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Top Facts about Sarah Mens, Romelu Lukaku's Ex-girlfriend

The break-up of Romelu Lukaku, the current player in Inter Milan football club, and his ex-girlfriend was sadly announced only a year ago. So, in this article, you’re going to read top facts about Sarah Mens, Romelu Lukaku's ex-girlfriend

Every relationship has ups and downs, and some couples manage to maintain a sense of patience and balance in order to get through the difficult times. Their sacrifice is to bear the sufferings till bliss returns.

On the other hand, some people just cannot resolve their differences and, as a result, find themselves better off apart. And there are a variety of factors that contribute to such a decision, about which we have no knowledge, therefore we are not here to pass judgment.

Unfortunately, the Belgian player Romelu Lukaku and Sarah Mens split up after 5 years of relationship, according to rumors.

It happened only a year ago and since the two of them were incredibly quiet and private about the relationship, there’s not enough information on why or when exactly it happened. But there’s an odd fact which says Sarah’s dad, Harry Mens, was the one who first announced her daughter and Romelu Lukaku had broken up.

Here are top facts about Sarah Mens:

The information about Sarah Mens and her relationship is exceptionally limited. But, there are at least a few

facts about Sarah Mens, Romelu Lukaku's ex-girlfriend

that we assume you have never heard before. So, keep reading to find out more!

Sarah Mens early life

There might not be a lot of facts available about Sarah Mens but surely Internet has always some things to tell you, stay tuned!

Sarah is one of the most gorgeous and stunning daughters of Harry Mens, who is both a Dutch broker and an actor. Sarah was born in Netherlands but her birth date is literally unknown.


Sarah Mens age

, we guess she might be around 29. Reportedly, Sarah Mens has studied at the Instituut Blankestjn, which is clearly located in Netherlands, although we don’t really know what she studied and what her current job is. Only the photos of Sarah tell us that she has brown hair and eyes.

But unfortunately, there is literally no other information about

Sarah Mens net worth

, birth date, zodiac sign, career, body measurement or anything similar!

Speaking about 

Sarah Mens parents

, it should be mentioned that her father is a Dutch television presenter and a real estate broker. He was born in January 29, 1947. He has his own show on Dutch TV channel RTL, which is called Business Class show. Another fact about Sarah Mens’s father is that he is also an actor.

Besides hosting a show, he has played in a few movies, like RTL Boulevard (2001), Sinterklaasjournaal (2001), and Sekjoeritie (2010). When he was once asked about his daughter’s relationship with Romelu Lukaku, he said that he has heard a lot of nice compliments about Lukaku, but the two of them had never met before. Harry Mens allegedly has had three wives but there’s no information about Sarah’s mom, not even a name to be mentioned.

Sarah Mens has four other sisters named Suze, Marlous, and Nour, which is another lesser known

fact about Sarah Mens

. As far as we know, Suze was born in March 10, 1978, therefore she is the oldest sister. Suze is a television presenter. She got married in 2012, her husband’s name is Emiel de Sévren Jacquet and they have two children together.

Next sister, Marlous, is actually 40 years old. She is married to the Dutch businessman, Michiel Mol, whose father is also a businessman. Michiel was the former director of the Indie Force Formula One. Marouls and Michiel’s daughter was born in 2015.

Noura is the youngest child among her other sisters. She was born in September 12, 1999 and her birth sign is Virgo. One of the few facts about Sarah Mens’ sister, Noura is that her passion for music and singing finally brought her to the Dutch pop music group, TP4Y.

All the members of this group are girls, they met each other shortly before attending Holland's Got Talent. She also spent a while at The Dance Complex, working as an instructor. The Dance Complex is located in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

Sarah seems to be really close with Noura, hanging out with each other and spending a lot of time having fun. No other information is available regarding

Sarah Mens childhood


Sarah Mens Relationship with Romelu Lukaku

From what Harry Mens once said on TV about his beautiful daughter’s relationship with Lukaku, apparently they used to be pretty intimate, it was a serious relationship, not a fling or a temporary feeling. Harry also added that Sarah would accompany Romelu whenever he was playing on the field, sitting on the stands and watching his games.

Belgian and Dutch media were extremely excited about the news of their relationship. Most of the websites and magazines were writing articles and people were talking about them.

They first started dating back in the summer of 2016. Apparently, the young couple met each other in the United States when they were both on vacation. Another fact about Sarah Mens is that back then, she was an intern in Miami. The two of them has been together for more than 6 years.

One of the top

facts about Sarah Mens

is that she gave birth to Romeo Lukaku’s firstborn son. His age is presumably around five. Romeo now lives with his grandmother, Lukaku’s mom. It is because the soccer player himself spends most of his time playing on the field and practicing with his team. He wants to focus fully and solely on his career.

Although, it doesn’t mean that the Belgian footballer is reluctant and unwilling to spend time with his son. In fact, as far as his Instagram page informs us, he seems to have a lot of fun with Romeo. Allegedly, Lukaku has even bought two flats beside each other recently, one for himself and the other one for his mother and his son, Romeo.

Maybe shortly after he reaches an appropriate age, Romeo will show interest in football just like his father and one day, he will become one of the greatest professional players to ever change the history of football.

Despite being in relationship for more than six years, neither Romelu nor Sarah has ever talked about what was going on between them. Only once did Sarah post a video of Romelu and herself, in which she gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. But after a while, she deleted the post.

You won’t get any other kind of detail from Lukaku's or

Sarah Mens' social media

accounts that would refer to their relationship. It is obvious that both Romelu Lukaku and Sarah Mens wanted to keep it a secret and didn’t want people to get involved in. Although, the press will always find alternative ways to get through and find even the smallest amount of information.

Sarah Mens Social Media

An interesting

fact about Sarah Mens

is that apparently, she’s only active on Instagram


(<a href="https://www.instagram.com/saarmens/">


) and doesn’t have any other social media account. She seems like the kind of person who prefers keeping a distance and staying away from social media as much as she could. She truly indicates and cares about her privacy and personal life.

Obviously, feeding the media isn’t her priority. We don’t even know if Mens and Lukaku share the custody of Romeo or not, but since Lukaku’s mother and her grandson are living together, it doesn’t seem that way.

Some quick Information about Romelu Lukaku:

Overall, let’s take a quick look at the most basic facts about Romelu Lukaku.

  • Full Name:

    Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli

  • Nickname:

    The Lawyer

  • Date of Birth:

    May 13, 1993

  • Place of Birth:

    Antwerp, Belgium

  • Nationality:


Romelu Lukaku is a left footed forward in Inter Milan on loan from Chelsea football club.



body measurements

are as follows: Height: 1.91 m, Weight: 93 kg, Shoe size: 13.5 also his jersey number is 3

He first started playing football when he was only 5 years old. Romelu’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He is said to be practicing Roman Catholic. His father is called Roger Lukaku, who used to be a Belgian Congolese footballer and his mother is Adolphine Lukaku. He has only a younger brother who is also a footballer and plays for Royal Antwerp F.C.

He has a car collection which includes Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. 

Romelu Lukaku's



is around $12m.

Romelu Lukaku isn’t married yet but has a two year old son, named Romeo.

And now more facts about our Belgian soccer player! His full name is Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli. He was born in May 13, 1993. Lukaku grew up in the city Antwerp and started playing at youth level with Rupel Boom in 1999, when he was only 5 years old. Ten years after,

Romelu Lukaku's 

professional career


He has played with teams such as Anderlecht (2009-2011),



West Bromwich Albion

(2012–2013), Everton (2014–2017),

Manchester United

(2017–2019) and about two years ago he signed his contract with Inter Milan football club and in 2021, Chelsea broke club transfer record to re-sign the striker from Inter Milan for £97.5m.

So far, Lukaku has appeared the most in Everton (110 games) in three seasons and has scored the most for the club in the league as well, which makes 53 goals.

Romelu Lukaku has been playing for the Belgium national football team ever since 2010. He has appeared 104 times and has scored 68 goals for his country’s national team. In 2013, Belgium beat


with a 2-1 win and it was Lukaku who scored both goals. With Lukaku’s contribution, Belgium found a place in World Cup games. He also scored two goals at UEFA Euro 2016 which helped Belgium defeat the Republic of Ireland with a 3-1 victory.

In 2017, after beating


with a 1-0 win, Romelu with 31 international goals was announced as the Belgium's all-time record goalscorer. However, in 2018, Romelu Lukaku made history again. In the opening group game at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he scored two goals in a game against Panama, which led to the 3-1 victory for Belgium.

Then again for the next group games which was against


, he scored two more goals, therefore Belgium won the match with a brilliant 5-2 win. Shortly after that, he was announced as the first footballer after Diego Maradona to score more than two goals in consecutive World Cup games.

While playing on the field, Romelu Lukaku is said to be a very harsh and aggressive player. He might use his body and all the strength he’s got to pass through the players. In fact the Belgium coach, Thierry Henry once talked about Romelu and called him “the laywer”. It seems to be some sort of nickname by which Henry calls Lukaku.

When he was asked about the reason behind it, he said that "Romelu loves arguing over anything. When he wants something, he defends himself." At the end Henry added that he has faith in Romelu’s potentials and if he keeps on continuing this path, he is going to get better and succeed.

Romelu has a younger brother, Jordan, who’s also a professional footballer and is a defender in Ponferradina. The Lukaku brothers have a very strong and supportive relationship with each other.

In every photo that has been taken from them, anyone can get the loving vibe of two brothers. And it’s another fact about Romelu that family is a priority for him, he puts whatever he’s got to support and help them grow.

The Story of Lukaku leaving Manchester United

After leaving Manchester United for Inter Milan, people were all curious to know why. Finally in an interview when the question was mentioned, Lukaku, who was unsatisfied with his own performance, answered that he wasn’t enough and needed time to rediscover himself.

Romelu added the fact that he was struggling with lots of things in 2019-2020 season, everything was happening all at the same time and he wasn’t playing well enough. He said he needed a change in the way that things were and that he was right about the decision of leaving Manchester United football club.

It was quite clear there was pressure on him, and indeed it was the best decision since a massive change in the way he plays on the field has occurred, which is awesome because that’s exactly what he wanted!

Romelu Lukaku’s Previous Relationships

Before Sarah Mens, Romelu reportedly had been in relationship with two or three other women. To mention some of the names, we have to point out the former Miss-Belgium contestants, Eveline and Julia Vandenweghe.

Of course, there are other girls that we just don’t really know anything about and as it has been said before, the reason lies within the personality of Lukaku himself, the fact that he doesn’t like to go public about his personal life. This is all about the limit and boundaries he has specified for his life, which is absolutely respectful.

Overall, it is mostly believed that the 28 year old footballer is single again! In an interview when he was asked about the kind of girl he’s looking for, he said that he is looking for independency in a partner, somebody that would support him and look after the family, a strong and family lover kind of person.

It’s clear that he’s trying so hard to concentrate on his career. He’s looking forward to succeed more than ever and seems really determined to accomplish more in life. He sounds like a total warrior!

Romelu Lukaku's

net worth

is estimated to be around $145m.

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