Top facts about Maja Nilsson, Victor Lindelof's wife

Mon 15 February 2021 | 8:30

Here you will find some fascinating top facts about Maja Nilsson, the stunning wife of the Manchester United star Victor Lindelof.

Maja Nilsson Lindelof is a Swedish social media star who has gained popularity through the eponymous Instagram account. With over 200000+ followers, she is considered as one of the most outstanding influencers in Sweden.

Regarding her partner, it might be informative to know that Victor Jörgen Nilsson Lindelöf is also a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a defender for English Premier League club

Manchester United

and the Sweden national team.

With the immense popularity on social media sites, Maja Nilsson Lindelof has worked together with several commercial brands. Influencer, Youtuber, entrepreneur, designer. The titles are endless, so aren't you still curious to know more about some

top facts about Maja Nilsson. 

Makee sure to stick around until the end.

Top facts about Maja Nilsson, Victor Lindelof's wife that you might want to know

Here you will find some fascinating top facts about Maja Nilsson, the stunning wife of the Manchester United star Victor Lindelöf. She was born on December 21, 1993, and now lives an entrepreneurial life in Manchester where she lives with her husband, football player Victor Nilsson Lindelöf and son Ted Louie (born March 2019).

Maja Nilsson facts in brief

Maja Nillson information

  • FullName

    : Maja Elisabeth Nilsson

  • Maja Nilsson Date of birth

    : December 21, 1993

  • Maja Nilsson Nationality

    : Swedish

  • Maja Nilsson Religion

    : NA

  • Birth Sign

    : Sagittarius

  • Birth Place

    : Sweden

  • Profession

    : Instagram Star

  • Estimated net worth in 2020

    : $1 Million - $5 Million (Approx.)

Maja Nilsson Physical Stats

  • Height

    : 3 Feet 9 Inches

  • Weight

    : 240 lbs (108.8 kg)

  • Eye Color

    : Light Brown

  • Hair Color

    : Bald

  • Dress Size

    : XS

  • Shoe Size

    : 11 (US), 10 (UK), 45 (EU), 28.5 (CM)

Maja Nilsson favourites

  • Favourite Actor

    : Sidney Poitier

  • Favourite Actress

    : Helena Bonham Carter

  • Favourite Books

    : Mahabharata

  • Favourite Colors

    : Sangria

  • Favourite Destination

    : London Eye (United Kingdom)

  • Favourite Food

    : Fried chicken

  • Favourite Fruits

    : Elderberry


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Maja Nilsson personal life

Maja Elisabeth Nilsson was born on the 21st December 1993, in the Swedish town of Vasteras.

Maja Nilsson childhood

was spent in regular Swedish household and she developed a taste for fashion as a youngster. She attended the Carlforsska Gymnasiet School in Vasteras.

It is regarded as one of the amazing

top facts about Maja Nilsson

that in the light of her travelling with fiancé and then spouse Victor Lindelof, Maja is fluent in two languages English and Swedish, and speaks a decent level of Portuguese.


Maja Nilsson life story

 as far as her academic studies are concerned she has studied marketing at university. She now lives an entrepreneurial life in Manchester where she lives with her husband Victor and son Ted Louie (born March 2019).

Maja's profound interest in fashion is thoroughly reflected on her well-visited blog but also through the design collaboration she has made with Gina Tricot. The Maja x Gina Tricot collection was a huge success and sold like hot cakes in the sunshine.


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Maja Nilsson tattoos 

Among the 

top facts about Maja Nilsson,

one could suggest to her bunch of tattoos on her hands. Two are marked for her husband Victor and one is for her mother.

On her forearm, she has a portrait of her mother who is also her best friend. The tattoo is designed by the gifted tattoo artist Andy Blanco who also made several of

John Guidetti's


The tattoos for Victor are an anchor and a V on the inside of her ring finger. The reason why she chose to do the "V" tattoo is that an "M" is also marked on the outside of Victor ring finger.

Maja Nilsson career and social media

Considering top facts about Maja Nilsson professional career, she is an utterly outstanding blogger, in both Swedish and English. She blogs for Swedish magazine Femme, and runs her own blog at majaelisabeth (dot) com.

She is also penning a book, a guide to living in Lisbon, Portugal. She spent several years supporting her then-boyfriend Lindelof while he was playing for Portuguese football team Benefica.

Maja is quite famous on Instagram, with over 200,000 followers there and nearly 20,000 subscribers on her vlogging YouTube channel. Her vlogs are often in Swedish YouTube channel.

Since 2012, Nilsson has been active on social media. She posts about her clothes and travels, and at the times teases her husband Victor whenever he turns in a bad performance for Manchester United or the

Swedish football teams.

On Twitter, she uses the nickname Ice Queen, presumably because of her husband nickname Iceman. We'll get there in a bit, stay tuned to read more.

The footballers’ wife is much enthusiastic in health and fitness, following a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regime. Besides, the fashion-conscious model often shares photos of herself wearing trendy outfits. She is delighted to travel the world with her hubby as well.

Maja Nilsson relationship with Victor Lindelof

Maja Nilsson met footballer Lindelof while still living in Vasteras, Sweden. She and Victor met at Summerburst in 2013 and Maja wrote to Victor on Facebook shortly afterwards. After a coffee in Västerås, the couple started dating.

While his move to Manchester United in 2017, Lindelöf announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Maja Nilsson. Since they began dating, Maja has followed Victor everywhere with his football career.

Victor proposed to her in Maldives in June 2017. Soon after getting engaged, the pair began to plan their wedding. The wedding date was in May 2018 and the venue was the beautiful Swedish countryside. Victor left to play the 2018 Football World Cup as soon as they got wedded and took a brief honeymoon.

In March 2019, their first child was born. They have now resided in Manchester, England, where Victor pursues his footballing career.

It might be amusing to indicate as one of the funny top facts about Maja Nilsson and Victor Lindelof, that when they got married, she had not received her wedding ring as it had not been completed. But just before the couple was about to enter the church, hopefully, the ring arrived.

Maja Nilsson child delivery

While Victor was becoming a dad and his wife Maja had to be induced labouring due to the fact that their child was only growing in his head, media had speculated that Victor had declined Sweden for some other reason.

Victor Lindelof refused the latest Sweden call-up for 'personal reason' while some Swedish media, specifically Fotbollskanalen, began fabricating lies as to the ostensibly real reason which was an internal conflict. The defender even received death threats.

In fact, Lindelof became a father with his wife Maja Nilsson giving birth to their beautiful son. Unluckily, the family had to live through some shock as the delivery was fast approaching.

Maja hit back at media elaborating the mere reason for Victor missing the international duty in the following terms: ''The day before the national team selection, we went home from the hospital and had been told that the baby did not grow as he was supposed to. The head was the only organ that still grew.

My usual healthy pregnancy was suddenly something else. I had 12 hours to process all the feelings. The media created a hate storm against us. Instead of accepting Victor's 'No thanks, I must regret (skipping the duty) this time because of personal reasons', he was painted as a traitor and his professionalism was questioned.

This time it went from attracting clicks to becoming inhuman. Which person in the world wants to tell the press that your baby does not grow as he should? Had the newspapers received a hint that there could be complications, it would have been in every newspaper, everything for clicks.''

Maja Nilsson and Victor Lindelof, UNICEF ambassadors

One of the most inspiring top facts about Maja Nilsson is that she along with football star Victor Nilsson Lindelöf are ambassadors for the children's rights organization Unicef in Sweden.

Together, they try to raise several of their most important heart issues and it is considered as one of those issues that they are really passionate about. Maja Nilsson once suggested that she does not know much about football neither Victor is interested in her own work but that altruistic activities are what exactly they really have in common.

The couple Nilsson Lindelöf is probably Sweden's first ambassador couple. They pay attention to various child rights issues and disseminate information about Unicef's work around the world.

Victor and Maja are both a firm believer in the fact that through their large networks they have an advantage when it comes to reaching out to people - perhaps particularly those who otherwise do not have full control of the organization and its work.

Our incredible committed spouses are determined to work a lot with education as well as violence and abuse and have set such points as their main focus. The commitment of the two has long been there. In 2019, for instance, they together raised around two million kronor for Musikhjälpen.

When they had a son, Ted Louie, it became even more conspicuous. Maja expressed in such terms "I have always been passionate about children, but especially since we became parents ourselves. Then something new grew in one."  Once the corona crisis is over, they are also hopeful to be enabled to travel as ambassadors for Unicef.

Victor Lindelof personal life

Victor Lindelof is a professional name of Victor Jorgen Nilsson Lindelof. He was born on July 17, 1994, in Vasteras, Sweden. His mother is Ulrica Lindelof, who is the main source of encouragement in pursuing his football career.

He was born in a middle-class family and raised along with his sibling, Zacharias Nilsson Lindelof. Lindelof belongs to the white ethnicity and he also holds a Swedish nationality.

It is stipulated that his life outside football has exactly chimed with his playing method as he plays the game; considered, composed and calm that is the reason why he is called the Iceman.

He once mentioned that the moment he steps off the pitch or even leaves the training ground he manages to disconnect himself from there. It means that he does not think about football when he is not in the pitch. It is a herculean task doing it, while it also brings an excessive deal of concentration.

So far you might have been utterly understood that his family is the matter of utmost importance for him. He once stated that he just concentrates on things that make him happy, and what matter to him.

Hence he is not that much concerned about what people might say on social media. So as to say, his family, his wife and his kid are the most valuable things in his life.

Victor Lindelof professional career

Victor Lindelof has started his career in Sweden when he represented a number of local clubs in the area including IK Franke and Vasteras, but even before making the move to the Manchester United, he moved to


and thus Portugal.

He had been always considered as a very startling talent while at the Portuguese giants; after all, he just played 48 league games in 4 seasons before the eyes of international top teams got attracted to acquire his services.

In 2017 he signed with United, who paid 35 million euro for his services. Some people believe that he has not been very successful thus far in as much as he has not been a regular starter; yet he has played a whole bunch of games for the first team already.

He is still fairly young and he is getting accustomed to the physical play in the Premier League. He is also a Swedish international and he has defended the colours of his nation for a while now. He even featured in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Sweden reached the knock-out phase but Lindelof and his teamplayers were knocked out by



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