Vinicius Junior biography

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In this article, we want to know about Vinicius Junior biography. A player who, despite being young, has progressed well and plays in the top level of Europe.

A detailed look at Vinicius Junior biography including his general information, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Vinicius Jose Paixao de Oliveira Jr always known by the nickname Vinicius Jr is a strong and well-known Brazilian football player who currently plays for

Real Madrid

in La Liga. The 177-centimeter player plays as a striker who, despite his young age, has managed to become one of the most successful players in


today; Many critics have called him the new



In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide you with more details about the

Vinicius Junior biography

. this young and talented Brazilian player. Please stay tuned for more information.


Jr. has played in several official matches since moving from


to Real Madrid. He also managed to make his Champions League debut against

Viktoria Plzen

under Santiago Solari, making the team's fifth goal just five minutes into the game and contributing directly to it to score this goal.

Vinicius Jr. moved to Real Madrid from Brazil three years ago as a young phenomenon, introducing himself as one of the most promising players in the world of football. Vinicius Jr claimed to have made offers from both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but for several reasons decided to go to the Spanish capital.

"Real Madrid and Barcelona had made offers to buy me and I only had three days to make a final decision about the future," said Vinicius Jr.

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All You Should Know About Vinicius Junior biography

In this section we want to know more about

Vinicius Junior biography

. He Said, I always wanted to play for the biggest club in the world, that's why I chose Real Madrid. His parents visited the conditions of the two clubs and preferred Real Madrid. This was in line with what I had dreamed of in the past and I felt that their project was better for my future.

Real Madrid offers a lot of opportunities for young players like me, and at that time the club was going through a period of tremendous success in the

Champions League


Of course, due to his young age, Vinicius has a lot of time to improve, and definitely, the first goal is to reach the national team jersey, which of course means many times and can improve day by day. At a young age, he can learn from experienced Real Madrid players and even get advice.

Vini has always known Neymar as his idol and has always been proud of the opportunity to play with him in Brazil.

Of course, it should be added that Brazilian players, including Vini and Neymar, face racist problems.

Of course, this has not happened to Vini in La Liga, but it has happened to other players working in La Liga, but it has happened many times to his model,



 He tries not to care and try to play professionally both on and off the field.

Vinicius says that when you play for Real Madrid you have to wait for criticism. "When you play for the biggest club in the world, you have to expect criticism," says Vinicius Jr. The Brazilian national team player has been trying to secure his place in the main squad since his transfer to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Should I think of someone I like?" He said. Family, and like




in the club that leads him in the right direction. These are all part of the game for the biggest club in the world as he said.

Recently, a picture of Karim Benzema was published in the media, asking Mendy not to pass to Vinicius."I have a good relationship with



Lucas Vazquez

," Vinicius said. I talk to them a lot off the field."My relationship with


is also very good and I sit next to him at lunch", Vinicius told.

Before coming to Madrid, Vinicius played in 69 games for his former team Flamingo and stated that he intends to return to this team one day. "I am confident that I will return to Flamingo in the very distant future to offer the club what it deserves," he said.


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Vinicius Junior Information

Let's go through some general information about Vinicius Junior biography


Vinicius junior nationality.

 We have gathered some information that will uncover many aspects of Vinicius Junior.

 Vinicius Junior Bio

  • Full Name

    : Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira

  • Profession

    : Professional Footballer

Vinicius Physical Stats

  • Weight

    : 73 Kg

  • Height

    : 1.76 m

  • Eye Color

    : Black

  • Hair Color

    : Black

Vinicius Football Information

  • Position

    : winger

  • Jersey Number

    : 20

Vinicius Junior Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth

    : 12 July 2000

  • Birth Place

    : São Gonçalo, Brazil

  • Nationality

    : Brazil

Vinicius Junior Religion

: Christianity

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Vinicius Early Life

He was born on July 12, 2000. Born of Brazilian descent, he was born in Sao Gonzalo, Brazil.

Vinicius Junior's childhood

spent with interested in soccer, and led his parents to enroll him in soccer school.

This is how Vinicius Jr. joined the Brazilian Flamengo club in 2005, when he was only 5 years old, and this made him less interested in his studies, so he dropped out of school when he was only 15 years old. And play football full time.

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Vinicius Junior Profile

As mentioned, Vinicius Jr. joined the Flamingo club team in 2005 and renewed his contract with the team in 2016; But his undisputed brilliance in the club team as well as in the Brazilian national team has led many clubs, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, to seek him out; Until finally, in this sensitive and attractive duel, Real Madrid managed to sign a contract with him in 2018. Vinicius Jr. also joined the Galaxy with a € 46 million deal with Real Madrid.

Vinicius was born into a humble family and has two brothers and a sister.

He is remembered as a gentleman who spent most of his childhood either on the phone or playing video games. What's more interesting is that he used to choose the Barcelona team more during video games.

Of course, it should be added that Vinicius spent most of his time outside the house, coming home only to eat, sleep, and play video games.

He after played for the other teams as mentioned in this article, eventually joined Real Madrid as the most expensive player under 18.

Style of Play

Vinicius' style of play is such that he tends to move forward and generally passes less.

He is more inclined to dribble and dribble and passes less. Of course, this does not mean that he does not pass.

The reason is obvious. He has not changed significantly during the time he has worked under Zidane.

He still has a lot to say about dribbles, but he has high expectations and a very weak finishing power as a Real Madrid striker. Of course, he has a history of scoring in el Classico, but we are talking about the generality and style of play of this player.

In games that do not give him space, the quality of his game is greatly reduced, because he needs space to perform long dribbles that he throws to pass through the defenders at his speed.

This feature of speed and dribble is mostly used by Brazilian players such as Robinho, Ronaldinho, Neymar,

Douglas Costa

, and other Brazilian players, but Vinni's different from them in that he has weak finishing power and is strongly criticized by the fans. He has a low age and he can fix this, but he has not changed during his time at Real Madrid.


Due to his young age, Vini is on the Golden Boy of the Year list, but he has not won this title

This award is given to players under the age of 21, And they have the most impact on their team.

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Goal Celebration

Vinicius Junior acknowledged


following the game as he took to social media to hail him as his idol.

Vini's happy in most of the goals after his goal is similar to Cristiano.

Vini mentions Cristiano as his idol and that is why he shows his happiness in the same style. Of course, as we said before, he has to strengthen himself in scoring more goals, which he can do due to his effort and talent.

Vinicius Junior Outside Football

On 3 September 2019, Vinicius published his first YouTube film on his channel "Vini Jr". He explains his channel as "Football, familiarity, household, all of the finest in a special method– disrespectful and enjoyment like Vini himself.

There will be film each week and many unique pleased ". He posts gaming and soccer linked films.

On 8 October 2020, he published the latest Documentation on his individual Instagram named "Vini For Real". A whole of eight seasons was published that every highlighted a section of

Vinicius Junior life story

from where he raised to his beginning Flamengo times and eventually to where he is at the moment at Real Madrid.

In the following article, we will have a look at

Vinicius Junior biography

which includes his career and personal life.

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Vinicius Junior Personal Life

Vinicius Jr., the Brazilian phenomenon of Real Madrid, tries not to reveal much about his personal life. one year ago, the news was published about his relationship with a Brazilian model, and now it seems that this relationship has become serious.

In March, it was reported that Vinicius had begun a love affair with 23-year-old Brazilian blogger Maria Julia Mazali. The woman became famous thanks to her hosting a Brazilian TV show. Vini was recovering from his injury at that time.

Of course, nothing has been leaked from this relationship, But it has been seen that Vinicius has left a heartfelt comment for this girl. There is no news about this girl in Instagram posts, and if there was or is something, He preferred that others not be informed.

Family, children, and relationships

As mentioned earlier, Vinicius has two brothers and a sister.

The relationship he wants is not known to others and maybe secretly entered into the relationship, but no information is out of it.

And he still has no children. Of course, he is young and not in a hurry.


There is no specific information about his philanthropic work, but it can be pointed out that he may not have made it public, like some of the works that he prefers, but we do not know. In any case, there is no specific issue in this section.

Legal Issues

Given Vinicius's young age and his gentle personality, Whether on or off the field, no specific thing has been published about him so far, and like many of his teammates, he is training and his focus is on football and has no noise.

Vinicius Junior Career statistics

Vini has played 69 games for Flamingo in the 2017-2018 seasons and scoring 14 goals. In the 2018 -2019 season, he played 5 games for the Real Madrid youth team, scoring 4 goals, and at the same time, he made his way to the main team in the same year and scored 12 goals in 94 games for Real Madrid.

He has played 168 games in his career and scoring 30 goals.


As mentioned in the previous episode, statistics related to his career in the clubs he played for. Of course, because he is young, he is not expected to score much, but as it was said, Critics do not criticize him much for scoring goals, but he did fewer passes in the games, have made it very annoying for the fans that this young Brazilian boy may correct and continue his successful football career.


Because he has just been invited to the national team and he is young and many players play in the position he plays in, he has not had the opportunity to attend and play much, and in his football record so far one national game has been recorded for Brazil that could not score.

His first goal for Brazil will be very special and glorious, and I don't think it will take long for this to happen and the future is for the youth.

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Vinicius Junior honors

Real Madrid

  • La Liga

    : 2019–2020

  • Supercopa de España

    : 20919–2020

  • FIFA Club World Cup

    : 2018

Brazil U15

  • South American U-15 Championship

    : 2015

Brazil U17

  • South American U-17 Championship

    : 2017


  • Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior Best Left-Winger

    : 2017

  • South American U-17 Championship Best Player

    : 2017

  • South American U-17 Championship top scorer

    : 2017

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