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Carlo Ancelotti Biography

Full coverage of data regarding Carlo Ancelotti biography contains all related facts to his life. The info Sportmob has presented in the following article is a wide range of data from Carlo Ancelotti religion to honors he has achieved. By staying with us and reading the article know him more.

Carlo Ancelotti, the former player of Milan, Parma, and Roma and the professional football manager of Everton, the Premier League club, was born on 10 June 1959. Performing as an expert manager led Ancelotti to the list, which only contains three managers' names, who have won the UEFA Champions League. Ancelotti won the prize two times during his management period of Milan and once with Real Madrid.

Furthermore, during his management period of Milan and Real Madrid, he got the FIFA Club World Cup two times. Being considered one of the best and most professional managers of all time, Ancelotti is one of seven people who have won the European Cup or Champions League as a manager and a player.

Having started his career as a midfielder with Prama, the Italian club, Ancelotti later got the nickname of Carletto. By playing for the club, he caused a promotion for it to Serie B in 1979. The next club, which earned him a Serie A title and four Coppa Italia titles, was Roma. 

Afterward, Ancelotti moved to the late 1980s Milan team, and by playing for the team, achieved many gains, such as two league titles and two European Cups. Since 

Carlo Ancelotti nationality

 refers to Reggiolo, Italy, he made his international appearances for the Italian national team, including 26 occasions, one scored-goal, and two made appearances in FIFA World Cups.

Also, his plays in UEFA Euro 1980 helped his nation to enter the semi-finals. Rather than leaving a brilliant career history as a player from himself, Carlo Ancelotti has performed as a professional manager and continued his efficient existence in the football world as a manager.

Management of several top teams, including Reggiana, Parma, Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Napoli, and Everton, made 

Carlo Ancelotti biography

 a rich one.

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An Overview on All Related facts to Carlo Ancelotti Biography

Such as all other professions that require essentials and fundamental skills, managing football teams need various talents. In addition to significant knowledge, they have to be tactically astute and skillful to motivate and train players.

They have to make tactical changes in matches intelligently besides correct predictions of physical and psychological conditions. Earning the respect of players comes from a competent leading by managers, which seems like a prerequisite.

By taking a look at the management history of Carlo Ancelotti, we will get he has worked as a professional manager, which has led him to the list of the 10 top football managers. In the following, we have presented a complete piece around 

Carlo Ancelotti bio

, both his playing and managerial days.

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Carlo Ancelotti Information

We have dedicated the first part of the article to the general info about the 61-year-old Italian man, such as 

Carlo Ancelotti date of birth

, football information, and physical stats. If you are a big fan of football, you remember him from the days he was a player till now he is working as a manager, or at least you have heard his name. To know more about his personal and professional life, read the article until its end.

Carlo Ancelotti Bio

  • Full Name:

     Carlo Ancelotti

  • Nickname:


  • Profession:

     Football Manager, Former football player

Carlo Ancelotti Physical Stats

  • Height:

     1.79 m (5 ft 10 in)

  • Eye Color:

      Dark Brown

  • Hair Color:


Carlo Ancelotti Football Information

  • Position:


  • Professional Debut:


Carlo Ancelotti Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

     10 June 1959

  • Birth Place:

     Reggiolo, Italy

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Carlo Ancelotti childhood was full of difficulties, which worked as opportunities that stimulated him to change the situation to a better one. Starting his career when he was a 15-year-old child has earned a professional history not only as a football player but as a manager, which we have prepared all related facts in the piece.

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Carlo Ancelotti Early Life

Born 61 years ago to his father, Giuseppe Ancelotti, and his mother, Carlo has had a cheerful character since he was a child. Carlo was raised under his parents' traditional Italian upbringing and spent most years of his childhood working on their farm beside his parents and brother. One of the features that he grew up with and is still one of his traits is hard-working, earned a lot of achievements for him in his life.

Though he liked living with his family, he did not find farming sufficient to help his family off poverty. The viewpoint, which came out from 

Carlo Ancelotti childhood

, turned his life from farming to the football world, which made an excellent future. 

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Carlo Ancelotti Profile 

We have dedicated the next part of Carlo Ancelotti biography to his profile, which uncovers many facts about his profession. 

Club and International Career

He entered the football world in 1974 and joined Parma, and appeared for the first time in Serie C when he was 18. Meanwhile, he experienced deployment behind the forwards and the second striker because he has a smart vision for scoring goals.

Ancelotti's excellent performance affected Parma's success in reaching second place in the Serie C1 Girone A in the 1978-79 season. Ancelotti could attract interest from Inter Milan and moved to Roma. After displaying his astonishing play, he joined Milan, the club he played for five years, and helped it a lot in earning many achievements, such as European Cups and European Cup semi-finals.

Playing for Milan provided the opportunity of being teammates of several legendary players such as Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Mauro Tassotti, and Alessandro Costacurta. Ancelotti left many memorable scenes, one of the most unforgettable ones when he scored a goal by a long-range shot.

Having gotten a pass from his teammate, Rude Gullit, Ancelotti dribbled two players and finally fired a shot that led to a memorable goal. Besides his club career, he made his international debut for the


national team in 1981. Eventually, after taking part in 26 competitions, Ancelotti announced his retirement from international football. 

Managerial Career

After passing the coaching course at Coverciano, Carlo Ancelotti served as an assistant manager of the former Milan coach, Arrigo Sacchi. Finally, and began his career as a manager with Serie B side Reggiana in 1995.

From 1995 till now, Ancelotti experienced management for ten clubs, Reggiana, Parma,


, Milan,



Paris Saint-Germain

, Real Madrid,

Bayern Munich

, Napoli, and Everton. Ancelotti started working with Everton on 21 December 2019 under a four-and-a-half-year deal.

The first match he managed was in the 2019-20 season, which ended with a 1-0 victory against Burnley. On 1 March 2020, following the full-time whistle, he made an on-pitch conversation with Chris Kavanagh, the match's referee, which he sent Ancelotti off.

He was protesting about the would-be late game-winning goal that the referee had ruled out, and Everton had become unsuccessful in gaining a victory against Manchester United. However, FA charged him because of his misconduct on 2 March. Ancelotti ended his first season with a total of eight wins, five draws, and six losses, which earned the twelfth place for Everton.

In the 2020-21 season, Ancelotti got the Premier League Manager of the Month's title when he could lead Everton to secure three wins in the opening of Premier League games in 2020-21. In a competition against Liverpool, Everton drew at home 2-2, while VAR ruled out Jordan Henderson's last-minute-goal, which could change the match from a draw to a win.

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Style of Play

Being famous as a creative, careful, and skilled midfielder, Carlo Ancelotti was a world-class player, well-known for his composure on the ball, leadership, and organizational talent. Though Ancelotti's performance had caused him to be one of the best Italian midfielders during his period, he was out of a high-level pace, physical and athletic attributes.

To describe his play's s, the features, including accurate shots from outside of the area, excellent technical ability, and tactical intelligence, are the best words, which shows how much he was competent defensively. Among other features of Ancelotti's play's style, the most remarkable ones were his capability in playing in several positions, a playmaker in the center of the pitch with Milan, wings with Roma, an attacking midfielder, or a box-to-box role. 


Being considered one of the 10 top best most successful managers, Carlo Ancelotti has appeared professionally in the football world as a football manager. His performance earned a large amount of reception to praise his doing, which one of them refers to Frank Lampard.

About the kind of reception after Ancelotti's return to Stamford Bridge, Lampard has honored Ancelotti a very good one, a man who is very well respected in-house and by the fans". "He is a gentleman, a fantastic manager. It was a good season under him. He is a great man-manager. On a personal level, he is great at striking up relationships. He is good tactically and has a great manner", Frank Lampard said.

Goal Celebration

Goal celebration has changed to a factor that is mostly unique and is different from person to person. If you are a big football fan, you have seen a group of players who have kept their goal celebration's style, though the other group changes it occasion by occasion. This issue somehow is an opportunity which the goal-scorer gains to convey his word to people.

That is the reason which goal celebrations are mostly called players' signatures. Not having a unique goal celebration, Ancelotti jumps and pinches the air and screaming in delight with a wide-open mouth, most of the time, to show his happiness and celebrate his players' goals. 

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Carlo Ancelotti Outside Football

As Carlo Ancelotti life story narrates to us, he has always been interested in football. Based on his feeling about football, it is clear that he does not have any outside interests except his family and Mamma Mia. Ancelotti has called football his hobby but not his work and believes that footballers have beautiful luck in their lives and experience fantastic issues. However, he claims the football players and managers at the top share a dedication to their high-level paid profession. 

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Carlo Ancelotti Personal Life

Football fans have been interested in not only the professional but in the personal life of their heroes. So, we have gathered the most updated facts about 

Carlo Ancelotti life story


Family, Children, and Relationship

The first part of the personal life in Carlo Ancelotti biography is about his family, children, and relationship. Ancelotti has two children, Katia, his daughter, 36 years old, and David, his 31-year-old son, who works as his assistant coach at Everton. Though it is not his only existence in the football world, he appeared in the Milan youth and then in 2008 moved to Borgomanero.

The same year Ancelotti announced his break with Luisa Gibellini, his wife of 25 years, and three years later declared his new relationship with a Canadian businesswoman, Mariann Barrena McClay. They got married in July 2014 in Vancouver. During his career, in a period coincided with his last season with Chelsea, Ancelotti traveled back to Italy to visit his 87-year-old father.

His father was in a poor health situation and suffering from diabetes and other issues which Ancelotti decided to be beside his father instead of managing his team. Unfortunately, he missed his father on 29 September 2010, when he was 87. Ancelotti is now the grandfather of twins, the children of Davide and his partner, Ana Galocha. 


Since successful celebrities, not only in football but in all fields, have the financial ability to do charity work, they usually participate in it. That is why we have dedicated this part of 

Carlo Ancelotti biography

 to the charity affairs he has participated in them. However, there are no published facts about his engagements in philanthropy cases on authentic websites, which might come from his unwillingness to make it public or not having done any affairs. 

Legal Issues

In Carlo Ancelotti biography, being accused by prosecutors in Spain was a legal issue in which he was supposed to pay approximately 1 million euros (£904,000) in taxes. The accusation referred to the period the Italian manager was the boss of Real Madrid in 2014-15. The Madrid Community Prosecutor's office had declared that Carlo Ancelotti intends not to pay tax and concealed his revenues. 

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Carlo Ancelotti Career Statistics

We have categorized the career statistics part of 

Carlo Ancelotti biography

 into two parts, the days he was a player and the days he worked as a manager. 


Playing for three clubs Parma, Roma, and Milan, Carlo Ancelotti scored 41 goals in 442 competitions he took part in them. During his 55 appearances in Prama, he scored 13 goals, which the most referred to the 1977-78 season. In comparison with Parma, Ancelotti appeared much more times for Roma in competitions, 227, in which he could score 17 goals. Finally, the last team he played for was Milan which he recorded 11 scored-goals in his 160 appearances. 


As mentioned above, 

Carlo Ancelotti nationality

 led him to join Italy national team and played for them from 1981 to 1991. During the ten years, he played 26 times for the team and could only score one time in his first year. The competition was against the


that they played in Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay, which led to a 1-1 draw on 6 January 1981. 


Having managed ten clubs since 1995, Ancelotti has worked as a successful manager for most of them during the 26 years. Among the ten clubs are several featured clubs, including Juventus,


, Chelsea,

Paris Saint-Germain


Real Madrid

, Bayern Munich, and Everton. Going through the statistics will reveal his most successful management period was with Real Madrid that could win about %74.79 of their competitions.

On the contrary, the least successful period for him was his Reggiana's management that got %37.78 winnings.


is the club Ancelotti has started his administration with since 2019, and from then till now, he coached 47 matches and led the team to win 24 times.

However, Ancelotti experienced his most lasted management period with Milan that started in 2001 and ended in 2009. During the eight years, he coached 420 matches, of which 238 competitions led to victory, which is almost equal %56.67 of the team's total games.

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Carlo Ancelotti Honors

Reviewing Carlo Ancelotti biography will show he has earned a wide range of honors, including the awards he gained in his playing and management time. Most of his achievements refer to the days he played for Milan, such as Serie A, Supercoppa Italiana, European Cup, European Super Cup, and International Cup.

Additionally, one of his outstanding achievements for the Italy national team in the FIFA World Cup third place. Another group of Ancelotti's honors comes from his period management.

His effort led to many gains for the teams he managed, such as UEFA Intertoto Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and FA Cup. However, his honors are not limited to his playing and management period. Also, he earned a lot of achievements which the most prominent ones are the Serie A Coach of the Year in 2001 and 2004, Ligue 1 Manager of the Year in 2012-13, European Coach of the Year in 2003, and the FIFA World Coach of the Year runner-up in 2014.

Being in the football world as a player and then as a manager has brought Carlo Ancelotti an excellent profile, covered every related detail, such as

 Carlo Ancelotti religion

, nationality, and career history. We even take a look at his personal life, including his family and children. However, despite our effort in uploading an accurate and comprehensive piece, if we have left any related and remarkable facts about Carlo Ancelotti biography, share them with us by the comment section.

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