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Here you can take a look at Marcus Thuram biography including his childhood, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Born on 26 January 1963, Marcus Thuram is a professional football player, who serves at Borussia Monchengladbach, which is his career’s third professional club.

Marcus Thuram nationality

is French. His religion is not known yet. Marcus grew up in a wealthy family and has not had a problem in supplying what he needed. However, separation of his parents was the dark side of his childhood. He is considered to be a powerful man with a great amount of self-confidence. Marcus is son of a professional football player and a FIFA World Cup winner. In spite of having more UEFA Champions League goals than him, Marcus still sees his father as an idol in the professional career. As he is a charismatic football player who has come from a football-related family, there will be great to read

Marcus Thuram biography


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All You Need to Know About Marcus Thuram Bio

Marcus Thuram is a French football player who has not scored a goal for his national team yet. At club level, he has not won a major trophy, but there is no doubt he is pursuing the right path in his career. He has made his mark in the highest level of football in France and then he was selected by Borussia Monchengladbach manager to be part of the team.

He is a professional football player, like his father and also his younger brother. Controversy is also among the football-related parts of

Marcus Thuram life story

. Go ahead and read Marcus Thuram biography.

Marcus Thuram Information

As the first item on our article of Marcus Thuram biography, let's see who he is in brief.

Marcus Thuram Bio

  • Full Name:

    Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien

  • Nickname:


  • Profession:

    professional football player

Marcus Thuram Physical Stats

  • Weight:

    79 Kilograms

  • Height:

    1.92 Meters

  • Eye Color:

    dark brown

  • Hair Color:


Marcus Thuram Football Information

  • Position:

    Forward – Left winger

  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:


Marcus Thuram Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    6 August 1997

  • Birth Place:

    Parma, Italy

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


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Marcus Thuram Early Life

Marcus was born on 6 August 1997 in Parma during his father’s spell at the Italian club Parma. Lilian Thuram did not want his children to copy him and go into football, encouraging them to try other sports like judo and fencing. However, neither Marcus nor his younger brother listened to their father and both of them are now professional football players. Growing up in a wealthy family helped Marcus have almost everything a child wants in his early life.

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His parents could afford him the newest toys, and he was used to get soccer balls as gifts. When Marcus was a child at the age of ten, his parents got divorced.

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Marcus Thuram Profile

Marcus Thuram started to play football, when he was only a child. At the age of ten, in 2007, he joined the Olympique de Neuilly youth team. After three years, he moved to AC Boulogne-Billancourt and spent two seasons there, before joining the famous French club Sochaux. After playing two seasons at the youth level of Sochaux, Marcus Thuram promoted to the second team of the club and got ready to start his professional senior career.F

inally, he made his debut at the second division of French football with the club on 20 March 2015. In his spell at


over a period of two years, Marcus Thuram played 43 matches in all competitions. He did not leave his senior career’s first club without scoring. As a young striker, Marcus Thuram succeeded to score one goal for Sochaux, during a 3–1 loss on 14 April 2017.

2017 summer was the time for Marcus Thuram to step up and join a club at the highest level of French football. Thuram left Sochaux and moved to Ligue 1 club


for an undisclosed fee. Marcus Thuram immediately became a frequent member of the team’s line-up. In August 2018 and through the

Paris Saint-Germain

clash, he gained the opportunity of playing against Gianluigi Buffon, the Italian legendary goalkeeper who had been playing alongside his father for a long time at Parma and Juventus.

In January 2019 during the quarter-finals of the Coupe de la Ligue, Thuram scored an injury time penalty to eliminate PSG from, after missing an earlier one in the 2–1 win at the Parc des Princes. Less than a month later, he scored the equaliser in a 2–2 home draw with Monaco in the semi-final. Although he missed his attempt in the penalty shootout, Guingamp advanced to the Finals of the Coupe de la Ligue.

Marcus Thuram was undoubtedly settled in the correct path in his career and his breakthrough during the two-year spell at Guingamp was something impossible to deny. His progressive trend at the club grabbed the attention of scouts from different European clubs and eventually one from Germany opted to sign this French talent.

In July 2019,

Borussia Monchengladbach

announced the signing of Marcus Thuram on a four-year deal for a reported €12 million transfer fee. He was given the number 10 shirt, as the previous holder Thorgan Hazard had moved to Borussia Dortmund.

Thuram did not need a long time to show his abilities and prove himself at the new club, as he scored for Borussia Monchengladbach in his debut match. on 9 August 2019 in the first round of the DFB-Pokal, Marcus Thuram scored his team’s only goal against SV Sandhausen. Only in his fifth appearance, Marcus Thuram got his first Bundesliga goals, where he scored both of Monchengladbach goals during a 2–1 home win over Fortuna Düsseldorf.

On 31 May 2020, Thuram took a knee after scoring his first goal in a 4–1 win over 1. FC Union Berlin. Marcus Thuram dedicated the goal in honor of then protests in the United States following the killing of George Floyd.

He started the second season in Germany at a high pace, and on 27 October 2020, while featuring in his only second UCL appearance, Thuram scored both of his team’s two goals in a draw with

Real Madrid

in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. His brace against the Europe’s most successful club was enough for Marcus to surpass his glorious father, as Lilian Thuram has scored only one goal in 113 games in UEFA Champions League. Thuram reflected afterwards: “I didn’t even know until now that he even scored a goal in the Champions League, but I’m pleased for him!”

Marcus and his brother are eligible to play for either France, Italy or Guadeloupe (where Lilian was born) at international level. However, both of them have played for France at youth level. Marcus Thuram won the 2016 UEFA European Championship as a member of France U19 team. In November 2020, he was called up for the first time to the senior team, ahead of games against Finland, Portugal and Sweden. He earned his international debut appearance on 11 November in a friendly against Finland, where his nation suffered a 2–0 loss at the Stade de France.

Style of Play

Marcus Thuram may be a little taller than the Manchester United forward and his compatriot Anthony Martial. He has a bulkier frame and is as dangerous as him. Quick, direct and with the upper body strength to win duels against opponents, his sight while running toward the defensive line is enough to make any defender scare.

Standing at 1 meter 92 centimeters, Thuram has the physical attributes to be a defender, like his dad, who is the most-capped French player of all time. But his skills demanded he play further forward. Despite his physical abilities, Marcus Thuram is also a great dribbler, who has been among the best players of Europe top 5 leagues in dribbling stats in some periods.


Many football pundits see Marcus Thuram as a footballer’s son at the first time. However, Marcus is simply capable of grabbing their attention and making them applaud him.

France coach Didier Deschamps, who has also been a teammate of Lilian Thuram stated: “He's improving. It's promising. He plays as a second central striker and is one of the players we're following. Even if his dad wasn't called Lilian, we'd follow him anyway.”

Marco Rose, his current coach at German club Borussia Monchengladbach says about Marcus: “I believe that Marcus is far from the end of his development. There's a lot more to come from him. Marcus is a footballer who benefits greatly from his physique and stature. He's also a fine technician, who can always deal with situations in tight spaces.”

Philippe Bretau, who coached Marcus in France said about him: “Marcus could do things that only big guys could do, unlike other boys his age, " he said. "Normally dribbling is something the smaller players can do better. They are often good at carrying the ball and moving the game forward. But Marcus could do it even though he was tall. That was an advantage.”

Goal Celebration

Marcus Thuram has a famous type of goal celebration, which is exciting to watch each time. He goes to the corner of the pitch and raise the corner flag, to put his shirt on it. This is a kind of message for the rival to see Marcus Thuram’s power. This unique goal celebration is definitely related to his self-confidence and intrinsic traits.

Additionally, Marcus Thuram is also known because of another goal celebration. Following the killing of George Floyd and protests in the United States, he took a knee after scoring a goal against 1. FC Union Berlin, which was a sign of supporting the protests against racism.

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Marcus Thuram Outside Football

Marcus Thuram loves playing basketball and he is also a keen fan of NBA league. He also likes to travel, especially to the Desert Safari in Dubai. Marcus has self-confidence and considers himself as an important person. One part of Marcus Thuram’s lifestyle is that he spends a lot of money buying superhero gadgets, especially ones of robotic kind.

Earning a large amount of money per year as a wealthy person, Marcus Thuram truly loves buying savage automobiles. His posts on social media indicate his interest in buying this type of cars, alongside his favorite brand which is Mercedes and his preferred color, which is black. As you have recognized so far, Marcus Thuram, to be described in one word, is a luxurious person.

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Marcus Thuram Personal Life

Being the son of a great and famous football player, Marcus Thuram has been called as a World Cup winner’s son more than by his own name. A strange similarity between Marcus and his father is neither him nor Lilian Thuram have been born in France. Lilian Thuram was born in Guadeloupe. Therefore, Marcus had the choice of representing three different countries: Italy, France, and Guadeloupe.


Marcus Thuram religion

, there is no valid fact that shows his belief in Christianity. Marcus is likely to be irreligious; however, there is a possibility of being Catholic through his mother, since the majority of Guadeloupe people are Roman Catholic.

Family, Children and Relationships

Marcus Thuram is son of Lilian Thuram, the 1998 FIFA World Cup winner and the most-capped France international player of all time. His mother is Sandra Thuram. Marcus Thuram’s parents were childhood friends and met each other while in primary school.

Lilian and Sandra named his first son Marcus after Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. ONH, who was a Jamaican political activist, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator. Although Sandra had had an undeniable role in raising her two friends, her love life with Lilian Thuram came to an end in 2007, after twelve years.

The Thuram family includes another son, who was born four years after Marcus. The younger brother is named Khephren, and he is playing for Nice club in Ligue1, having represented France at U16, U17 and U18 teams. Lilian Thuram’s second son plays as a midfielder, so that the Thuram family has a professional player in each line of a football team, as Lilian was a defender and his sons are midfielder and forward. Marcus Thuram explains his brother: “He’s a midfielder, Very calm, very technical. He’s a very good player.”

Like Marcus, his brother’s name has had a story behind it. Lilian and Sandra named their second son (Khephren) after the Egyptian pharaoh ‘Khafra’.

Philippe Bretau, Marcus Thuram’s former coach at France says the family are well set up for success. “The relationship between Lilian and his sons is very strong. It’s a close family, they have many values. This way the boys can flourish and develop themselves without pressure but with certain demands. Also because the parents want to protect their children and know what professional football means.”

Marcus has not disclosed any details on his relationship status. No information on his girlfriend is found on the internet. However, there are some gossips about him being in a relationship and it seems he has an unintroduced girlfriend.


There is nothing about Marcus, but his father is active in charitable works, so it is possible that Marcus also does so. The foundation "Lilian Thuram - Education against Racism" works to eradicate racial discrimination.

Legal Issues

On 19 December 2020, Marcus Thuram did something so embarrassing during a Bundesliga game. He spit in the face of Hoffenheim player Stefan Posch and because of doing so, he was shown a red card and was sent off. Monchengladbach eventually lost the game 2-1. After this incident, Marcus Thuram faced a six-match ban and a €40,000 fine for spitting at an opponent. He was also fined a sum equivalent to one month’s wage by his own club.

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His father Lilian Thuram said about his misbehavior: “It's completely understandable what is happening in the media. I myself was watching the match, I was extremely shocked. I even asked myself the question of whether that was really my son. Afterwards, I had his explanation, which is to say that he was raging with anger, and so he insulted the opponent and without actually doing it on purpose, he had saliva which came out. What he wants is for people to remember that it's unintentional because he says himself, 'But Dad, I wouldn't want people to think I'm capable of spitting on someone on purpose because it doesn't make sense'.”

Marcus Thuram Career Statistics

In this part of

Marcus Thuram biography

, let us take a look at career statistics of this amazing young player, both in club and international levels.


As mentioned above, Marcus Thuram began his professional career at Sochaux. His first season saw Marcus play only one game in Ligue 2. In the 2015-16 season he gained the opportunity of playing 19 matches, without scoring a goal. Finally, his third season at the club saw him play 23 games and scoring a goal in the 2016-17 Ligue 2 campaign.

At Guingamp, where he experienced playing against the best clubs in his country, Marcus spent the first season, playing in 34 matches and scoring four times. However, the breakthrough came during his second half of Guingamp spell, as he scored 13 goals in 38 appearances, scoring in all three domestic competitions he played in.

The newly started challenge in Bundesliga was not difficult for him to deal with at all. Marcus Thuram played in 39 matches for Monchengladbach and scored 14 goals, including two goals in the European competition. His second season also has been spent well until now. Marcus has made 24 appearances across all competitions and has scored six goals for his club. Do not forget that two of his goals have been scored against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League.


Marcus Thuram’s international senior career has started recently in 2020. He has earned only three international caps and has not scored a goal so far. It is obvious that he sees plenty of skillful competitors on the way of France national team line-up.

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Marcus Thuram Honors

Being a young player who has not played in glorious clubs, no one expects Marcus Thuram to have a full trophy cabinet. His only team honor is the victory in the UEFA European Under 19 Championship, which he achieved with the France U19 team.

He has also collected a Bundesliga award in three consecutive months. Marcus Thuram was named Bundesliga Rookie of the Month in September, October, and November 2019.

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