Top Facts about Timo Werner

Sun 31 January 2021 | 17:30

Timo Werner was born in March 6, 1996. He’s considered to be one of the youngest successful players alive. So many people do believe this player is going to rock the future of German football. In this article, you will read some of the top facts about Timo Werner.

People have started to realize he’s going to be the next name you will never forget, maybe a legend in football history, maybe an inspiration to soccer lovers, perhaps someone you can’t wait to watch his next game.

Well so far, the known fact about Timo Werner is that he has shown some great potentials in order to become an icon, all of the items listed above, or even more. As a matter of fact, he’s been doing surprising excellent ever since he has started playing football. Even the pros have faith in the future that this young German footballer is going to make on his own.

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The followings are lesser known facts about Timo Werner:

All you need to know about

Timo Werner’s professional career


personal life

, and so many other facts that you probably didn’t know.

Quick Information about Timo Werner

  • Full Name:

    Timo Werner

  • Nickname:

    Turbo Timo

  • Date of Birth:

    March 6, 1996

  • Place of Birth:

    Stuttgart, Germany

  • Nationality:


  • Height:


  • Weight:

    76 kg

These are some of the quickest and most basic

facts about Timo Werner

that help you get to know the German player; facts like he is not married yet, doesn’t have a child and he’s Christian. Well, something else to continue with is his age which might surprise you; he’s only 24 years old and yet, he has accomplished a lot.

Considering the fact that Timo Werner was born in March 6, 1996, his zodiac sign is Pisces. He is a right footed and his jersey number is 11. He started his career at the youth level as a winger, but currently he is the striker of Chelsea football club and has been a part of Germany national football team ever since 2017. So far he has played for the following football clubs: VfB Stuttgart (2013-2016), VfB Stuttgart II (2014), RB Leipzig (2016-2020), Chelsea (2020-).

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Timo Werner’s Parents

Every journey requires supporters and having a supportive family who push you towards your goals is an important key which cheers you up and lights up a spark of hope within you.

For the start, the first

fact about Timo Werner

that you may want to know is that his father, Günther Schuh, was also a footballer. Well more precisely, an amateur footballer. He used to play for Stuttgarter Kickers and 07 Ludwigsburg. After a while, Schuh became a coach and when he saw his son’s intense interest in football, encouraged him to follow the path he couldn’t take for so long. Also as Timo himself once mentioned in an interview, when he was a child he used to go running up the mountains with his father as a matter of practicing and improving his physical skills. He said that his father would take everything seriously and pass him the ball to his right foot, so he could try to score a goal and then together, father and son would work on Timo’s techniques. Maybe that’s the reason behind the fact about Timo Werner being a right footed.


Timo Werner’s childhood

includes a lot of fun, practicing, playing and getting ready to become a worldwide known pro footballer.

At first Timo would do anything to impress his father, but after years of trying and practing it became a habit, something that taught him the art of enduring and being patient. It taught him how to fight for what he genuinely wants.

On the other hand, Sabine Werner, Timo’s mother, was also very enthusiastic about her son’s dreams. And since Timo was the only child in the family, it was normal that concerns would rise up and they would focus on him strictly and try their best to help and support their son to get through everything and pass any obstacle until he finds what he considers as a dream.

Also another

fact about Timo Werner

that you might wonder about is his last name which he has taken from his mother; although

Timo Werner’s parents

are living together, they were never legally married. So instead, Timo just took his mother’s last name, and that’s why we all identify him as a Werner.

He once talked about the moral values that his family taught him, the habits that honestly rooted in him ever since childhood and made him to be the person he is today. These values are 1. Say no to hurting anyone 2. Respect everyone equally 3. Offer your hand in case anyone’s in need of it 4. Be responsible for whatever you do in life as well as the people around you 5. Live with the art of sharing

And indeed he has learned his lessons carefully and thoroughly, because we know this fact about Timo Werner, how humble and gentle he is and what a good soul he’s got.

Timo Werner’s Professionl Career

He was 6 years old when he first joined TSV Steinhaldenfeld and that’s where his youth career began. Later on, he left TSV Steinhaldenfeld for

VfB Stuttgart football club

and stayed with the team for 4 more years after his professional career had started. He made 95 league appearances and scored 13 goals for the club, for which he became the youngest player who has ever made more than 50 Bundesliga appearances.

In 2010, while playing in the Germany U15, Timo scored a hat-trick in his debut against


. Even right from the beginning, he was absolutely remarkable and outstanding. He was determined to make a link between his life and success.

In March 2018, he even beat his previous record and became the youngest player in


history who has made 150 top-flight appearances. Back then he was only 22.

Werner had been playing for Germany youth level from 2010 up to 2017. He was a part of U15, U16, U17, U19 and U21 teams. There were generally 48 matches in which Timo scored 34 goals. At last he joined

Germany national football club

in 2017. He played for his country in the 2018 World Cup qualification game against



After VfB Stuttgart was relegated, Werner joined

RB Leipzig

in 2016. For Timo, it was indeed a step towards victory. He succeeded so fast, almost overnight. He was announced as the team’s highest goal-scorer and with his contribution, RB Leipzig got qualified to play in the UEFA Champions League.

At RB Leipzig’s Champions League game in 2017, Werner had been substituted while he was playing along with his team against


. This unfortunate event occurred due to air circulation and breathing problem which is caused by his excess noise. He tried to take control of the whole situation, trying every single way that could possibly help him keep on playing. Even covering his ears or using earplugs didn’t help him and finally he had to go and couldn’t continue playing the rest of the game.

This young wild striker is currently playing for one of the most wonderful clubs in football history along with so many of the greatest teammates. He signed his contract with

Chelsea F.C.

in 2020 which is going to expire in 2025. Timo was named as the current best midfielder in Chelsea F.C. He is said to be the number 213 among all the top European players ever.

Timo Werner's current net worth

is estimated to be around $29 million.

Timo Werner’s Education

Timo Werner once said that his mother really insisted he finishes school and actually, he did so. He added the fact that he never thought about otherwise himself, he wanted to graduate and then chase his dreams, which obviously means playing football professionally. He also said that he’s somehow proud of himself for managing both at the same time.

However in high school, he wasn’t as brilliant as in a stadium playing football. He was perfectly normal and adequate, but because of football commitments, he would most of the times skip his classes. As a matter of fact, he signed his contract with

VfB Stuttgart football club

one year before finishing school.

Well if you’re thinking about the same thing, then it needs to be noted: not all the young players are capable of doing both at the same time!

During that period in 2013 he received the Fritz Walter gold medal, which was a result of playing in the U17 category. This medal is annually given to the potentially talented and young players by the German Football Association. And then again two years later, in 2015, he won the silver medal for playing in the U19 category.

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Timo Werner’s Idol

You might have never heard the

fact about Timo Werner

that he is literally crazy about Mario Gomez! Nearly around the same years when Timo was younger, he was a super fan of the former footballer, Mario Gomez. He had so many posters of Gomez on his walls and as he himself mentions, Gomez was his muse and his idol as a young dreamer of becoming a pro footballer. And finally Gomez and Werner met each other in person, while Werner was getting ready to play for

Germany national football club


Well so many people think that Timo himself would one day end up like someone as Gomez, a poster on the walls of a teenager’s room dreaming about becoming a star in the world of football, or maybe Werner has already ended up that way. In fact, even his teammates think of Werner as a promising football player. In addition, even Mario Gomez himself once said that someday Timo is going to “boss the Germany attack”. He also added that Werner puts 120 percent of himself into playing, which means he’s certainly very tough whenever it comes to football.

He is exceptional, he can be insanely fast, a fascinating goalscorer and a true muse for literally anyone. He might even become so much better and change everyone’s belief. Anyways, people expect seeing him climbing the mountains of victory and accomplishing what he truly deserves in the path that he’s chosen ever since childhood.

Timo Werner’s Hobbies

Timo Werner has proved he isn’t interested in only football, he’s also deeply passionate and has shown strong feelings about cars, especially racing cars. He actually has a collection of luxurious cars, which consists of BMW and one of his favorite car choices, Mercedes Benz. And who can blame him? Most people in the city that he comes from, Stuttgarter, are totally crazy about cars. As a matter of fact, this city has the nickname of “cradle of the automobile”. So it might be something that he has inherited from the city!

Overall, Timo seems to be really interested in a luxurious and splendid lifestyle, just like so many other people!

Also there’s an interesting fact about Timo Werner that surely you want to know. He’s a massive fan of basketball. In fact, whenever he’s free and out of stadium, Turbo Timo loves to travel to United States in order to watch Lakers games.

Who knows? Maybe his affection for basketball will persuade him to try it and one day, we’ll watch a basketball game with Timo Werner playing in it!

Timo Werner’s Girlfriend

Timo Werner is currently dating Julia Nagler, with whom he’s been friends and really close since he was a child. Born in 1997, Julia Nagler is a fitness model and besides modeling, she’s also a student at the University of Stuttgart.

Having been seen together a few times by the press, they seem to be doing pretty good together, though Werner himself is a really shy person and the happy couple prefer keeping their personal life all private, confidential and to themselves. Neither of them has ever spoken about the relationship directly on the media, only posting some romantic pictures and that’s it!

As we know, Timo Werner has moved to England to play in the English Premier League club,


, and one thing for sure is that Julia and Timo have already moved together. They have been spotted in London while the couple were hanging out.

We also know that

Timo Werner’s girlfriend

was present at his game in the 2018

World Cup

. It was a match against Russia and during the whole game, Julia was there to support his boyfriend.

Timo Werner’s Social Media

Timo Werner’s social media

accounts are specified with the username: timowerner. His accounts include




as well as


, for sure. His Instagram account has 2.2M followers, 3.1M followers on Facebook and 304.2K followers on Twitter. Most of his posts on social media are related to his work life rather than his personal life, which indicates the fact that this German footballer really cares about his privacy. And we all respect that!

Timo Werner's nickname

You should also know this particular fact about Timo Werner that he’s naturally a speed runner, that’s the reason why people call him

Turbo Timo

. Running over 100 meter, Werner has recorded 11.11 seconds. Although he doesn’t seem to have any kind of hidden magic for running at this pace, he thinks of running as a potential within any player. So unfortunately, if you’re looking for a secret, really there’s not a trick of any kind. Only hard work and practicing severely.

Timo Werner's body measurements

, his insanely mind-blowing speed and literally everything about him fits a pro soccer player.

It has been said that he himself isn’t really as harsh as a wild striker in the stadium; actually the fun

fact about Timo Werner

is that he’s really shy, friendly and loves spending time with his family. He’s literally another person inside the stadium and while playing. He’s determined, focused, eager and most of the players are somehow threatened by his keen and controlled style of playing. He can crush you and your team in just a blink of an eye.

But even Timo himself once told a German media that he sees himself just like anyone else, therefore he believes in equality. He has grown into a humble and loyal person, a trustworthy son. He also says whenever he does something wrong his family and friends warn him about it.

So honestly, the reason why people are really fond of him is literally crystal clear!




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