since he could not afford to pay for the bus every time he went to training.

But the disciplined and determined Taurus did not give up on his dream and continued working on his passion, which we are certainly grateful for.

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Marcelo Vieira wife and children

While some of the footballers tend to follow the footsteps of many of the Hollywood celebrities and singers, not tying the knot and keeping their options wide open, the Brazilian left-back is quite the opposite, as he has been a family man since the very beginning. You might already know who

Marcelo Vieira wife

is. Brazilians especially know who this woman is, as she is a renowned Brazilian actress and social media personality. Clarisse Alves is Marcelo Vieira’s wife and she married the world-famous footballer way back in 2008, almost a year after he had joined Real Madrid.

While the two lovebirds got married in 2008, it is one of the interesting facts about Marcelo Vieira that he and his wife were dating long before they tied the knot. After getting married, the couple welcomed their firstborn child, a son, on 24 September 2009, whom they named Enzo. Their second child Liam, also a boy, was born six years after his older brother on the first day of September 2015. While Liam is still too young to see if he has in fact inherited his father’s footballing genes, his older brother Enzo has certainly inherited Marcelo’s footballing genes, and might even be able to perfect his father’s style of play later in life.

Enzo is currently following in his father’s footsteps as he plays in Real Madrid’s youth academy, wowing everyone with his dribbling abilities and his lethality in front of the goal. There was even a video of him that went quite viral, as he performed the header challenge in Real Madrid’s dressing room with the club’s superstars.

One of the sweeter facts about Marcelo Vieira is that he is quite supportive of his sons. In fact he reenacted the same scene in an opposite situation, where he visited his son’s team and completed the header challenge with his teammates.

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Marcelo Vieira Instagram

It has turned into a norm in the modern-day life that superstars and celebrities use social media platforms to keep in a closer touch with their fans and supporters, while also promoting their own brand or the brands with whom they have signed a sponsorship contract. The Brazilian footballer is not different as one look at

Marcelo Vieira Instagram

would quickly give you an idea of how he manages his social media accounts.

The 32-year-old has a massive 46.3 million follower base, as he himself follows more than a thousand people on Facebook’s global social media app, Instagram. He has recently released his own series of journey bags and suitcases in collaboration with Db Journey, and usually posts pictures of himself carrying the said bags in order to promote the sponsored products.

Looking at the pictures on Marcelo Vieira Instagram, there is also another detail that could be seen much clearer than on the television. The detail that we are talking about is the inking on the footballer’s body.

Marcelo Vieira tattoos

have their own particular meanings, which are quite personal and at times emotional for the Brazilian veteran. There are a number of inking marks that were worth noting. Marcelo Vieira tattoos include the number 12, which is both his birthday and shirt number and is tattooed to his left arm.

The one on his right arm is the more emotional one, as Marcelo has tattooed his late grandfather Pedro, who supported his grandson through football training sessions both financially and mentally. In fact, the former Fluminense man dedicates all of his goals to his wife and his grandfather. Pedro sadly passed away during the 2014 World Cup, the same tournament in which Marcelo’s national team were humiliated by Germany as they lost the Semi-final 7-1, which left every Brazilian in tears.

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Marcelo Vieira quotes

As a footballing veteran, the Brazilian left-back has had his fair share of strong and memorable moments and has said some memorable lines as well. We have gathered some of the more interesting

Marcelo Vieira quotes

that might be both helpful in our lives and fun to read. Here are the best Marcelo Vieira quotes that we could find.

“As I always say: Whenever you have the ball at your feet, you cannot be angry. You do not even need other people to play with you. Everything revolves around the ball.”  There is true wisdom in this quote from the Brazilian baller, as it encourages footballers to be more self-dependent and not blame others for their mistakes.

“Thanks to football and my family today I am a complete person. I love and breathe football. I give my life for this. This is exactly what I want to show you: all the dedication, effort, courage and love!” Marcelo has always encouraged everyone to do what they desire and follow their passions, as he supports many children to become who they want to be, just like how his grandfather supported him through youth trainings.

These were only a handful of facts about Marcelo Vieira that we could share with you on this article. The Brazilian has already managed to make his mark in the world of football, achieving great success that many thought was unachievable, including the three consecutive

UEFA Champions League

trophies, with Marcelo playing quite a significantly vital part in winning the three prestigious titles.

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