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Adil Rami biography

Here is the full account of Adil Rami biography.

Adil Rami, the French Footballer, currently playing for


FC became immensely popular since he played with


as a central defender in Ligue 1 in France. In his club journey, he has won titles like Ligue 1, UEFA Europa League, and Coupe De France.

He was in the 23 man squad that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but he did not get the chance to play in the game. Formerly, he played for


for two years, where he won his first major trophy in club football, UEFA Europa League, in 2016.

He arrived at the club in 2015 for a transfer fee of €3.5 million and played a major role in La Liga and Europa League. The French soccer player has earned huge fame as a footballer as he has been a member of well-known European clubs and became the champion with the national team.

Besides, the interest in the man is fueled by the facts of his personal life: he dated Pamela Anderson, who was almost 20 years older. Thus, Rami’s name regularly emerges in tabloids. Come along with us to read

Adil Rami biography

, his professional career as well as his personal life in due regard.

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Everything you need to know about Adil Rami biography

Here is the full account of Adil Rami biography. Rami was born in Bastia, France on 27'" December 1985. His nationality is French, and his birth sign is Capricorn. In his early days, he worked in the city to support himself with jobs like maintenance and cleanliness.

Adil Rami information

Adil Rami bio

  • Adil Rami Fullname

    : Adil Rami

  • Adil Rami Nickname

    : Shrek

Adil Rami personal information

  • Adil Rami date of birth

    : Dec 27, 1985

  • Adil Rami nationality

    : French, Moroccan

  • Adil Rami religion

    : Islam

  • Place of birth

    : Bastia, France

  • Age

    : 35

Adil Rami Physical status

  • Height

    : 6 ft 3 inches (1.90 m)

  • Weight

    : 88 kg (194 lbs )

Adil Rami family information

  • Marital status

    : single

  • Ex-girlfriend

    : Sidonie Biemont

  • Children

    : Two (Zayn and Madi)

  • Girlfriend

    : Pamela Aderson

  • Net Worth

    : 7.15m

Adil Rami football information

  • Profession

    : Football-player

  • Position

    : Defender - Centre-Back

  • Foot

    : Right

  • Current club

    : Boavista FC

  • Jersey number

    : 3


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Adil Rami early life

Rami was born in the city of Bastia on the island of Corsica to Moroccan parents. Regarding

Adil Rami childhood

it is mentioned that when he was a youngster, his family moved to the mainland, eventually settling in the southern coastal city of Fréjus, where his mother worked as a member of the city council.

When the relationship between his parents broke up, his mother brought up four kids alone and tried to provide them with a simple but lovely life. Rami is the third of four children and has two sisters and one brother.

The eldest sister, Feda, became the mother’s major supporter and helped take care of the youngest kids. She tried to make Adil study well, but the boy worked part-time in the morning as a public service employee in taking care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the city and spent time training afternoon.


Adil Rami life story

his family became his loyal enthusiasts and always supported him so passionately in the field. He began his football career at the age of 9 by playing with

Frejus Saint-Raphael


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Adil Rami profile

Considering Adil Rami biography he was created on the Mediterranean Sea. He had harboured aspirations to be a professional footballer but he worked odd jobs as a cleaner and a care worker as well.

This frees him from emphasizing his career. He had combined Etoile Frejus Saint Raphael local youth club and continued to produce his debut playing at the branch of football.

He became an imposing, strong centre-back, and is considered as one of the brightest talents in Europe - earning big money moves to clubs in his native France, Italy, and Spain. He won the Europa League with Sevilla in 2016 and has a Ligue 1 title to his name with



Playing Style

His on-the-pitch play chime with the same style as he likes to live, complete with random meltdowns. But he is brutal, bold, and forceful. His defending style has been described as “old-school,” but he says that if he can give something more, he will.

As a matter of fact, he has been known to attempt the Mexes-style overhead bicycle kick, amongst other things. Unafraid to use his brutish physique to good effect, he is nonetheless not as brutish in his treatment of opponents as, say, Pepe. "Hard but fair" is the phrase best used to illustrate his style of play.


He is, by no means, the finished article. He is raw in his decision-making and will incur red cards. That is to say, his rough style of defending has made him vulnerable to punishment and has many red cards in his career to show for it.

He uses his Brutish Physique to good effect while playing and his game can be portrayed with the phrase as it was mentioned earlier “Hard but Fair”. He has decent pace and shows sensible use of the ball when in possession of it.

He is good in the air and likes to spread the play by playing long balls. He's not all about defending, either. Back on Match Day 1 of the Champions League in Belgium against Genk, Rami produced a remarkable, technically outstanding overhead kick to crash the ball off the opposition crossbar.

Goal celebration

Among Adil Rami's memorable celebrations one can point out to the time when he and his French teammates celebrated their team's second goal, scored by

Dimitri Payet

during the UEFA Euro 2016 Group A match between France and Romania at Stade de France on June 10, 2016, in Paris, France.


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Adil Rami outside football

But off the pitch, he is even more colourful than his unusual career would signify. At Lille, teammates gave him the nickname of “Shrek.” Not for his propensity to turn into an ogre and offend everyone around, but relatively because he eats like an ogre and is also recognized for his striking belching abilities.

He once posed naked for a French calendar and considers himself a bit of a sex symbol to both women and men. He was the first footballer to avoid traditional homophobic tendencies and gave an interview to a gay magazine, the same magazine which had called him the “most beautiful player in Ligue 1,” ahead of former


player Gourcuff.

Though chasing women has been a hobby for him since he was a youngster, and his current girlfriend is assumed gorgeous as she presumably tends not to wear many clothes while being photographed.

He had a Twitter account but ostensibly was ordered to close it because he was mastered in insulting people who criticized him there, too. He has offended the Zlatan and was also prone to insulting referees and otherwise being sent off in matches.

He is a joker and depicts himself very sociable, but also spends a lot of time grooming himself and staying fit. He once injured himself dancing Gangnam Style, and is very eager to play Call of Duty. In essence, he likes to grab life by the horns and is never seem to be dull or boring.


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Adil Rami personal life

In a further look to

Adil Rami biography

revealing some information about his controversial personal life might be enlightening.

As far as his relation is concerned, he had two previous relationships but currently, the athlete is single. Rami communicates with his enthusiasts on Instagram and shares pictures and facts from his own life.

Family, children and relationships

Previously, he was in a relationship with an ex-lingerie model called Sidonie Biemont. Moreover, they gave birth to twins together. In 2011, Adil Rami met the French photo model Sidonie Biémont. He came to the French Open for tennis, but a stunning brunette caught his attention right away.

The couple started dating and living together. Biémont followed her boyfriend and moved to Italy and Spain with him. In 2016, the twins Zyan and Madi were born.

Yet, the relationship was broken up; maybe, it was the meeting with Pamela Anderson in spring 2017, when the actress and the athlete attended Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco.

Pamela Anderson, also a Canadian American celebrity and model who’s popular for appearing in movies like Barb Wire (1996), Blond and Blonder (2008), both the Baywatch along with V.I.P. tv collection.

She was a play boy house-mate at the 1990s, including in February 1990 for playboy magazine as Playmate of the Month. Pamela Anderson was married four times if it boggles your mind, first to this talented singer and celebrity Kid Rock, afterwards to artist Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998 from 2006 into 2007.

Then union collapsed, she continued to picture manufacturer Rick Salomon whom she married 2 times again for a time frame in 2014 before calling it quits. In spite of her failed efforts at the union, the Baywatch Icon has said she desires to be a married lady. But he’s got twins kiddies out of a romance with version Sidonie Biemont.

The age gap did not prevent the couple from being together. Their romance was passionate and fast-developing. In summer, Pamela introduced her new boyfriend to her mother and moved to Marseille where Rami lived. She frequently observed Adil’s matches and did not conceal her emotions to the man.

Pam shared the details of the romance with journalists and underlined that Adil did not see her age. However, some ideas were disturbing: Anderson did not want to find herself with a young lover while she would become old.

The player proposed to Pamela during FIFA World Cup 2018, and she said yes. One could see the Cartier ring with a diamond on her finger when she went out. Yet, the couple disclosed their break-up in fall 2018; the media tried to learn the reasons but failed. In spring 2019, they were seen together as if nothing had occurred.

In June 2019, Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson split up again. The woman revealed the reasons: she accused her ex of maniac jealousy and physical abuse; besides, Anderson revealed Rami’s conversations with Sidonie Biémont to prove her point.

Still, Biémont refuses to call Adil a monster and abuser; she supported the athlete on her Instagram. In her turn, Pamela marked Rami’s generosity and warm-hearted nature and complained that he made her stop communicating with her friends and controlled everything in her life.

Above all, the actress charged Adil for cheating, but he directly confuted it. Although the man did not give many details, he wrote a post and rejected the fact of abuse, alleging that living a double life was never acceptable for him.



Adil Rami biography

it is interesting to note that one of his memorable act of philanthropy was when in


, he incurred the wrath of the club’s fans after injuring his foot while dancing at a charity event and making himself out of action for the club’s La Liga fixture.

Rami was making an appearance on the scene at a charity concert held by his former club Lille a while back and was coerced into throwing some shapes to ‘Gangnam Style'.

Unfortunately, while involving in the requisite equine gyration associated with the Psy track, the French defender worsened a long-standing foot injury (thought to be blisters, which later became infected – by disco fever) that then ruled him out of Valencia’s 3-3 draw with



Legal issue

Among Adil Rami legal issues one can suggest to the time when Valencia suspended Adil Rami for a week and fined him a week's wages for his outburst criticising his teammates and coach Miroslav Djukic.

Rami, then 27, has been not played with the team or even practised with his team players since he called many of them ‘two-faced’ and also declared that coach Djukic had broken a promise to play him more often in an interview.

Valencia following its internal regulations penalized Rami for such misconduct with a one-week suspension from work and withdrawal of salary. Independently of the sanction, then Valencia CF and Adil Rami approved to work together to find a satisfactory exit for both parties.

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Adil Rami Career statistics

In Adil Rami biography it is notable to mention that he played for many clubs like Frejus, Lille, Valencia, Milan, Sevilla, Marseille,




and Boavista. Come along with us to read more.


In the face of his long journey through clubs, here is just the gist of the most interesting information about Adil Rami participation in each club. It is hoped that it finds you well.

ES Frejus

Adil Rami started his professional career with ES Frejus where he spent 3 seasons in the fourth division of French Football playing the sport as a hobby. He made his first debut for the club, Frejus Saint-Raphael at the time playing in the French fourth division, in 2003.

He first participated as a central midfield role yet he switched to central defence after a teammate underwent an injury. He made 58 appearances for the club between 2003 and 06.


He earned himself a trial at Lille during the 2005-06 season. After He finished that season playing for the amateur side he was promoted to the first team following a string of satisfactory performances.

He then went on to sign a professional contract with Lille and shortly became a starter for the club. Adil Rami played for Lille from 2006 to 2011 during which he became one of the most sought-after defenders in the French league.

Rami signed a 2 contract extension in the 2008-09 season and netted his first goal for the club and finished the season with 4 goals and helped Lille finish fifth. His outstanding performances enticed offers from




, and Milan.

A €12 million move to Marseille collapsed which left Rami utterly disappointed. But he put the negativity surrounding the event behind him and made 96 appearances in the next 2 seasons scoring 5 goals.


In January 2011, Adil Rami got contracted for Spanish club Valencia in a fee of €6–10 million. He spent the remaining of the season on loan at Lille. Rami spent 3 seasons at Valencia making 93 appearances and netting 6 goals before securing a move to AC Milan.

On 25 September 2013, Valencia temporarily suspended Rami from his contract after he gave an interview on Radio Valencia in which in no uncertain terms he criticized his team-mates and his coach, Miroslav Djukic. He was also fined €275,000 of his remaining salary owed for the half of the season, the largest ever imposed by Valencia.


On 16 October 2013, Valencia permitted him to train with the Italian club and a deal was agreed between the clubs, that the player will be loaned to Milan when the winter transfer window opens, on 3 January 2014, with the option to buy.

He made 22 appearances for Milan and netted three goals. Rami ultimately made his move to Italy permanent in July 2014 on a three-year contract worth €4.25 million.

He forgoes €500,000 in wages to cover the difference in the fees between the two clubs as Milan offered only €3.75 million and declined to pay his buyout clause of €7.5 million.


On 1 July 2015, Spanish newspaper Marca verified that Sevilla had come to an agreement with Milan to sign Rami for four seasons, with the transfer fee assumed to be €3.5 million.


On 13 July 2017, Marseille paid a transfer fee of around €6  million in a four-year contract for his services. He also was part of the Marseille team that lost the 2018 UEFA Europa League Final to

Atletico Madrid


On 13 August 2019, Rami was sacked by Marseille for the disciplinary infraction. He had been investigated by the club for missing a training session at the end of the 2018–19 season after declaring that he had an injury but instead participated in Fort Boyard and performed demanding physical stunts.


On 27 August 2019, 2 weeks after being sacked by Olympique de Marseille for 'gross misconduct' and as a free agent, Rami got contracted a short-term agreement with Turkish Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe that was valid until the end of the 2019–20 season and comprised of the option of a second season as well.


On 21 February 2020, on a reciprocal approval with the club, he dismissed his contract with Fenerbahçe and joined the Russian team PFC Sochi on the same day.

As the championship was halted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, his contract was terminated on 27 May 2020 without him having played a single match. Rami claims have not been paid either.


After the termination of his contract with Sochi, Rami went to Portugal's top flight by signing in Boavista on a two-year deal on 4 September 2020 meeting his friend Ricardo Costa.


Rami is a French international, having made his debut on 11 August 2010 in a friendly match against Norway. Before representing France, he drew attention from the Moroccan national team. Rami refused the offer, referring to his ambition to play for France.

Occasionally he has expressed that his preference is to represent Morocco within the France team .On 11 May 2010, although he had not made a single appearance for France he was named to the 30-man preliminary list by Domenech to play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals but failed to make the final 23-men squad.

On 5 August 2010, Rami was called up to the senior team by the new manager Laurent Blanc for the team's friendly match against Norway on 11 August 2010.

He achieved his first senior cap in that match, starting at centre-back alongside Philippe Mexès. After appearing regularly in UEFA Euro 2012 qualifying, on 29 May 2012, Rami was named to the squad to take part in the finals of that competition.

Before that, he had netted his first international goal in a 3–2 friendly comeback win over Iceland. Rami made his debut in the finals of a World Cup or UEFA European Championship on 11 June in his team's Euro 2012 opening match against England. He started and played the entire match, which ended in a 1–1 draw.

He also played every minute of France's last three matches of the tournament – the remaining two Group D matches against Ukraine and Sweden, and the quarter-final against defending champions – and eventual winners – Spain.

Rami participated in the finals of the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, called up to substitute the injured

Raphael Varane

, and played every minute of the first four matches (group stage and round of 16) of the finals, against Romania, Albania, Switzerland and the Republic of Ireland.

Yet, he did not feature in the quarter-final, semi-final and final matches against Iceland, Germany and Portugal respectively.

On 17 May 2018, Rami was called up to the 23-man French squad for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia. He announced his retirement from the national team after winning the trophy and he did not play any of France's seven matches in the finals.


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Adil Rami honours

Little by little, the centre back was developing his club career. In the season 2010/2011, Lille won the country’s championship and Coupe de France; Rami’s splendid manner made him a notable figure for transfers.

The centre-back has played all over Europe in his club career, including stops at Lille, Valencia, AC Milan, Sevilla, Marseille, Fenerbahce and FC Sochi.

In 2018, the centre back had the most prestigious achievement in his career: his national team won the 2018 World Cup. However, Rami did not play a single match there. Following the victory, he announced the finish of his national team career. Overall, the man had 35 matches for his country.

Despite his retirement announcement, Rami was named in Deschamps' squad for three of the four league phase matches of the inaugural 2018–19 UEFA Nations League against Germany and the Netherlands.

He was an unused substitute for all those three matches, with France failing to reach the finals that were held in Portugal.


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