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Adrien Rabiot Biography

Reading articles related to biographies brings you a comprehensive and full knowledge. Whether young or old, players can have a prominent bio if they have rich career history, such as the young central midfielder of Juventus. Be with us in the following article regarding Adrien Rabiot biography.

We have prepared a complete piece around 

Adrien Rabiot bio

, which includes all facts about him, from Adrien Rabiot religion to the honors he has recorded in his career history. As making a background about the young star of Juventus, he is a professional football player, who comes from French. Based on 

Adrien Rabiot date of birth

, 3 April 1995, at the age of 25 plays for both, Juventus club and the French national team as a central midfielder.

However, in addition to the two teams listed, Rabiot spent most of his playing time in Paris Saint-Germain. Adrien Rabiot appeared for the first time for PSG in 2012, which marked him a period full of achievements, including gaining 18 honors. 

Despite getting five Ligue 1 titles and a domestic treble as a PSG player, he gained more when Rabiot signed on a free transfer for Juventus, for example, obtaining the Serie A title in his first season with Juventus. Adrien Rabiot's excellent plays have also led him to cap 53 times for France at the youth level, which finally he could take part in its senior team in 2016. 

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All You Need to Know about Adrien Rabiot Biography

Now that you have gotten initial knowledge about the professional star of Juventus, a Serie A club, it is time to take a closer look at his personal and professional life. What we are going to present here is a full collection of 

Adrien Rabiot childhood

, life story, and also his career history. Stay with us till the end of the article to get more about both the personal and professional aspects of Adrien Rabiot. 

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Adrien Rabiot Information

Allocating the first part of Adrien Rabiot biography, we have started the section by reviewing topics, such as Adrien's physical stats, football information, date of birth, and personal info. 

Adrien Rabiot Bio

  • Full Name:

     Adrien Rabiot-Provost 

  • Nickname:

     Le Duc

  • Foot:


Adrien Rabiot Physical Stats

  • Weight:

     71 kg

  • Height:

     1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

  • Eye Color:


  • Hair Color:

     Regular Brown

Adrien Rabiot Football Information

  • Position:

     Central Midfielder

  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:

     24 August 2019

Adrien Rabiot Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

     3 April 1995

  • Birth Place:

     Saint-Maurice, France

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


Since the central midfielder of Juventus is not as old as many stars in the football world, it may cause the fans not to know Adrien Rabiot biography as much as it deserves. If you are a football supporter, especially the Juventus one, do not miss the following article. 

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Adrien Rabiot Early Life

Born on 3 April 1995, Adrien Rabiot is the oldest child of his parents, Michel Rabiot and Veronique Rabiot. Being the child of a father whose love and passion are limited to football spread to his wife and son and impressed 

Adrien Rabiot life story

, which involved him in the sport. Only five years after Adrien's date of birth, his father's feeling for football influenced Adrien Rabiot childhood and dominated the continuous of his life.

Afterward, football became a family affair for them, as if it could bind the family's desires and aspirations. Being considered mature enough for taking part in football competitions, Adrien joined Creteil's youth academy at the tender age of 6 and spent his next six years of his life there. As the result of the youth player's efforts, he had a stint at several featured clubs, including 

Paris Saint-Germain

, Pole Espoirs de Castelmaurou, 


, and 

Manchester City


The clubs led Adrien to record a brilliant period and a significant advance in his career history. Having moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2012, Rabiot made his debut for it in the same year. Playing in PSG provides the opportunity of displaying tackle and ball interception skills for Rabiot, which originated a lot of considerations about the youth star's play and showed how much the genius French player could lead the French national team in the future.

Although due to being loaned to Toulouse, Rabiot confronted lacking playing time at PSG, he could appear astonishingly in important tournaments with the club, such as Ligue 1 in 2013-2016, Coupe de France in 2014-2017, Coupe de la Ligue in 2013-2017, and des Champions in 2015-2017. By doing his excellent, the mentioned period seems like a golden one in Adrien Rabiot biography and career history. 

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Adrien Rabiot Profile

Covering all related facts to Adrien Rabiot's profile, including his career history to his style of play and goal celebration, we have started the section by reviewing his profession from his youth. Rabiot spent the early years of his career playing for some clubs, including some months at Manchester City and Creteil-Lusitanos.

In July 2012, when Rabiot performed and displayed his extraordinary skills at the Camp des Loges, he attracted Paris Saint-Germain to his prominent abilities, which led to signing his first professional contract for three years with the club. Carlo Ancelotti, the PSG time manager, promoted Rabiot to the senior team advancing of the 2012-13 season. Scoring penalty shootout, which leads to their defeat against 


, is the club's pre-season match he took part for the club for the first time. 

Afterward, on 26 August, Adrien Rabiot appeared officially for his first match in Ligue 1, the game ended in a 0-0 draw against 


. Rabiot's UEFA Champions League debut refers to 6 November 2012, when he played despite his injury in a 4-0 group stage home triumph against 

Dinamo Zagreb


The next year, as loans to the fellow league team, Rabiot played for Toulouse and scored his first professional and memorable goal for the team from 25 yards, which was the only game's goal at


. Coming back to PSG, Rabiot appeared in 46 competitions and scored six goals for the consecutive domestic leagues from 2013 to 2015.

By repeating the brilliant performance, Rabiot scored in a 2-1 win against


at Stamford Bridge on 9 March and caused PSG into the quarter-finals 4-2 on aggregate. The trend of Rabiot consecutive scoring goals continued by scoring in a 9-0 routing at


and earned the league title while there were eight more matches. 

Being sent off in the final of the Coupe de la Ligue, Rabiot left the competition. However, they won the match 2-1 over Lille. Scoring four times in 60 games during the next two seasons, Rabiot achieved the national championship in 2017-18. However, his lucky situation changed from October 2018, and arriving late to the pre-match meeting, caused Thomas Tuchel, the newly appointed manager at the time, to drop Rbiot and his teammate, 

Kylian Mbappe

, off. 

Later, due to rejecting to resume his contract and failing in taking part in the first team, the French youth had no other option except training with the reserves. One year later, on 14 March 2019, PSG suspended his 25-year-old central midfielder for one month because he had gone to a nightclub after a 3-1 loss against Manchester United in the Champions League round 16.

After losing a match against

Manchester United

in the Champions League round 16, which knocked them out of the competition, Rabiot went to a nightclub and liked Patrice Evra's Instagram post about honoring United's triumph. The cases caused PSG to suspend him till the end of the month and prevent him from taking part in any games until the deadline. 

The next phase in

Adrien Rabiot biography

, which seems a jump in his career history, is his contract with the Italian Serie A champions 


, which he signed on 1 July 2019 on a free transfer.

Rabiot joined the competition as a second-half substitute for 

Sami Khedira

, the German skillful central midfielder, in a 1-0 victory against 


. On 7 July 2020, Rabiot took part in the competition against 


in Serie A and scored his first goal for the club, though his opening goal could not save the team, and they lost in a 4-2 away to their opponent.

The youth legend finished the competition, while he was running with the ball from his half. The brilliant performance almost always is one of the most spectacular scenes in Adrien Rabiot biography.

Apart from Rabiot plays in clubs,

Adrien Rabiot nationality

led him to appear in the France U19 team, which took part in the final of the 2013 UEFA European U-19 Championship in Lithuania, though they lost out to 


Rabiot made his debut for the French under-21 team in a match that ended in a 0-0 friendly draw with 


in Freiburg on 13 August 2013. Having played for France U-19 and U-21, Rabiot finally made his senior debut for 


in November 2016.

Style of Play

Adrien Rabiot is a tall and smart midfielder whose good technique and impressive physical qualities could prove how much he was a promising player while he was young. Considering Rbiot's prominent features, some of them are his mobility, hard-working, quickness in possession, and his high talent in making late attacking runs off the ball into the penalty box. Additionally, Rabiot is famous as a composed passer and a midfielder who control excellent link-up dribbling abilities in nearby space.

The style of play of the talented player caused him to be called a modern footballer who is well-rounded, versatile, and an able defensive. Although Rabiot's style is better than what the football world expects from a player his age, he has behaved a bit strange off the pitch, which has caused him to come under criticism in the media and accused his behavior of lacking professionalism.  


Adrien Rabiot is a 25-year-old midfielder, who has recorded many professional scenes in his career history, but he has made a negative impression on his expert by behaving unprofessionally. Let's look at how he acted and caused Antero Henrique, the PSG sporting director, to accuse him of unprofessionalism. 

The story refers to the time he separated from PSG's first team. He announced that he did not play for the club since 2018, and due to his unwillingness to sign a new deal at the time, he was not a player of any squads. Later PSG sporting director revealed the reason for not continuing their contract with the youth player.

After spreading the image of Rabiot in a nightclub on the night of their defeat against Manchester United, which was a fateful night, Antero called him a good player but an unprofessional one. 

Goal Celebration

Showing how much a player is happy following scoring a goal has caused a wide range of goal celebrations. Some football players tend to change their goal celebrations now and then, and some other ones prefer to have one unique celebration as a signature. Adrion Rabiot goal celebrations are among the common ones which though he does not change them a lot, he has not displayed any particular figures which exclusively belong to him.

Sliding on his knees, putting his hand behind his ears to pretend he is listening to the crowd's reaction better, and jumping and punching the air are the ways, which Rabiot has celebrated his goal till now. 

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Adrien Rabiot Outside Football

After talking about Rabiot's professional life, now it is time to take a closer look at his life outside the football world. Though Adrien Rabiot has not published many facts about his life out of football, his picture beside his dogs implies how much he is interested in them and spends his time with these cute pets while he is not busy with his career. 

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Adrien Rabiot Personal Life

Though legends of the football world always attract their fans by their plays, the supporters are almost interested in knowing more about their personal life. So, we have allocated this part of 

Adrien Rabiot biography

 article to his off-pitch life. 

Family, Children, and Relationship

Having a supportive mother is the factor that Rabiot has despite his skills and abilities in playing football. Working as an agent for the youth star, Veronique Rabiot, his mother was trying to become sure that Rabiot will have a successful future in his career. As we talked about before, Michel Rabiot, Adrien's father, was a patient fan of football, but his illness did not let him participate in his son's football affairs.

Joining PSG has been Adrien's father's constant wish, while the time his dream came true, his sickness did not let him express his happiness except by moving his eyes. Having comprehensive knowledge about playing football, Michel Rabiot knows how much his son is successful in football and conveys his feeling through his eyes. 

Since the 25-year-old French star has not released any facts about his relationship shows he is not dating anyone these days, or at least he prefers not to make his relationship public. Sharing irrelated posts to his personal life on his social media accounts proves how much he is careful about his privacy.


There has always been this mindset that earning high incomes gives the prominent stars of the football world the ability to participate in philanthropy. However, nothing is on the authentic websites about Adrien Rabiot's humane affairs. Not tending to spread any facts regarding his personal life or the things he does in his private has made a small amount of info about him. So, lack of information can mean having no charitable affairs or doing but not sharing anything about it

Legal Issues

Struggling with legal disputes with several organizations and people are the problems, which have happened in some footballers' lives. The calm personality of Rabiot implies that possibly he is far from any kinds of fighting or matters that are violent or illegal. Additionally, nothing is on the Internet regarding his legal issues, so what we can say is that fortunately, he has not committed any banned affairs.

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Adrien Rabiot Career Statistics

Having mentioned many parts in

Adrien Rabiot biography

, we have prepared a section about his career statistics, separated into two parts club and international. Since reviewing career statistics of players reveals the number of competitions they participated in and the whole goals they have scored, it works as a short brief of career history. The following part will present the noticed item about Adrien Rabiot.


As mentioned in the part of Adrien Rabiot's profile, he has recorded experience of playing in three clubs, PSG, Toulouse, and Juventus. Going through the seasons from 2012 to 2019, in which Rabiot was a midfielder in PSG, will reveal among the 227 competitions he took part in, Rabiot scored 24 goals. Also, Rabiot played for Toulouse on loan on 2013-13 season, which of the 13 matches he scored one time in his appearance in Ligue 1.

Since the 2019 season to now, Rabiot has played for the top club, Juventus, and has appeared in 55 matches, though he has scored two times. All in all, he has scored 27 goals during the 295 appearances he has made.  


Due to Adrien Rabiot's nationality, the youth midfielder has joined France national team and played for it for four years from 2016 till now. Meanwhile, he has made 11 appearances for the team, that five of them refer to last year, 2020. The numbers show that despite having brilliant plays during his playing time for the team, he was unsuccessful in scoring goals and has passed all competition without scoring any goals.

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Adrien Rabiot Honors

Although it has not been long since Rabiot officially started playing football, he has won many honors. Winning Ligue 1 in 5 consecutive seasons from 2013 to 2019, Trophee des Champions, Coupe de la Ligue, and de France are the ones he could achieve in his playing time for PSG. In addition to the achievements while playing for PSG, Rabiot has gained three other awards since he has joined Juventus, including Serie A, Supersoppa Italiana, Coppa Italia runner-up.

Two other Rabiot's achievements are the UEFA European Under-19 Championship runner-up and the UEFA European Under-19 Championship Team of the Tournament award, which he earned the former by playing in France U19.

What we mentioned in the article about Adrien Rabiot biography includes the facts we had gathered from authentic sources. A comprehensive series of data from 

Adrien Rabiot religion

 to all detailed facts about his career statistics. Despite not being much data available about Adrien Rabiot life story and childhood, we tried to gather as much as was possible. All in all, if there is any part we have missed or any other extra data about Adrien Rabiot bio, share it with us in the comment section. 

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