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In this article, we want to talk about Rodrygo biography, the dangerous striker of Real Madrid these days.

A detailed look at

Rodrygo biography

including his general information,

Rodrygo life story

, style of play and career statistics. The player who is referred to as the second Neymar with his unique talent, you will hear more news from him in the future.

Rodrigo has both very good speed and good dribbling, and he plays football very simply and fluently, and unlike his Brazilian counterpart Vinicius Jr., He does not do extra work with the ball. In 2020, he was nominated for the Golden Boy but failed to win the title.

The 19-year-old Rodrygo joined Real Madrid in 2019 from




, with a contract worth 45 million euros. Santos is the club that introduced great stars like


and Robinho to the world. Maybe that's why Rodrigo was compared to Neymar from the beginning.

Rodrygo said this in one of his interviews: I have always said, I want to " I want to be Rodrygo and make up my own story. Robinho and Neymar are big idols of Santos and they have been very big stars wherever they have gone. I have just started and I believe there is only one. Neymar is there. The heavy burden of being compared to Neymar has always been with me, but I just want to be



"Rodrygo has a great quality and watching his games conveys the feeling that playing football is easy," said Brazilian national team coach Tito.

In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide you with more details about the Rodrygo biography. His technique is excellent and he has been a regular in the Brazilian base teams for several years and I have seen him ready these days. "The fact that he was able to wear the Real shirt at this young age, and join the team shows what potential he has.

Rodrygo, like many Brazilian players, is very perfectionist, and whenever asked about football and his performance, he said that football is constantly changing and we have to adapt to it.

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All You Should Know About Rodrygo biography

He also said that his focus is only on football and he tries to practice more dribbles, he can shoot with both feet and improve himself in every way, Of course, all that we talked about is about personal characteristics, but his main goal is to perform well in Real Madrid and Brazil, and to win various titles, including the World Cup with Brazil and the

Champions League


Real Madrid


Of course, he is injured at the current stage and is recovering to return to the team that is in urgent need of him at the current and sensitive stage.

Rodrygo, along with the rest of the players during the first quarantine, did a lot of individual training to maintain his physical fitness, and then they started group training. But apparently, the training did not go very well or it can be said that he had bad luck, which caused him to be injured for 3 months this season, which has been going on for some time.

Rodrygo Silva de Goes born 9 January 2001, only familiar as Rodrygo, is a Brazilian football player who performs for Real Madrid as a winger.

In this article, Rodrigo's biography, we will give you entire info from

Rodrygo's childhood

to his career and his renown. To continue with us until the end of the article.

It is no private that he is one of the major statistics of Real Madrid and we plan to give more entire data about him.


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Rodrygo Information

Rodrygo Bio

  • Full Name

    : Rodrygo Silva de Goes

  • Birth Place

    : Osasco, Brazil

Rodrygo Date of Birth

  • Date of Birth

    : 9 January 2001

Rodrygo Nationality

  • Nationality

    : Brazilian

 Rodrygo Bio

  • Horoscope

    : Capricon

  • Father’s Name

    : Eric Batista de Goes

  • Mother’s Name

    : Denise Goes

  • Siblings

    : Ana Julia

  • Age

    : 19 years old

Rodrygo Physical Stats

  • Height

    : 5’9″ (1.74 m)

  • Weight

    : Not available

  • Hair Color

    : Black

  • Eye Color

    : Brown

  • Build

    : Lean

  • Married

    : No

  • Girlfriend

    : None

Rodrygo Football Information

  • Spouse

    : None

  • Position

    : Winger

  • Profession

    : Football Player

  • Net Worth

    : €10 million

  • Clubs

    : Real Madrid (Current), Santos (Former)

  • Jersey Number

    : 27

Rodrygo outside of football

  • Social Media

    : Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  • Shoes

    : Nike

Rodrygo Religion

  • Religion: 


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Rodrygo Early Life

In this section we want to know more about 

Rodrygo biography. 

He started his career with Santos, where he performed 80 games and scored 17 goals previously a €45 million move to Real Madrid in 2019. He made his older entry for Brazil in 2019, aged 18.

Rodrygo started his football career in the hall early and it can be said that in addition to the Brazilian players having good technique, he learned many skills including his dribbles in the hall, and now he has been able to become a technical and fast player.

We will never forget his first goal for Real Madrid when he picked up the ball from the middle of the pitch and took it to the front of the goal and scored the goal, which was a combination of speed and technique.

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Rodrygo Profile

Rodrygo is undoubtedly one of the phenomena of the Real season and with Zidane's confidence, he was able to reach the main squad.

"When I was a kid, I was always playing football on the street and I have to say I was a little more ambitious than my friends," Rodrygo told Real TV.

He was the best player on the team and he always scored a lot of goals. "His specialty was also padding. Rodrygo has previously said that he was a fan of one team inside Brazil and another fan outside of Brazil, which was Real Madrid.

A year ago, when Real offered him, he thought he was joking, but through his father, he realized that this was true and that his dream was coming true. He also studied Spanish for a year before coming to Spain. He said that the first time he saw Zidane, he was shaking on himself.

Because he has only seen his clips before, and he also says that he is happy to be a teammate with Vinicius and that is his inspiration and has made it easier for him to adapt to the team.

style of play

Let's go through some general information about Rodrygo biography. we want to explain his style of play.

Like his Brazilian counterpart, he tends to move more in space and use his ingenuity and speed to create situations.

Although he is young, he has scored important goals for Real Madrid and most of his goals have been from close to the opponent's penalty area.

But he is more involved in positioning and assisting, and is more interested in teamwork and passing than dribbling and losing the ball.

Although he is young, he works very professionally, both on and off the field.

After Rodrygo, 17-year-old Barcelona star

Ansu Fati


Manchester United


Mason Greenwood

won the second and third titles, respectively.


The "NxGn 2020" award went to Rodrigo Goes. He won the title of the best footballer born in 2001 in a poll of 43 copies of the global Goal website. In previous years, stars such as 

Gianluigi Donnarumma


, and 

Justin Kluivert

 had won the title.

Goal Celebration

Rodrygo has scored many goals while playing for the Real Madrid youth team, but one of the strangest of them is that after scoring the goal, he goes to the opponent's goalkeeper and mocks him.

This movement caused the referee to show him the second yellow card and expel him from the field.

Usually, after each goal, he thanks and inspires his god and usually raises his hands and communicates with his god and thanks to him.

Rodrygo Outside Football

Rodrygo's father, himself was a footballer and one of the reasons why Rodrigo was interested in green rectangle, and photos of him wearing a Real Madrid shirt as a child, and now his dream has come true.

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Rodrygo Personal Life

Rodrygo's daddy, Eric, is a past expert football player. A right-back, he performed in many levels of Brazilian soccer, The greatest of which was Série B.

He has many friends in his personal life and his relationship with Brazilian players is very good. From taking selfies with Carlos at the time of introduction to taking photos with Ronaldinho, Neymar, Marcelo, and...

He has always mentioned this issue in his personal and football life.

I think Rodrigo is very interested in skating Because, in Madrid, he was photographed while skating and he had a very good balance during this work.

Family, children, and relationships

As mentioned before, Rodrygo is not in a special relationship.

At least as of this writing, there is no public information and he may prefer not to leak these issues so that he does not get into trouble.

Of course, this is the time we are writing to recover to get back on the football field. In general, he does not care much about these issues and of course, he does not have children.

He also has a young father who can help a lot in terms of the age difference.

Rodrygo was born in 2018 and has a sister. It should also be noted that the age difference between him and his sister is very large and somehow he may understand the feeling of being a father and caring sooner.


As mentioned before, as there is no information about his relationship, there is no information about his charitable deeds so far and it may not have been made public.

Legal Issues

Rodrygo had no moral or legal case, and this, unlike anything else, would have been leaked like Benzema's story. But in any case, certain things may have happened that are not all speculation and accurate information is not available.

In the following article, we will have a look at Rodrygo biography which includes his career and personal life.

Rodrygo Career statistics

Rodrygo has played for three teams during his career, including Santos Brazil, Real Madrid B,  and Real Madrid. In the following, we will review his goals in terms of the games he has played.

He played for Santos Brazil from 2019-2017 and managed to score 17 goals in 80 games.

He has also played a total of 43 games for the Real Madrid youth team and main team and scored 9 goals. As of this writing, he has played 126 games and scored 28 goals in his football career.


The statistics related to the number of club games and the number of goals he has scored were mentioned in the previous episode, and in this episode we can point out that Rodrygo has played 43 games for Real Madrid since joining Real Madrid, scoring 9 goals. It is only natural that he scores a drop relative to his stats at Santos, which is normal.

Because playing in La Liga and the first level of Europe is very difficult and for him to start, which will take two years, it cannot be said that the statistics are obvious and not good statistics.

But I do not doubt that this statistic will improve in the future.


He has played a total of 3 games for Brazil, which has failed to score. Of course, this will happen soon and it will be a memorable day for this young star.

Like Vinicius, he could not score a goal. Of course, there is a lot of opportunity.

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Rodrygo honors


Real Madrid


 La Liga

: 2019-2020


Supercopa de España

: 2019-2020


  • Campeonato Paulista Best Newcomer

    : 2018

  • NxGn

    : 2020

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