Top Facts About Ines Tomaz, Bernardo Silva's Stunning Girlfriend

Thursday28 January 2021 | 16:30
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Meet Ines Tomaz the stunning girlfriend of the famous footballer Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese fashion model caught everybody’s attention with her natural beauty. She became famous when she and Bernardo Silva got in a relationship together. Find out more detail about Portuguese beauty.

Ines Tomaz is a 22-year-old Portuguese model who gained fame when she first started to date Bernardo Silva, the Manchester United star.

Ines Tomaz body measurements

are perfectly fitted and her natural beauty is beyond compare. Bernardo Silva is a 26-year-old professional football player. He plays as a midfielder for the Premier League club Manchester City and the Portugal national team. The couple is both from Portugal.

If you are interested in knowing all the details about the couple, you are in the right place. The Portuguese beauty and the famous footballer do share an interesting love story. We will start from Ines Tomaz childhood and get into the details about her personal life and let’s not forget about

Ines Tomaz net worth

and salary.

Interesting Facts About Ines Tomaz You Might Not Know

The stunning Portuguese has established a career in modeling for herself. She is an ambassador for several brands including Tous Jewelry and she also associated with the swimwear brand Drope. Based on the top facts about Ines Tomaz she has a sister named Mariana who represented Portugal at Miss Global 2017. Learn more facts about

Ines Tomaz personal life

in the following.

Ines Tomaz childhood and siblings 

Ines Degener Tomaz was born on June 24, 1998, in Lisbon, Portugal which means Ines Tomaz age is 23. The beauty’s nationality is Portuguese just like her boyfriend Bernardo Silva. And the couple grew up in the same region. Unfortunately, there is no information about

Ines Tomaz childhood

. But looks like beauty and great body shape runs in the family. As we mentioned before her sister Mariana represented Portugal in Miss Global 2007 and she shares a tight relationship with her sister Mariana.

Judging by the pictures that the Portuguese model uploaded on her Instagram account she also has a brother who is available on Instagram by the username of


. She posted a photo of herself and her brother while congratulating him for his birthday. She captioned: who needs a superhero when you have a brother.

Apparently, the Portuguese model shares an intimate relationship with her siblings. She posted several pictures with her family and friends. As for Ines Tomaz parents, it seems that the Portuguese beauty didn’t share much about them so we don’t have further details about

Ines Tomaz parents

. Stay tuned for more top facts about Ines Tomaz.

Here are some quick facts about Ines Tomaz:

  • Full Name: Ines Tomaz

  • First Name: Ines

  • Last Name: Tomaz

  • Profession: Portuguese model

  • Nationality: Portuguese

  • Birth Country: Portugal

  • Gender Identity: Female

  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

  • Marital Status: Dating

  • Relation with: Bernardo Silva

  • Height: 164cm

  • Shoe size: 37 EU / 6 US / 4 UK.

Unfortunately, further details about Ines Tomaz body measurements is not available.

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Ines Tomaz Boyfriend, Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvalho e Silva, known as

Bernardo Silva

Is a 27-year-old professional footballer. He plays as a midfielder for Premier League club

Manchester City

and the Portugal national team.

Ines Tomaz Boyfriend

was also born in Lisbon just like Ines Tomaz. The Portuguese footballer signed a contract with the English club Manchester City for £43.5 million. His skills on the field are remarkable which gained him fame and recognition. Bernardo Silva is best known for his speed and lightness of foot which makes him a strong player on the pitch. He’s also an intelligent player with strong physic.  

His dribbling skills are one of the kind and of course all of these features got him on board with one of the distinguished English clubs. Aside from all the great features Ines Tomaz boyfriend has, the Portuguese footballer is very good at team work as well. He makes lots of assists on the field and provides opportunities for other players to score. Bernardo Silva had an affective role in Manchester City becoming the first men's team in England to win a domestic treble.

In 2019 he was named Manchester City's Player of the Year and at the time he was a member of the PFA Premier League Team of the Year. After that Bernardo Silva was on the list of 30-man shortlist for the Ballon d'Or. The Portuguese footballer also made lots of appearances in international games. In the

UEFA Nations League

Finals, he appeared in both games and provided chances for the team which resulted in Portugal’s victory. Later he was named the tournament's best player.

Here are some quick facts about the famous footballer:

  • Full Name: Bernardo de Carvalho Viega Mota de Silva

  • Nickname: Bubblegum

  • Date of Birth / Age: August 10, 1994 (27 years)

  • Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal

  • Nationality: Portuguese

  • Occupation: Football (Soccer) Player

  • Current Club / Team: Manchester City, Portugal National Team

  • Jersey Number: Man City (#20), Portugal (#11)

  • Playing Position: Midfielder

  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

  • Weight: 64kg

  • Strong Foot: Left

  • Parents: Mota Viega Silva (father);

  • Maria Viega Silva (mother)

  • Partner / Spouse:  Ines Tomaz (girlfriend)

  • Children: none

  • Net Worth:  $15 million USD

  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Ines Tomaz and Bernardo Silva Love story

Now let’s get into the interesting story behind the relationship of the couple and how they got together. Bernardo Silva used to date Alicia Verrando who studied international business at California State University and speaks several languages fluently including English, Portuguese and French. They first met when Alicia got an opportunity to work as an intern marketing assistant in the club Monaco. They had an amazing relationship and Alicia supported the Manchester United star in his career a lot. In the last World Cup, she went to Russian to support her boyfriend in the field.

But Alicia had to move to the U.K and they had to carry on their relationship from a long distance. After Alicia arrived home she instantly shared a video of fans wearing Portuguese shirts with her partner’s name on ahead of his team’s match against Uruguay. The last photo of the couple was in May 2018 from the upmarket resort of Sesimbra near Lisbon. As Bernardo stated the relationship went cold. Later the couple broke up.

Two years after he broke up with Alicia the lucky footballer met Ines Tomaz during the coronavirus lockdown while he was spending quality time with his friends in a large rural house just an hour away from the capital. He shared a picture with his friends which Ines was among them too. It seems that the couple got along well in the lockdown and according to the facts about

Ines Tomaz personal life

their romance began then. The stunning beauty uploaded a picture on her Instagram account and captioned it: “The best of 2020.” Bernardo also showed his affection for her new girlfriend with a comment.

The couple wished a ‘Merry Christmas’ for the fans by posting a picture of themselves on the dinner table and enjoying quality time together. Apparently, the couple decorated their Christmas tree and relaxed in their tracksuit and socks. As Bernardo revealed that he was dating Ines he went on public and posted lots of intimate pictures with his new stunning girlfriend. Ines moved to Manchester permanently to be with her boyfriend. She also makes brief comebacks to Portugal for doing resuming her job. Find out more

top facts about Ines Tomaz

in the following.

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Does Ines Tomaz and Bernardo Silva Have Any Plans for Marriage?

As we mentioned before the couple met during coronavirus lockdown with their friends. Ines Tomaz and Bernardo Silva share an amazing relationship, and they are not shy to post lovely pictures and videos of themselves. But they are trying not to rush anything and keep things simple. So currently, they don’t have any plans on getting married and walking down the aisle.

Although judging by their intimate relationship and the fact that they bonded very well it’s not so surprising if the couple decided to get married. As for

Ines Tomaz children

, the 23-year-old fashion model currently doesn’t have any plans on having a baby either. Ines Tomaz age is 23 and Bernardo is 27 so they still have a long way ahead of them.

Ines Tomaz and Bernardo Silva Enjoy Their Time During the Coronavirus Lockdown

On April Bernardo Silva shared on Instagram how he was spending his time during the lockdown by uploading a picture of his friends and himself next to the stunning beauty Ines Tomaz. Based on the top facts about Ines Tomaz, later he announced that he first met Ines here. The famous footballer captioned: “Hey guys, it’s been over a month that we’re all locked down in our homes so I have decided to show you a little bit of what our quarantine looks like,"

He added, "This is the group of friends with whom I’m spending my quarantine since the beginning. ’ve been watching Netflix, plenty of sports during the day, playing the piano and learning how to cook better. It is a good opportunity. My friends are very good cooks, so they have been teaching me a lot of things. It is time to try and enjoy ourselves at home and that is what I have been trying to do." Sure he had a good time. More top facts about Ines Tomaz are in the way.

Ines Tomaz Salary and Income

Now let’s get into the details of

Ines Tomaz salary

and how much does the fashion model earns. Ines Tomaz managed to amass a lot of followers and fans on her Instagram account. She constantly posts fashionable photos of herself on the page. As you can see from the pictures, Ines Tomaz body measurements are fit and with such natural beauty, she managed to associate with several fashion brands. On January 3, 2021, she posted a photo along with her sister Marian. They both were wearing stunning black gowns designed by the Pronovias brand.

She captioned the post introducing the brand: “starting the year in the best way with Pronovias.” The fashion model also promotes jewelry and watch brands as well. On December 13, 2020, she posted a beautiful picture of herself while promoting a golden watch for the Cauny brand. She also promoted a few times for the Tousjewelry brand too.

In November 2020 she posted a photo while wearing a neckless from this brand and captioned: “good thing jewelry works for every season.” With such great shape, the fashion model did a great job promoting swimsuits as well. Apparently, Ines Tomaz salary is provided by her association with several brands. Based on Payscale.com a model is paid $20 per hour; it is likely that Ines Tomaz is paid similar amount. As for Ines Tomaz Net worth, there is no further information about it too. Learn more

top facts about Ines Tomaz

in the following.

Ines Tomaz Life Style

The fashion model enjoys a luxurious life with her income, and she loves to travel to other countries and explore.

Ines Tomaz age

is only 23 years and she already managed to visit lots of countries at such a young age. Just a few months ago in March, she traveled to Havana, Cuba with her friends. Looks like the young beauty is interested in Architecture. She posted a photo of the famous National Capitol building in Cuba and captioned: “this place.”

The Portuguese beauty also loves the desert and traveled to Sahara Deseret, Morocco with her best friend Carolina Nashtai who is a social media manager and a brand consultant. Carolina also has lots of followers on her Instagram account and managed to amass around 100k followers on this platform. According to Ines Tomaz personal life she is quite a party girl too. In November 2019, the blonde beauty posted a photo along with her BFF Carolina and captioned: “bring on the light.”

But above all Ines Tomaz is more of a beach girl who loves to relax by the beach and enjoy the sun and the ocean. The stunning Portuguese posted some photos with her boyfriend Bernardo Silva on September 2020 at Formentera which is a paradise Island in Mediterranean Sea near Ibiza and the couple spent quality time together on holidays.

Neither Bernardo nor Ines gave any information about when did they start dating exactly but according to an unknown source the couple dated several months in secret before taking their relationship to the public. The stunning Portuguese congratulated Bernardo for his birthday by posting a picture with him at Soltroia beach in Portugal while his arms wrapped around her and captioned: “I am the luckiest person on earth because I have the most wonderful person by my side, happy birthday.” More

top facts about Ines Tomaz

are in the way.

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Ines Tomaz Loves Skiing

Although the blonde beauty proved that she is outdoor girl by hanging out on the beach and the fact that she can’t get enough of the sun and the ocean, but according to the top facts about Ines Tomaz, she also is interested in skiing and doesn’t never miss the opportunity of getting her ski board out on the weekends. She posted a few pictures along with her best friend Carolina Nashtai while grabbing their ski boards.

Ines Tomaz also associated with a fashion brand called Cordova which features ski suits for women. On February 4, 2020 she posted a photo at Sierra Nevada which is a Mountain range in California and is famous for being a good place to ski this time of the year. She was posing for the camera wearing a ski suit designed by the Cordova brand. She captioned: “Paradise doesn't have to be tropical.”

Ines Tomaz Social Media Accounts

Now let’s get into the details of

Ines Tomaz social media accounts

. The gorgeous Portuguese is very popular on Instagram and as we mentioned before she has amassed a strong base of followers for herself. Ines is available on this platform by the username of


. She has approximately 60k followers and fans who keep up with her daily life and countries and places she traveled. The stunning beauty follows more than 800 people herself. As we mentioned before Ines Tomaz promotes for various fashion brands on her Instagram page. Top facts about Ines Tomaz show that she also promotes green brands that promote respect and care for the environment.

The confident beauty shares cute pictures of herself in a bikini on the beach and promotes for several swimsuit brands too. As for other Ines Tomaz social media accounts, there is a Facebook account available by the username of


but there is no sign of the blue checkmark so we can’t verify that this account belongs to her. It seems that the blonde beauty doesn’t own an account on twitter.

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