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We all know the brilliant Manchester United midfielder, Fred. Fred and Monique Salum got married in 2018. Monique Salum is a charming chemical engineer from Brazil. Read the following article to learn more facts about Monique Salum, Fred's wife.

Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos, known as


, met Monique Salum back in 2016. Her sweetness and her free soul captivated Fred immediately. It sounds unbelievable, but he knew from the beginning that his eyes met his Mrs. Right. There's no denying that they look amazing together, and they are doing excellently so far.

Fred is a famous midfielder playing for the

Premier League


Manchester United

. One of the fantastic things besides leading a successful career is that one is lucky enough to hav/e a partner's unconditional love at every level. Fred is genuinely lucky because he has found such a marvelous person as his partner, which is an incredible

fact about Monique Salum, Fred's wife


Read on to learn more facts about Monique Salum:

Monique Salum personal life is a fascinating one. She is not only one of the most stunning WAGs, but she is also very intelligent and works as a chemical engineer. Besides, she is incredibly beautiful and charming, and not at all hard for her to draw everyone's attention to herself. These are truly amazing facts about Monique Salum, and you can carry one reading to learn more.

Monique Salum biography

Monique Salum was born on 31 March 1994, in Brazil. Monique Salum's religion is Christian, and it is said that she was baptized by Liverpool's goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, in a swimming pool. Religion has always been a big part of her life. She strongly believes that it is in the hardest moments of life that you should keep on your faith to guide you through thick and thin.

Monique Salum's zodiac sign is Aires. People who are born with this zodiac sign are passionate, motivated, and confident leaders. They are powerful enough to build and lead a community. They always try to keep everything simple and avoid complications and unnecessary details. They could really get impatient or aggressive if things don't go their way.

Like the people born this month, Monique is very determined and motivated. She has always believed in hard work and never stops trying for what she thinks is right. She is very passionate about what she loves and conspires important. To Monique, the family is the most important thing in the world, which is a fantastic fact about Monique Salum, Fred's Wife.

Monique Salum Parents

have always felt blessed to have a daughter like Monique, who is incredibly caring towards everyone. Unfortunately, not much is known about Monique Salum parents or siblings. Although she is a famous football player's wife, she tries to keep away many aspects of her personal life from the spotlight and media attention.

One of the most aspiring moments of

Monique Salum childhood

was the time that she spent on her books. Not only was she fascinated by classics, but she was also interested in science magazines. She wanted to know how the world works. She was always a great student at school, and biology and chemistry were her favorite subjects. This is an interesting fact about Monique Salum, Fred's wife.

Monique Salum personal life

Monique is truly a natural beauty. She has brown eyes and beautiful straight brown hair. We don't know

Monique Salum Body measurement

for sure, but it is evident that she is a little taller than Fred. Fred's height is 5 feet 7 inches, and Monique's height is 5 feet 9 inches. The two of them are currently living in Manchester, where Fred can practice and play. Monique regularly visits her parents in her homeland.

She is very close with her friends and enjoys going out with them. One of her closest friends is Alisson Becker's wife, Natalie Loewe. They have a great relationship with each other. As mentioned previously, Alisson Becker has baptized Monique in a swimming pool, which is an interesting

fact about

Monique Salum

. Apparently, Alisson Becker and his wife, Natalie Loewe who introduced Monique to Christianism.

Sadly, there is not much information about

Monique Salum personal life

, so we can't say for sure what are her hobbies and interests. We presume that she is into traveling and visiting nature from her Instagram page, which is an interesting fact about Monique Salum. She is always on fashion and chooses her clothes based on the latest trends.

Monique also has a few tattoos on both of her arms and one on her right shoulder. She has a tattoo of a beautiful butterfly on the back of her arm. Like his wife, Fred also has many tattoos on both of his arms. On his left arm, Fred has a tribal ink, which is kind of spectacular. He also has a fantastic cross on his right arm and a snake shape ink on his hand.

Monique takes excellent care of her health and body. Although she has given birth to a child, she is still fit and has an impressive figure. Many of her posts on Instagram can genuinely amaze you as she posted pictures of herself posing for the camera wither awe-striking natural beauty. If we consider

Monique Salum age

, which is currently 26, we can see a remarkable life.

Monique Salum net worth and salary

She graduated from the University Centre of Belo Horizonte with impressive points, which is an amazing fact about Monique Salum. She is currently working as a chemical engineer at the Centre for the development of Nuclear technology. An engineer of her rank earns between $67k and $176k, so we guess that

Monique Salum salary

is something in between these amounts.

There is no evidence of

Monique Salum net worth

anywhere, so we are not sure exactly how rich she is. However, considering Fred's net worth, which is seven million euros, we can assume how luxurious her life might be. They have a beautiful house together in Manchester, United Kingdom, and they are currently based there. Fred also has a Chevrolet and Range Rover. 

Being the wife of such a fantastic football player has its own benefits. Besides living in a comfortable house and having all the luxuries in the world, the two of them have traveled to many exotic places together throughout their entire relationship. Monique has sent pictures of their holidays and vacations on Instagram many times.

Monique Salum social media

Monique Salum social media

is very active. Apparently, she prefers Instagram to other platforms and shares many aspects of her life there. She is very popular on Instagram and has over 134k followers, which is an exciting fact about Monique Salum, Fred's wife. She posts about her daily life and travels and shares pictures of her beautiful family. If you are interested to see her posts, follow her account with



Although she has a Twitter account, she is not very active there. Only her closest friends and family have her on Twitter. Therefore, she doesn't have a great many followers. Monique joined Twitter in April 2019. As for Facebook, she has a public account with her name to find and follow her status. As mentioned before, Instagram is her primary active platform at the moment.

Monique Salum husband, Fred

Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos was born on 5 March 1993 in Brazil. He is mostly known as Fred. He is a professional midfielder who plays for the Premier League club Manchester United. He is a Pisces, and like many people born this month, he is sensitive and intuitive. He cares deeply about his family and doesn't afraid to do self-sacrifice for the sake of his loved ones.

Fred was born in the sixth-largest city Belo Horizonte. Although Fred's parents weren't wealthy, they did their best to provide for their son to the best of their abilities. His father is Delson Rodrigues dos Santos, and his mother is Roseli Miranda de Paula. They took care of Fred with love and support and did everything they could to support his dreams.

Not much is known about Fred's family and his siblings. It is clear that he prefers to keep some aspects of his life a secret, probably protecting his loved ones from media attention. He grew up in a place that everybody loved football, and as long as you could find a ball, you could be happy for a very long time. After all, football is the heart and soul of many in Brazil.

Fred's childhood hero was Brazilian maestro Ronaldinho. Based on some resources, Fred's family is somehow connected to Ronaldinho's. In case this is true, we could safely presume that both of them have it in their blood to become great. Anyway, Fred's fascination with the legend and the football itself created a dream in him to become a footballer one day.

Fred has always been interested in football and started his exciting journey when he was only ten years old. He joined Atletico Mineiro in 1993. One interesting fact about Fred's childhood is that Ronaldinho's elder brother, Roberto de Assis was his mentor there at the club and taught him some techniques. Fred spent six years in this club and then, with Roberto's help, got himself transferred to other clubs.

In 2009, he joined Porto Alegre. This change of pace was very beneficial for him as he gained more experience and added to his skills. Also, it was in this club that he changed his position from left-back to midfield. One year later, he joined


. At first, he represented the club at various youth levels. He also helped them to gain six titles.

In 2011, he finally started his career, settling all the final youth stages of the club. On 26 January 2012, he made his first professional debut at the age of 18, and he scored his first professional goal in July. During his time there at Internacional, he appeared in 55 matches and managed to win the Campeonato Gaúcho twice, which is an incredible fact about Fred.

In June 2013, he signed with the Ukrainian team

Shakhtar Donetsk

. His initial deal was €15 million. He managed to score two goals on his competitive debut in the Ukrainian Super Cup. His performance impressed many people. Very soon, he became one of the valuable members of the team. Fred is also very friendly and out-going.

In 2014, Fred was one of the six players who refused to return to Donetsk during the Ukrainian crisis. Of course, he returned to the club when the club training sessions relocated to Kyiv. During his time with Donetsk, Fred managed to win ten trophies, including Ukrainian Premier League titles. He was truly remarkable.

In June 2018, he signed up with the Premier League club Manchester United. Initially, he agreed with five years, but he can extend his stay at the club for one further year as an option. In August, he made his first debut, and in September, he scored his first goal against 

Wolverhampton Wanderers

. His performance made him one of the primary players of the team.

Based on Fred's stats in the season 2020-21, he has appeared in 17 matches and hasn't scored any goals so far. His main position is central midfield, but he can also play in the positions of attacking midfield and defensive midfield. His current market value is €20 million as the last update on 17 December 2020. His highest market value was €50 million on 13 August 2018.

Monique Salum and Fred's relationship

Although Fred tried to keep many things about his relationship a secret, we know this much that Fred and Monique met each other at the beginning of 2016. Back then, Fred was still playing for Shakhtar Donetsk. Monique's amazing personality and her loveliness were enough to capture the heart of the young footballer.

Later in 2016, the couple made their relationship public via Instagram. The fans had gone wild because the couple looked so cute together. Fred took Monique to many events and parties. They loved to party all night in clubs and were seen together in various clubs dancing happily. Almost everyone knew that their relationship was so much more than a mere fling.

Fred was also aware of this fact and decided to pop the question in 2018. Fortunately, Monique said yes, and they started their beautiful journey together in the summer of that year. They had a small ceremony away from the media with only family and friends. Of course, later on, Monique has shared many pictures of the ceremony and the wedding on Instagram. These photos can tell us how dreamy the wedding has been. This is an incredible fact about Monique Salum, Fred's wife.

Sadly, we don't know anything about the first honeymoon, but we know that Fred has taken his wife to the Maldives as a second honeymoon. This is an exciting fact about Monique Salum. Apparently, the trip was very luxurious. They spent the night in a villa near the water that charges £3500 a night. Both of them have been very excited about the trip and shared many pictures of it on social media.

Now, let's talk about

Monique Salum children

. In January 2019, Monique and Fred welcomed their first child to the world, a son. They named him Benjamin. They have been very excited about the pregnancy and shared many pictures on Instagram. After the birth, they couldn't have felt more blessed with their lives.




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