Top Facts about Magdalena Eriksson

Mon 08 February 2021 | 6:30

In today’s article, we are going to read about one of the wonders of the women football and we are going to provide you with some Top Facts about Magdalena Eriksson.

If you haven’t ever heard her name, here’s a short description of who she is and where she is playing right now.

Magdalena Lilly Eriksson

is a Swedish professional football player who is playing as a defender for one of the top class clubs of England,

Chelsea Women


She also has experience in playing as other defensive posts like left or centre-back for her own country Sweden. Just to mention, she has played for Hammarby IF, Djurgardens IF and Linkopings FC.

She is known as an LGBTQ+ ambassador, which means that she is promoting other sexualities other than being straight and she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community which we are definitely going to talk about in a much more detailed manner in this article, so stay tuned to read more about the

Top Facts about Magdalena Eriksson


Now, enough of the introduction. Let us start with her personal and football information

Everything you should know of top Facts about Magdalena Eriksson

Let us get to it, shall we?

Personal information

  • Full name

    : Magdalena Lilly Eriksson

  • Magdalena Eriksson Date of Birth

    : 8 September 1993

  • Magdalena Eriksson Star Sign

    : Virgo

  • Magdalena Eriksson Birthplace

    : Stockholm, Sweden

  • Magdalena Eriksson Nationality

    : Swedish

  • Magdalena Eriksson Sexuality

    : Lesbian

  • Magdalena Eriksson Partner

    : Pernille Harder

Football information

  • Magdalena Eriksson Current team:


  • Magdalena Eriksson Number of jersey

    : 16

  • Magdalena Eriksson Position

    : Full back

It might be interesting for you to know

Magdalena Eriksson body measurements

and appearance and guess what? We, the sportmob team have gathered the information for you

  • Magdalena Eriksson height

    : 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)

  • Magdalena Eriksson weight:

    120.2 kg (265 lbs)

  • Magdalena Eriksson Shoe size

    : 26.5 cm

  • Magdalena Eriksson Ethnicity

    : White

  • Magdalena Eriksson Hair color

    : Blonde

  • Magdalena Eriksson Eye color

    : Black

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Magdalena Eriksson football career

Aside from what she has done in her personal life or for society, she has accomplished a lot in her football career. In the society that we are living in, there are a lot of discriminations about what women can do and what they can’t, compared to men but in this case, she has done things that a few male players have succeeded in achieving.

So let’s get through her club career and where she stated from in this part of

top facts about Magdalena Eriksson



Like most of the players, Magdalena Erikson started from a local football club called Enkede IK. Her father advised her to join Hammarby IF DFF, in his opinion his daughter would have a much better chance of reaching top-class teams playing for Hammarby. So she did it, she joined Hammarby at the age of 17 and made her debut against Umea IK.

Magdalena found a much better place for her in Djurgarden, joining the team in November 2011. Since her new team was struggling to stay in the league division she was having a really tough time taking the responsibility which eventually broke her back and made her leave the club in 2012 after making 19 appearances.

She then joined

Linkopings FC

, for which she played for 5 years. Finally, in 2017 she got noticed by a top-tier team which was in the Women’s Super League, Chelsea FC Women.

She succeeded in achieving the role of captaincy for her team and she signed an extension contract with Chelsea by which she is going to stay in the club until the end of 2021. On December 9 of 2020, she hit the milestone of 100 appearances for Chelsea in a match against



Stay tuned to read about the international side of her career in this part of the top facts about Magdalena Eriksson.


She started collecting and amassing various trophies from a young age. Getting her first trophy, as a member of Swedish under-19 international, her team won 2012 Under 19 European Championship.

She made her first appearance for her national Senior team on February 8, 2014. She had to take some time off, due to a knee injury in early 2014. Her name was on the list when her team won the silver for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Now, let us get to the nonprofessional information about her and dig through

Magdalena Eriksson personal life


Magdalena Erikson personal life

Magdalena Eriksson’s behavior and characteristics are described as caring and understanding by her partner Pernille. She loves football so much because she does her most loved thing on a daily basis and she gets excited when she is in a team that has the same goal as her and they all work together to reach a common goal.

It is said that she usually brings snacks to enjoy after the training. She loves books and music. She has been traveling a lot with her partner recently. She has a lip balm which she can’t live without. She brought it in Sweden and every time she goes back to her hometown she buys a new one.

Magdalena Erikson loves to watch Netflix, drink coffee and get together with her friends in her spare time. She also gets back to her country as soon as she gets the time to do so to see her family.

She also has a tattoo on her neck which is in Swedish and gets translated into “don’t judge people and be yourself”. This is the main aspect of Magdalena Eriksson’s personality. She really likes to be honest and just be herself. In a world that everybody judges you based on what you love or what you are obsessed with it is nice to have people who think that nobody is allowed to judge.

Let’s get to her family and beliefs in this section of Top facts about Magdalena Eriksson.

There’s not enough information about

Magdalena Eriksson parents

or sibling, but there is more than enough reports and information about her relationships and partner.

She has been pretty open to the interviewers about her sexual identity and her relationship. Not only she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community but she also supports this community with her partner Pernille Harder.

There’s also a fun fact about her not knowing how to spell her last name correctly until she was 17. She assumed that her last name was spelled as “Ericsson” because that was the way her father spelled his last name. But actually, she took her time to look at her last name in her passport and found out that she has been spelling her own last name wrong.

Magdalene Eriksson has a Bachelor’s degree in Political science and she still continues to get educated despite her successful football career. She is currently taking some courses in Intersectional power analysis and Feminist Theory. Personally didn’t know that Feminist theory could be a major but I guess it is and she is eager to learn more about it.

Magdalene Eriksson relationship

It has been obvious that Magdalene is dating

Pernille Harder

, since she is not afraid to post pictures of her and her partner on social media.

She usually refers to her relationship as a way to make the world a better place, I don’t know how much impact it would have on people that a celebrity or a professional footballer is a lesbian but it seems that she is believed that making this information public would help a lot of fellow LGBTQ+ community members.

Although she knows that not a lot of countries would tolerate this kind of behavior or relationship to be promoted but she is born to a liberal family which gave her the freedom to choose her own way.

Pernille Harder joined Linkopings a year before Eriksson got there but this couple started their relationship in May 2014. They both got apart when the Danish Harder joined


. However, years after they reunited at Chelsea.

Pernille Harder, Magdalene’s Partner, is a professional football player who is currently playing for Chelsea. She joined the club on September 1, 2020. She became the most expensive female player after Chelsea offered her a contract for a fee of £250,000.

One of the Top facts about Magdalene Eriksson is that she claims that she has never wanted to become a homosexual model and neither has her partner but in the current situation that they are in, it is quite inevitable to hide such a relationship and to not promote it as they try to be open and honest to their fans.

This could be the best

Top facts about Magdalene Eriksson

as not all of the players like to share information about their relationships, but it is much appreciated that this star is trying to be as honest as possible.

Magdalena Eriksson social media

In this part of the

top facts about Magdalena Eriksson

, we are going to take a look of her social accounts and what she is doing on social media.

She is active on Instagram by the ID of magdalebaeriksson16. She mostly posts pictures of her training and matches or some cute photographs with her partner. She has highlights of her achievements and trophies.

She posted a picture of herself in her national jersey and wrote a caption that showed how proud she is to be named of the year and defender of the year in Sweden.

“I wanted to thank you. Without your constant, unconditional love and support, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am at today”.  By this caption she sowed her appreciation towards his family members and mostly her mom and dad for the support that they provided over the years, giving her the strength that she needed to reach her dreams.

She has also been active in Twitter by the name of MagdaEricsson, reposting her posts from Instagram and setting up polls to interact and communicate with her fans.

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Magdalena Eriksson net worth and salary

Chelsea is known for motivating its players by paying them big stacks of money and Magdalena Eriksson is no exception. It is said that she is getting 50,000 dollars a month as her salary and that her net worth is beyond 20 million dollars. That’s crazy considering that many male athletes don’t have this much net worth. However, there is no information of her on transfermarket so we can’t hook you up with any information about

Magdalena Eriksson transfermarket


Magdalena Eriksson top quotes

Here are some meaningful quotes of he in this part of top facts about Magdalena Eriksson that represent the inner side of Magdalen’s personality.

“Being a teammate and a leader is a fine balance. I want to be a good teammate and make everyone feel like they can be themselves in our environment. If needed I’ll step up and do what has to be done.

But my aim is for everyone to feel good and be equal with the rest and just drive the standards from there.” This depicts her respect towards her teammates and that she wants to treat her teammates equally so everyone would feel comfortable in the field. She is no boss for her team and tries to be the leader that would conduct her team to victory.

“We were just quite open from the start when we started seeing each other. From then on, we’ve both had successful careers, we both became role models and well-known names. It just kind of happened. It has been important for us not to hide something and just to be ourselves. To show people, that is how it should be. That’s how we want the world to be. We want people to be themselves and that’s how we want to be as well”.

As you can see she is motivating people to stand up for their beliefs and rights. She wants to improve the world and her perspective towards this matter is just the one that you would expect a world leader to have. It is beautiful how she is trying to be as open as possible to her fans like there’s nothing to hide, be yourself, and be confident.

This next quote really is a demonstration of how much she loves her partner and that Pernille's goals are her goals too. In an interview, she said that Playing against each other wasn’t the thing. The difficult thing was that one of them went to the World Cup and the other one didn’t.

The outcome was difficult. she really wants Pernille to experience the World Cup and she wants the World Cup to experience Pernille. She also added that Pernille deserves to play in a big tournament on the biggest stage.

These quotes were proof of how nice of a person Magdalene Eriksson is. She wishes the best for her friends and teammates and she does her best to encourage them and give them the energy to achieve their goals.

Magdalena Eriksson honors!

She is a passionate player; everyone can see that. She has achieved many awards, most of which we are going to mention now in the last part of top facts about Magdalena Eriksson

While playing for Linkopings Fc, her team managed to lift 3 major trophies of the Swedish football league. In 2016 Damallavenskan, which is the women’s top tier football league, in 2014 and 2015 Svenska Cupen, which is a knock-out tournament for ladies.

2 FA Women’s Super League awards for Chelsea while Magdalena Eriksson was the captain, for 2018 and 2020. She had the honor to lift the Women's FA Cup: 2017–18 and FA Women's League Cup 2019–20 for Chelsea. And finally got FA Community Shield in 2020.

Now for the international side, she has played many games for her national team and has defended her team's goal so good that she managed to obtain the defender of the year 2020 award and by her amazing performance in the field she got nominated for the Diamantbollen 2020 which is the Swedish diamond ball for female footballers.

She may have been a proud footballer or a supporter of her society but it is undeniable that she is a humble athlete. Despite achieving so much, she is still helping the ones in need and is supporting the weak side of the community. If there were a hundred Magdalena Eriksson’s in the world, this universe could’ve been a much better place for us all. That was it for Top facts about Magdalena Eriksson.

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