Top Facts about Lena Gercke, Sami Khedira's Stunning Ex-girlfriend

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She was the winner of Germany's Next Topmodel, cycle 1. Quickly after winning the competition, she started receiving dozens of advertising contracts and soon enough her life changed crazily. This article is concerning top facts about Lena Gercke, Sami Khedira's stunning ex-girlfriend.

In 2011 people start noticing that Sami Khedira, a football player who used to play in

Real Madrid

, and Lena Gercke are seeing each other. In 2012 when a picture of the astonishing couple appeared on the front page of GQ magazine, the whole story and the assumptions were confirmed, so everyone knew they were dating.

No matter how perfect and outstanding the two of them looked together, their love story sadly ended in 2015, which took everyone by surprise.

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Everything you need to know about Lena Gercke, top facts you might have never heard before and the story of her relationship with Sami Khedira is included in this article.

Basic Information about Lena Gercke

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the top facts about about Lena Gercke, Sami Khedira's ex-girlfriend, all in a nutshell.

  • Full Name:

    Lena Johanna Gercke

  • Date of Birth:

    29 February, 1988

  • Place of Birth:

    Marburg, Hessen, West Germany

  • Nationality:


  • Profession:

    Model, Fashion Model, TV Host

  • Religion:


  • Height:

    1.79 m

  • Weight:

    58 kg

Lena’s mother is Elvira Gercke and her father is called Uwe Gercke. She has two half-sisters and a younger sister named Yana Gercke, who is the singer of the band ‘Oh, Alaska’. Lena has blue eyes and light blond hair. When she was asked about her sexual orientation, she said that she is straight.

Lena Gercke’s body measurements

are as follows: 91.5 - 63.5 - 89 cm. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. In addition to the top facts about Lena Gercke, this particular one should also be noted that as a hobby, she loves playing chess whenever possible. Lena’s married to the film director, Dustin Schöne and together in July 2020, they became parents and their beautiful daughter is called Zoe.

Lena Gercke’s net worth

is estimated to be around $10m. There’s no available information about her house and other properties yet.

In 2006 Lena Gercke appeared in her first fashion show, Ready to Wear, an Autumn/Winter collection by John Ribbe. Another fact about Lena Gercke that you need to know is that despite being a model and a TV show host, since 2011 she is presenting the talent show, The Voice of Germany.

Who is Lena Gercke?

In 29 February, 1988 Lena Gercke was born in Marburg, Germany. However, due to various reasons, her family moved to Cloppenburg after a few years. Growing up in Cloppenburg, she studied in a Roman Catholic gymnasium, named Liebfrauenschule Cloppenburg (ULF). Gymnasium is one of the few kinds of education system in Germany.

There’s an interesting

fact about Lena Gercke

, finding herself and her path somehow attached to the modeling career. Well, it all started with winning a casting call and then, appearing in a commercial for Burger King in 2004! Lucky girl!

After winning the first cycle of Germany's Next Topmodel in 2006, she started receiving a lot of advertising contracts, so many people tried reaching her, different brands, labels and magazines wanted to work with Lena. Some of these suggestions, modeling and advertising contracts, were from IMG Models in Paris, Sports Week, Mexx and Geox, American issues of Cosmopolitan, June 2006 issue of German Cosmopolitan, OuiSet, Votre Beauté, H&M, Glamour and even a contract with Microsoft for Windows Live.

Soon enough, she was shining like a bright star. After a very short while, Lena Gercke’s face and body was on the billboards, magazines, TV and literally everywhere you could fix your eyes on. Her beauty is a sure thing, undeniable.

In 2013, Lena Gercke became one of the official judges of ‘Das Supertalent’, which is a German talent show. In the next season of the show, Lena’s sister, Yana, attended Das Supertalent to surprise her sister by giving an audition. Lena also hosted ‘Prankenstein’, a prime time hidden camera show, in 2015. And it hasn’t ended yet! The gorgeous model even hosted four cycles of Austria’s next Topmodel.

Quickly Lena Gercke became a beauty icon in not only Germany but also all around the world. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine winning a casting call, would bring her the fortune of becoming one of the most successful German models!

Lena Gercke’s Relationship with Sami Khedira

As mentioned before, the handsome couple first started dating ten years ago, back to 2011. Nobody really knows how exactly they met each for the first time but once in an interview, Sami Khedira, the German footballer, and Lena Gercke said that they met each other through their acquaintances.

For a few while the stunning couple would refuse to be open about what had been going on between them and when they were asked why, they replied that they wanted to keep the delicacy of the beginning of the relationship, they didn’t want to share it with anyone else, and therefore they decided to avoid risking everything by just keeping the situation personal and to themselves.

A cute

fact about Lena Gercke

and Sami Khedira is that back then, they were constantly called “the German Beckhams” by the press, anyone would envy their relationship and yet, the two of them would call it “something normal” and refused to see it as a perfect relationship.

Most of the times when there was a match with Sami Khedira playing in it, Lena Gercke was present in the stadium, supporting him. In addition to all the

top facts about Lena Gercke

that has been said so far, this one is also noteworthy and actually for a while, all the websites and magazines were talking about it. At Euro 2012 semi-final match between Germany and Italy, the German FA directly told Lena that when she’s coming to the stadium she should wear appropriate clothes and in other words, they wanted her to tone down her appearance! They said it was about triggering other WAGs’ jealousy! They were kind of worried in case anything serious and unpleasant happened between wives and girlfriends, therefore just wanted to make sure everything’s considered and all the focus is solely dedicated to the game.

Apparently wherever Lena would sit that was the only spot that seemed to reflect the light of her beauty! Her elegance would stop people from looking at anything else but her, and obviously it came to other WAGs’ attention and they started showing signs of unsatisfactory. So the German FA took notice of it and talked to Lena Gercke straight away with the intention of avoiding any stupid fight between the wives and girlfriends.

But the bond that everyone thought was unbreakable, at the end tore apart. The fact about Lena Gercke and Sami Khedira’s separation is said to be variations in opinions, they both wanted different things or more precisely, Lena wished to become the mother of plenty kids, something that Sami couldn’t find himself ready for. He wasn’t ready for such huge responsibility and wanted to keep things the way they were. Seemingly, for Sami there were so much more to focus on, things such as his career, the most important of all. It was just the beginning of Khedira’s professional career. Having signed a contract with Real Madrid football club, he was already successful and yet, he wanted to go further, he wanted more just like anybody else does. We all know that becoming a father requires devoting time and so much more, and perhaps for Sami Khedira, risking everything wasn’t a part of his plans.

Lena Gercke’s other Affairs

Before dating Sami Khedira, Lena was engaged with the British singer, Jay Khan. Born in March 31, 1982, Jay Khan was 6 years older than the German handsome model, Lena. They first started dating back in 2007. Allegedly, the two of them looked as if they’re having so much fun and pretty happy together. But it wasn’t a long lasting affair and it all came to an end when only two years later in 2009, they broke up.

After Jay Khan, it was confirmed that Lena Gercke is having a relationship with Kilian Muller- Wohlfahrt. He is the son of the sport medicine doctor, Hans- Wihelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. But there’s no further information about their story and how it ended.

In 2019 Lena finally found her soulmate, he is a film director called Dustin Schöne. The picture above is Gercke next to Schöne. 

Dustin is from Germany as well. He was born in July 6, 1985 in Berlin. Soon after meeting each other, Dustin and Lena fell in love and tied the knot, and after only one year of marriage, Zoe, their lovely daughter was born.

Lena Gercke’s Social Media Accounts

Lena Gercke’s social media accounts seem to be taken really seriously, especially her


page. It is full of beautiful pictures of Gercke’s daily and personal life, various aspects of her career and magnificent selfies all in harmony and with a specific theme which proves she’s got a taste! Besides Instagram, Lena Gercke also has verified accounts in





More about Sami Khedira

Sami Khedira was born in a German-Tunisian family in 4 April, 1987. His mother, Doris Khedira, is originally German but his father, Lazhar Khedira, is from Tunisia. Sami grew up in the city of Stuttgart, located in the western part of Germany.

The story of Sami’s parents’ marriage is quite notable, as a matter of fact it all started when Lazhar Khedira’s visa expired while he was in Germany. Lazhar was so determined to stay, he was already used to Germany. Therefore he refused to return to his hometown and instead married the German girl, Sami’s mother. And only a few years later their first child, Sami, was born.

Sami isn’t the only child in the family. In fact, he has two younger brothers, Rani and Denny. Rani is the youngest among his brothers and just like Sami himself, he chose to become a football player.

Sami Khedira began expressing his passion and interest in football at a very young age. Actually Sami and his family used to go to Tunisia for holidays, so there were plenty of occasions in which he would play football with the local kids. On that account, he had a chance to practice and work on his skills as an enthusiast child with big dreams of becoming a pro soccer player.

Finally Sami started playing at the youth level with TV Oeffingen. Back then he was only 5 years old. He stayed with the club for 3 years and then joined

VfB Stuttgart

, where people started noticing his potentials.

But right before starting his professional career, a sudden and unexpected misfortune happens. Sami Khedira got a very serious knee injury when he was 17 years old, the pain was truly agonizing and the doctors told him that he might have to say goodbye to football. He was somehow on the verge of totally giving up on playing soccer again. But thankfully, after going into months of rehab, he gain back his strength and continued shining on the field.

Sami Khedira’s Professional Career

Playing for some of the greatest football clubs, Khedira’s had a rich journey in his professional career so far. He has worked with:

VfB Stuttgart II

(2004-2006) VfB Stuttgart (2006-2010) Real Madrid (2010-2015)


(2015-2021) and also a few days ago after leaving Juventus, he joined

Hertha BSC


He’s been playing for the

Germany national football team

ever since 2009 and out of all the 77 appearances he’s made for his country’s national team so far, he has scored 7 goals.

He signed his contrasct with Real Madrid football club in 2011 and left the team in the same year he separated from the lovely Lena Gercke, 2015. During his 102 appearances in Real Madrid, Sami scored only 6 goals. While spending time in Spain, Sami Khedira won several domestic and international trophies, such as the UEFA Champions League in 2014. And also by joining the Juventus football club, so many other items were gradually added to the list of his trophies, including a Serie A title, two league titles, one

Coppa Italia

and a Supercoppa Italiana.

So far, Sami Khedira has played in three 

FIFA World Cups

 in 2010, 2014 and 2018. He has also played in two UEFA European Championships along with Germany national team in 2012 and 2016.

Brief Information about Sami Khedira

And now let’s review some of the most essential facts about Sami Khedira that every fan needs to know.

  • Height:

    1.89 m

  • Weight:

    90 kg

  • Jersey Number:


  • Position:

    Central Midfield

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Religion:


Sami Khedira is a right footed player. While he’s playing on the field he’s energetic, dynamic, focused and fully controlled. He is a quick-witted, accelerated and potent player with strong physical abilities.

Sami Khedira’s salary

is estimated to be around $11 m. Apparently, the German midfield player is currently dating Melanie Leupolz. Born in April 14, 1994, Melanie Leupolz is a German footballer as well. She is currently playing for both

Chelsea F.C. Women

and Germany women's national football team. Melanie Leupolz’s net worth is not really clear but it has been estimated to be between $1 m - $5 m.


Sami Khedira’s net worth

is approximately $60 m.

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