Top facts about Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli’s ex-wife

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Now, you may know a lot about Mario Balotelli but today we are going to talk about the top facts about Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli's ex-wife.

Mario Balotelli's ex-wife, Fanny Neguesha is a Belgian model, actress, singer, TV star, and influencer that got super famous when she started dating this Italian professional footballer.

There has been a lot of controversies over Mario Balotelli's relationships and children which we are going to cover in more detail in this article about


facts about Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli’s ex-wife


There is a lot to fanny Neguesha’s career and what she is doing, and we have provided detailed information about her professional career and personal life which we are going to discuss shortly after we represent you her personal information and statistics.

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A comprehensive article of Top facts about Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli’s ex-wife

First off, let’s get to the Statistics in this part of top facts about Fanny Neguesha.

Fanny Neguesha Personal Information

  • Full Name

    : Fanny Neguesha

  • Fanny Neguesha Date of birth

    : June 10, 1990

  • Fanny Neguesha Place of birth

    : Brussels, Belgium

  • Fanny Neguesha Age

    : 31

  • Fanny Neguesha Star sign

    : Gemini

  • Fanny Neguesha Profession

    : Model, Singer, Dancer, and Actor

  • Fanny Neguesha Religion

    : Christian

Fanny Neguesha Body measurements and appearance

  • Fanny Neguesha Height

    : 172 cm

  • Fanny Neguesha Weight

    : 56 kg

  • Fanny Neguesha Ethnicity

    : Black

  • Fanny Neguesha Hair color

    : Dark brown

When it comes to appearance she is a very beautiful woman or even one of the most stunning models that the world has to offer. Just by a simple search on the internet, you’ll find out how her beauty is superior to any other basic model out there, and that’s what made her career take off like a rocket ship.

Fanny Neguesha personal life

In this part of the top facts about Fanny Neguesha, we have gathered Fanny Neguesha's personal information and all that could be found about her family and relationships, so stay tuned to read about her life outside her profession.

She was born in Belgium on June 10, 1990, which makes her 31 at the moment. As for

Fanny Neguesha parents

, her mother was Egyptian and her father was Italian, this explains why she has perfect genes to be a model. There’s no information about her siblings so we assume that she has none.

Let us get to the fun part of this article which is Fanny Neguesha Relationships and Family.

Fanny Neguesha relationships

Now, this is the most quarrelsome part of the top facts about Fanny Neguesha.

Her relationship with Mario Balotelli started in March 2013 but it didn’t last long since they got into some issues. Their divorce news made its way into the first page of the news in 2014. It was sad to see this couple split up as the fans had high hopes for them. The main reason for the divorce was that Mario requested Fanny to end her modeling career.

Well, it was a hard pill to swallow for Fanny Neguesha since she worked so hard to get to that position. In an interview, Fanny said that Mario was jealous and couldn’t see her half-naked photos on magazine covers. On the other hand, Mario said that it was unacceptable for him to see his wife’s body exposed to the public.

The interesting part of it was that Mario proposed to Fanny knowing that she is a model and that her job is to pose in front of the camera but it seems that he was waiting for the right opportunity to force Neguesha to quit her job. Luckily, it didn’t happen and Neguesha wasn’t afraid to dump this Italian footballer. 

You can’t tell that Neguesha didn’t try to keep the relationship. As she explained to the interviewers she tried to convince Mario Balotelli to accept that she has a career herself and needs to do this stuff to keep it. But Mario was a hard head and wouldn’t listen to her. So finally she returned the engagement ring and ended their marriage.

After this event, Fanny Neguesha dated Mario Lemina and here's a brief description of who Mario Lemina is. Mario Rene Junior Lemina born on September 1, 1993 (yes, he is younger than Fanny) is a professional footballer from Gabon.

He is currently playing for Fulham as a Central Midfielder. In September 2017 it became apparent that Fanny Neguesha is dating Mario Lemina. A year after that she announced that she is pregnant and that the father is Mario Lemina. Lemina then confirmed this news calling Fanny a lioness and his newborn a cub. However, there are some rumors about their separation but the validity of that news is yet to be confirmed.

Now that we have talked about fanny Neguesha let’s get to a detailed description of her previous husband and her current boyfriend.

Mario Balotelli career

Mario Balotelli started his career from Lumezzane. He gained his first cap on April 2, 2016, against a team called


in Serie C1. In the same year, he signed a contract with

Inter Milan

as a loan player, with a co-owning policy. Late on this policy got banned by Italy.

He got featured in a friendly match as his first appearance for the team. In November 2008, he succeeded in scoring a goal in the UEFA Champions League and becoming the youngest player of inter to score a goal in such a tournament.

In 2010 he receives an offer from Manchester City and agreed on the term of the contract and then joined the mentioned club for a €21.8 million fee. He often got compliments from the manager who was once Balotelli’s manager at Inter. His manager was believed that Balotelli's playstyle would’ve suited the premier league well and that he deserved to be in such a comparative world-class league.

One of his achievements was lifting the golden boy award in 2010. He managed to score his first Premier League hat-trick on December 28, 2010, against

Aston Villa


After jumping from this League to another he finally settled down in Monza. It was Shocking how he agreed to play for a team in Serie B. he reunited whit his friend Kevin-Price Boateng and his former manager Cristian Brocchi.

Now in this part of the Top facts about Fanny Neguesha. Let get to her current boyfriend.

Mario Balotelli relationships

Mario Balotelli

's first official relationship was with Raffaella Fico, who was an Italian model and actress. She was a very accomplished girl who has won Miss Grand Prix which is an Italian well-known beauty contest.  In 2012 Fico announced that she is pregnant. Mario Balotelli requested a paternity test which confirmed that Mario Balotelli is the father. Thus Mario Balotelli's first child was born on December 5, 2012.

His first child was a girl and he named his daughter Pia. Later on, he was accused of not taking parental responsibility on Pia by Fico. Balotelli on the other hand tried to maintain his reputation by taking legal action for the false accusation.

Mario then got into a relationship with Fanny Neguesha in 2013 and proposed to her. However, after their separation, Balotelli got his second child which was a boy named Lion and his mother was unidentified.

Mario Lemina career

Mario Lemina started his professional career from Lorient youth academy and then got promoted to the first team in 2012.


bought Lemina for €4 million and frequently used him in matches. He played 23 matches in the season. After showing off his skills for Marseille, Juventus offered him to join the team as a loan player for a full season. On his third appearance for the team, he managed to score his first goal for Juventus.

Mario Lemina joined one of the Premier League teams which was Southhampton for a long-term contract, 5 years to be precise. He got his first cap for the team in a match against West Ham United on August 20. He finished 2020 on a loan to



Now let’s get to her career and professional side

Fanny Neguesha career

As mentioned before Fanny Neguesha started her professional career as a model and she became an actor and a singer later on. Before getting to her social media and her activity on Instagram let us discuss the top facts of her career and then we can get to her posts and captions in the next part of top facts about Fanny Neguesha.

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Fanny Neguesha modeling and acting career

Neguesha started her career in 2010. She was working as a model for the Lixya in France. Staring in a reality show in Italy, she became a TV star too. She made her first appearance on TV for The tenth season of L’isola dei famosi which means The Celebrity island.

She also assisted Drake with her appearance in his short film called please forgive me, which was directed by Anthony Mandler. Since it was her first time, it was difficult for her to act.

The hardest part of it was when she had to act like she was going to die because in that scene she gets shot. Drake admits that he was happy to see the Belgian supermodel working with him. For the moment she is working for Tk Kayembe, who is an African young producer. She also has worked for Sephora France which is a cosmetic brand and has some stunning pictures with the makeup cosmetics in the shot.

That was all about her modeling and acting career, but what about her singer career? Well, here’s a full detailed article about Fanny Neguesha's singer career.

Fanny Neguesha singer career

She became a singer after releasing her first track called Evasion featuring a French rapper named Mac Tyler.  She signed a deal with Def Jam France in 2016. It became pretty famous and it made its appearance in the French film Pattaya.

Her second track was named Number One, released on June 15, 2016. Releasing her 3rd single a few months after named Jober. It has been difficult for her to target English speakers for her songs since she sings in French and needs to rely upon a translator to translate her captions under Instagram posts for her.

Her ultimate goal for her Singer career was to show that Europeans can also make their way through America's top music list and make Americans love their music. She has planned some exciting stuff to do, like the release of a song called “Who Betta” which is about love and about her being the best person for her boyfriend.

Let’s get into the details of the story of the short movie in the next part of the

Top Facts about Fanny Neguesha


Fanny Neguesha and Drake

As we mentioned before about the short film that Fanny got featured in for Drake, fans had been hoping that maybe Fanny and Drake got to do something with each other. There are some rumors about Drake trying to win Neguesha’s heart but those are mere rumors and nothing got confirmed regarding this issue.

Drake has been following Fanny Negueshas Instagram account and has been trying to work with her for four years. It all started when drake messaged fanny on her Instagram Four years ago asking for a collaboration.

She mentioned that Mario Balotelli was the reason that Fanny had to reject Drakes's request because Mario was Jealous. But after they broke up the burden was lifted and Neguesha was free to do as she wanted. So she reached out to drake and accepted his request.

She was on vacation when Drake reached out to her again and asked her if she could go to South Africa to film the video. She had no idea that it wasn’t going to be a music video but a short movie.

All of these brought a good amount of reputation for her but she actually got popular with her modeling pictures and where did she share them? Let’s get to the next part of this article in which we will talk about her social media and how she makes money out of them.

Let us get to the next part of top facts about Fanny Neguesha.

Fanny Neguesha social media

Fanny Neguesha has been active on various online platforms. It has been an essential part of her career. She has the opportunity to show who she is and what she is working for via social platforms. She has been earning money from Instagram and has been advertising her work or mostly her perfect body to the modeling agencies.  She has been posting modeling pictures with different poses by the name of Fanny Neguesha. 

She has some pictures of her son, Isaiah King Lemina.  One of her most liked pictures on Instagram is the one with Mario which got around 73k likes and 900 comments. She also has criticized Donald Trump’s presidency often and has made it clear that she is against him and that she doesn’t like Donald Trump at all. Since she is currently living in America, she has the right and freedom of speech to talk about anything she feels like to.

She has been active on Twitter as well, posting modeling pictures and casual ones such as her and Nusret the famous Turkish chef, who has been in the spotlight of media for his way of pouring salt over a juicy steak.

We mentioned that she is getting quite the money from Instagram but how much is she making really? Let us find out in the next part of the

top facts about Fanny Neguesha


Fanny Neguesha net worth and salary

Fanny Neguesha's main source of income is her salary from model agencies. She has been amongst the Highest-paid models. There’s no precise information about how much her salary is but her estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars. If you think that it’s not that much, it should be considered that she is only 31 years old now and has a long way to go.

Just to wrap top facts about Fanny Neguesha up, all the controversies that these celebrities get into only make them more and more popular. It may destroy their public image for quite some time but in the end, they get more reputation than before.

Just as Jose Mourinho described Balotelli as unmanageable, Mario did some questionable and often amusing activities in his life and every time he took part in one of those activities he attracted more people and reporters. The story is the same for all of them. But in the end, we wish them good luck and deep down in our hearts, we like to see them at the peak of their successful careers.

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