Top Facts About Franco Baresi

Sun 28 March 2021 | 5:30

One of the most loyal players Milan has ever had in its history who even did not leave the club when it relegated to Serie B, Franco Baresi is a former Italian defender considered by some even as a legend in the Italian football. In this post, we are to top facts about Franco Baresi.

Well, if we are to top facts about Franco Baresi, we will surely cover all the aspects of his personal life for you which includes

Franco Baresi childhood

, Franco Baresi parents, Franco Baresi net worth, and Franco Baresi salary.

And what about Franco Baresi wife and Franco Baresi children? That we also cover. And not only that, we are also to Franco Baresi footballing life and let you know about Franco Baresi stats and also Franco Baresi transfer market stats when he was a player.

Top Facts About Franco Baresi You Might Not Know

So which are those facts about Franco Baresi you might not know? You might think that’s all about

Franco Baresi personal life

, but there’s more!

Franco Baresi Childhood

Well, before anything else, let’s get to know about

Franco Baresi age

. The top former Italian footballer was born in the city of Travagliato, Italy, on May 8, 1960, so he’s by now 61 years old. When Franco Baresi was 11 years old his mother passed away and five years later his father. Like many other Italian youngsters of his age, Franco had a love for football; what actually got him and his brother, Giuseppe Baresi, have a trial at

Inter Milan

, where his brother was accepted but he not.

Why was the young Franco, who was 14 at the time, not accepted at Inter? They say because he was not physically developed enough to be accepted. Inter actually asked Franco to come back a year later and have another trial giving him the chance to gain more strength and stamina needed on the pitch. But that actually never happened. We mean Franco never returned to Inter, instead, he had a trial at

AC Milan

, and there he was accepted.

At the time, they used to call him “Baresi 2” to distinguish him from his older brother who is also considered as one of the legendary Italian defenders. However, because of the great success he achieved throughout his career - even greater than that of his brother, later that changed, and they called him Baresi and his brother “the other Baresi”. As a youngster, Franco Baresi had also a love for Milan. “I was always a Milanista. And it was my great fortune to always play for Milan,” he said once in an interview.

Franco and his brother, Giuseppe, when still he was young - actually after the death of their parents, moved to Milan where he attended a sports program at Milanello training complex. It is interesting to note here that when at Milan as a youngster, they called Franco Piscinin which means “little one” in Milanese and connotes that he was small in size and not very strong, although his teammate, the great Paolo Maldini, once said that he proved at least strong when tackling.

Franco Baresi Parents and Siblings

As for

Franco Baresi parents

, we should say there is not much information at hand, we don’t know even their name. The only thing we know is that both died within a few years from each other when Franco Baresi was still a teenager. “We had to roll up our sleeves, and grow up quickly. My brother and I both wanted to make something of ourselves through this sport that we were so passionate about. We had some luck and some help, but above all our character helped us,” said Baresi once about those times.

And as far as we know, Franco Baresi has no other siblings except for his older brother, Giuseppe, who is also considered as one of the top former Italian footballers and even legends. He served Inter Milan for almost all his career, and if it was not for the two years between 1992 and 1994 that he served the Italian club,


, we could say he had served Inter actually for all his career.

Franco Baresi Stats

Well, part of the top facts about Franco Baresi and his footballing life is indeed concerned with his stats when a player. Before we go to

Franco Baresi stats

, let’s tell you that the top former Italian footballer is a product of AC Milan, played for AC Milan for all his career and also managed AC Milan youth team after his retirement; a rare occurrence in the world of football - we mean a footballer who is a product of a club, has served that club for all his career, and also has managed the same club after his retirement.

Franco Baresi was actually a defender all his career which lasted for 20 years between 1977 and 1997, and as mentioned above, he was a one-club man who served only AC Milan during his career. He made a total of 719 appearances for AC Milan during this time and scored 33 goals for them which translates to 1 goal in every 25 appearances - we don’t expect a defender to score so many goals, do we?

Franco Baresi is actually a record holder in terms of the number of appearances he has made for Milan: With a total of 719 appearances, he’s actually the second footballer after the great Paolo Maldini who has made the most number of appearances for Milan - Maldini has made 902 appearances for the Serie A club. And you know what that means? He was indeed an integral part of the team whose appearance made a difference.

Baresi also served the Italian national team for 12 years between 1982 and 1994 during which he made 81 appearances and scored one goal for them. He also managed Milan’s youth team between 2002 and 2008. As for

Franco Baresi transfer market stats

, we should say that since the Italian top former footballer served only once club during his career, he was actually never transferred during his career, so there are no transfer market stats of him we can present you with.

Franco Baresi Wife and Children

Delving more into

facts about Franco Baresi

, we reach an aspect of Franco Baresi personal life: Franco Baresi wife and Franco Baresi children. Franco Baresi and his wife, Maura Lari, first met in a restaurant run by Maura’s father, Valerio Lari - actually Piccolo Alleluja restaurant, where the members of the then AC Milan team stopped by sometimes to have a supper or something. They soon got married to each other and had their first son, Edoardo, together in 1991. They also adopted a child in 1997 - actually a son - whom they named Giannandrea.

What is quite notable about the marital life of Franco Baresi and Maura Lari is the slanderous rumors surrounding it. It was rumored at the time they adopted their second child, Giannandrea, that the child was the result of an extramarital affair between Maura and the former Baresi’s teammate at Milan, Frank Rijkaard, just because the child’s skin tone was dark; actually darker than that of Franco.

Also they said that the reason why Milan sold Rijkaard to


in 1993 was the fact that Baresi had found out about the affair and had forced Milan authorities to do so, though it was never confirmed to be true.

Maura was also hit by a fraud accusation in 2005 and was claimed to have had a part in the resale of luxury cars outside Italy with counterfeit documents. She was even given a 10-month prison sentence which was later suspended. Whatever the case was, Maura always insisted on her innocence. We don’t know if the case is decided yet or not. And about Franco Baresi children, Edoardo and Giannandrea, there is not much information at hand, except for that Giannandrea has Russian origins despite his dark skin tone.

Franco Baresi Net Worth and Salary

Since Franco Baresi is one of those top older-generation footballers, we cannot say for sure, what exactly is his net worth. In fact, it is not revealed specifically; there are only estimations of his net worth. Based on these estimations,

Franco Baresi net worth

is something between 1 to $5 Million, with some sources declaring it to be actually $5 Million.

As for

Franco Baresi salary

, we should say there is actually no information at hand concerning the salary he received as a player or manager. Maybe because he’s one of those top older footballers? Maybe.

Franco Baresi Honors and Achievements

Franco Baresi is not for sure the most decorated Italian footballer ever, however, he has a number of club trophies and individual honors to his name which could not be in any way overlooked. As you know, Franco Baresi is a one-club man who served only the

Serie A

club, AC Milan, during his career, so no wonder that he has also won all his club trophies with the same club, too.

Franco Baresi has actually won 19 club trophies with AC Milan among them are 6 Serie A titles. He’s considered also as one of the most loyal players AC Milan has ever had who did not leave the club when it relegated to Serie B in 1979 and 1981. Baresi was named AC Milan Player of the Century in 1999, AIC (Italian Footballers’ Association) Serie A Player of the Century in 2000, and also FIFA 100 list in 2004 by the Brazilian legend, Pele.

Other Baresi’s individual honors include Serie A Footballer of the Year in 1989-90 season,

Coppa Italia

Top Scorer in the same season, and a Golden Foot award in 2012. Baresi was also inducted into Italian Football Hall of Fame in 2013 and is also a member of AC Milan Hall of Fame.

He’s not among the few Italian footballers who have won the Ballon d'Or trophy to this date, but once in 1989 was named the Ballon d'Or runner-up winner. It should also be mentioned here that Baresi won one World Cup - actually 1982 World Cup - with the Italian national team; he also finished runner-up in 1994 and on the third place in 1990 World Cup with the same team.

Franco Baresi Retirement and Style of Play

Although Franco Baresi retired from the professional football in 1997, his last and final goal for Milan was scored in August 1995 in a match against another Italian club named Padova where Milan won the game 2-1. After Baresi’s retirement, Milan retired the jersey No. 6 in his honor, and Baresi’s captaincy armband which he had worn for 15 seasons during his service to Milan was handed over to Paolo Maldini. The Rossoneri also organized a celebration match in October 1997 in Baresi’s honor which was played by the then footballing stars at Milan’s home stadium, San Siro.

And what about Baresi’s retirement from international football? That actually occurred in late 1994 after Baresi made his last appearance for the Italian national team in a 1996 UEFA Euro qualifying match against Slovenia on September 7, 1994 which ended in a 1-1 draw. When Baresi retired from international football he was actually 34 years old and just like at Milan, he again handed over the captaincy armband to his Milan and national teammate, Paolo Maldini.

Franco Baresi Social Media Accounts

Part of the

facts about Franco Baresi

is surely concerned with his social media accounts and digital life. As for

Franco Baresi social media accounts

, we should say that the top Italian footballer has an account both on Twitter and Instagram, but no account on Facebook. If you search Facebook for Franco Baresi, there are a number of accounts with his name on them, but none are genuine; we mean there is no blue tick mark by them to indicate that the account belongs to the footballer himself.

Franco Baresi has more followers on Twitter than on Instagram. It seems the footballer has joined Twitter much sooner than Instagram, though it’s not clear when he has joined the latter. Anyway, a look at the number of followers he has on the two social media platforms can confirm that: Baresi has more than 776,000 followers on


while he has only around 41,000 on



He has actually joined Twitter since 2013 and from then on has posted more than 1200 tweets. On Instagram, he has only posted 20 photos and videos till now and follows 36 people among them are David Beckham and the great Paolo Maldini.

Fast Facts About Franco Baresi

Here are some fast

facts about Franco Baresi


  • Franco Baresi is by now 60 years, 10 months, and 20 days old.

  • Franco Baresi zodiac sign is Taurus.

  • Franco Baresi is 1.76m tall and weighs 70kg.

  • Franco Baresi was booked 89 times during his career. He received 83 yellow cards, two second yellow cards, and 4 red cards.

  • Although Franco Baresi wore Jersey No. 6 for the majority of his career, he also gave 2, 4, 10, and 13 jerseys a try.

  • Other than Piscinin which means “little one” in Milanese, Franco Baresi was also called “Kaiser Franz” sometime during his career which has a reference to the top former German defender, Franz Beckenbauer, and probably the fact that Baresi was as skilled as him.

  • Franco Baresi was named on the list of 125 Greatest Living Footballers by the Brazilian legend, Pele, in 2004.

  • Franco Baresi features in the 2014 and 2015 editions of FIFA video game series: In the former he’s on Classic XI and in the latter on Ultimate Team Legends.

  • Franco Baresi also features on 1994 stamp of Nicaragua.

  • Franco Baresi was appointed Fulham’s director of football in June 2002, but his arguments with the then Fulham manager, Jean Tigana, had him resign just in two months in the same years’ August.

  • Franco Baresi has scored the most number of own goals - 8 actually - in the Serie A history along with another retired Italian footballer named Riccardo Ferri.


source: SportMob