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David Josue Jimenez Silva, simply known as David Silva, is a top Spanish footballer who currently plays for the Spanish club, Real Sociedad. Silva is often known for his service to Manchester City. In this post we are to top facts about David Silva which also covers David Silva personal life.

Well, If we are to David Silva personal life, we will surely let you know about David Silva wife,

David Silva childhood

, David Silva children, and David Silva parents, and even more into his personal life we will let you know about David Silva net worth and David Silva salary too.

What more do you think we will cover of David Silva? Well, to be more precise, we will also talk about David Silva footballing life which includes David Silva stats, and also his transfer market stats.

Top Facts About David Silva You Might Not Know

What we mentioned above actually comprises part of the top

facts about David Silva

. There might be even more than that, so let’s give it a shot!

David Silva Childhood

Before anything else, let’s talk about

David Silva age

. David Silva was born on January 8, 1986, in the Arguineguin village of Spain, which is a Canarian village mostly known for its fishing practices. David Silva is now 35 years old, but not yet retired. He’s currently playing for the La Liga club,

Real Sociedad

. One of the most interesting facts about David Silva childhood is that he manifested a love for football, or better said playing with balls, from the very early age of 2; actually the very time he learnt to stand on his feet, though some sources say that he was four or five at the time.


As claimed once by his grandmother, the little David and his cousin, Ranzel, played football with potatoes and oranges in front of the house; what actually when continued for long made her mad, so, she made a ball of rags for them and sent them to streets to play. And what Ranzel said about the little David’s capabilities and love for football?

Here is what he said once: “David was very good with a ball since he was a little kid. I’m a year older than him and when he played with us he was even better than those in my team who were all older. He played better despite not having a great physique. He just adored football.”

David’s love for football actually had him go with his father in the Santa Agueda football club where his father played football and he was a ball boy who, in fact, sometimes in the absence of a team player, replaced him. He was even once hit so hard by a shot that he broke his arm, but that actually proved no hindrance for him for he continued even with a cast on his broken arm. About his work rate, his father once said: “When I was a player I never worked as hard on the pitch as my son does.”

The interesting

fact about David Silva

is that before enrolling for a football youth academy - we mean the time he accompanied his father in Santa Agueda football club, he played as a goalkeeper but later changed his role to winger. Silva’s footballing idol as a child was the Danish top footballer at the time, Michael Laudrup, and they say he always tried to mimic his play style.

When 14, Silva finally enrolled for the Valencia youth academy and played for the same club youth team for 3 years, before he served

their B team

and their senior team for seven years - B team for one year between 2003 and 2004 and the senior team between 2004 and 2010.

David Silva Parents and Siblings

Part of the top facts about David Silva is surely concerned with his family life and parents. As for

David Silva parents

, we should say they are Fernando Jimenez and Eva Silva. David Silva’s father, Fernando Jimenez, is of Spanish origin. He worked as a municipal police officer and his responsibility was the safety of Valencia FC Stadium. Silva’s mother, Eva Silva, is actually of Japanese origin, and was and is a full-time housewife.

David Silva

also feels a great affection for his grandparents, Dona Antonia and Don Fernando, because, as he believes, they played a supportive role in his becoming a top footballer. And what about David Silva siblings? He has actually a younger brother named Nando and a sister named Natalia. Unfortunately not much information is at hand about them. We even don’t know how old they are. They have only taken a few pictures with David; that’s all at hand about them.

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David Silva Stats

As for

David Silva stats

, we should say the top Spanish footballer, as already mentioned, is a product of the La Liga club,


. However, the club Silva has served the most during his career and also has made the most number of appearances and scored the most number of goals for is Manchester City.

He actually made 436 appearances for the Premier League club between 2010 and 2020 and scored 77 goals for them during this time. This is as the number of appearances Silva made for Valencia senior team (168) and the number of goals he scored for them (32) are almost 2.5 times lower than the number of appearances he made and the number of goals he scored for Manchester City.

All in all, David Silva has made 706 appearances and has scored 119 goals for all the clubs he has served to this date (January), namely Valencia, Eibar and Celta Vigo - these two on loan,

Manchester City

, and Real Sociedad. That actually gets him an overall goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.16 which means the Spanish midfielder has scored almost one goal (exactly 0.96) in every 6 appearances that he has made across all competitions.

Silva also served all the under-aged Spanish national teams (U16, U17, U19, U20, and U21) during his youth years and later the Spanish senior national team for 12 years between 2006 and 2018 during which he made 125 appearances and scored 35 goals for them.

David Silva Transfer Market Stats

We shouldn’t call it

David Silva transfer market stats

, because the top Spanish midfielder has only been transferred once during his career for a fee, and that was when he made a move from Valencia to Manchester City in July 2010 for a transfer fee of €28.75 million. The rest of his moves during his career has been either on free or on loan transfer.

To be more precise, Silva was transferred to


in 2004 and Celta Vigo in 2005 both on loan, and his move to Real Sociedad in 2020 was on free transfer. Silva actually left Manchester City at the age of 34, and the early reports suggested that he was to make a move for Lazio, however, that was ruled out when he joined Real Sociedad in August 2020.

David Silva Wife and Children

Delving more into facts about David Silva, here, we reach an aspect of his personal life: David Silva wife and

David Silva children

. Let’s not call it David Silva children because he actually has one son, Mateo! The same son for whom Silva missed some of the matches with Manchester City in 2017. What was the story? The child was actually born prematurely and was fighting to survive. Silva had to take a leave of absence at the time to attend to his new-born. Fortunately, the child was announced healthy in May 2018 after 5 months in the Valencia hospital and was allowed to be taken home.

As Silva once said, his son’s struggle for life and he attending him was also a lesson for him not to worry over trifles and to focus on what really mattered. And what about David Silva wife? Let’s not call her David Silve wife again! Because Yessica Suarez Gonzalez is actually David Silva’s girlfriend, and Mateo is, in fact, the child Silva has with her. However, it is also said that Silva had another girlfriend named Melanie before Yessica whom he knew from the age of four and dated for some time, but he never had a child with her, at least as far as we know.

David Silva Net Worth and Salary

If we are to top facts about David Silva, we will let you know surely about

David Silva net worth


David Silva salary

. As for David Silva net worth, we should say it is $55 million and high enough to get Silva among the top 20 richest footballers as determined by the American magazine, Forbes. When Silva played for Manchester City, he received a yearly salary of $13.3 million which actually put him among the five highest earners in Man City’s history.

Silva has a collection of luxury cars at his house some of which are Trans Am GT, Continental GT, Bentley Continental GT, Porsche Cayenne, and Mercedes Benz CSI. They say the total worth of his cars is $4.4 million. The top Spanish midfielder also owns at least two houses: A mansion in Gran Canaria, Spain, worth of $4.2 million, and a house in his hometown, Arguineguin. He has also signed an endorsement contract with the sportswear manufacturer, Adidas, worth of $6.4 Million - His only source of income is not actually what he receives as his salary as a player.

David Silva Retirement and Style of Play

David Silva retirement? Yes! But from international football. As already mentioned, Silva played for the Spanish national team between 2012 and 2018. He was part of the Spanish national team that competed in Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup, and played in all the matches of his country’s national team in the competition which finally ended with a defeat to Russia - a 4-5 penalty shootout defeat indeed - in the Round of 16.

After that defeat, Silva actually retired from international football being later praised by his former midfield-mates, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, as one of the most talented players Spain had ever produced. And former Spain manager, Vicente del Bosque, even took one step further, and called Silva, Spain’s Lionel Messi.

That’s quite a glorious goodbye to the international football if you ask us! Well, concerning David Silva style of play, we should say he’s known for his intelligent attacking movements, retaining possession even in the tightest of spaces, and creating spaces for himself and his teammates to set up the next attack at the same time.

Silva is actually considered as one of the best midfielders in the world and in the

Premier League

history not only because of his command over the game and his ability to control the tempo of his team’s play, but also because of his creativity, great vision, and accurate passes which let him play in any offensive role both in the midfield and in the opposing team’s half.


David Silva Honors and Achievements

Since David Silva has served Manchester City more than any other club during his career, you might guess that he has also won the most number of his club trophies with the Premier League club. You’re right! If he had not won one

Copa del Rey

with Valencia in 2007-08 season, we could say he had won all his club trophies with Manchester City. He has actually won 14 club trophies with the English club among them are 4 Premier League titles.

And what about international trophies? One FIFA World Cup in 2010 and two UEFA European Championships in 2008 and 2012 with the Spanish senior national team and one UEFA European Under-19 Championship with the U19 Spanish national team in 2004 are what Silva has achieved in international arenas.

The top Spanish footballer has also a number of individual honors to his name among them are Premier League Top Assist Provider in 2011-12 season, Manchester City Player of the Season in 2016-17 season, Manchester City Player of the Month in 9 months between 2010 and 2015, and UEFA European Championship Top Assist Provider in 2012.

David Silva Social Media Accounts

As for

David Silva social media accounts

, we should say the top Spanish footballer has an account on each of the top social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The interesting fact about David Silva social media accounts is that they have been created with a gap of two years from each other.

The first social media platform David Silva joined and also the platform that he has the most number of followers on is Twitter. He joined


in 2012 and by now has 4 million followers on the social media platform. He has also posted more than 1000 tweets and is following more than 300 people on it.

The next social media platform Silva joined was Facebook and in 2014. He has more than 2.3 million followers on Facebook and also more than 2.3 million people have liked

his Facebook page

. And as you might guess, the third social media platform Silva joined was Instagram, and of course with a gap of two years from the time he joined Facebook: In 2016.

It could be again guessed that he has less followers on


than the two other social media platforms mentioned above, and it is really so. He has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and by now has posted more than 200 photos and videos on it. He also follows around 260 people on the social media platform among them is the top retired Spanish footballer, Fernando Torres.

Fast Facts about David Silva

Here are some fast

facts about David Silva


  • David Silva is 35 years, 1 month, and 1 day old by now (February 9, 2021)

  • David Silva’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • David Silva is 170cm tall and weighs 67Kg.

  • David Silva’s chest, waist, and biceps measurements are 94, 73.6, and 33cm respectively.

  • David Silva’s jersey number has been 21 throughout his career except at Celta Vigo where he wore Jersey No.16.

  • David Silva was diagnosed with COVID-19 in August 2020, but later recovered from the disease.

  • With 35 goals scored for the Spanish national team, David Silva is the Spain’s 4th highest international scorer.

  • With 29 assists provided during his service to the Spanish national team, David Silva is actually the second highest assist provider in the history of his country’s national team.

  • David Silva is actually the 6th most capped Spanish footballer with 125 caps overall.

  • In September 2019, David Silva broke John Terry’s record of the youngest footballer with 200 wins in the Premier League history. He was 29 years and 8 months at the time.

  • David Silva has two nicknames: Merlin - the name of a famous medieval mage - and El Mago - means “the mage” in Spanish - both given to him by his teammates and fans because of the magic he created on the pitch.

  • David Silva once became the target of a fraud act. The fraudster swiped £120,000 from Silva’s bank account by contacting the bank and pretending to be Silva. He had somehow in some way Silva’s identity information.

  • It was once rumored that Silva was a skilled machete fighter, probably because of his Asian roots - remember his mother, Eva, is from Japan, but he later dismissed that.

  • David Silva has a tattoo of a baby on his left arm above which is his jersey number, 21, and below which the phrase “never surrender”. That indeed refers to his prematurely-born child, Mateo, who fought for 5 months in the hospital to stay alive, and he finally did it.

  • David Silva had a cousin named Cynthia who died of cancer at the age of 5. Sometimes when he scores, Silva sends kisses to the sky or just put them on the baby tattoo on his left arm, probably to commemorate the lost child.


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