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Facts about Carlos Tevez

Covering all on and off-pitch facts about Carlos Tevez, the following article has presented a complete collection of all related info to the Argentinian professional player. To know him more, stay with us till the end of the piece.

Born on 5 February 1984, the 36-year-old Argentinian footballer is a member of the Boca Juniors club, who kicks the ball as a forward in the team, while he is also, he is a former player of the Argentinian national team. Characterized as a hard-working, quick, and dynamic forward, Carlos Tevez is talented and can play in various positions, either a striker or a winger. Additionally, he is brilliantly skilled as a supporting forward player and an attacking midfielder.

Boca Juniors is the first team that Carlos Tevez started his profession by joining it. Having begun his career with the club, Tevez won the awards of Copa Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup. After playing Boca Juniors, Tevez moved to 


, the Brazilian club, and by his brilliant performance succeeded in winning the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A.

Rather than the clubs, Tevez has played for seven other featured clubs, including 

West Ham United


Manchester United


Manchester City



, and Shanghai Shenhua. Playing in all these teams earned him a wide range of achievements, which led to a high reputation for him in the football world. Since the number of Tevez's prizes are a lot, going through them needs a separate and long article.

So, Sportmob has sufficed, to name a few of them, such as Premier League Golden Boot, Premier League title, Scudetti, Primera Division in 2017-18 and 2019-20 season, a gold medal and Summer Olympics Golden Boot, and the Footballer of the Year of Argentina. 

A Review on All You Need to Know regarding the Facts about Carlos Tevez

As you read in the introductory part of the article, the following sections will be about the professional and personal facts about Carlos Tevez. Covering the info, from 

Carlos Tevez childhood

 to his social media platforms, we have presented accurate data about various aspects of his life, both personal and professional ones.

Having a brilliant style of play and playing in several top clubs of the football world has made him a player whose fame is familiar for most football fans. This level of reputation has earned a rich career history for him, which in the following, we will go through it rather than his personal life. To read more, stay tuned.

Carlos Tevez Childhood

Carlos Alberto Martinez was born in Ciudadela Buenos Aires Province and raised in Ejercito de Los Andes. Though his name later changed to Carlos Tevez, which the football world knows him today by it. Because there was a name conflict matter with the clubs "Boca Junior" and "All boys," he changed his last name to Tevez, which he had got from his mother's side.


facts about Carlos Tevez

nickname is that he was famous as "El Apache," which comes from the title of the neighbor he spent his childhood there, "Future Apache." Becoming a successful player in his future was the dream, which his parents had for him from his early age.

However, their desire might have originated from his football-focused mind from his childhood. Contrary to popular belief regarding the success of raising with lots of facilities, Tevez grew up in a high-rate of violence and drugs hometown, which was not a comfortable area for living.

Although Carlos Tevez spent his childhood in a poor neighborhood, it did not stop him and focused on his dream, football. Based on Carlos' description of where he lived, the neighbor was so scary at dark, and going out at night was incredible.

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Carlos Tevez Family and Early Life

Coming out from the violent streets of Buenos Aires and also a family whose mother was an alcoholic who could not even afford to buy a pair of boots did not prevent Carlos Tevez from having a successful and brilliant future. Having passed a hard childhood, Carlos is among the biggest earners in the football world. The 36-year-old Argentinian striker earns a massive amount of money these days, which is the come out of a hard and long way he has passed.

After being abandoned by his parents, Segundo Tevez, Carlos' uncle, adopted him, and very shortly, Carlos learned to call him "papa." Segundo's efforts led Carlos to find a way out of the bloodshed that happened daily in their neighborhood. Football worked for Carlos like a liberation from a depressing way of life, which his family and friend had. Among the 

facts about Carlos Tevez

, living in the mentioned violent neighbor hurt his family members and friends many times.

The worst one was the death of his best pal following an armed robbery that he was gunned down and killed. Carlos's talent in football was evident to all coaches who had seen his plays before. His excellent football skills earned him the opportunity of signing a contract with the All Boys youth team when he was only six. Yet, Segundo did not even have enough money to buy football boots for him.

However, Carlos Tevez could achieve his all-time love, playing football, and became his uncle's great hope in the economic crisis at the time. His uncle was a low-paid stonemason, and feeding his five children left him and his wife out of food.

Living beside his uncle, the man who gave his name to him and behaved like a real father made a precious past for him, which Carlos never forget. This history had such an effect on his future, which Carlos Bianchi, the coach of Boca Juniors, described the secret of his success in his pride and determination. According to Bianchi, how Carlos Tevez ran on the pitch and fought for the ball was as if he would not play anymore after and it was his last time. 

All the history of

 Carlos Tevez family and childhood

 led Carlos to make a strong relationship with his family, including his father, mother, brother, and sisters, and he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family. 

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Carlos Tevez Wife and children

Falling in love with Vanes, on 22 December 2016, Carlos and Venesa Mansilla got married in Argentina, his hometown. In the case of

Carlos Tevez children

, you must know that together they have three children, Florencia, Katia, and Lito Junior Tevez. He is so emotional to his five-member family and mostly mentions that "his family time is his sacred time."

The most outstanding

fact about Carlos Tevez wife and children

 is that he never neglects them due to his business, football. Whether Carlos' hard past or his love for his family led him to the idea, which we should not have time for our parents, children, and love, but make it and his family has always been his priority. 

Carlos Tevez Instagram Account

Checking Carlos Tevez


 will reveal that he has not shared many posts related to his profession, football. Having just 586 followers on 

Carlos Tevez Instagram

account is evident, which he is not so active on this platform. However, the comparison between the number of followers in his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Having 169.3k followers may be a sign that he is more active on the 



Carlos Tevez Net Worth and Salary

The former Argentine national team player has recorded playing for several top and featured clubs in his career history, including playing for Manchester club and the Italian giant Juventus F.C. 

Such as all other professional players who earn a high salary, Carlos Tevez makes a large income. According to published figures about 

Carlos Tevez net worth and salary

 in authentic websites, he has a $28 million net worth and a $16.3 million salary. Crunching the numbers of Carlos Tevez's salary shows he earns over $800,000 per week by playing in the Chinese team for Shanghai Shenhua.

Carlos Tevez Tattoos

If you are a big fan of football, most probably you have seen Carlos Tevez, which attracts attention by both his plays and by the vast amount of tattoos on his body. He is one of the players, which various designs of tattoos have covered most parts of his body.

Having tattoed a complicated and decorated picture on his back, Tevez shared a comment to thank the artist who had done and called his work marvelous. The tattoo contains some angelic figures that inspire a list of players with grand of body art. The long tattoo, covering the whole of Tevez's back from the small of his back to his shoulders, links to the tattoo of his right arm, such a sleeve.

Among the designs on his arm, which he unveiled by tweeting a close-up of it, there is his trademark No 32 besides a short sentence, "He could not fail." In addition to all these facts about

Carlos Tevez tattoos

, there is one another which may look strange. Suffering from a three-degree burn many years ago, Carlos Tevez already has its signs on his skin. However, Tevez knows them as his tattoos and believes that they will narrate the accident's story and caused him to remember how he survived that accident.

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Interesting Facts about Carlos Tevez You Might Like

Although former we talked about both aspects of the 36-year-old forward of Boca Junior, there are some other facts about Carlos Tevez, which we have presented in a paragraph entitled Interesting facts. Read them to know him more.

There are some signs of a third-degree burn at Tevez's neck, which has been one issue of talking about his facial appearance. An accident with boiling water made the deep scar on his face, neck, and down to his chest when he was a ten-month-old baby. Unfortunately, the severity of the accident was so high, which took him to intensive care for about two months. 

Despite much advice on surgery and the clubs' offers for paying all expenses, Tevez did not accept anyone. Maybe it was because the scars reminded him of the lessons he had learned throughout his life. Contrary to what most people think, he has not been ashamed of the scar on his chest and displays them in public eyes.

Most of the time, the public is interested in knowing more about what professional players do in their holidays and free times. What is clear about Carlos Tevez, the hero we have written the article about him is that he spends hot summer on the beach waters, which gives him the opportunity of keeping fitness and wellbeing. Additionally, he always plans to visit Lake Atitlan, Iguazu Falls, Easter Island, and the Island of Capurgana during his holidays. 

One of the worst events in Tevez's life is when a group of criminals kidnapped his father, Segundo Raimundo Tevez, while he was driving through a critical Moron neighborhood in Buenos Aires. To make released his father, Carlos paid 40,000 Peso, an approximate £30,000 amount.

Following the unpleasant event, Carlos underwent a trauma which made him be off the football for several weeks. Though Carlos Tevez was not the only victim of the issue, Mikel Obio and Robinho were the two other sufferers. Although Living and raising in a violent area made many situations in which Carlos got into trouble. One of them refers to a street fight that finally led to his broken and crooked teeth.

His emotional relationship with his wife and daughters is understandable even during his plays. Those days, he played for Manchester United, he revealed a small dummy from under his shirt after scoring each goal, which was a symbol of loving his young daughter. 

Not only in playing football but in playing music, Carlos Tevez was talented. Asides from taking part in doing sports, he was one of the featured personalities of the famous musical group in South America, "Cumbia Villera." The group is rooted in the slums of Carlos' birthplace, Argentina, and has earned lots of headways in the South American continent. Though music is not the only field in which Carlos is interested and active. 

Among all 

facts about Carlos Tevez

, there is one legal issue that refers to 12 years ago while driving near junction 7 of the M60 motorway. Driving without the full UK-driving license and a car with a tinted window, which was against the rule, led him to be stoped by Greater Manchester Police, and they impounded his car. 

All in all, as you read, we mentioned here the facts about Carlos Tevez, which all of them are upgraded and accurate we gathered from authentic sites. Though our goal has always been preparing a precious piece, if there is any part we have missed, share it with us via the comment section. 

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