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Serge David Gnabry is a German professional footballer who is currently playing for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich as a winger. He also plays in the German national team. Keep on reading to find more facts about Serge Gnabry.

Serge Gnabry is a professional football player who plays as a winger for

Bayern Munich

in the German football league

1. Bundesliga


Serge Gnabry was born on 14 July 1995, meaning that

Serge Gnabry’s age

is 26 as of 2021.

The following are some lesser-known facts about Serge Gnabry:

The first

fact about Serge Gnabry

is that he started his professional career from the youth academy of


in the

Premier League


Serge Gnabry early life

Serge David Gnabry was born on 214 July 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany. He was born to Birgit and Jean-Hermann Gnabry.

An interesting fact about

Serge Gnabry’s parents

is that his father is from African descent and his mother is from German descent.

Surge’s father, Jean, is from the Ivory Coast and he was a language enthusiast. Therefore, he decided to go to Germany to learn the language and teach German back home. However, fate decided something else for him. His stay in Germany became permanent when he fell in love with Birgit there and the couple married.

In an interview conducted while Serge was playing for Arsenal, he explained his relationship with his father and his teammates, “My father originates from the Ivory Coast and my mum is German. My dad has moved over with me to help me, but we do go back to Germany from time to time.

He is learning English, but we both like being here and it helps to have him around. I know that some people can get homesick, but that is not a problem with me. Even at Arsenal, I have plenty of people I can speak to in German if I want to,” being the son of a language enthusiast, Gnabry’s English is pretty good.

“The two Swiss boys Martin Angha and Sead Hajrovic both speak German and of course there is Per Mertesacker who always has time for me. He is a nice guy and is very experienced. Even though I joined Arsenal first, he helps me more than I help him,” explains the young German.

His coach is of course fluent in German. “Mr. Wenger has spoken to me in German and we have also spoken in English. The fact that he initially felt it appropriate to speak to me in German was nice of him and made me feel good too.”

Another fact about Serge Gnabry is that after his birth, his father became his mentor and devoted his life to guide him towards his goals which surprisingly enough wasn’t football at first.

Gnabry’s early passion was running like his idol Usain Bolt the Jamaican retired sprinter. Due to his speed and strength, he was initially into track and field and wanted to become a national sprinter which he truly believed would grant him the chance to challenge Usain Bolt.

However, after the Jamaican set continuous records, Gnabry felt like he doesn’t have what it takes to beat him and was forced to give up sprinting.

When he changed his mindset on track and field, he immediately joined his local team, TSV Weissach, to pursue his secondary passion, football.


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Serge Gnabry relationship

Another fact about Serge Gnabry is that his relationship has never been on the spotlight because he drives a drama-free love life and tries to stay out of the public’s constant attention. However, he has been in an open relationship with Sarah Kehrer Since 2016.

Serge Gnabry’s stunning girlfriend is a German model and also the sister of Thilo Kehrer who is a former Werder Breman teammate of Serge. Their love life has been private and only once Serge posted a picture of his girl on Instagram with the caption, “She with a single love heart emoji.”

Serge Gnabry body measurements


Serge Gnabry’s body measurements

, it is worth mentioning that the right-footed winger is standing at the height of 5’7″ (1.76 m) and weighing almost 77 kg (169 lbs). With his sprinting background and his dribbling ability, Serge’s teammates have nicknamed him as Turbo Speed.





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Serge Gnabry Social Media

Like many other footballers, it is worth mentioning that

Serge Gnabry’s social media

posts are including but not limited to the football pictures. He shares his pride in his Bayern Munich jersey at


with his 2.3 million followers on Instagram, but also his other particular side, fashion.

One of the interesting

facts about Serge Gnabry

is that the German winger is also dubbed as the Fashion Icon by his teammates. According to Daniel Rhone, a stylist and personal shopper consultant at Selfridges department store in London, UK, Serge’s style is like no other footballer he has ever seen.

“Serge has a personal style that isn’t like most footballers’, in the sense that it comes from his own viewpoint and not from what his teammates are collectively endorsing around the changing room,” he confirms. 

“The biggest compliment that I could pay Serge would be that he looks just as good in a white tee, ripped-up Levi’s and a pair of Vans as he does in full-on Louis Vuitton, Sacai or Dries Van Noten.”

Just a quick look through Serge’s Instagram feed can reveal his peculiar taste in fashion which is a blend between streetwear and classic tailored looks.

Gnabry’s current stylist Josiah Sampson revealed through an interview that Serge owns a lot of “niche brands that aren’t as commercial yet,” and that’s what Sampson is so keen about.

“He wanted to enhance his everyday looks and I was just focused on understanding him better as a client,

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

He's become more daring with statement pieces that he probably wouldn't have tried before, and he's not afraid to mix luxury fashion with streetwear, which makes my job more interesting.”

“It’s my aim to shift the culture of how we look at our favorite footballers and put them in the conversation of style icons as well,” says Sampson, who is looking forward to having “big plans” with Gnabry. “The fashion industry in Germany will be taking notice of Serge very soon.”

Serge Gnabry’s personal life

is kept quite away from the spotlight but his other social media accounts are SergeGnabry on twitter and Facebook.


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Serge Gnabry club career

The Stuttgart native started his football career very early in his life from the age of 4 and he has been in many clubs before he was recognized by the world such as TSV Weissach, TSF Ditzingen, GSV Hemmingen, SpVgg Feuerbach,

Stuttgarter Kickers

, and

VfB Stuttgart


In 2010, when Serge was only 15, he signed the contract for £100,000 to join Arsenal but he had to wait another year to complete the transition and move to Arsenal. Serge Gnabry was really excited to meet

Mesut Ozil

whom he idolized a lot growing up. He couldn’t wait to play with him.

After a year, in 2011, he officially joined the club’s U18 when he was 16. His talents and impressive gameplay he showed, made his managers interested enough to promote him to the club’s senior side even though he was not 18. At 17 years and 98 days, he was the second-youngest player in the Premier League’s history after Jack Wilshere.


Serge Gnabry’s official start at Arsenal was in 2011-12 season which at the end of it he had showed so many good displays with six games and two scores. After playing for the reserves, the next season started off pretty well for him with being called up to Arsenal first team for a pre-season friendly match against

FC Koeln

.  He played for 24 minutes before being replaced by Marounane Chamakh in the 69th minute.

Later on, he made his first team debut for Arsenal on 26 September 2012 against Coventry City in League Cup. He entered the game at the 72nd minute as a replacement for

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


The game was a success both for Arsenal and Serge as it ended in a 6-1 win and Serge showed his skills to everyone. Gnabry made his Premier League debut in a 1-0 defeat against Norwich City at Carrow Road.

A few days later, he made his UEFA Champions League debut in a 2-0 home loss against

Schalke 04

. Despite the loss, Gnabry was pretty proud of himself in that game. Months later in 25 March 2013, Gnabry scored the only goal in a 1-0 win with CSKA Moscow u19s in the quarter-final of the NextGen Series, the European football club for under-19 footballers.

Serge Gnabry’s goal scoring of the season doesn’t end here, in a game against Chelsea U19s he scored a late equalizer to make the game 3-3 in the semi-finals of the same competition, however, Arsenal lost the match 4-3 in extra time. The next game in which Gnabry scored a goal was on 8 April against Liverpool U21s in which Arsenal lost 3-2.

All the goal scoring and the impressive display that Gnabry showed, led to him being included in Arsenal’s first-team squad in the first game of the 2013-14 season against

Aston Villa


He started on 22 September 2013 in the Premier League against

Stoke City

right after

Theo Walcott

was ruled-out just before kick-off. Before being replaced by Ryo Miyaychi, Gnabry played 73 minutes as Arsenal won the match 3-1.

Arsenal was left at the top of the Premier League after a 2-1 victory against

Swansea City

in which Gnabry scored his first professional goal. Another game that Gnabry showed off his skills in was on 26 October, where he won a penalty against

Crystal Palace

in a 2-0 win.

All the victories and the impressive start of the season won Gnabry a nomination for the 2013 Golden Boy Award and a five-year contract with Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger, club manager, said that Gnabry is a perfect choice for the club, “We signed Serge Gnabry because I believe that he will be a great player. He's nearly there now, and competes for a regular place in the team in the Premier League.

He has technical ability, he has power, he has pace, he has finishing quality and he can give a final ball. He's a powerful offensive player and I believe that he will be a great player for Arsenal Football Club”

After signing his new contracts Gnabry said, “Arsenal is a great football club and I’m so happy to be here and sign a new contract. For me, now it’s all about working hard and developing my game.

I’ve had some good opportunities recently in the first team, which has given me extra confidence, and this will only improve my game. I’m looking forward to giving my best for this club in the years to come.”

The 2013-14 season was very successful for Gnabry as he made 14 appearances including a splendid performance in the FA Cup against

Tottenham Hotspur

and Coventry as he helped Arsenal to win the tournament.

At the start of the 2014-154 season, Gnabry suffered from a severe knew injury which resulted in him being out of the first team for over a year. However, he played in Aresenal’s U21 squad for 65 minutes while he was the captain and they beat

Newcastle United

U21s 2-1 in February 2015.

During getting better from his injury he talked to the press: “I am feeling good, I'm feeling better and better,”

He told the Arsenal Media: “It is my second 90 minutes [in the space of a week], I am playing and over my injury so it is all good and I am looking forward to the next game.”

On 7 August, Gnabry was loaned to

West Bromwich Albion

to be prepared for playing the first team. However, Tony Pulis, the manager said Gnabry was not at the required level to play for West Brom. He was later recalled from his loan in January.

Wegner said that he might send him somewhere else for some other time: “I am tempted to give him some competition because at the moment, he has not played at West Brom, so I am tempted to let him go somewhere - to do with him what I did with [Francis] Coquelin, to go somewhere for a month or two and then come back.”

After playing for

German national team

in 2016, he was reportedly offered Bundesliga clubs but Wenger was trying to make him stay at Arsenal:

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

“I want to keep Serge Gnabry and extend his contract, I think we stood by him. He went to West Brom on loan, didn't play, and we had to rebuild his confidence.”

Playing in German Olympics, he gained interests from a few other clubs, but Wenger was still hopeful: “I allowed him to go to the Olympics to help Germany. I think he's here now for a long time.”

Werder Bremen

On 31 August 2016, Gnabry signed for

Werder Bremen

in Bundesliga side for a fee of

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

£5 million. On the official twitter account of Werder, they quoted Serge Gnabry’s transfer, “I've come to Bremen to get playing time, to develop further and to help the team.”

He scored his first goal for the club on 17 September 2016 in a 4-1 away loss against

Borussia Monchengladbach

. In his single season, Gnabry made 27 appearances with 11 goals. 

Bayern Munich

On 11 June 2017, Bayern Munich confirmed that Gnabry has signed a three-year deal for €8 million. Only three days later, Serge Gnabry moved to 1899


on a season-long loan. The loan was his own wish to gain more experience before representing Bayern Munich.

“Serge expressed a wish to go out on loan for a year in order to get more match experience,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

“He’s guaranteed to get that at a high level in Hoffenheim. After a year Serge will return to FC Bayern. On behalf of the club, I wish Serge Gnabry all the best in Hoffenheim and also thank Hoffenheim for the earnest and constructive discussions which led to this agreement.”

He scored his two first league goals in a 4-0 win over

RB Leipzig

. After 22 appearances and 10 goals for the club he returned to present Bayern Munich.

On 1 September 2018, Gnabry made his Bundesliga debut for Bayern Munich wearing the number 22 jersey in a 3-0 win against his hometown club Stuttgart. His first Bundesliga goal was scored during the 1-1 draw game against Freiburg.

An interesting fact about Gnabry’s games is that he scored the only two goals in a game against his former club, Werder Bremen.

On 2 March 2019, Bayern Munich’s 4000th Bundesliga goal was netted by Gnabry in a 5-1 win over Gladbach.

On 5 March 2019, the 23-year-old German signed the extension of his stay at Bayern Munich. His former contract was supposed to expire on 30 June 2020, but now he will still stay at the club until 30 June 2023.

The sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic said,

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

“We're pleased we've secured Serge's services over the long term. He's taken another big step forward in his first season here, Serge is one of our young guns, and an important part of the FC Bayern of the future. We're convinced we'll continue to benefit from his ability a lot.”

Gnabry himself expressed his happiness: “I'm feeling very, very much at home here. It's great fun to play for this team. Of course, I hope for many titles and great moments, and I'm looking forward to a good future with FC Bayern.

In terms of football things are going very well for me at the moment, but I know I still have room for improvement, and that I'll have to continue to get better.”

On 1 October 2019, Gnabry scored four goals in the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League game against Tottenham Hotspur which ended in a 7-2 win for Bayern Munich.

In the first match of the 2020-21 season Gnabry scored a hat-trick in an amazing 8-0 win over Schalke, winning him the title of his first Bundesliga hat-trick.


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Serge Gnabry International career

Serge Gnabry’s stats

are high in international games as he had represented Germany from youth sides of U16, U17, U18, U19, and U21 before going to Olympics. He was part of the U21 team which won the European Under-21 Championship in 2017.  He has a total of 63 appearances for Germany throughout his years with 34 goals.

Serge Gnabry Style of play

Serge Gnabry’s style of play is different from time to time. He was blessed with raw pace and amazing dribbling ability when he started with Arsenal but after his serious knee injury and his loan to Bromwich, he couldn’t get fit like he used to.

But with years of practice and his motivation to play for Bundesliga he got back on track. Tony Pulis who rejected Serge to play for his team because he was not at the required level, saw Gnabry’s spectacular performance at Bayern and said, “I'm amazed.

We had him at West Brom, we took him on loan and we could never get him fit. He even got taken off in an Under-21 game and he went back to Arsenal and they sold him on ... To have him at West Brom and seeing him do what he's done is absolutely amazing.”

When it comes to speed, he has intense competition with fellow Bayern teammates,

Kingsley Coman


Alphonso Davies

, and even German national teammate

Timo Werner

but it is to be expected that the Ivorian-German can give anyone a run for their money.

Even though he is not as tall as other opponents, his strength is a win during one-on-one battles. During his healing time he practiced with both feet so he wouldn’t put too much pressure on his injured knee which resulted in him being quite good at scoring with both feet.

Gnarby’s Werder Breman coach mentioned, “He was suffering a lot of injuries, so he couldn't consistently work on his physical strength. He wanted to come back as fast as possible”

Alexander Nouri also added, “I remember he often practiced finishing with his left foot after team sessions, he took a lot of balls and was working on his weaker foot – now he's scoring a lot of goals with it”

Gnabry was an offensive player but he also became more involved in defensive duties, as Nouri said, “He is lightning quick, a clinical finisher, but he puts a lot of work now into his defense – that was something he was missing before.

Now he's making these deep runs back to his own box defending. He's capable of doing this work while on the other hand making deep runs in attack. Before, he wasn't able to do it because of a lack of strength physically.

After a long period with no injuries, he was able to build up that strength – now he's a complete player. He just needs to prove this over a longer period to become a top international star.”

His positional awareness and the ability to score with two feet, alongside his 34.7 kilometers per hour, made him a phenomenon on the field. He is both a defensive and an offensive player.

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Sege Gnabry Market Value


fact about Serge Gnabry

, is regarding his market value. He started his career in Bayern Munich in 2017 with €30.00 million. After 4 years with club his market value is at its highest since its last update on 11 March 2020, which is €90.00m.

His rank number among all players worldwide is currently 12 and his rank among all players in Bundesliga is 3. One of the greatest facts to know about Serge Gnabry is that he is the number 1 player in Bayern Munich and in Germany.


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Serge Gnabry net worth and salary


Sege Gnabry net worth

, it should be mentioned that he has garnered a net worth of whopping €8 million as of 2020. In Munich,

Sege Gnabry salary

is €3 million annually as playing for one of the biggest clubs has its perks.

VfB Stuttgart sold Gnabry for €100k to Premier League club Arsenal. Similarly, the top flight side loaned out the winger to West Bromwich Albion, and a year later, the Gunners sold one of their prospects to Werder Bremen for a reported €5 million in 2016.

Gnabry recorded a market value of €2.5 million. A year later, Bundesliga record champions swapped in to acquire the services and handed in €8 million sums to Werder Bremen.


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