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Chelsea history-All about the club

Considered to be one of the world's most successful clubs, Chelsea have remarkably had noteworthy success throughout their years. bear with us as we present to you Chelsea history in the following article.

If you are a fan of the Premier League you may be a fan of Chelsea FC as well.

Chelsea, alias "the Blues" or "The Pensioners" are considered to be one of the richest, biggest and conclusively one of the most popular football clubs in the world, who are mostly known for breaking the highest average attendance record, success in the UEFA Champions League and their notable star players, such as Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, Pat Nevin, Kerry Dixon and "The Special One" their former Portuguese manager José Mourinho .

Chelsea have won numerous league titles, not to mention their success in Europe through winning all three UEFA trophies; the Cup Winners' Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League. They have always had a reputation for signing expensive contracts, Such as Timo Werner for £47.6m, Ben Chilwell for £50m and more.

In this article we are going over Chelsea honors, their renowned players and their trophy cabinet.

Everything you need to know about Chelsea History

Notably known for their reputable characters,

Chelsea history

offers us several true facts that many might not know everything about.

So let’s take a deeply-detailed look at

Chelsea FC


history and examine their origin together.


Chelsea history contains quite a lot of historical events, which we’ll go over later on in the following article.

Starting with 1896, when The Stamford Bridge Athletics Ground located in west part of London, Fulham, was put up for sale, leading to an English businessman and a football enthusiast named Gus Mears (Henry Augustus "Gus" Mears in full) and his brother "Joseph Mears" (Joseph Theophilus "JT" Mears) purchasing the land with the intention of turning it into a football club so he could hold high-class football matches in there. As many years started passing by, Mears came to the conclusion that leasing the land to Fulham FC would not be a bad idea, but, unfortunately, due to an argument regarding the rent, Fulham lost their interest in the offer.

After failing to persuade 


, Mears came into contact with the Great Western Railway Company, coming to a decision about selling the land to them who wanted to use it as a dumpyard for their coal, Mears' colleague Fred Parker convinced him not to do so, instead, suggesting him to found his own football club, leading to Mears eventually taking his colleague’s advice and founding his own football club and starting

Chelsea FC history

on March 10th, 1905. 

The Early Years

Chelsea history

begins officially from 1905.

You might be wondering who came up with the name or even how they named it as such, well, bear with us as we start to talk more about Chelsea history and their name origin.

Since there was already a team named Fulham F.C. in the borough, Gus Mears came up with a few names for the club, including Stamford Bridge FC, London FC or Kensington FC. However, he eventually decided to name it after the adjacent borough to Fulham "Chelsea". The Blues, with the aid of local supporters, earned the title of being the biggest football club in the capital of England shortly afterwards, allowing them to make big money in order to sign big contracts and attract more crowds. William Foulke, Frank Pearson, Jimmy Windridge and Bob McRoberts were, of the reputable and renowned players back in the day, who Chelsea saw it fit to sign big contracts with them in order to gain more popularity. Another one of the reputable players was George Richard Hilsdon, also known as The Gattling Gun who transferred from West Ham FC to Chelsea FC in 1906. The Gattling gun who was nicknamed because of his so-called unstoppable shots played a huge part in Chelsea's early years, he scored 5 goals in his first match and was the first one who scored 100 goals for the club.

In 1910, as Chelsea history gives a detailed account in words, The Blues became the first club who had reached over 40,000 attendances in a match, making "the Pensioners" a nickname for the popular team, leading them to earn the title of being one of the richest clubs in the country. As you might already know, every team needs someone to cheer up the crowd. This job falls on the shoulders of mascots. According to Chelsea mascots history, the mascots were called “Stamford The Lion” and “Bridget The Lioness” and were inspired by the lion from their logo. As it is mentioned in Chelsea mascots history, the mischievous mascots give a pitchside enjoyment to the crowd at half-time break and at the end of every match, if they are the victor of the battle, of course.

The newly-established football club was soon elected into the second division of the English Football League. After a short period of time they achieved promotion to the first division. Although, they were experiencing ups and downs due to their inability to take position in the first division, they spent five decades going up and down between the two divisions.

Chelsea stadiums and badge history

Nowadays, more people might want to know about

Chelsea badge history

and their stadiums, which we will provide you with exact facts.

“Chelsea stadiums” is not the right word you are looking for, because of the fact that Chelsea have always had one stadium, The Stamford Bridge.

The Stamford Bridge has been the home of The Blues since their foundation in 1905. They have only redeveloped and reconditioned the stadium system throughout their years.

Onto Chelsea badge history, their current world-class emblem is almost recognizable to everyone across the world. They have switched a total of 10 logos during their undoubtedly glorious history.

Their very first badge was just an image of a pensioner, enclosed in a very simple circular frame, with the club’s name written around the perimeter.

The logo was professionally made in yellow and blue. The blue color inevitably became the main color of the club and its emblems, making “The Blues” a nickname for the squad.

As Chelsea history provides us with details, their debut logo served its purpose for almost five decades and was changed during Ted Drake’s management. He proposed to redesign it to a shield-shaped logo in 1952.

The temporary replacement of the logo included the letters C, F and C written in the center. However, it was only used for one year.

Ultimately, Ted Drake finished the new emblem in 1953, which brought the famous lion to

Chelsea history

. The lion was executed in blue, holding a yellow staff, facing right and was believed to be inspired by the family coat of arms of the head of the Earl Cadogan club.

In 1986, with Le Coq Sportif sponsorship deal coming around, the logo recieved another redesign.

Chelsea logo history

describes that the then-owner, Ken Bates, decided to simplify the logo by placing the lion in the “CFC” lettering in a filled-in blue circle. The logo stayed the same for less than 20 years, but the lion’s color faced a few significant changes. The color was red at first and changed into yellow during 1997-1999.

On the 100th anniversary of the club, they marked the club’s centenary with designing a brand new badge. The logo was outlined in a classic gold color. Moreover, the gold-coloured “100 years” and “centenary 1905-2005” letterings were placed above and under the emblem, celebrating the club’s 10th decade of existence. The word “Chelsea” was written on top, inside the blue ring, and “Football club” – on bottom of the emblem. However, in 2006 the designers delivered the same logo, with darker yellow outlines and the golden letterings outside the emblem removed, leading the emblem to its current looks.

According to Chelsea logo history, It is believed by the fans that Chelsea owe their world-class emblem to their centenary.

Chelsea kit history

As we go further into this article, we are introduced to more interesting historical facts, One of which being 

Chelsea kit history


After founding the club in 1905, Mears considered choosing a proper kit for the team, adopting blue shirts after Viscount Chelsea, Henry Arthur Cadogan, and white shorts, along with them, a pair of nice dark socks that gave the team a remarkable mixture of colors.

The team’s kit did not see a lot of changes over 7 decades. However, the good old dark blue socks changed into an old-fashioned white color in 1961. Chelsea jersey history consists of their three big sponsorship deal with Umbro, Nike and Adidas.

As we are reviewing Chelsea history together, it is worth mentioning that Chelsea’s kit started changing in 1977, with Umbro’s sponsorship coming around the club and bringing new sets of simply designed uniforms, it took “The Blues” to a new era in the world of football.

In 2006-07 season however, Chelsea cancelled their almost-20-year long sponsorship deal with Umbro by paying them off £24.5m, with the intention of signing a lucrative contract with Adidas or Nike. The deal with Adidas went considerably right, as they provided them with better equipment and nicer kits.

As we are examining Chelsea jersey history in detail, it is worth checking that Chelsea signed a new contract during 2016-17 with Nike, which was reported to be worth £60m a season. With this play, Chelsea broke the largest commercial deal record in their own history.

Ever since that day, Nike has been producing a series of incredibly-built kits for them, resulting in their current uniforms.

The Competitions

Every competition in the Premier League is quite thrilling to watch, as it is said in Chelsea history, there has never been anything more exciting than the rivalries between Chelsea and their opponents.

In this article, we intend to briefly provide you with

Chelsea rivalries history

. Of course, the rivalries are usually developed between London’s biggest and most famous football teams, including, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. However, based on recently-revealed facts, the competitions between Chelsea and Arsenal were chosen by the fans to be their main rivals.

It is worth mentioning that, in Chelsea rivalries history, Chelsea and Arsenal have both battled over success in the Premier League for many great years.

Not to mention the fans’ hatred towards Manchester United, The true dominant of the Premier League, the rivalries between the two club were always full of excitement and pure passion. Besides, the encounter between Chelsea and their foreign competitors, Such as Barcelona, would never go unnoticed. 

The rivals between the two European powers had the same passion and fans’ hatred, like their battle in the 2000 Champions League quarterfinal, when the Spanish superpower was beaten 3-1.

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The FA Cup Final

Many are interested to know about

Chelsea honors

. In the following article, we are going to have a detailed look at their first attempt to achieve victory.

In 1915 "the Pensioners" managed to reach the FA Cup final for the very first time, which was at the early stages of World War I. In order to prevent London from being disrupted by the effects of the war, the location of the match was moved from Crystal Palace to Old Trafford. The match against Sheffield Untied took place on April 24th and was nicknamed "The Khaki Cup Final", due to the huge number of uniformed and wounded soldiers amongst the attendances, one of whom, missing an "arm". It was in the second half of the game where the spectators began having trouble to watch the match, owing to a thick fog blocking their eye views, and rain, making it hard for the attendances to watch the game.

The match ended, resulting in Chelsea losing 3-0 to Sheffield Untied, which was reasonably believed to be still a considerably satisfying result for The Blues, since they made it to the final while it was their first time ever reaching the FA Cup.

The Fifth Decade of Their Existence And The First Glory

As it is described in

Chelsea management history

, The Blues were served by several hard-working managers, whom we will consider talking more about in the following article. In mid 1950s, the Pensioners gained more reputation through breaking the highest average attendances over 100,000 in a friendly match against Dynamo Moscow. In 1953 the former Arsenal and England coach, Ted Drake, was assigned as the manager of the Blues. Chelsea, with the help of the then-manager Ted Drake, achieved the title of the league in 1955, which was their first time ever tasting victory. However, it was shocking for everyone because of the fact that Chelsea spent most of the previous seasons in the bottom of the league.

Debts and Financial Problems

Ted Drake improved the training methods and made enormous changes to the club and its individuals. However, he didn't always make the right decisions, he sold the team's famous goalscorer Jimmy Greaves, who scored 122 league goals in 4 seasons, to Milan in June 1961.

This act made it hard for Drake, leading to a series of unfortunate occurrences, one of them being his last days on the job. He was sacked in the early months of 1961-62 season and was replaced by Tommy Docherty.

As it is mentioned in

Chelsea history

, their glory didn't last long due to the financial problems that awaited them, all the renovations on Stamford Bridge, rioting and hooliganism among their fans were about to bring a long-lasting struggle to the aging Blues, forcing Mears' family to sell the club to a Football Executive and an English Businessman "Ken Bates" In 1982 for only £1. Chelsea weren't at the happiest stage of their existence.

Until 1996, with the appointment of a series of foreign football professionals, Chelsea were once again back to their glorious times. they won two FA Cups and a League Cup and their second Cup Winners' Cup during 1997-2000.

Now let’s have a look at

Chelsea champions league history

, starting in 2012, a week after winning the UEFA Europa League trophy, the England’s third-most successful football club in Europe, Chelsea, won the Champions League trophy through beating Bayern Munich 1-1 (4-3 on penalties). As we are looking at Chelsea champions league history, It was notably their second time reaching the final and their first time to win the first place.

Chelsea became the first team from London, and the fifth English team, to win the competition.

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New Ownership

In 2003 Chelsea were introduced to the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, who turned Chelsea into one of the richest clubs in the UK. With the help of a hardworking manager, Claudio Ranieri, Chelsea once again tasted victory by winning the second place in the Premier League. However, the owner couldn't put up with the manager, urging him to be replaced by the successful Jose Morinho, who had beaten AS Monaco FC 3-0 and won the Champions League Final with Porto. 

As it is recorded in Chelsea management history, with Morinho's arrival, Chelsea's power grew bigger day by day, which resulted in attracting a group of talented young players, including Didier Drogba, Ashley Cole and Petr Čech, all of whom would become superstars, leading Chelsea to greater triumphs. With Morinho training the squad, Chelsea won a variety of league titles and cups. However, Morinho decided to leave the club due to his disagreements with the owner. Chelsea had become so powerful that even without their Portuguese manager they still kept on dominating the titles, ruling over the Premier League for a season and becoming the champion of Europa league in 2010. Their consecutive triumphs formed the return of Jose Morinho in 2013 who was sacked in 2015 due to a series of constant weak performances, leading Chelsea to their current status and their glorious days fading away.

Bear with us as we intend to provide you with

Chelsea trophies history

in the following part of this article.

Trophy Cabinet and Achievements

Many are interested to know about Chelsea honors. Let’s have a detailed look at their trophies and what they have achieved up until today. Chelsea trophies history record tells us that The Blues are honored to have won several trophies throughout their glorious years including:

  • 6 Premier League titles in 2016/17, 2014/15, 2009/10, 2005/06, 2004/05, 1954/55

  • 1 Champions League title in 2011/12

  •  8 FA Cups in 2017/18, 2011/12, 2009/10, 2008/09, 2006/07, 1999/00, 1996/97, 1969/70

  •  5 English League Cup titles in 2014/15, 2006/07, 2004/05, 1997/98, 1964/65

  •  2 Europa League titles in 2018/19, 2012/13

  •  2 Cup Winners' Cups in 1997/98, 1970/71

  •  1 UEFA Supercup in 1998/99

  •  4 English Supercups in 2009/10, 2005/06, 2000/01, 1955/56

There are thousands of people in England who are proud to have taken a part in Chelsea honors and are proud to have celebrated their favorite football club’s glorious moments and victories.

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