How poker became the first and only official sport in online gambling

Tuesday26 January 2021 | 10:37
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Online gambling is a mammoth business with hundreds of different games, but poker is the only one that actually earns the status of a real sport. How come?

It’s a question that troubles the minds of many players, but you can hardly find a reliable answer anywhere on the Internet. Some believe poker is considered a sport only because of its global popularity, while others claim there’s something more to it than just being popular.

So, what’s the real deal with online poker? How it became the first and only official sport in the online gambling industry? Keep reading to see the answer!

What is a sport?

As a genuine poker fan, you must know what it means to play this game. But do you know what a sport really is? By definition, a


is a game, competition, or activity needing physical effort and skill that is played or done according to rules, for enjoyment, and/or as a job.

The definition is very clear, but we need to analyze it a bit more studiously.

Let’s say that you are just the average guy playing online poker in Canada. You take advantage of poker sites for real money playing, you love live poker, and now you what to know how your favorite game fits into the definition. In order to decide whether

online poker

is indeed a sports discipline, we need to break down the definition of the sport into all of its indicators. Here they are:

  • It’s a game

  • It’s a competition

  • It requires physical effort

  • It demands skills

  • It has rules

  • It is played for fun

  • It can be a real job

We have more than enough material to work with here, so let’s dive straight into it!


Seven factors that prove poker is the official sport

We will follow all of the indicators mentioned above and see how poker fits in. Here’s how it works:

1.It’s a game

The first indicator is simple since poker – offline and online – is definitely a game. It gathers a group of people who play the game based on certain instructions in order to spend some time together and enjoy.

2.It’s a competition

Just like any other sport out there, poker is extremely competitive. It has the power to immerse players into the game and seriously increase their willingness to compete and outperform each other.

3.It requires physical effort

Individuals who play poker frequently and seriously know how difficult it is to keep their physical stamina during long poker sessions. And it’s not only physical but also mental effort because your mind has to be extremely sharp all the way throughout the game.

4.It demands skills

Contrary to other online casino games, poker winning

odds vary

dramatically. This happens because poker is not based on pure luck. On the contrary, only the best players have the skills and knowledge to win over and again.

5.It has rules

Needless to say, the game of poker is based on strict rules that every play has to respect. There are no improvisations and you have to play by the book.

6.It is played for fun

A lot of players are searching for

low deposit

casinos and hoping to earn money through poker, but the fact remains that most people play poker for fun. It’s a great game and players love it because it’s so entertaining. 

7.It can be a real job

Of course, poker players can become professionals as well. There is no real difference between poker, football, chess, basketball, or any other type of sport – all participants play the game for money and they do it professionally.

Bonus factor - Organization

We also prepared a bonus factor that further explains what makes poker a genuine sport discipline. Namely, poker organizations all over the world are serious and they prepare excellent competitions and tournaments. Similar to other sports, poker organizations take care of everything – from administrative procedures to prizes to the actual games.

The Bottom Line

Poker is the game of chance, but it is by no means a typical game of chance. Professional players know that pure luck plays only a minor role, while the outcome usually depends on their own skills and insightful decision-making.

This - among many other things - essentially means that poker is the only online game that truly transcends to become the official sport. Poker players don’t have to look like Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps, but the best ones have pretty much the same levels of skill and stamina as these two guys.

What do you think about online poker and do you consider yourself to be a professional athlete?

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