Top Facts About Carol Cabrino, the Non-Ordinary Football Wag

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Meet Carol Cabrino the wife of Paris Saint-German defender Marquinhos. The Brazilian beauty is a talented singer and influencer on Instagram. Her sweet voice and talent in singing have made her a non-ordinary Football Wag. Learn more top facts about Carol Cabrino in this article.

Carol Cabrino is married to Marquinhos the famous Brazilian defender. Marquinhos is known for his skills and amazing performance on the pitch. He was the captain of the Brazil national team and also captain of the Paris Saint-German. Being the wife of such a famous footballer had brought great recognition to Carol Cabrino as well.

According to Carol Cabrino personal life she met Marquinhos, the Brazilian professional footballer in 2014 and they instantly fell in love. There is a romantic story about how the couple met which in this article, you will learn all about it. We will start from

Carol Cabrino childhood

and her life before being famous, then we will dive into her career. You will also learn about Carol Cabrino net worth and salary.

Top Facts About Carol Cabrino You Might Not Know

Despite the fact that

Carol Cabrino husband

is a professional footballer she is not a fan of the game and in an interview, she stated that she doesn’t know anything about football and that’s why she rarely attends any of Marquinhos’ football games. Learn the top facts about Carol Cabrino in the following.

Carol Cabrino childhood

Now let’s get into the life of the Brazilian beauty before fame. Carolina de Rezende Cabrino known as Carol Cabrino was born on July 29, 1993, in São Paulo.

Carol Cabrino parents

are Jose and Lima Cabrino and the couple raised Carol and her younger brother Gabriel. At such a young age, the Brazilian beauty showed a passion for music, and she made a great effort to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful singer. Carol Cabrino age was 3 when she first started singing in her father's karaoke room, in Caraguatatuba, São Paulo.

At the age of 15, her covers on YouTube started to pay off and had lots of viewers. She uploads covers of popular songs like Rihanna's Diamonds or Adele's Someone Like You on her YouTube channel. She was 18 when she appeared in freshman programs. One of these programs was “Young talents”, by Raul Gil. Based on Carol’s interviews Raul Gil was like a father to her.

 In 2009,

Carol Cabrino age

was 16 when she won the contest "Quero Brilhar" at NoCapricho, in an event which was held by Capricho magazine. Carol Cabrino parents were very proud of their daughter. The Brazilian singer studied at The International School of Sao Paulo and pursued her education at the University of Sao Paulo. She graduated with a bachelor degree in English.  Learn more top facts about Carol Cabrino in the following.

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Carol Cabrino Big Break

The stunning beauty’s hard work finally paid off and she appeared in the Jovens Talentos TV show which is the Brazilian version of the X-Factor show. In this show, Contestants perform and show their musical talents to judges and the audience, after that the contestant with the highest votes wins the prize which is a record contract. Carol Cabrino appeared as one of the judges and She found her way to the heart of fans with Her charisma and amazing personality.

This was her big break which earned her recognition in Brazil. Carol Cabrino cover of the famous Roar song of Katy Perry also added to her fame. But above all, it is the relationship of the non-ordinary football wag which made her well known among people. The talented beauty recently released her first single song called "Só Resta Sonhar." You can pay a visit to her YouTube channel and see for yourself. Learn more

top facts about Carol Cabrino

in the following.

Carol Cabrino and Marquinhos love story

In addition to Carol’s fame which she earned by her appearance in the Jovens Talentos TV show, this show brought her something more valuable than fame. Marquinhos the professional footballer first saw her in the show back in 2014. He instantly fell in love with her and later he added her on Facebook. He messaged her and opened up about how much he loved music and admired her performance as a singer.

In addition to the fact that Marquinhos Messaged her and opened up to her, he was the first person to like and comment on her posts on social media. In an interview, Carol stated: “He added me on Facebook, he wrote to me every day, he commented on my photos." Later the couple started to date and they instantly made a great connection with each other. Based on the top facts about Carol Cabrino, at the time, Marquinhos was playing at the French club, Paris Saint-German and he was living in France, so Carol moved there too so she can be with him Learn more top facts about Carol Cabrino in the following.

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Who is Marquinhos?

Who is the lucky man who got in a relationship with the stunning beauty? Let’s find out. Marcos Aoás Corrêa known as


was born on May 14, 1994, in São Paulo, Brazil, to Marcos Barros Corrêa and Alina Aoás. Being a professional footballer was Marquinhos dream in life and he made a great effort to pursue his dream. He stated in an interview: “since I was young, I always wanted to be a football player. I have worked hard to get where I am today, I have defended great clubs and will give the best of myself, with strength and envy.

He added: “The future has no limits; I will always go further.” You can imagine how ambitious the young footballer was in fulfilling his dream and so he did. Marquinhos talents soon caught the attention of prominent clubs and they were looking forward to having him on board. He is currently a remarkable footballer at the French club

Paris Saint-Germain

. He stated about joining the club: “I am delighted to be joining Paris Saint-Germain, a club where so many Brazilians have played and helped write the club's history.

He added: “I'm going to do all I can to continue that tradition, and take my turn to write some great pages of the club's history. Paris Saint-Germain is going to allow me to improve alongside some exceptional players with the hope of winning trophies and the hearts of the supporters.” he was named by British Newspaper the Observer as one of the ten most promising young players in Europe. The newspaper wrote: “He has the temperament to remain undaunted, the talent to succeed and could benefit from playing alongside his club team-mate, Thiago Silva, with whom he enjoys a solid understanding at wealthy Paris Saint-Germain."

He is one of the most promising defenders in the club’s history. On 15 September 2020, Marquinhos was assigned as the PSG's club captain. He stated: “I feel proud that I've been given this responsibility. Everybody knows that the captain has a very important role, so the fact I have been given the armband means that I've worked hard and I deserve it. That is why I'm so proud to be the captain of this team. As captain, you have this added responsibility, you have to think about what's best for the team, both on and off the pitch. There are a lot of things to look after. But it's all positive responsibility, and I like it,"

You might find it interesting to know that Marquinhos is a dual citizenship of the Brazilian and Portuguese. In an interview he stated that he is be delighted to join both



Portugal national team

. Later he received an invitation to play in the Brazil national team. He appeared in multiple games of Brazil national team and assisted the team a lot. On 10 October 2017,


injured, and Marquinhos took the armband and captained Brazil in a 3–0 victory against


at Allianz Parque in his home.  Learn more

top facts about Carol Cabrino

in the following.

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Carol Cabrino and Marquinhos Wedding

After two amazing years of dating, based on

Carol Cabrino personal life

Marquinhos Proposed to her in a very romantic way underneath the Eiffel Tower. Carol was surprised and she said yes to the man of her dreams. It was a very emotional moment and Carol filmed it. The wedding ceremony was held on July 2, 2016, at Trancoso in the south of Bahia and Carol walked down the aisle among family and friends while she looked stunning in the white dress.

The couple said their vows and they were announced, husband and wife. Lots of people attended the wedding, the couple’s families and Marquinhos teammates. You can pay a visit to Carol and Marquinhos Instagram account and see more photos of their wedding. The happy couple celebrated their fourth anniversary of marriage in June 2020. They are currently living at Marquinhos’ house in Paris, France. Learn more

top facts about Carol Cabrino

in the following.

Carol Cabrino Children

Now let’s get into the details of

Carol Cabrino Children

. As soon as Carol found out that she is pregnant with Marquinhos’ child, she decided to surprise him. The Brazilian defender found out about Carol's pregnancy in an emotional moment which was filmed on camera. Carol posted a video of Marquinhos walking into the bathroom of their house on her Instagram. Carol decorated the bathroom mirror with white balloons and she put a tiny pair of shoes in the middle of a heart which was made of red stones. Carol wrote on the bathroom mirror: “Congratulations daddy. Now we are three hearts. We love you more than everything.”

Carol Cabrino husband burst into tears while he saw the writings on the mirror and Carol embraced him while she was holding their dog. Carol Cabrino age was 24 when he first experienced motherhood. On November 2, 2017, she gave birth to Marquinhos daughter, Maria Eduarda Cabrino Corrêa. The couple couldn’t be more blessed with the birth of a healthy daughter.

Marquinhos had a tough week at the field and the birth of his first child made brought him happiness. He shared his happiness with his fans on social media and stated: “Today I understand the love that all fathers experience, an indescribable feeling, a love that I never felt before. He added, “…daughter, it was a very intense week and taught me a lot of things, made me forget the world and just think [to] Protect you…”

The Birth of Carol Cabrino Second Child 

As for other

Carol Cabrino Children

, on December 6, 2019, she gave birth to Marquinhos' son Enrico Cabrino Corrêa. The baby was born at 3:20 pm, weighing 3,785 kg and 51 cm tall and completely healthy. Carol shared the whole journey of pregnancy with her fans on social media. When she was 35 weeks pregnant, she compared her belly size with the time she was pregnant with her daughter.

After the birth of his son, Marquinhos instantly shared a selfie with his fans while he was wearing surgical clothes and his wife holding the newborn child. Carol later stated: “We did everything the way we wanted to, right? We met, we dated, we married... And now we're at our best stage, pregnant! (And the month we wanted!!)” you might find it interesting to know, despite the fact that she gave birth to two children

Carol Cabrino body measurements

are well fitted.

She works out almost every day to keep her body in shape. Everyone the couple knew congratulated them for the birth of their second baby. According to Carol Cabrino personal life, the couple is close friends with Lucas Moura and his wife Larissa Saad. Carol and Larissa often go out shopping together and they have dinner with each other. Lucas Moura is a former player of Paris Saint-German and currently, he plays as a winger and forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Brazil national team.

Carol Cabrino Dedication to Her Family

Carol Cabrino shares lots of things with her fans on social media. She recently recalled on her Instagram the time she appeared in the Young Talents freshman program, of the Raul Gil Program. The Brazilian singer revealed that she gave up her career to be with her family and raise her children. Her older daughter Duda is 4 years old and Enrico is 2 years old. Carol shares an intimate relationship with her children, and she cares about them deeply.

She stated: “I shiver here, reviewing everything,” she added, “I came to live abroad away from my people. I didn’t pursue College, I left work, music, and I came to live in love, in search of a family. I couldn't stand the idea of staying away from this guy here for even a week. It hurts. There was no way. I made a choice, and it was the best choice of my life. I don't regret a bit of it. And yes, very soon I intend to sing again doing what I love most, but I chose to be completely devoted to these two little angels [your children]. My greatest treasures”, Carol concludes.

Carol is a very loving person with a charismatic personality. Carol Cabrino husband has a strong connection with her. Marquinhos revealed that Carol was the person who made him a man. In an interview, the footballer stated: “Carol is a very important person for me. Since she has been with me, I have become a man. Everything I now do on the field is down to that. I take on more responsibility and I’m more mature, on and off the field. She has a very important role because she is always there for me, in the good times and the bad, to support me and push me forward.”

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Carol Cabrino Salary and Net Worth

Now let’s get into the details of Carol Cabrino net worth. You might know that YouTube pays for views. So if you upload a video on this platform and manage to get lots of views, for a specific amount of viewers YouTube pays you. Forbes estimated that for top talents and performances YouTube can make $5 for every thousand viewers. In Carol Cabrino’s case she started uploading covers for famous songs since 2009. She has more than 45k subscribers on her channel with more than 3 million viewers. We crunched down the numbers and with a simple Multiplication,

Carol Cabrino salary

is more than $15k.

Of course this her income just from her YouTube channel. The talented Brazilin associated with various artists and performed on stage. She performed with Lucenzo who is a Portuguese–French artist and the song appeared on Dj E-Rise album. Based on the top facts about Carol Cabrino she worked for a year with Dj E-Rise. In an interview Dj E-Rise stated about Carol: “She is a very charming girl, she has a beautiful voice.” But this was all before she became mother of two children. The talented beauty promised her fans to sing again.

Carol Cabrino net worth

is $2million and she made a lot of effort to make her financial status stable.

Carol Cabrino Social Media Accounts

Now it’s time to dive into

Carol Cabrino Social Media Accounts

. The Brazilian beauty is very popular on social media and she managed to amass lots of followers on her Instagram page. On this platform she is available by the username of


. She has more than 400k followers on her account and she follows more than 600 people. So far the stunning beauty posted more than 2k posts of her daily life. As we mentioned before Carol Cabrino body measurements are fit and she managed to keep her body in shape which makes her a perfects fashion model. She also posted photos of herself while excessing. Her stylish looks and natural beauty caught everyone’s attention.

As for other Carol Cabrino Social Media Accounts, we mentioned her YouTube channel before. She uploads cover music with more than 45k subscribers on her channel and more than 3 million viewers. There is an account on Facebook with more than 4k friends, which is available by the username of


. There is no sign of the blue checkmark, so we are not sure that this account belongs to the Brazilian singer. On Twitter, there is an account by the username of


with more than 20k followers. This account also doesn’t have a blue checkmark.

Carol is very happy for having all these admirers everywhere, and she stated: “A fan is synonymous with admiration for me. And it is very gratifying to be admired by a legion of people who dream together! I would say that having a fan is more than an achievement for me. As if all of my work was successful and I have greater reasons to continue. I love my fans, and nothing can express what I feel for them right now!”

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