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Top Facts About Marcelo Bielsa, A Name You Will Not Forget

Marcelo Bielsa is an Argentinian professional football manager who is one of the greatest veteran footballers in the world. He is currently the head coach of Premier League club Leeds United and His long list of achievements is remarkable. Learn all the top facts about Marcelo Bielsa in the following.

Marcelo Bielsa, played in the position of the defender for Newell's Old Boys, Instituto de Córdoba, and Argentino de Rosario in his early days.

Marcelo Bielsa age

was only 25 when he retired from football. His passion for coaching prevented him from kicking the ball on the pitch. He successfully managed several football clubs and also the national teams of Argentina and Chile.

His skills and sharp vision paid off well and the performance of the Chile national team improved instantly under his leadership. With a strong personality and skills in leadership, he filled his achievement list with several awards and titles. We will start with Marcelo Bielsa childhood and then point out his achievements in managing teams. You can also learn more about

Marcelo Bielsa net worth

in the following.

Top Facts About Marcelo Bielsa You Might Not Know

Bielsa had a special signature in his coaching style which was very effective and an inspiration for many coaches around the world. He is well known for studying every aspect of the game for many hours, so he could decrease any unpredictability at the pitch, which earned him Madman Bielsa nickname. There are so many legendary stories about Madman Bielsa which we will tell you all about in the following. Keep up for more

top facts about Marcelo Bielsa


Marcelo Bielsa Childhood and Siblings

Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera was born on July 21, 1955, in Rosario, Argentina. Marcelo Bielsa parents are Lidia Caldera and Rafael Pedro Bielsa. The Argentinian football manager has two siblings, a brother named Rafael Bielsa and a sister María Eugenia Bielsa who both had an important government position in the past. Bielsa comes from a wealthy and reputed family.

Marcelo Bielsa childhood

was filled with passion for football and collecting sports magazines. He inherited his ambitious and hardworking nature from his mother. His brother Rafael is a politician, the national deputy from the Capital District of Buenos Aires since 2007; while his sister María Eugenia used to be a vice-governor of the province of Santa Fe.

Marcelo had a great passion for football and despite the fact that his family had a position in law and politics he decided to take another path and start a career in football. Of course,

Marcelo Bielsa parents

weren’t so pleased with this decision. Although the team his father followed was neighbors and eternal rivals Rosario Central, he worked hard to be in Newell's Old Boys School’s football team and Marcelo Bielsa age was 15 when he got admission in the school. However, he couldn’t perform very well as a player and failed to make a name for himself. Bielsa played in Newell's Old Boys' First Division Team and at the age of 25, he decided to retire.

Marcelo Bielsa Transfer Market Stats

Now it’s time to get into

Marcelo Bielsa transfer market stats

. Marcelo Bielsa played as a defender on the football field. Marcelo Bielsa age was 20 when he first made his debut for Newell’s Old Boys Club on 29 February 1976 in a league tournament against River Plate. After his debut, he played in three other games. His last game for the team was in July 1978 against Gimnasia La Plata. For the first time, Bielsa was on the winning side, but this was his last time playing for Newell’s Old Boys.

Based on Marcelo Bielsa transfer market stats later in 1977 along with two other players from the club he was transferred to Instituto which was a club in the city of Cordóba.

Marcelo Bielsa stats

indicate that he appeared in 16 games for his new team. But it wasn’t such a good time for the Argentinian player. Bielsa failed to score the only penalty he was appointed in the season (against Godoy Cruz).

Reports from back then show that he was unhappy with the team’s performance and lost his passion for football, staying in his apartment and listening to music, he focused more on running a newspaper and magazine kiosk. As his football career started to fade he would soon open a kiosk business with a friend. Finally, he decided to end his contract with Instituto and return to his previous club, Newell’s. In 1978 after his final appearance against Gimnasia as a substitute, he signed a contract with Argentino de Rosario, a small club in his hometown.

Based on Marcelo Bielsa stats he scored his only goal at Argentino. Instead of his usual defensive position, he played as a striker. He amazed everyone and scored two goals in one match in a 2-1 win against Candombero. Bielsa has an offer to get on board with Buenos Aires but the young footballer suffered from a knee injury and decided that it’s a good time to retire from football. But he still had great dreams of becoming a football coach. Find out more top facts about Marcelo Bielsa in the following.

Marcelo Bielsa Begins His Coaching Career

After being qualified as a physical education teacher, Bielsa started his coaching career. In 1980 after his retirement he began to coach the youth divisions of Newell's. his leadership resulted in several wins in the early 1990s. In 1992 he went to Mexico and coached the Club Atlas and Club América. Based on the top facts about Marcelo Bielsa in 1997 he made a comeback to Argentina and won another league title the 1998 Clausura during the time he coached Vélez Sársfield.

Marcelo Bielsa Leads Argentina National Team

In 1998 Bielsa was offered to manage the Argentina National Team after a four-year management by Daniel Passarella. During the supervision and leadership of Bielsa Argentina won the qualification group for the 2002 FIFA World Cup but didn’t have any luck in the first knockout round at the game. Despite the failure of the team, Bielsa didn’t leave his position as the manager.

Later Argentina won the 2004 Olympic Games' gold medal and his team became the first Latin American team to win the Olympic title since 1928. Argentina earned the first Olympic gold medal in 52 years and that was a huge success. Although, at the end of 2004 Bielsa resigned from his position. Learn more

top facts about Marcelo Bielsa

in the following.

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Marcelo Bielsa Leads Chile National Team

Under Bielsa's supervision, Chile national team faced both victories and setbacks. For the first time in history, Chile managed to earn a point playing Uruguay away in Montevideo. The team also faced its biggest defeat during a game at home losing to Paraguay. Based on the

top facts about Marcelo Bielsa

, he helped Chile get qualified for the World Cup after missing two games. Bielsa caught everyone’s attention and was very popular among the fans. He brought new methods to the team which improved the performance a great deal. After the team’s finished its campaign at the world cup, there was a rumor that Bielsa planning to resign from his position.

This made the fans upset and they campaigned with the title “Bielsa is NOT leaving!" Chile managed to get to the round of 16 of the World Cup where they eliminated by Brazil. On 2 August 2010, Harold Mayne-Nicholls president of Chile's national association declared that Bielsa is not going anywhere. Bielsa himself stated that if Jorge Segovia was elected as the president of the Chilean Football Board he will leave. Despite the fact that Jorge Segovia’s election was canceled he resigned from his position in February 2011.

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Bielsa Coaching at Prominent Clubs

After showing his skills by coaching Argentina and Chile National Team, Bielsa caught everyone’s attention in football and several clubs were looking forward to signing a contract with him. He managed several prominent teams like Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, Lazio, and Lille. But each time he didn’t remain in clubs because he didn’t get the feedback he was hoping for or other things. For example, he resigned from his position in Lazio because he wanted new players in his team but the club didn’t recruit any of them during the transfer window.  

Bielsa Turned the Leeds into Champions

On 15 June 2018, Bielsa replaced Paul Heckingbottom and began coaching the Leeds United. He signed a 2-year contract with the option of extending it the third year. This contract turned him into the highest-paid manager in the whole Leeds United history. Bielsa turned the team into the stronger and undefeatable team. He led the Leeds through the first six Championship rounds without being defeated and straight to the top of the league.

Bielsa was awarded Championship Manager of the Month by EFL for his efforts and victories. In the first months of the season Bielsa’s team suffered from significant injuries. Bielsa covered the injured players and gave 10 players under 21 their senior debuts. In December the team had a 2–3 win against Aston Villa which secured their position on top of the Championship. Bielsa was nominated for the Championship Manager of the Month Award, but he lost to Hull City manager Nigel Adkins.

Marcelo Bielsa Spying Scandal

According to the top facts about Marcelo Bielsa, on 11 January 2019 before the Leeds won the game against Derby County and placed at the top of the Championship table, Bielsa made a confession that he sent a spy to the Derby training ground. This news became viral, and everyone questioned Bielsa for his actions. Derby manager Frank Lampard, blamed Bielsa for what he did but Tottenham Hotspur Manager Mauricio Pochettino stated that this wasn’t a big deal and it’s not uncommon in football. When Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola was asked about Bielsa's method, he described Bielsa as the best. On January 15 the EFL declared that they would do further investigation regarding the incident.

Bielsa Extended His Contract with The Leeds

In July after receiving a promotion, a street in Leeds was named “Marcelo Bielsa Way” honoring Bielsa’s achievement. With Bielsa’s efforts and skills in leading the team, after 16 years of absence Leeds was a champion of the EFL Championship and Bielsa was named the LMA Championship Manager of the Year 2020. On July Bielsa won the Championship Manager of the month award and later he extended his contract to for the 2020-2021 Premier League season. Learn more top facts about Marcelo Bielsa in the following.

Bielsa Coaching Style

Bielsa coaching style is remarkable he is well known for observing the game with great attention and collecting several football videos to the point of obsession. He watches every video and analyzes it. Later he edits the video and shows it to each player on the team. He also makes his preparations for the games with statistical software and other technological tools. An English journalist described Bielsa as “the most learned football library on the planet."  Bielsa interoperates the game by his own methods, and he believes that there are 29 unique formations that every young footballer should have the chance experience all of them.

Bielsa’s remarkable style of coaching continued at Leeds and he received a work permit from England’s government for his "exceptional talent." In 2019, Bielsa was a key role in a Leeds United documentary. In one game which was featured in the documentary, Bielsa stated about the nature of victory: “I came to be part of a program that has goals, and of course we are aware of the goals wanted by the city and the club, the players, the fans, everybody. But I also can't say that my only interest is winning. What also interests me is the way we build to the victory.”

Marcelo Bielsa Net Worth and Charity Work  

Now let’s get into the details of

Marcelo Bielsa salary

and net worth. In 2020, Bielsa extended his contract with Leeds United and secured his position for another season. Based on Daily star reports Marcelo Bielsa salary is $8 million per year. In fact, he is the sixth highest paid manager in the Premier League. His salary puts him in a higher position compared to English boss Gareth Southgate and lower compared to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. The Liverpool manager earns $12 million per year. However, his earnings are much lower than Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho. It is estimated that both make $19 Million annually.

As for

Marcelo Bielsa net worth

, it is estimated that his net worth be around $13 million. Bielsa is also a generous man and it was reported that he made a donation of $2 million to his former club Newell's in order to fund the development of a players' center. According to reports the architect of the center was Bielsa's sister Maria Eugenia. As we mentioned before Maria Eugenia used to be a vice-governor of the province of Santa Fe. In 2020 the Argentinian manager was supportive of the donation of a bronze statue which portraying him sitting on his famous bucket to a raffle among Leeds fans. The earnings of the raffle would go to a mental health charity.

Marcelo Bielsa Is a Humble Man with a simple way of life

In February 2019, when a German reporter in an interview said that Bielsa succeeded in everywhere he managed, Bielsa shook his head and answered: “First of all, I can’t say I’m a successful head coach, I’d rather say the opposite. One of the things you hear the most when people talk about me is the lack of trophies. You can verify this.” That’s how Bielsa showed he is a humble man. According to

Marcelo Bielsa personal life

, he owns a house in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

If you are living in the neighborhood it is very likely that you see The head coach. He’s been spotted several times shopping in Morrisons, buying bread rolls in a Cooplands bakery, carrying a Sainsbury's Bag for Life. He also is a regular customer in Sant Angelo restaurant and often fans take pictures with him. He described his way of life, "No airs and graces, no pimped-up limos, just a man of the people trying to blend in." Sometimes when he is spotted by the journalists, they offer him a lift but he refuses politely saying, “I like to walk." More top facts about

Meet Marcelo Bielsa Wife

Now let’s get into the details of

Marcelo Bielsa wife

and their marriage. As they say behind every successful man is a strong woman and so does for Bielsa. Laura Bracalenti is an architect and an academic at the national university of Rosario. She also has many publications under her name.

According to Marcelo Bielsa personal life, the couple are married since 1990. Laura supported her husband in every setbacks and success. The couple are happily married for thirty years and keep their life private as possible. So we can’t give you much information about how the couple met and begin their love story.

Marcelo Bielsa Children

As for

Marcelo Bielsa Children

, the 66-year-old head coach is the father of two beautiful girls. Their names are Ines Bielsa and Mercedes Bielsa. Ines is 30 years old and Mercedes is 28 years old. Ines showed interest in hockey since she was a child. Currently, she plays for Gimnasia Y Esgrima, a club of Rosaria. Bielsa and his wife often attend to her games and cheer for their daughter.  

She is the captain of the team and also one of the outstanding players. Just like her father she focusses on every aspect of the game with great attention. Her team became champion of the top 8, organized by the Litoral Hockey Association. The team also is the champion of the Argentine NEA clubs and the Copa Santa Fe. As for his other daughter Mercedes, there is not much information about her and she keeps the detail of her life private and she doesn’t like to be harassed by the paparazzi More top facts about Marcelo Bielsa are in the way.

Marcelo Bielsa Social Media Accounts

As for

Marcelo Bielsa social media accounts

, the head coach doesn’t seem to have any account on social media personally. On the other hand, Bielsa is very popular among the fans, and he treats his fans affectionately. So if you search his name on social media, you will see several accounts of Marcelo Bielsa which all belong to fans. There is an account on Instagram which is available by the username of @soymarcelobielsa, with 96 posts and more than 7k followers. All the posts are about Bielsa games and other things about football. The head coach also doesn’t have an account on Twitter or Facebook but the fans have accounts signed up under his name.

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