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Robin Everardus Gosens is a German professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Atlanta as a left midfielder or left-back. Young Gosens also plays for the German national team. Read on to find out more facts about Robin Gosens.

Robin Gosens

is a German professional footballer partly of Dutch descent who played as a midfielder for a few clubs like



A fun

fact about Robin Gosens

is that he wanted to be a policeman if football didn’t work out for him.

Gosens failed at a trial workout with



Borussia Dortmund

. In 2017, it was announced that Gosens was transferred to Italian side Atalanta.

The followings are some of the lesser-known facts about Robin Gosens:

In 2020, Gosens joined the Germany national football team and made his debut against


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in the UEFA Nations League match.

Robin Gosens’ early life

The very first fact to know about Robin Gonses is that he was born on 5 July 1994 in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany. Robin has both Dutch and German passports because he was born in Germany to a German mother and a Dutch father.

However, he grew up only with his German passport until he was 18 and then applied for a Dutch passport. With having two nation’s passports he is qualified to play for both national teams. Keep on reading to find more facts about Robin Gosens’ club and international career.

There is not much information about

Robin Gosens’ parents

but according to his Instagram posts and family pictures, he has a sister, Chantal who is also on Instagram (


). She was born on the 14 of October, 1996.

Chantal and Robin are obviously very close, they both have posted many pictures of each other on different occasions. They even have matching tattoos.


Robin Gosens’ childhood

, we don’t know much. He currently has a girlfriend named Rabea who was born on 14 July. Based on their pictures on their social media accounts, they’ve been together since 2013 maybe even sooner.





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Robin Gosens’ personal life


fact about Robin Gosens

is that his transition to football was not unpredictable as his family members are all sports enthusiasts. His father, Holger, used to play at Fortuna Elten which was the first club that Robin started at. His mother, Martina, was also a good athlete. His parents whenever possible, go to Robin’s matches.

“I was a relatively late bloomer. Until I was six years old, I had absolutely nothing to do with football. That is atypical. As a child, I was always outside a lot, but at first, I didn't want to do anything with the ball. My dad was a soccer coach. He gave me balls and put them at my feet because he wanted me to start playing. The older I got, the stronger my love for football grew. When my dad brought me to the first training session in the F-youth at Fortuna Elten, it clicked immediately. This is where the love for football arose that never went away. And it won't anymore.”

When being asked what would he do if football was out for him, he answered that he would follow his grandfather’s path: “I wanted to become a police officer, that was already relatively safe for me back then.

When my grandpa put me in his police car when I was seven, I thought I would follow in his footsteps. If that hadn't worked with football, I would probably have taken this path first. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't have to go because I don't think I would have been happy with it in the long term. By now I would see myself more in the field of psychology.”

Studying is very important to Gosens, right when he was playing his international debut against Spain, he was in school and he immediately thought of homework he had for his degree.

“I'm a very emotional gamer who is constantly reflecting on myself and trying to do better. Accordingly, I sometimes get very rigid, am overambitious, or get too involved in things. Studying is important for me to get my head off football. 

It is generally not good just to think about work. The course grounds me and shows me that there are other problems as well. That’s good for me and my head. My plan is to do a master's in sport psychology after my bachelor's degree.”

Because of his job he is always in different cities and on practice fields, therefore he won’t see his friends that much. He admitted in an interview that he would like to be playing football with his friends from his hometown. “It has actually been planned for years that we will try to get everyone back together to play football together. 

I think it's a shame that my job doesn't do that at the moment. Because at the end of the day, the best thing about it is to be on the pitch with the boys and just have fun. Then I just want to slide a quiet ball and have a beer with them.”


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Robin Gosens’ Club Career

Born in Emmerich am Rhein, Robin Gosens started his football career at the local club of his hometown Fortuna Elten in 2000 when he was only 6 years old.

He was considered as a “late-comer” but he stayed there until he was 13 when he went to another local club

1. FC Bocholt

for two years and then 3 additional years in the VfL Rhede club. He made his next career leap when he was 18.

Robin Gosens joined Vitesse’s youth setup on 4 July 2012 and after a year he signed his first professional contract with the club on 13 August 2013. He made a bold move for putting his pen down on the Dutch club’s papers for a transfer fee of 900,000 Euros. He turned down many offers from famous German clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and

VfL Bochum


“I also had offers from German clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and VfL Bochum, but I made a conscious decision in favor of Arnhem because the Netherlands places a lot more emphasis on the young and that is an ideal springboard,” says the determined 19-year-old. “Our trainer Peter Bosz is also known for having enjoyed working with young players.”

In the summer of 2012, Gosens moved from VfL Rhede’s A-youth to

Vitesse Arnhem

. He explained at the time about a training trial at Borussia Dortmund: “Scouts saw me at a game in Kleve and invited me to a trial training session,” that he was convinced to play for Vitesse.

Apparently, the training went so bad that Gosens knew he didn’t have any place there: “It was a fiasco. I couldn't keep up at all, I lacked the basic skills needed.”

In later interviews when asked about the training he admitted that he is not the most talented but he has other skills: “

I am certainly not blessed with the most talent, but with character, discipline, and mentality. That also distinguished me precisely at the time.

The trial training at the time was not successful, but Dortmund invited me. So, there must have been something about me.”

“When I got the chance in the Netherlands, I worked a lot on myself. It was an absolute stroke of luck that I got along there. Because basic skills are most important in the Netherlands. The technique, the first assumption, the ability to coordinate. 

I had never specifically trained that before.


There are certainly a lot of footballers who are more talented than me but still haven't had such a career. So, I would say that in today's football, the importance of mentality is not to be despised.”

Although he was supposed to be playing and practicing with the U23 team, there were legitimate hopes that he could make appearances for the first team. At that time, in 2012, he was a defensive midfielder but he was always being retrained to become a left defender.

“There you just have the bigger chances, one of my role models is

David Alaba

. He has also been successfully converted into a left-back.”

In the time of the decision making for his position, the only left-back in the Vitesse squad was

Patrick van Aanholt

, who was on loan from


. If this loan failed, Gosens was ready to be taking his spot.

An interesting fact bout Robin Gosens is that he wanted to continue his education too so he went to a vocational college in Wesel he took his Abitur examinations there. About those times he said, “That was a really stressful couple of months. First, I went to school, then to training four to five times a week.”

The 19-year-old continued to stay at his parents’ house in Elten and commute the 25 minutes distance to Arnhem.

After one season in the senior club of Vitesse Robin was loaned to

FC Dordrecht

on 14 January 2014 until the end of the season. He made his professional debut just three days after his transfer. It was a 1-1 tie against

SBV Excelsior


On 7 February 2014, Gosens scored his first goal in a 6-1 home defeat against

FC Emmen

after less than 6 minutes. On 29 May 2014, his loan was renewed for another year.

Gosens made his Eredivisie debut -which is the highest level of professional football in the Netherlands- on 9 August in a 2-1 away win against

SC Heerenveen

, playing the whole 90 minutes of the game. By the end of his loan, Robin Gosens had made a total of 47 appearances and 3 goals.

On 4 June 2015, the twenty-year-old German moved to Heracles Almelo as their defender. He signed a contract of three seasons with the club. By that time, he had played 31 matches in Eredivisie and showed his talent through them.

Nico-Jan Hoogma, the managing director of

Heracles Almelo

, who was formerly a defender, said, “Robin is a left half who can also work as a left-back. He is a talented player who has shown himself very well at FC Dordrecht last season.”

At Heracles, Robin remains assured of Eredivisie football. After two seasons and 60 appearances, Gosens with 4 official goals for the club, moved to the Italian,

Serie A

club, Atlanta.

On 2 June 2017, Robin Gosens signed the Italian contracts. On 18 September 2019, Gosens made his Champions League debut in a game 2-0 win against

Dinamo Zagreb

. An exciting

fact about Robin Gosens

is that he made himself one of the top wing-backs in Serie A, being active both as a defender and as an attacker.

Now that he has played in the

German national team

, a move to the Bundesliga might be predictable in near future. Gosens in many interviews has said over and over again how he visualizes a move to a German club, “My big dream would be a move to Bundesliga, I wish to fulfill this dream in my career. This is the League I followed the most as a child. It’s definitely on my medium-term bucket list.”

Being born in the small town of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Gosens would probably want to choose a Ruhrpott club just like he did with Borussia Dortmund when he was younger.

Growing up his favorite club was

Schalke 04

, however, he ruled it out as a possible move: “It would be fantastic if it were a club close to my heart,” he explained, “but in light of current events, it doesn't make sense in sporting terms. It would not be a step that furthered my career. Unfortunately, I have to be that brutally honest. Every Schalke fan could forgive me for that.”

The most important factor in assessing a possible move to a new club for Gosens is that “they have to have a plan in place for him right from the start; as it was with Atlanta.”

Because Robin

was not in professional football before age of 18, he is often called an amateur player. He on the other hand doesn’t see this as a bad thing, he says that amateur football is in his DNA: “Amateur football is a huge part of my DNA.” Continues the German defender “How I am on the pitch. Also, how I am as a personality. I have this football field mentality. I hope it stays like this. Boys from boarding school had to think egotistically somewhere to be one of very, very many. 

You can't blame them for that. On the other hand, I was only out with friends until I was 18. For me, team spirit is much more important. When I'm on the bench

 I'm not happy, but I am happy if the boys win. Others, on the other hand, would like their competitor to play badly.”


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Robin Gosens’ International Career

On 25 August 2020, Gosens became one step closer to his dream of playing in the Bundesliga by being called up to play for the German national team.

After Joachim Löw wrote his name down for the Germany squad for the Nations League games against Spain and Switzerland he said: “With one eye on the European Championships next summer, I think it’s important that the players can chill out and recover properly, both physically and mentally, before starting the new season with their clubs,”

“The players who are chosen to play this month will be given our full attention. Maybe they will grab their chance and open the door for more regular playing time.”

Löw had studied Gosens very closely to see if he is the perfect choice for the team. He had traveled to Northern Italy more than once to work out Germany’s problem.

Löw told German football magazine Kicker that Gosens was in his thoughts for the March friendlies in Madrid against


, and against


in Nuremberg before the pandemic took over and forced their withdrawal. 

“We had considered inviting Robin Gosens to the international matches in March,” Löw said. “We would have loved to meet him in person. It's a pity that it didn't work out, but we'll keep an eye on him as soon as the ball starts rolling again.”

Löw had described Gosens as “a versatile player whose dynamism, enthusiasm and determination are impressive.”

When Gosens heard about this respect and approval that the German boss has toward him, was surprised and said: “That was big news. I have to say that I heard it from the media like everyone else, was also finally positive news right at the time when everything here was blowing up a bit.”

Gosens made his international debut on 3 September, beginning in the 2020-21 UEFA Nations League match against Spain. His debut was supposed to happen in March but

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was delayed.

Robin Gosens is ready to impress everyone as his rise is still continuing. Even after playing in the national team, he is ready to achieve more.

“I was recently playing 


with my friends in a village club and seven years later I'm making my national team debut against Spain in the Nations League. You can't tell anyone that, nobody would buy the story from you. 

I am very proud of that, but I feel no satisfaction. I have traveled a very unusual path that will never be the standard. I was never the one with the greatest talent who made all the difference in games when I was young, even if I was pretty good at kicking. But it shows that with a lot of discipline, the right mentality, and many extra shifts, you can get quite a long way - even if you are not discovered early.”

All the German hustle aside it is an interesting fact to know that with having two nation’s passports as said before, Gosens can play for

Netherland’s national team

too. Robin Gosens is a bit upset that Ronald Koeman has never made contacts with him to offer him a place for the Dutch national team:

“Why not? I have made great strides in the past two years. I play in the starting line-up in Serie A almost every week, one of the biggest leagues that are doing very well. The Italians regularly bring it up. They think that I deserve to stand for a country based on my game.”


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Robin Gosens’ Stats

Speaking of

Robin Gosens’ Stats

, it should be stated that he has played for three divisions: Eerste Divisie, Eredivisie, and Serie A. Total appearances and scores he made through all his games and in the order of the divisions are 53 apps and 3 goals, 70 apps and 5 goals, and 122 apps with 21 goals.

In the 2020-21 season, he has made 13 appearances and has scored 5 goals with 3 assists. He also has received 3 yellow cards. The total minutes played in the current season are estimated to be 1024.

Robin Gosens’ Style of Play

Due to his speed and skill of ball control, Robin excelled both offensively and defensively. He became one of the top goalscorers of Atlanta in the last season, scoring 9 goals and 8 assists which is an oddly high number of scores for a defender.

His most noted style of play is that he likes to play short passes that’s why he is not likely to lose the ball quickly. According to whoscored.com, he doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses yet he has very strong aerial duels, strong key passes, and defensive contribution.

Robin Gosens’ Market Value

Very much of his professional career, Robin Gosens has worked so hard in uncertainty about what his future might be.

One of the odd and peculiar facts about Robin Gosens’ market value is that in 2017, when he moved from Heracles Almelo to the Italian Serie A, Atlanta his value was about only €1 million. After three years of hard-work and practice, and also playing for the national team a great difference was made. His value since its last update on 29 December 2020 is estimated to be

€28 million.

On the gradual rise in his value, Robin commented: “That's not comprehensible for me and it never will be. How can I justify that? Perhaps I can kick a little, but no person is worth that much more than another.”





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Robin Gosens’ Social Media

Another fact about Robin Gosens is that he has shown on his Instagram page (


) that he is a family man as he has both pictures of his blood family and his football family. He has about 115k followers and 146 posts. No other information is available about

Robin Gosens’ social media


Robin Gosens’ Body Measurement

Speaking about

Robin Gosens’ body measurement

, is should be mentioned that with 183 cm height and 76 kg weight, his position in the field as the left-back is well suited. He also plays as the left midfielder but not often. He is 91% left-footed.

A noticeable fact about Robin Gosens is that he doesn’t drink alcohol or eat fast food that much. He is determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, “Alcohol and fast food are taboo for me, maybe I will start studying this area one day.” Laughs the talented footballer “when it comes to the parties, I can be the designated driver.”

Robin Gosens’ Net Worth

Robin Gosens’ net worth

has been growing significantly in recent years mostly for being a professional football player and social media ads. Therefore, Robin Gosens’ net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. There is no other information available about

Gosens's salary

, cars, houses, and assets.


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