Most Goals for a Single Club in Football History

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The list of footballers who have scored the most goals for a single club in football history contains the prominent one, which each one has left a brilliant career history from himself. To know the name of players with the most goals for one club, follow the article.

Searching for the highest goal scorers for one club in the soccer history, the result will bring up footballers with a range of 383 to 644 goals. That's while searching for the most goals scored for one club in football history will bring different results, based on the leagues they have counted the scored goals. In the following article, we have counted the scored goals in the top five leagues and the other ones held across the world.  Since gathering precise facts in all articles is one of the most significant factors for Sportmob, it has used reliable sources to find reliable numbers. 

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An Overview of the most goals for Single Club

Taking a look at the presented list of 11 players with the most scored-goals for only one club in football history, you will get a brief but complete summary from the career history of all of them who scored the most goals for a single club in football history.

Though our team has tried to present the correct number around the players with the most goals scored for one club in football history, there might be a slight difference, two or three goals more or fewer, between the one we have gotten and the numbers presented on other sites. To know more, stay with us till the end of the article.  

Dixie Dean

Out of three people whose names are Dixie Dean, we want to talk about the one who was an English footballer, and his role on the pitch was the center forward. Known as one of the prominent footballers of his generation, born in 1907 and died in 1980, by scoring 383 goals for Everton, he recorded his name as one of the players with the most goals for one club,


. Dean's notable performance led him to induct into the English Football Hall of Fame. Scoring goals with his head, which was one of his plays' features, Dean spent most of his career time at Everton.

Also, he was the first player who played for the club with the number 9 shirt. Having injured, Dixie Dean played for

Notts Country

and confronted new challenges there. During his career, the 1927-28 season was the period that was full of goals. In the season, Dean left the record of scoring 60 league goals besides 18 ones in 16 appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Known as one of the most successful footballers,


is one of the players, which the number of his goals, 450 for Real Madrid, led him to the list of players with the most goals for a single club in football history. Being famous as

Real Madrid

's all-time leading goalscorer, Ronaldo appeared in 438 competitive matches for the club and scored 451 goals during the time, averaging over a goal a game. Real Madrid will always remember Ronaldo as a notable icon throughout its history and know him as a part of its legacy.

Netting 451 times in 438 appearances caused Ronaldo to be known as one of the 

highest goal scorers for one club in soccer history

. The whole number of his goals come from all competitions he played in, including 312 goals in Laliga, 105 in the Champions League, 22 in the Copa del Rey, 6 in the Club World Cup, 4 in the Spanish Super Cup, and 2 in the UEFA Super Cup.

By overviewing Real Madrid's history, you can not find any players who have scored as many as the Portuguese attacker did. His brilliant performance earned him a wide range of achievements, such as three World Cups and UEFA Super Cups apiece, two Laliga titles, a pair of Copas del Rey. 

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Eusebio da Silva Ferreira

Another player whose name is out of the players who have the most goals for a single club in football history is Eusebio, who could get the title due to the goals he scored for 


. Born on 25 January 1942, in Portugal, Eusebio was a professional footballer who played as a striker. One reason for the Portuguese player's fame is the number of goals he scored.

Scoring 733 goals in 745 matches is a distinguishing factor between him and other players in his generation. Besides these excellent performances, the Portuguese nicknamed the Black Panther left a stunning career record from himself by the number of goals, 473, while he was in Benfica.

High speed, technique, athleticism, and his ferocious right-footed shot are some features that distinguished Eusebio's play from other footballers in that time. Eusebio, the Portuguese star, got several achievements, such as getting third place at the 1966 World Cup, the Bronze Ball award. Also, 

winning Ballon d'Or awards, Eusebio became the top goalscorer of the tournament during 15 out of his 22 years of playing for Benfica. 

Uwe Seeler

The German former footballer, a productive scorer for 

Hamburger SV

, is another player whose goal numbers for the team put his name amongst the 

most goals scored for one club in football history

. Born in 1936, Seeler had the role of a center-forward for Hamburg and grew in his position. Scoring 507 goals for the team shows how much he was successful and stunning in his plays. Additionally, the goal number led him to be a player with the most goals for a single club in football history. The German star was famous for his leadership qualities and his strength in the air.

Playing from 1952 to 1973 for Hamburg, Uwe Seeler scored 507 goals in his Oberliga and Bundesliga appearances for Hamburg. Scoring 507 goals for a single club made a record, which after passing many years, no one could break, and he is the only record holder of Hamburg's goal scorer. In addition to his extraordinary performance in his club career statistics, Uwe appeared well in International plays. Uwe Seeler's appearance for the West German national team was so good that Pele named him one of FIFA's 125 greatest living players in 2004, and he could win the Great Order of Merit of Federal Republic of Germany. 

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones was an 85-year-old Northern Irish footballer who, due to the 517 goals he scored for


, is one of the players with the most goals for a single club in football history. In addition to making proud of Glenavon, with a total of 646 goals, the football world remembers him as the leading goal scorer in the history of Irish League football. Jones began his career, which lasted for about 20 years, by playing for Belfast Celtic.

Before joining Glenavon, the team in which he worked as a professional goal scorer, Jones has played the role of a center forward for a season in English football with 


. Having flourished for Glenavon and earning a successful period in their history, Jones represented 


, Bangor, and Newry Town. 

Jimmy McGrory

James Edward McGrory, whose aka is Jimmy McGrory, despite playing for Celtic and Clydebank as a forward, Jimmy was manager of Kilmarnock. Also, the Scottish football player had managed


during his professional career after the Second World War. According to his scoring 522 goals in the competitive Celtic's game and many goals at international levels, no wonder why he was famous as the all-time leading goalscorer in top-flight British football.

Always being known as the legendary figure in Celtic's history, McGrory, who scored 522 goals for Celtic, is one of the players who scored the most goals for a single club in football history.

Though from 1922 to 1937, McGrory played for Celtic, his injury did not let him spend all seasons play there, and he played the majority of the 1923-24 season on loan for Clydebank. Additionally, McGrory was famous for his prowess and ability from headers, but he was only 5 ft 6 ins. Among all of his tactics, his bullet header was so stunning, which performing it in his play caused him to get the name of Human Torpedo and Mermaid.

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Josef Bican

Josef Pepi Bican is the Czech prominent footballer which Rec. Sport. Soccer Statistics Foundation announced him as the most prolific goalscorer as a striker in recorded history. Besides scoring over 805 goals in more than 530 official matches, Bican scored 534 goals for Slavia Praha and which caused him caused him to hold the record of most goals for a single club in football history. 

The Czech professional star started his career life in 1931 by playing for Rapid Vienna. Having played four years for the mentioned team and then for their local rivals, Admira Wien, Bican moved to Slavia Praha in 1973.

Bican stayed 11 years out of all his career years in Bican, and via performing his brilliant style of play, became the all-time top goalscorer of the team. After netting 534 goals in 291 official matches, Bican played for several clubs including, FC Vitkovice, FC

Hradec Kralove

, and Dynamo Praha. When Bican became retired as a football player, he continued his football career as a manager. Coaching several teams from the 1950s to the 1970s, Josef Bican got a Medal of Honour from the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

Fernando Peyroteo

Fernando Peyroteo, whose full name is Fernando Baptista de Seixas Peyroteo de Vasconcelos, was a professional Portuguese striker. The Portuguese footballer spent his whole career life with Sporting and scored 544 goals for the team. The record he left from himself in the football world added his name to the list of players with the 

most goals for a single club in football history


In addition to his record, Peyroteo won 11 major titles and was crowned his country's top division scorer on six events. In 1973, Peyroteo joined


and started to be a member of the club's attacking line beside some players such as Albano, Jesus Correia, and Jose Travassos. 

During his first year of playing, Peyroteo scored 57 goals in only 30 games and won Lisbon Championship and Portuguese Championship. If we want to go through all Peyroteo's honors and achievements, it will take a long time and make many articles. Among them, winning five Primeira Liga trophies, five domestic cups are so notable. Furthermore, Peyroteo scored two goals in the last match for an eventual 3-2 extra time, which led to the victory over S. L. Benfica. Two more of his stunning performances were netting nine times in only one game against Leca F.C, and eight against Boavista FC.

Gerd Muller

One of the other players with the 

most goals for a single club in football history

 is Gerd Muller, who scored 565 goals for 

Bayern Munich

. Gerd Muller, nicknamed Bomber der Nation, was born in 1945 in Nordlingen, Germany. The German former professional footballer was famous for his clinical finishing, especially in and around the six-yard box.

Being regarded as one of the best and most goalscorer of all-time, Muller scored 68 goals in 62 appearances at the international level with West


. Despite netting 565 times for Bayern Munich, Muller left the record of scoring 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games from himself. 

Additionally, Muller's excellent performance led him to net 66 times in 74 European club games at an international level. Comparing with other stars in football history, the average rate of Muller's scoring is more than a goal a game with West Germany. Due to the extraordinary talents and skills which Muller has, he could earn lots of achievements and honors, such as 19th place on the list of all-time international goalscorers, the third-highest goal-to-game ratio. The stunning German striker is the one who Pele named in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players.


Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the 80-year-old former player, known mostly as Pele. The former famous Brazilian professional footballer is the one that IFFHS declared as the best player of all time. Despite being the symbol of the most successful and popular sports figure of the 20th century, Pele was the best-paid athlete in the world in the period of his playing days. The prominent forward player entered the football world by joining 


at his 15.

One year later, he began playing for the 


national team, and during his international career, won three FIFA World Cups in 1958, 1962, and 1970. Going through the history of Pele's playing for Santos will show the record of scoring his 643 goals for the team. 

The number of times Pele net caused him to be a member of the list of 

players with the most goals for one club

. The prolific forward had an average of scoring one goal per game, which this level of netting came from being adept at striking the ball with both his feet and his ability in predicting his rival's movements on the pitch. The remarkable striker was able not only as a striker but also in dropping deep, assisting with his precise insight and passing skills, excellent dribbling ability in passing his rivals, and taking on a playmaking role. 

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Lionel Messi

The 33-year-old Argentinian professional footballer is the player, who despite having the position of captain for the Argentinian national team, captains the Spanish club 


. Being mostly considered the best player in the football world and known as one of the most professional footballers, 

Lionel Messi

 has gained a record of six European Golden Shoes and six Ballon d'Or awards.

During playing for Barcelona, which has been all his professional career duration, he has left a wide range of achievements such as winning a club-record 33 awards, including La Liga titles, UEFA Champions League titles, and Copas del Rey.

One of his other records is the number of goals Messi has scored for Barcelona, the only club he has had the role of forward for it. Netting 644 times is the record Messi has made in his career history and added his name to the list of players with the 

most goals for a single club in football history

. According to his plays, there is no surprise why he was the world's most expensive player for five years from 2009 to 2014 and why Forbes ranked him as the world's highest-paid athlete. 

All in all, despite trying to make accurate facts and precise numbers of scored goals, there might be several contrasts between the ones 


has presented and the other mentioned ones o other websites. If there are any uncovered details or newer reported numbers of goals about the list's players, let us know them by sharing in the comment section.

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