Top Facts about Harry Winks

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Harry Winks has never played for any team other than Tottenham Hotspur. He is a young soccer player with a great expected future, one of finest players of the Spurs and also the most loyal one of them. Read on to find out some of the top facts about Harry Winks.

Harry Winks is a subtle soccer player, he’s fast, intelligent and like the majority of footballers, Harry is also a right footed player. Besides his talent, Harry Winks has got all the abilities that a football club is looking for in a soccer player, but his love for

Tottenham Hotspur

has deeply rooted in him ever since childhood. Spurs is more than just a team for Harry Winks, it feels like home to this English midfield. Everything he has learned so far, all the skills and potentials he has developed, it all started with this football club; on that account, there’s a strong connection, a rare longing, which has been built up within him from a young age and until this very moment, has been an inseparable part of this young footballer.

The followings are some of the top facts about Harry Winks:

If you’re wondering who Harry Winks is, read this article. Everything that any fan of this English footballer needs to know such as his childhood, early career, trophies and so much more is included here.

Harry Winks’ Childhood

Harry Winks, the current midfield at Tottenham Hotspur, was born in 2 February, 1996. He’s originally from England, his hometown is the city of Hemel Hempstead. The first 

fact about

Harry Winks you need to know is that he also has a Spanish descent, which comes from his mother’s parents.

In the house where Harry grew up, everybody loved football. In fact, his father, Gary Winks, was a semi-professional soccer player who used to play in




. When Gary saw how passionate and excited Harry is about football, he took every opportunity to practice with his son and to train him. In point of fact, Harry’s supportive family and the truth that all of them were Spurs fans, especially his father, really encouraged him to pursue his passion and concentrate on his interest in football. Actually. Harry’s father once in an interview confirmed that when Harry was a child, he would use any specific chance to make his son a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. He knew right from the start that if his son could only take this path and take it indeed seriously, he could develop his skills and succeed incredibly.

Speaking of family members, Harry also has a younger sister, called Mili. They’re said to have a very close and strong relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, Harry is the kind of brother who’s really protective of his sister. In most of the photos that has been taken from the two of them when they were only children, Harry always had an arm around his beloved sister. And on the other hand, whenever it comes to her brother, Mili is also very supportive, sympathetic and affectionate. Mili is also a Spurs fan.

Harry has a really intimate relationship with his mother, Anita, as well. They’re more like two best friends under the name of mother and son. A few years ago, Anita Winks told a story about Harry’s childhood in an interview. She said that Harry always had funny habits of playing football with rolled-up socks, pretending to be in a stadium scoring goals proudly. The curious kid was everywhere around the house, dribbling rolled-up socks and trying so hard to make it adventurous. Then after a while, he stopped playing with socks and got himself a tennis ball, that’s where things got a little bit tough for his mother because Harry became so loud and unstoppable!

As an energetic and spirited child, coming across any poster of footballers on the street or in the malls, Harry would ask his parents for pictures of him beside the posters.

Being ambitious, insistent and steady is your only chance to win your biggest dreams, the qualities that young Winks has already had it all even from the start.

Harry Winks' Training Years

As he chose playing football over any other profession he could have picked out for the rest of his life, rough years were awaiting him. But hardships don’t stop the ones whose hearts are certain of the path they have chosen to take. As a matter of fact, the difficult situation he had, made him more hopeful and he continued learning and getting better day after day.

In spite of all sorts of injuries Harry Wink has suffered during the most crucial seasons in his professional career, even as a child the whole process of growing up was a little bit too much for this young man. And it all started right when he found his interest in football. While growing up, he had been suffering from back pain and growing injuries, so playing football and practicing while having weird and annoying feelings throughout your whole body, would obviously take him a considerable amount of energy. But again, even his trainers didn’t give up on him, so why would he?

Like any other dreamer, even Harry Winks had to sacrifice something in return of his purpose, his goal. He had to move out of his parents’ house when he was only 16. It was because Winks wanted to stay much closer to Tottenham Hotspur training ground. Considering the fact that Harry has always been a family lover and a homely kind of person, making such decision changed him mentally, according to Anita Winks. It wasn’t only hard for Harry, but also all the members of his family. They could meet him only once a week. Harry himself once talked about his experience of moving out and he mentioned the fact that he had to leave his home and the people he loved the most for a totally foreign place with the people he literally knew nothing about. He added that it was probably the hardest decision he has ever made in his entire life.

Back then, Winks was staying with a couple and allegedly, they were really nice to him and treated him with respect and kindness. They even taught Harry how to drive.

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Harry Winks’ Professional Career

Harry Winks started playing football at youth level with Tottenham Hotspur football club in 2002, then 12 years later in 2014 his professional career began. According to Winks himself, Mauricio Pochettino, the Argentine manager of the Spurs, wanted to sign a contract with Harry right away after watching some videos of him playing football on the field. In actual fact, after Winks’ performance in UEFA Champion League season 2017-2018 in a match against


, Mauricio Pochettino called Harry Winks ‘the perfect midfield’ for the team. Harry has been a massive fan of Tottenham Hotspur football club ever since he was a kid, this is a notable 

fact about Harry Winks

 and the reason why he has never played for any other team except for Spurs.

Harry Winks' Club Career

Out of all the 103 caps Harry Winks has made for Tottenham Hotspur up to now, he has scored only 3 goals. Harry scored his debut goal for Tottenham Hotspur two years after signing the contract with the club, in November 2016. It was a match against

West Ham

 with a 3-2 victory for Tottenham Hotspur. Harry’s first

Premiere League

debut was in August 2016 in a match against


, he came to the field in the last minutes and the final result of the match turned out 1-1. Also his first

FA Cup

was made against

Aston Vila

a year later in January 2017.

Up to now, Harry Winks has suffered some serious injuries during different occasions in his life, all of them caused a noticeable delay in his professional career. The first one was an ankle injury that unfortunately happened in 2017 when he was 20 years old, it was exactly when his team had a match against


. He couldn’t continue playing for the rest of season 2016-2017. He came back again after recovering to play along with his team in the


game. The next one was an ankle injury as well, which happened on the year while playing against

Crystal Palace

. This misfortune kept him away from playing for three months. But then again he came back on the field in 2018-2019 season, playing with his subtle style as usual.

In the season 2017-2018 Champion League, in a fixture against

Real Madrid

, this young handsome footballer had a really great performance which attracted everyone’s attention and received a lot of compliments.

Harry Winks’ first goal in UEFA Europa League was scored on November 2020. Considering the fact that it was a really staggering and impressing goal scored from 54 yards away, it is absolutely worth admiring and praising. Harry himself once said that he didn’t really know it’s going to turn out that way; in other words, the goal wasn’t really intentional.

Harry Winks' International Career

Also another 

fact about Harry Winks

 you might want to know is that he had to choose between




national team, since he was eligible for both of them. And finally, he decided to play for England. He once said that he’s sincerely proud of being English. Even when he was a child, his favorite type of jersey was that of England national team rather than one of Tottenham Hotspur’s. He’s been officially playing for England national football club since 2017. He has 10 caps for his country’s national team and has scored 1 goal.

Harry’s senior international debut was made in the qualification games for 2018

FIFA World Cup

, it was a fixture against


. But sadly, he couldn’t himself play in 2018 FIFA World Cup games because of suffering from another sudden injury.

He might have not scored as many goals as you expect for Tottenham Hotspur football club or England national team, but this fact doesn’t make him less than a good and dynamic player on the field.

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The Controversial Tweet of a Fan about Harry Winks

The picture above is Harry Winks next to Nikhil Shah.

You may have noticed the distance between Harry Winks and his fans. Actually, this is another surprising fact about Harry Winks that you need to understand the reason behind it, his own explanations and all the details related to what has happened that made him a rather taciturn type of person.

Well, Harry used to be so sweet and humble around people, but something within him changed when a fan named Nikhil Shah convinced him not to. A few years ago when Harry was suffering from an injury and therefore, was in recovery, he went to a club in Watford. But then a fan, Nikhil Shah, came to him and pleaded for a photo with Harry. Our innocent Harry that knew nothing of what is going to happen after the picture is taken, accepted his wish.

Later, Nikhil Shah posted the picture on social media saying Harry’s spending his time clubbing instead of recovering. The whole story became controversial and caused Winks so much trouble with an uncomfortable situation.

Harry Winks’ Social Media Accounts

Just like so many other users of social media, Winkster has accounts in







Harry Winks’ social media

accounts are mostly filled with pictures of himself in the stadium, playing on the field and literally whatever that is related to football and only football.

He has over 507k followers on Instagram, 185k on Twitter and 489K on Facebook..

Basic Info about Harry Winks

Now let’s check out some of the most primary and fundamental facts about Harry Winks that any Spurs fan knows about.

  • Full Name: 

    Harry Billy Winks

  • Nickname: 


  • Date of Birth:

     2 February, 1996

  • Place of Birth: 

    Hemel Hempstead, England

  • Nationality:


  • Height: 

    1.78 m

  • Weight:

     65 kg

Harry Winks has studied at the Cavendish School, which is secondary school. Harry’s father is the former soccer player, Gray Winks and his mother is named Anita Winks. He only has a sister, Mili, who is younger than him. 

Harry Winks’ jersey number

 is 8. Despite the fact that he was born in a Christian family, Harry prefers to stay irreligious. He is constantly called by his close friends ‘Winkster’. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

Harry Winks’ salary

 is approximately £2.6 m, though his house, cars and other properties are not known to us yet.

And a fact about Harry Winks that might impress the gamer fans, Winkster is a huge fan of the game Call of Duty. In point of fact, playing video games is something that Harry really enjoys doing as hobby and whenever he’s got free time.

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Harry Winks' Affairs

The picture above is Harry Winks beside Rosie Williams.

By all accounts, the handsome midfield is currently single, looking forward to prosper and flourish. But Harry Winks used to date with the reality show star, Rosie Williams. She was born in September 26, 1991 in Wales. The 29 year old Rosie is in fact a solicitor but she also showed up in the season 4 of Love Island. Harry and Rosie were dating sometime in 2018 but they broke up because Rosie’s fame was a little too much to handle for Harry, and considering his reasons for staying away from people as much as possible, it was truly bothering him, so much more than he could take. His sexual orientation has been confirmed as straight. The English midfield is currently single, perhaps the reason behind it is the assumption that he wants to dedicate himself, his time and energy to football and only football.

Winkster works with the famous brand, Adidas and in actual fact, he has an endorsement deal with the company. 

Harry Winks’ net worth

 is estimated to be around £7 m.




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