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Franz Beckenbauer Biography

Biography is where you can find detailed information about a specific player. In this case, however, we are going to dig deep into Franz Beckenbauer Biography and get to know him better.

Franz, Der Kaiser, Beckenbauer was a professional German soccer player and manager. Spending 6 decades of his life in football, mainly playing for


, Beckenbauer has been successful in obtaining various awards and trophies.

Being a member, or better to say vice-president of the German Football Association, Beckenbauer life story was full of football-related activities. To the point that football has become his life.

The overall success of this man was once threatened by FIFA. Accusing him of corruption related to the world cup. However, FIFA's ban didn’t do much against him and his name, covered in gold, shone throughout the history of football.

This German Champion has been a legend for Germans, playing a very crucial role in


's success in obtaining the host status of the 2006 world cup.

Everything you need to know about Franz Beckenbauer biography

Franz anton beckenbauer was a former german soccer player and later on in his career he became a manager for his country.

Because of his playstyle and his accomplishments Franz is considered to be one of the greatest footballers of the world.

He changed his role of play , starting off as a midfielder and then ending it as a central defender.

Often considered the one who invented the role of modern sweeper, this man was full of inventions and he did manage to change football to a better place and sport for future generations.

Franz Beckenbauer Information

Personal information

  • Full name

    : Franz Anton Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer


Date of birth

: 11 September 1945

Franz Beckenbauer



: 75

Franz Beckenbauer


Place of birth

:  Munich, Germany

Franz Beckenbauer


Star sign

: Virgo

Franz Beckenbauer


Marital status

: Married

Franz Beckenbauer



: 1.81 m (5 ft. 11 in)

Football stats

  • Current status

    : Retired

Franz Beckenbauer


Number of shirt

: 5

Franz Beckenbauer



: Sweeper

Franz Beckenbauer


Nickname in football

: Der Kaiser

Enough with the numbers and basic statics, let us dive into

Franz Beckenbauer Childhood

and find out how all of this began.

We will start from Franz Beckenbauer date of birth and his early life.

Franz Beckenbauer Early Life

The Emperor (English of Der Kaiser) was born on 11 September 1945, with a little help from math you can guess that he is 75 by now.


Franz Beckenbauer date of birth,

he was a post-war child. 1945 was not a good year for Germany because it marked the fall of the Nazis and the end of one of the biggest wars of history, world war 2. This was not the worst that could happen to Franz.

The worst was that his father, a postal-worker named Franz Beckenbauer Sr., was against football. Despite this disagreement, the hero of our story decided to chase his dreams no matter what. That’s when

Franz Beckenbauer life story

got dipped into football.

Starting his career from the youth team of SC Munich 06, his playstyle was similar to Fritz Walter.

Franz Beckenbauer and his teammates were determined to join

1860 Munich

but a conflict between SC Munich 06 players and the 1860 Munich in the finals of a tournament convinced them that Munich wasn’t the team they were looking for. The mentioned disagreement resulted in Franz joining Bayern’s youth side in 1959.

1963 was the unluckiest year for Franz because he got involved with some controversies. It was revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant. This news resulted in getting Franz banned from West Germany national youth team. But, Dettmar Cramer came to Beckenbauers rescue and persuaded DFB to let Franz play.

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Franz Beckenbauer Profile

As mentioned before in previous parts of

Franz Beckenbauer biography

, he started his journey from Munich 06. Joining Bayern in 1959 could be one of his most important decisions he has ever made in his career because at that time Bayern wasn’t as famous as now.

But he put his faith in Bayer, and it worked out. The club won 3 championships in a row from 1972 to 1974. This is not the end for him.

Immediately after that, he won European Cups for 3 consecutive years, from 1974 to 1976. These events made distinguished

Franz Beckenbauer Bio

from other players of the same era. All of this was for the time that he was a player.

For his managerial side, he coached West Germany to the victory in the world cup by a result of 1-0 against


, putting his name among 2 other players and managers who have won the world cup both as a player and as a manager.

Style of play

He was a gem. His leadership was off the charts and his play was just beautiful. He was the perfect support a striker would ever want. Defending in times of need and pushing forward when he had the opportunity to get the ball to the striker.

He could easily maneuver from the middle of the field to the wings. There was no one who could stop this man, and even if they tried they were left humiliated by the stunning dribbles of Franz Beckenbauer.

He had a relaxing aura radiating from him, giving his teammates the sense of relief that every team needs in a stressful match. He was always the first choice for the goalkeeper to pass the ball. All the high-speed one-two passes started from Franz Beckenbauer.

You could feel the crowd getting excited every time Franz had the ball on his feet. They knew that nothing can take the ball out of his possession. That’s why they believed in him. It seemed like Franz could feel the energy from the crowd, thus every time they cheered him up he would get faster and more accurate with his passes.

As for the defender side of him, no striker dared to start his run from the area under Der Kaiser's control. It was impossible to go through Franz. His mere presence was enough to make the opponent feel uncomfortable. It seemed like they lost their strength once they entered his territory.


His dominance in the field and delicacy over the ball caused the fans to come up with a name representing Franz as The emperor. Besides the reason for his nickname, “Franz” was a name that deviated from



Goal celebration

Most of the time he would run-up to his teammates or the one that gave him an assist and would share his joy with his team. He was a team player, of course, he wouldn’t celebrate the peak of his success alone.

Franz Beckenbauer outside football

Franz Beckenbauer Bio

will also consist of his activities outside the green square pitch. there’s no doubt he had a successful career in football but his marriage wasn’t as successful as his profession. He has been married 3 times. He has 4 sons and a daughter. No wonder why had 2 cardiac surgeries in 2016 and 2017, it’s hard to handle that many responsibilities.

He also is the founder of the Franz Beckenbauer organization.

Franz Beckenbauer Personal Life 

in 1966 Franz promised his devotion to his first partner, Brigitte. The result of this marriage was two children. After that they got divorced in 1990.however, he soon met a lady named Sybille so he got married again. And to everybody’s surprise, they got divorced in 2004. In 2006 he got married to Heidi Burmester. The result of this marriage was 2 children.


Franz Beckenbauer Biography

, we are going to take a look deep inside his personal life

Family, children and relationships

He is still living with Heidi Burmester and is enjoying his retirement at its fullest with his children.

Overall Franz Beckenbauer has 5 children most of which are leading a successful life like their father. His children are named Stephan Beckenbauer, Michael Beckenbauer, Thomas Beckenbauer, Francessca Beckenbauer, Noel Beckenbauer.

The most famous one is Stephan Beckenbauer. Unfortunately, he died because of a brain tumor on 31 July 2015. He started his football career at FC Bayern and ended it managing the youth team of Bayern Munich. As a defender, he had a total of 77 appearances and 2 goals.

Franz beckenbauer Philanthropy

He has done a lot in his life but the eye-catching one is the foundation of the Franz Beckenbauer organization in 1982 with one million Deutsche Mark. The organization's motto was “Help us to help”, and they did help a lot of people with mental or physical disabilities both financially and with advise.

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Legal issues

There’s a black stain in Franz Beckenbauer bio. Franz was banned from any football-related activity for 3 months by FIFA. He refused to participate in an inquiry about the manipulation of the allocation of 2018 and 2022 world cups. He didn’t accept that he was guilty. However, the bans were lifted when he agreed to take a part in the inquiry.

In 2016 he has been assumed guilty of several cases. First one in February, he was fined 7000 CHF for failing to participate in an inquiry. The second one was in March when FIFA Ethics opened a case against him regarding the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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Franz Beckenbauer career statistics

Now in

Franz Beckenbauer biography

, we are going to take a look at the statistics and accomplishments he has achieved throughout his professional career.

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As the domestic part of Franz Beckenbauer biography, he made his first debut in a play-off match for Bayern against

FC St. Pauli

on June 6, 1964. In the same year, his team managed to stand at the top of the league and get promoted to the top-tier league named Bundesliga.

Having the best players of the era including Franz Beckenbauer, Bayern became an unstoppable super-team climbing the league table fast. This was the time that made Franz Beckenbauer biography and his career report much more enjoyable.

Bayern Munich was collecting all the trophies, and its players were having the fun of their lifetime playing for Bayern. This was the time Beckenbauer got his nickname from the fans. It seemed like

Franz Beckenbauer religion

forbid him from letting his team down.

In 1977, a lucrative contract from

New York Cosmos

managed to attract Beckenbauer's attention. He played in the North American league for 4 years, leading his team to victory in Soccer Bowl tournament in 1977, 1978, and 1980.

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International career


Franz Beckenbauer nationality

, Franz managed to step in the field for West Germany 103 times and scored a total number of 14 goals. He represented his country 3 times in world cups.

Playing his first world cup in 1966, he was a first-choice for every game. He scores 2 goals against Switzerland and once against Uruguay. Franz scored his fourth goal against USSR. However, England was the winner of the tournament and they left the world cup empty-handed.

His second participation in the world cup was in 1970. West Germany dominated its opponents until they had to play a rematch against


. Beckenbauer came as a champion and sabotaged the hopes and dreams of Englishmen. Winning the match in the extra time put Germany against Italy.

Despite the dislocation of his shoulder, Franz continued playing because his team exhausted all of its permitted substitutions. Italy was the winner of the match by a result of 4 - 3.

Every time they came close to winning the tournament but an unfortunate turn of events forced them to go back home. But finally, in 1974, West Germany managed to win the world cup beating

the Netherlands

in a super competitive match.

Correspondingly, Franz has been in 2 European Championships once in 1972 and the other in 1976. Accepting the role of captaincy, he managed to lead his team to victory in a final match against the Soviet Union. Although, they were not as successful in the 1976 European Championship.

Managerial Career

In 1984, Franz Beckenbauer started his managerial career, coaching West Germany. He did what a few had done before him. He conducted Germans to the victory in the world cup, putting his name amongst the few people who have won the world cup both as a manager and a player.

Then in 1990, Beckenbauer accepted the leadership of

Olympique de Marseille

but quitted his role within one year.

On December 28, 1993, he got appointed as the overseer of Bayern Munich. Leaving his role on June 30, 1994, and then reclaiming it on 29 April 1996 until June 30 of the same year, he added 2 more honors to his successful managerial career.

Franz beckenbauer Honors!

Let’s first list his awards and accomplishments as a player. While he was playing for Bayern Munich he obtained 14 awards and trophies as a team. To mention them, they stood first in Regionalliga Sud in 1964.

Then after getting promoted to the premier league of Germany they won the title 4 times. They managed to win DFB-Pokal knock-out tournament cup 3 times. As for the bigger tournaments, they won the European cup for 3 consecutive years from 1973 to 1976, UEFA Cup in 1966, and the intercontinental cup in 1976.

While in hamburger SV, they stood at the top of the table in 1981-82.

He won 3 league titles with the North American Soccer League in 1977,1978,1980.

West Germany became victorious in FIFA World Cup 1974 and UEFA European Championship in 1972 with Franz being on the list of players of the team.

The trophies of his managerial career were the FIFA world cup for west Germany in 1990, the league title for Marseille in 1990-91, and the league title for Bayern a UEFA Cup, one in 1993-94, and the other in 1995-96.

Now let’s mention some of the individual trophies and honors in Franz Beckenbauer Biography.

In his youth years, he won Ballon d’Or 2 times, got nominated as the best young player by FIFA in 1966, and lifted the footballer of the year trophy for Germany for 4 years. He achieved many other legendary awards, making him a true legend in football history, such as Golden foot in 2010, World Soccer Greatest XI of all time in 2013, IFFHS Legends, and Bayern Munich All-time XI.

This was the story and biography of a legend, a talented player, a successful manager, and a proud dad. He did everything he could for his favorite sport and used every bit of his energy to bring honor to his team, his people, his country, and most importantly to football. Thus, his name certainly deserves to stay golden in the history of football.

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