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What makes an article interesting to read is the truth of the presented facts and their excitement. In the following article about Alphonso Davies biography, you can find both factors because it contains a wide range of details, from Alphonso Davies date of birth to career statistics.

Alphonso Davies life story shows that being born in a situation with few facilities is not a sign of having an unsuccessful future. Though Alphonso Davies childhood started in a refugee camp, he later became a well-known star in the football world. To know more about how the gifted player passed to earn his current position, we have gathered all related facts to his personal and professional life, such as 

Alphonso Davies religion

, his gained honors, and personal life.

Containing lots of notable data about Alphonso Davies bio, the presented text has explained how he became famous in his profession. So, if you are interested to know more, stay with us within the article. 

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All You Need to Know About Alphonso Davies

The 20-year-old Canadian-Liberian football player has passed many difficulties to become a star of one of the top feature teams in the football world. Mostly known how talented a player must be, be qualified for playing in an outstanding team like Bayern Munich, shows Alphonso is a player, that has the most factors of a star. Davies is a Canadian player, who despite playing as a left-back or winger for Bayern Munich, plays for the Canadian national team. 

The extraordinary speed, dribbling, and vision are some features of Davies' style of play, which have distinguished his style from other players his age, and made the topic one of the most remarkable parts in Alphonso Davies biography. 

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Alphonso Davies Information

Going through details of Alphonso Davies biography will uncover many facts, which may cause you to get more about how much he is talented and skillful in his profession. Despite describing all aspects of 

Alphonso Davies bio

 in separated sections about his on and off-pitch life, we have prepared a list of his general facts in the first step. 

Alphonso Davies Bio

  • Full Name:

     Alphonso Boyle Davies

  • Nickname:

     Chef D

  • Foot:


Alphonso Davies Physical Stats

  • Weight:

     75 kg

  • Height:

     1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

  • Eye Color:


  • Hair Color:


Alphonso Davies Football Information

  • Position:

     Left-back, Winger 

  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:

     April 2016

Alphonso Davies Date of Birth and Personal Info

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  • Date of Birth:

     November 2, 2000 (age 20)

  • Birth Place:

     Buduburam, Ghana

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:

     Canadian, Liberian

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Alphonso Davies Early Life

Alphonso Davies was born on November 2, 2000, to his Liberian parents at the popular Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana. Living originally in Monrovia, his parents, Victoria, and Debeah Davies, such as other 450,000 Liberians, left there due to the Second Liberian Civil War. Eventually, when Alphonso was 5, moving to Canada and relocating to Edmonton led Alphonso Davies nationality to become Canadian citizenship, rather than Liberian. 

The fourth child out of six children enrolled in the St Nicholas Catholic Junior High in the Edmonton Catholic School District. Onesephore Hamis, one of Alphonso school soccer teammate, described soccer as Alphonso's interest, which his dream was getting into it, though it was unlike for language.

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Alphonso Davies Profile

Alphonso Boyle Davies is a 20-year-old Canadian professional player who plays for the Canadian national team and the Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich. Playing as a left-back or winger on the pitch, Davies is famous for some features in his play, including his dribbling, flair, excellent speed, acceleration, feints, passing, and creativity. Davies holds the title of the first player of the 2000s, which is a player in a Major League Soccer match.

Having joined from MLS side Vancouver Whitecaps FC to Bayern Munich in 2019, Davis, who has moved Bayern on a contract till the end of 2023, in the Season for 2019-20, got the name Bundesliga Rookie.

After winning the Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, and the DFB-Pokal, the side could win the continental treble, while Alphonso was a part of the team. In 2017, when Davies was 17, appearing for the Canadian men's national team made him the youngest player. Additionally, his two goals during a 2017 match of CONCACAF Gold Cup over French Guiana made the period an outstanding one in 

Alphonso Davies biography 

because it led him to become the youngest and first goal-scorer at a top-level international tournament born in the 2000s.

Style of Play

Though Davies is supposed to play as a full back on the left flank, because of his excellent pace, creativity, and his skillful crossing, he plays as a wing-back, left midfielder, or winger, too. Davies' unique style of play has made him a young player with highly promising in the media. Being at the zenith of his career, as a player for Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Davies got the name of the "club's Player of the Year 2018" and won the "Whitecap's Goal of the year" trophy. These achievements came from Davis by his brilliant style of play when he was only 18.

Furthermore, the skilled young's style of play attracted top clubs of the football world, which after scoring two goals for his team against Portland Timber, his sports life destiny called him from Europe. The opportunity of playing with some superstars, such as 

Robert Lewandowski

Philippe Coutinho

, and 

David Alaba

, was one of the other gains, which Davies, due to his unique style of play, deserved to earn. 

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It is clear that starting a profession in a difficult situation and becoming a professional in the field, especially at an early age, will bring a large amount of admiration. 

Alphonso Davies life story

 and his natural talent have raised many quotes containing sentences that describe how much the teller is surprised by his performance.

So, Alphonso Davies, who appeared his professional debut when he was 16, has caused a series of praised quotes. For instance, Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United player, described him as not just an out-and-out scorer but a player who can overcome the back post and change the little skillful shots to goals.

One of the other quotes about Davies among lots of them is one, which Rigobert Song, the current manager of Cameron national under-23 football team, has said. By referring to 

Alphonso Davies date of birth

, Song has compared Davies, when he 15, with other players the same age and emphasized he has never seen a 15-year-old player who has been as good as Davies. 

Goal Celebration  

During the practice of celebrating scored goals, some players do it by themselves or by involving their teammates, manager, coaching staff, or team's fans. The celebration seems more substantial when scoring a goal has a more significant role in the match. I

n addition to the notable effect of the scored-goals, which made them memorable in the football world, how they celebrate has a remarkable role in keeping memory in the minds, such as the goal celebration of Thierry Henry in a statue, 


 in advertisements, Pele in postage stamps. Despite a wide range of various goal celebrations, there are some prevalent celebrations.

For example, a group hug of players with the goal scorer football team underneath, running to the corner flag and screaming while he holds the flagpole, diving on to the grass, sliding on his knees, and outstretching both arms when he is running around. Alphonso Davies mostly celebrates his goals, like the last two items of the examples. Sometimes, such as Didier Drogba and

Eden Hazard

, Davies slides on his knees to show his happiness, and sometimes by outstretching his arms and running around describes how much he is pleased by his goal. 

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Alphonso Davies Outside Football

Regarding how Davies spends his time while he is not on the pitch, there are many curiosities. The luxurious lifestyle of Alphonso Davies causes people to will to know about how he spends his time rather than playing football. A list of activities, such as dancing, playing video games, and spending time with his family, are examples of what Davies does outside his sports life. In addition to mentioned items, Davies likes cooking, which he is talented in it, and earned his nickname, Ched D, him. In return, Alphonso is not interested in smoking and drinking, while they are one of many other players. 

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Alphonso Davies Personal Life

Due to Alphonso Davies' penchant for not unveiling his personal and private life, there are not many facts accessible about them. However, we have collected some data about his parent, siblings, and relationship presented below. 

Family, Childhood, and Relationship

Not only lucky in being a talented soccer player but also in having a very supportive family, Alphonso Davies owes all of his achievements to all these blessings. In 2005, by deciding to migrate from Ghana to Canada, the star soccer player's parents changed their lives and their children because they had started a way they did not know anything about the place they were going to live.

Escaping from the war and its unsafety was the only thing they believed would earn a desirable future for their baby, Alphonso Davies. Although Davies went through a lot of migration hardships, he figured out a life full of success, that whenever he looks back at his past finds all those hardships were worth it.

Having two younger siblings, one younger sister Ruth, and a little-known brother, Davies is the oldest child of the family and the only one who experienced gaining Canadian citizenship. 

Migration impressed not only the future but also 

Alphonso Davies nationality

. Not sharing any more facts about his parents, siblings, and relatives, Alphonso Davies has made news about his relationship with his Canadian girlfriend, Jordyn Huitema. Jordyn Huitema is a Canadian forward of

Paris Saint-Germain Women

, who has joined it since 2017.

Though there is no exact date about the time they started dating, it has been long enough to see the Canadian star soccer couple with each other, by the press. Despite love, football is one of the other common points between them. She plays for the French Division 1 Feminine club Paris Saint-Germain and the Canada national team.

No preferring to share any data about his personal life, Davies had not published anything about his relationship. After arriving late to a Bayern Munich practice and being fined €20,000, it became clear that the reason for his lateness was visiting Huitema in Paris. After a year, in 2020, the French press published about Alphonso Davies' interest in signing her with Bayern Munich's Women's side. Flying into Paris for spending time with his partner, Huitema Jordyn, before coming back to Bayern shows how much their relationship is delightful. 

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Experiencing difficulties of living in refugee camps, Alphonso Davies knows the kind of problems people face there. Though he has appreciated his parents' migration decision and thanks all that they have done for making a glorious future for him, Davies never forgets the days they spent in the refugee camp.

So, the football star has become a supporter of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), a UN Refugee Agency, since 2020. Being a famous footballer and having many fans, Alphonso Davies has decided to promote awareness and fundraise in helping refugees via the agency.

In a message, Davies has called himself a former refugee who wants to use his social platforms in cases that he worries about them. Being very grateful for the supports his family got and the opportunities which became open from them, Alphonso Davies talked about his competition against

Asmir Begovic

of AC Milan in a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament to increase the amounts of funds for UNHCR's COVID -19. 

Legal Issues

However, some outstanding footballers face legal problems that make a lot of news in the media, there have been no cases for the prominent young player, or at least nothing is on reliable websites. According to the facts published on the authentic online sources, fortunately, Davies has not struggled with any legal issues. 

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Alphonso Davies Career Statistics

Reviewing Alphonso Davies biography and career history will reach the point when his family decided to immigrate to Canada for resettlement. Having settled at Windsor, Davies and his family moved to Edmonton in Alberta, the city in which Davies leaned playing football in the grass field of Northmount Elementry at Edmonton. Since the extraordinary plays during 

Alphonso Davies childhood 

were so obvious, not regarding them was impossible, which led him to take part in an after-school initiative program for the inner-city, "The Free Footie Program."

The Free Footie program was appropriate for parents who could not afford the registration fees. After all, Davies joined the local Nicholas Academy, which later led him to a remarkable 8-year early career with Edmonton. Now to know more about his career statistics, follow the two sections below entitled Club and International.


Such as all famous players, what shines in 

Alphonso Davies biography

, as a prominent player, is the career statistics. Alphonso Davies has a rich career history for playing for clubs in Alphonso Davies biography, including Whitecaps FC2, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and Bayern Munich. During his youth career, Davies played for an after-school soccer league, Edmonton Internationals, Strikers, and finally joined the Whitecaps FC Residency when he was 14.

After gaining experience and honors by playing for the mentioned team and Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Vancouver announced its agreement to a very high-value transfer of the 18-year-old player to Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich.

On November 21, 2018, Davies got his first session with the club and took part in the match against Borussia


in the Telekon Cup championship final, which led to Bayern's won.

Making the Bundesliga debut against VfB Stuttgart, Davies played as a substitute for his teammate, 

Kingsley Coman

. Davies' first UEFA Champions League competition against Olympiacos in 2019. During the 2019-20 season, Davies took part in a match as a left-back and allowed David Alaba to play in a center back role, which earned an early reputation for him as one of the best left-back players in the football world.

After restarting the Bundesliga, which the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic halted all games, Davies played against 

Borussia Dortmund


Eintracht Frankfurt

. Also, he played in several competitions against some featured and famous clubs such as 

Werder Bremen


, and Paris Saint-Germain and, meanwhile, displayed his skillful and brilliant style of play. 


The international career section of Alphonso Davies biography refers to his play for Canadian U-15, U-17, U-18, and U-20. Born in Ghana and be of Liberian origin, and migration to Canada qualified the star to play for both 

Ghana national team

, Liberia national team, and Canada national team. 

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Alphonso Davies Honors

The last item of 

Alphonso Davies biography

 article is about his achievements. The large numbers of Davie's honors have caused us to group them into Bayern Munich and Individual, and instead of going through the details of all of them, we have decided to confine them on a list form. Among his Bayern Munich's honors, there are several gains in Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal in 2018-19 and 2019-20 and UEFA Champions League and Super Cup in 2020. 

Amongst the long list of individual achievements of the outstanding player, we only mention the most remarkable one, including the Canada u-17 Male Player of the Year, Golden Boot Award, Vancouver Whitecaps FC Player and Goal of the Year in 2018, Bundesliga Rookie of the Month and Season, IFFHS Men's World Team in 2020, and Lou Marsh Trophy. Additionally, he has gained the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season, UEFA Defender of the Season, and UEFA Team of the Year in 2020. 

Overall, our team in 


tried to prepare an article with accurate and updated facts about Alphonso Davies biography, which covers a deep range of data from Alphonso Davies religion, nationality, and other related ones. However, if there are any other topics we have not mentioned in the article, contact us via the comment section, and let us know about them. 

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