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Mario Balotelli born on August 12, 1990, in Palermo, Sicily, Italy as Mario Barwuah. He is an on-screen character, recognized for Calling All Troublemakers. Here is everything you need to know about Mario Balotelli biography.

Mario Balotelli is an Italian footballer who performs for the Italian ‘Ligue 1’ club ‘


’ and for the Italian international soccer team. Born to an African dad and mom and raised in Sicily, Mario started his profession as a footballer with ‘Lumezzane’ and made his senior debut at the age of 15.

In April 2006, he made his debut in the ‘Serie C1’ league. Following that, he had an ordeal for ‘


,’ which became out to be a horrific enjoyment for Mario, as he changed into now no longer taken into consideration for the team. ‘

Manchester City

’ obtained him in 2010, and Mario’s overall performance persisted to flourish with the team.

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Everything You Need To Know About Mario Balotelli Biography

Born in Italy to Ghanaian guardians, Mario Barwuah endured life-threatening wellbeing issues as an infant. By the age of three, he had recouped, but his guardians at that point endowed him to a cultivate family—the Balotelli's—and Mario developed up within the princely town of Concesio.

He started his football career with Lumezzane, earning advancement to the primary group at the age of fair 15. Balotelli's aptitude before long brought him to the consideration of the greatest clubs in


, and he was marked by Associate


in 2006.

Having made his first-team make a big appearance in 2007, he became the most youthful Associate player to score within the Champions Alliance in November 2008. His moment season at Associate was cursed by disciplinary problems, however, and an arrangement of high-profile clashes with chief Jose Mourinho, alongside feedback from his partners for his behavior on the pitch, cleared the way for a move to the Head Alliance. 

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Mario Balotelli Biography

Mario Balotelli Information

Mario Balotelli bio

  • Full name

    : Mario Balotelli

  • Nick Name

    : Super Mario

Mario Balotelli personal information

  • Mario Balotelli date of birth:

    August 12, 1990

  • Mario Balotelli Birth Place:


  • Mario Balotelli Nationality:


  • Mario Balotelli Ethnicity:


  • Mario Balotelli zodiac sign:


  • Mario Balotelli religion:


  • age:


Physical Stats

  • Height

    : 190 cm

  • Weight

    : 99.8 Kg

Family information

  • Father

    : Thomas Barwuah

  • Mother

    : Rose Barwuah

  • Sister(s)

    : Angel Barwuah, Abigail Barwuah

  • Marital Status

    : Married

  • Wife/Girlfriend:

    Fanny Neguesha

  • Children:


  • Daughter(s)

    : Pia Balotelli

  • Ex-Girlfriends

    : Raffaella Fico

Football Information

  • Profession:

    Mario Balotelli Sports Persons (Football Player)

  • Known For:

    Soccer Player

  • Salary:

    Under review

  • Net Worth

    : USD $60 Million Approx

  • Playing Position

    : Striker

  • Current Club Team:

    A.C. Monza

  • Current National Team

    : Italy

  • Jersey Number:


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Mario Balotelli Early Life

Now it’s time to know about

Mario Balotelli childhood


Balotelli’s life story started with an individual catastrophe. Mario was born on Eminent 12, 1990, in Palermo and went through his, to begin with, year within the healing center. His guardians were a hitched couple of Barwuah from


. After Mario’s birth, they moved to Bagnolo Mella, but it before long unfolded that the child required wellbeing care.

Due to the stomach related framework pathology, the infant had a few surgeries for the stomach. The family was incapable to pay for the boy’s wellbeing care needs, and the Barwuah family put the boy in cultivating care.

As a result, the family of Francesco and Silvio Balotelli received two-year-old Mario. The family too had two young children and a youthful daughter. Balotelli lived within the little commune of Concesio, and this put got to be Mario’s local town. Afterward, the cultivated guardians found out the address of the Barwuah family and took Mario to meet his relatives, but no one opened the door.

Balotelli moreover told that in his childhood he frequently confronted bigotry. On the off chance that anything was stolen at the school, Mario was nonsensically considered to be the offender.

Children following the entryway denied playing with him since of his distinctive skin color. At the age of 18, the youthful man has gotten an international id, as well as Italian citizenship, but it did not alter the demeanor of people.

Mario Balotelli Profile

Italian star of world football Mario Balotelli is similarly known for tall execution and battles with partners exterior the field. The hot striker indeed beat the coach of Manchester City Roberto Mancini, when he attempted to send the player to the locker room against his will.

Despite a surge of embarrassments within the career of Balotelli, in 2016 the administration of FC Decent bought the striker and never lamented it. Amid one and a half-season, "Super Mario" played in 50 recreations and scored 33 goals.

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Style Of Play

 His stature, height, and physical make-up permit him to exceed expectations within the discussion, and he is competent in scoring with his head or with either foot, from both interior or exterior the punishment zone, in spite of being actually right-footed.

In spite of the fact that he regularly plays in a central part as the most striker, he could be a flexible forward able of playing anyplace along the front line and has to been sent as a winger or as a moment striker.

In spite of his ability, he has been criticized by supervisors, colleagues, and the media for a seen destitute and youthful state of mind at times, as well as for his destitute development and work-rate, irregularity, attitude, and unstable personality, and pompous behavior on the pitch, which has frequently driven him to choose up pointless bookings all through his career.


A long white pennant hung from the entryways of the walled-in area. And a message, exceptionally clear, composed in blue. “Balotelli: there are other players who adored this city.

For us, you're worth zero, a man without dignity.” Brescia supporters, denied of a stadium due to the Covid-19 widespread, by the by made a point on Monday to appear their revolution to Mario Balotelli.

The Italian striker returned to the Mario-Rigamonti stadium with his unused club Monza, on Matchday 19 of Serie B. A brief of the frame and l30-year-old goalscorer was not held within the gather called by Christian Brocchi. But he still made the trip to the city that saw him develop up.

And as anticipated, the get-together with Brescia Calcio, whose colors he wore in 2019-2020, was strained. In expansion to this insulting message cleared out in plain locate, “Super Mario” had to bargain with the threatening vibe of the neighborhood security benefit.

Goal Celebration

Mario Balotelli is in a scoring position due to being an extraordinary striker and thus has a celebration for scoring goal, particularly for him, is that he takes off his dress and takes the signal after scoring.

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Mario Balotelli Outside Football

Mario Balotelli allegedly was included in a battle exterior Hollywood club in Como On Sunday, May 4, after finding his versatile phone had gone lost and singling out the charged cheat.

The Milan striker was getting a charge out of a night out with more youthful brother Enoch, but Italian celebrity magazine Diva e Donna (h/t Metro) reports that the siblings' night was ruined by the clear theft.

Both Mario and Enoch Balotelli withdrew Hollywood within the early hours sometime recently taking note that the former's portable phone was unaccounted for.

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Mario Balotelli Biography

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Mario Balotelli Personal Life

Now its time to know about

Mario Balotelli life story


In 2012, Balotelli highlighted in GQ, where he was named the second-best dressed man within the world behind British performer Tinie Tempah. Balotelli too showed up on the cover of the November 2012 version of Time magazine.

Balotelli could be a fan of blended military expressions and has said within the past he would love to compete within the don professionally on the off chance that he was not a footballer.

Balotelli does not drink liquor. In July 2012, Balotelli's previous sweetheart Raffaella Fico uncovered she was pregnant with his child, whereas Balotelli reacted by claiming he would as it were accept fatherly duties upon a positive paternity test.

Fico's girl Pia was born on 5 December 2012. Afterward, in December 2012, Fico denounced Balotelli of being "untrustworthy" and "not inquisitive" about her infant daughter.

Family, Children, Relationship

Mario Balotelli never really got hitched. But, the lady who came the closest to wedding him could be a Belgian show and on-screen character named Fanny Neguesha. In 2014, Balotelli had declared that the couple got engaged. Neguesha and Balotelli began dating in 2012. Sometime recently the engagement quickly parts up in 2013.

In any case, that did not final long, and they fixed things up truly fast. Balotelli broke the news of their engagement in June 2014. He posted a photo parading a jewel ring on Neguesha’s finger. But, the on-again-off-again relationship did finally come to a lasting conclusion. Which had happened some time recently the two traded their pledges.


The praise David Beckham is accepting for giving his Paris Holy person Germain compensation to charity is clearly reasonable, but it shows up one other high-profile footballer had as of now been driving the way.

Mario Balotelli, who this week completed a £19.5m exchange from Manchester City to AC Milan, has long been a person whose career has been ruled by discussion and reliably partitioned opinion.

It too shows up that he has long been giving liberal sums of his compensation – 'almost half' – to charity, in any case. And in genuine Balotelli mold, this disclosure comes from the life he has cleared out behind in Manchester within the shape of show ex-girlfriend Dark-striped cat Brown.

He was truly cautious with his money,' Brown said to The Reflect of her ex-boyfriend who paid to have his £160,000 Bentley Mainland GT wrapped in an armed force camouflage vinyl.

Legal Issue

Baffling striker Mario Balotelli’s following halt on his checkered career remains a riddle, with Head Association club West Ham abruptly within the blend to snap him up taking after his on-going fight with Italian Serie A strugglers Brescia.

Balotelli is impossible to be back on the pitch his hometown equip when they handle has Florentina on June 22, as Brescia are taking lawful activity against the striker and his super-agent Mino Raiola.

The match has claimed that the club had separated against the 29-year-old by not testing him for the coronavirus. Raiola made the allegation when talking to correspondents in Italy this week and Balotelli hence posted on his Instagram social media channel that the claims were “all true”.

Brescia was quick to reply so issued a stern statement that studied: “We’ve educated our attorneys to require activity against those who made these wrong accusations.

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Mario Balotelli Biography

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Mario Balotelli Career Statistics

Mario Balotelli’s roots lie within the West African nation of Ghana but he was born on the island of Sicily with his family moving to the territory and the northern Italian territory of Brescia when he was still a little child.

Mario went into cultivate care and inevitably took the surname of the family who had cultivated him and they got to be his permanent guardians. Lumezzane could be a town in Brescia and it was at that town’s football club, Associazione Calcio Lumezzane, that Balotelli’s playing career started insincerely.

But he as it were went through one year in Lumezzane’s senior squad sometime recently Internazionale of Milan signed him and he played in 11 Serie A matches within the 2007/08 season (scoring three times) whereas still as it were 17 a long time old. He did not, in any case, make Inter’s match-day squad for either of their Champions Alliance matches against Liverpool within the spring of 2008.


The primary group that he plays at it is Lumezzane and presently we need to study approximately it.


He made his proficient make a big appearance at the age of 15. In April 2006, he, to begin with, showed up on the field for Lumezzane, to begin with, a group against Padova in a Serie C1 alliance coordinate.

At the conclusion of the season, Balotelli played in one more amusement, and within the summer he has chosen to exchange to another club.

Inter Milan

Having had an unsuccessful trial with Barcelona at age 15, Balotelli was marked by Connect Milan in 2006 in advance with a pre-set cost of €150,000 to co-own the player.

In June 2007, connect worked out the choice and obtained the other half for an extra €190,000. On 8 November 2007, as a portion of Sheffield F.C.'s 150th commemoration celebrations, Balotelli included in a neighborly between the two sides at Sheffield United's Bramall Path.

The amusement wrapped up 5–2 to Connect, with Balotelli scoring twice. He made he begin with the group and Serie A make a big appearance on 16 December 2007, supplanting David Suazo in a 2–0 win against Cagliari. 

Manchester City

After weeks of hypothesis, Connect come to an understanding for Balotelli's exchange to Manchester City on 12 Admirable 2010 for a €21.8 million expense.

At Manchester City, Balotelli rejoined with his previous head coach at Associate, Roberto Mancini, who said, "His fashion of play will suit the Head Association, as a result, he is still so youthful there's an enormous chance for him to make strides.

He may be a strong and energizing player, and City fans will appreciate watching him." Balotelli exchanged squad numbers with colleague Greg Cunningham so he appears to continue to wear the number 45 shirt.


On 29 January 2013, Milan's sorting out executive Umberto Gandini declared the club had concurred to sign Balotelli from Manchester City on a four-and-a-half-year bargain reputed to be worth €20 million furthermore rewards and add-ons.

Manchester City's at that point director Roberto Mancini recommended he had authorized Balotelli's deal to Milan for the great of the player, portraying the forward as "like another one of my children" and saying Balotelli may get to be one of the finest players interiors the world when reestablished to Serie A.

On 31 January 2013, the Serie A mammoths completed the stamping, and Balotelli was permitted the number 45 shirt, the same number he wore for Relate Milan and Manchester City.


In Eminent 2014, Balotelli joined Liverpool for a £16 million exchange expense to supplant the active Luis Suárez. He made his Liverpool make a big appearance in an alliance amusement absent to Tottenham Hotspur on 31 Eminent, an amusement Liverpool won 3–0.

Balotelli scored him, to begin with, Liverpool goal on 16 September, opening a 2–1 Anfield triumph against Ludogorets Razgrad within the bunch organize of the 2014–15 UEFA Champions League.

In a coordinate within the same competition on 22 October against Genuine Madrid, Balotelli was scrutinized by chief Brendan Rodgers for swapping shirts with rival Pepe at half time.


On 31 Admirable 2016, the due date day for the summer exchange window, it was reported Balotelli had joined Decent of the French Ligue 1 on free exchange, marking a one-year bargain.

In a meet driving up to his Charming make an enormous appearance on 11 September, Balotelli told Canal Moreover that joining Liverpool inside the summer of 2014 was the "most noticeably awful mistake of his life" which Brendan Rodgers and Jürgen Klopp (the two Liverpool supervisors amid Balotelli's time at the club) did not make a great impression on him and he did not get alongside them.

He made he make a big appearance for Decent, beginning in a domestic Ligue 1 coordinate against Marseille, changing over a punishment within the 7th miniature, and scoring a header from Ricardo's cross within the 78th miniature as Pleasant won the coordinate 3–2.

On 21 September, Balotelli, in as it were his second Ligue 1 appearance, struck another twofold within the 30th and 68th minutes as Decent whipped Monaco 4–0 within the Azurean derby at the Allianz Riviera to go to the beat of Ligue 1.


On 23 January 2019, Balotelli ended his contract with Decent and marked a contract until the conclusion of the season with Marseille.

On 25 January, he made make a big appearance for the club coming on as a substitute within the 74th diminutive domestic to Lille, afterward moreover scoring his, to begin with, goal within the final diminutive of the stoppage time of an extreme 2–1 misfortune.

He scored his fourth association goal on 3 Walk, an acrobatic volley in a 2–0 domestic win against Saint-Étienne; he afterward celebrated the goal by making an Instagram story on the pitch from his cell phone.

On 30 Walk, he became the primary player since Josip Skoblar within the late 1960s to score in each of his, to begin with, five domestic recreations for Marseille in Ligue 1. 


On 18 Admirable 2019, Balotelli marked a "multi-year contract" with his hometown club Brescia on free exchange. He marked for a base compensation of €1.5 million some time recently rewards for one year, with a programmed reestablishment in case the club dodges assignment.

On 24 September 2019, Balotelli made make a big appearance for the club in a 2–1 domestic association vanquish against Juventus; he was incapable to play earlier to this owing to the four-match suspension he has gotten whereas at Marseille for a hasty challenge against Montpellier.

On 29 September, he scored his beginning with an goal for the club in a 2–1 absent misfortune to Napoli.


On 7 December 2020, Balotelli moved to Serie B side Monza on a seven-month contract, rejoining with previous Milan colleague Kevin-Prince Boateng, head coach Cristian Brocchi, club proprietor Silvio Berlusconi, and chairman Adriano Galliani.

Balotelli made his make a big appearance on 30 December, beginning in a 3–0 win over alliance pioneers Salernitana; he scored on him, to begin with, touch within the 4th miniature.

International career

Balotelli was incapable to reply call-ups to the Italian national under-15 and under-17 groups as he was still considered to be a Ghanaian foreigner. On 7 Eminent 2007, five days sometime recently his 17th birthday, Balotelli has gotten his, to begin with, a senior international call-up for Ghana from their coach Claude Le Roy for an inviting against Senegal at the Unused Cave stadium in London, Britain, on 21 Admirable 2007

 He declined the offer, citing once more his eagerness to play for Italy when he got to be qualified. He moreover communicated his eagerness to speak to Italy at a international level once he procured an Italian passport.

On 19 May 2018, Balotelli was called up for the essential time since November 2014 by as of late assigned administrator Roberto Mancini for Italy's May and June 2018 friendlies.

On 28 May, Balotelli made him begin with the appearance for the national group since the 2014 World Container, beginning within the match against Saudi Arabia and scoring the opener within the 20th diminutive.

He was afterward substituted within the 58th diminutive for Andrea Belotti, who scored the moment goal of the coordinate in an eventual 2–1 triumph. Balotelli committed his goal to previous Italian colleague Davide Astori, who passed on prior within the year.

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Mario Balotelli Honours

He had a lot of honours, but these are a few of them:

  • Inter Milan

    : Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, UEFA Champions League

  • Manchester City:

    Chief Association, FA Cup

  • International team:

    UEFA European Championship, FIFA Confederations Glass third place

  • Individual:

    Brilliant Boy, UEFA Euro Group of the Competition, Serie A Group of the Year, UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Month

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